Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Joint Declaration of Sharif-Modi Meeting and Explanations by Pakistani Govt.

With the stubbornness with which Modi proudly acknowledged Indian role in the fall of Dhaka while arriving at Bangladesh those Indian journalists and writers that have been telling lies are trying to save their face due to shame when they are asked to comment over the recent disclosures of Modi and confessed that “they told the world what they were told by Indian govt. that India is a friendly country with weak economy that has been forced to give refuge to those Bengali’s that fled due to atrocities committed by Pak-army in East Pakistan. So that India was forced to bear the burden of these illegal immigrants while having a weak economy that is why India needed world’s attention for her service to the humanity. Indian writers and defense analysts also on the beck and call of the Indian govt. portrayed Mukti Bahni as local Bengali youth who snatched weapons from Pak-army and used these weapons against it and fought the war for separation of Bangladesh while Indian army got involved in this war when Pak-army attacked Indian border check posts in the name of chasing these Mukti Bahni separatists”.
Jai Shankar with Aizaz Ahmed Chaudhry in a press conference

                In contrast to this old propaganda Indian rulers, army officers and intelligence masterminds are now proudly taking the honor for playing active role in the separation of East Pakistan. Modi not only confessed Indian role but also proudly disclosed that India is busy in conspiracies against Pakistan in order to teach Pakistan a lesson. Pakistani rulers blinded by the business interests did not pay any heed to such big confessions and disclosures of Indian Prime Minister. With the invitation to participate in Shanghai Cooperation Organization, news of meeting between Pak-India Prime Ministers also echoed as well. Three days ahead of the meeting, it was reported that Modi has expressed the wish to meet Nawaz Sharif in Russia and afterwards when Indian Foreign Ministry wrote a formal letter requesting for the meeting; nation hoped that during this meeting Nawaz Sharif would openly take the issues of Indian Occupied Kashmir, Indian interference in Balochistan, and not only providing funds but training and weapons to a political party in Karachi. Such like lolypop was given to the nation by Ministry for Information and News that Prime Minister would express the stance of the nation clearly and discuss all hot issues. India has already crossed all the limits of enmity against Pakistan by presenting the resolution against Pakistan in UNO which was vetoed by China. Few days ago the documentary by BBC over the provision of training, weapons and funds to a political party for terrorism in Karachi had reminded Pakistanis the Indian conspiracies in 1971 after which nation was expecting that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif would take a clear stand in the meeting with Modi.

                On the day of the meeting, Indian media announced Indian victory. Indian media reported that Modi has made Nawaz Sharif ready to further the investigations in Mumbai attacks and bring Maulana Lakhvi to the trial, Indian media reported that Kashmir issue was not discussed by Nawaz Sharif but Modi complained that hoisting of Pakistani flag by Kashmiris in Srinagar is painful for India, it was also reported that Pakistan has expressed readiness to increase cooperation over terrorism in India which according to India is being done by Pakistani agencies. Indian media telecasted the video in which Nawaz Sharif had to walk through a 40 feet long gallery in order to reach the room for meeting in which Modi was already sitting. This was the insult of the Pakistani Prime Minister as per diplomatic rules while this meeting was held on the wish of Modi, Modi should have welcomed Nawaz Sharif on the door and walked towards meeting room along with the guest. The joint declaration of the meeting had nothing about Indian interference in Balochistan, Pakistani concerns over Indian activities, and threats and confessions of Modi, even the interference of Indian secret agencies in Karachi was also not mentioned in it. Than what was the agenda of this meeting?
Joint Declaration of Modi-Nawaz meeting was pre-planned

                Pakistani Information Ministry gave the happy tidings that both the Prime Ministers hand shake for more than 30 seconds, the meeting scheduled for 30 minutes was prolonged to 51 minute and 13 seconds in which in which both leaders exchanged smiles many times. When Pakistani media raised questions regarding Indian Occupied Kashmir, Indian interference in Balochistan, Sir Creek dispute, Siachen dispute, funding terrorists in Karachi etc., Information Ministry replied that these issues have been fixed for next secretary level meeting. Pakistani govt. was still giving explanations that Indian Newspaper Hindustan Times published the Indian conditions for the meeting in which Pakistani govt. has been already told that Kashmir dispute will not be discussed in the meeting however back door diplomacy might be used. Perhaps in order to please Indian govt. Pakistani consulate in India had cancelled the invitation for Iftar given Kashmiri Huriyat (freedom) leaders. Last year when Nawaz Sharif went to participate in the oath taking ceremony of Modi, Nawaz Sharif declined to meet Kashmiri leaders by saying that meeting was not already scheduled. Nation clearly knows that how much Pakistani leaders succeeded in pleasing their Hindu masters and what was the outcome for the nation in the past. Now the explanations by advisors of Pakistani govt. are useless; India has already achieved the required results…

Written by Khalid Baig.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Morale of the Army………. Politicians?

Dead bodies piled up as Karachi heat wave kills hundreds

Country is facing a strange situation; whether it is deaths in Karachi or any other national tragedy, govt. seems to be indifferent to it. 2 months ago metropolitan and coastal city Karachi had to face acute shortage of water. Media continuously reported the shortage of water, criticized Sindh Provincial govt. and public protest. Media reported that water tanker costing 2000 rupees was being sold for 22000 rupees. Despite of the reported Bitter realities such like that the misappropriation and corruption of the funds in the name water supply continued unchecked. With the start of June inhabitants of Karachi became target of scorching heat and many died due to heat stroke. For the govt. the deceased proved to be equivalent to insects; within 4 days more than 1200 people became target of heat wave. Media reported that people in Karachi does not have water and electricity, when the patients of heat stroke are taken to the hospitals there is shortage of life saving drugs and first aid. This is Karachi not some remote area of inner Sindh or Thar but one of the developed cities of Asia. In such a developed city if people die in such a big number, then one is forced to think that where are our so called elected democratic rulers and people look towards armed forces for relief. In such a tragic situation Pak-army established relief camps to cure people hit by the heat stroke and provide medical relief. Here the question is where are those who claim to have the mandate of the public, who are known as elected public representatives imposed upon us by the foreign powers in the name of democracy why do not these people come forward to provide relief to the public. Whenever any big tragedy happens, hundreds of people lose their lives but political representatives are seen engaged in blame game; Provincial govt. blaming Federal govt. and vice versa. No one is ready to accept the responsibility or even to come ahead to provide relief. 
Army Medical relief camp for Heat wave victims
Whatever happened to people of Karachi in this summer and loadsheding and the remarks of Chief Minister of Sindh Qaim Ali Shah over this tragedy have become laughing stock for Pakistan all over the world as he said that if people show some more patience we can kill terrorists through thirst as well. In the last years whatever happened to the people of Thar in the form of shortage of food, drinking water and draught is really painful. Just in 2014 more than 1000 innocents lost their lives  mostly infants and women while elected representatives remained indifferent to this situation in the name of safeguarding the democracy. When the tragic reports were leaked out through it was revealed that such like deaths are routine matter that happen everywhere. Keeping in view the criminal negligence and inactivity of political govt. army deployed in Hyderabad Cantonment took interest into the matter and established relief centers. On the public protest Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was forced to visit the Thar area in the air-conditioned vehicles. When media lost attention over Thar due to coverage of other news, Federal and Provincial govt. thanked god for being relieved but Thar is still facing draught, hunger and thirst despite of all the govt. claims whether federal or provincial.
Special Military train that met the tragic accident

                Few days ago a special train carrying military unit from Panu Aqil met with accident at Head Chanawan in which due to fall of a railway bridge engine along with four bogeys fell into the canal taking lives of 18 persons including Unit Commander Lt. Colonel Amir Jadoon, his wife along with two children, Major Rashid, Captain Adil and Lt. Kashif and Railway engine driver. Transfers of military units are a routine of military for which special military trains are used. As per the tradition of Pak-army Unit Commander along with his family and officers move with their soldiers on these trains; Commanding Officer of the unit, officers and soldiers are just like a family who live and die together whether in peace or war. That is why when 4 bogeys fell into the 13 feet deep canal rest of the soldiers did waste even a single minute and got busy in rescue activities. Afterwards commando divers and other military relief teams reached at the spot from Gujranwala Cantonment.
Lt. Col. Amir Jadoon along with his family

                Here we would not get involved in the discussion that whether it was negligence of railways or a terrorist sabotage or why Minister for Railways raised suspicions of terrorist sabotage and afterwards when it was proved that accident occurred due to the lose bolts of railway track over the bridge why Railway minister just blamed the martyred train driver that accident happened due to his rash driving and not stopping and signing over the DEAD STOP 26 miles ahead of the bridge due to narrow turn.
Army rescue team

                The question is when on the other day the funeral prayers of the martyrs were being offered where were the elected public representatives, why did not representatives of govt. like Chief Minister, Governor and others did not participate in the funeral, where were they busy? Whether soldier sacrifices his life in the battle field or on duty, these sacrifices demand solidarity and moral support from the nation. Army needs moral support to keep up its morale. Nation is represented by the govt. of the time. Even the Minister for Railways and other Ministers who are using helicopters to monitor the Ramadan Bazars did not participate in the funeral. If Army Chief can reach for the fueral then why not President or Prime Ministers? God knows why our rulers take public sufferings and problems as their (public) fate and providing relief and fighting against terrorism and enemies to save the motherland only the duty of army, perhaps they think they have been elected to fill up their coffers for their upcoming generations. Due to such criminal negligent behavior public is forced to look towards the army for relief and solution of their problems.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 12 July 2015.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Gambit of Political Leadership!!!

Everyday disclosures of conspiracies against Pakistan and plans to destabilize internal peace of Pakistan are being reported. All these reports and confessions are directly linked with the stability of Pakistan. The main point of whole of this situation is that nation has been entangled in the menace of inflation, shortage of electricity and gas, increasing unemployment, thefts, lawlessness and mismanagement in such a way that nation is unable to understand the meaning of PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE. As nation has been entangled in the war for personal survival they are unable to understand and face the war against the motherland. On the other hand country has is facing Fourth Generation War in the name of war on terror in which Army and its intelligence agencies are fighting an  unseen war which is the one of the hardest wars of the military history. Army is fighting this war alone from last decade and sacrificing lives to safeguard motherland in the form of attacks over military personnel and installations but our armed forces have not lost their control and attacked public indifferently but always acted upon the policy of identification of terrorists from innocents and then neutralizing them, destroying their hideouts. Military is also engaged in war games to prepare itself against possible aggression from the enemy both in traditional and nuclear ways. Pakistan army has been successful in keeping its morale high in such a way that both enemy and friends appreciate it. In the way locals from Swat and North Waziristan were evacuated to safe places and then neutralized terrorists in these areas one can hardly find an example of such professional military operation. If we look at our politicians for their role in this war against terrorism they either remained indifferent or their support was more inclined towards the other side rather than Pak Army. Uncountable men, women, children have embraced martyrdom in this terrorism imposed upon Pakistan. The number of our soldiers who sacrificed their today for nation’s tomorrow is also in thousands. 

The series of these sacrifices have not stopped yet. This is the ambition of the Pak-Army to defend motherland at any cost that has made enemies crazy and they have not only started disclosing their conspiracies against Pakistan proudly in past but also acknowledging their role in terrorism in Pakistan. Enemy has been so much confused that an Officer of Indian RAW last day sent an SMS to Zimbabwean Cricket Team planning to visit Pakistan, directly threatening them of dire consequences if they visited Pakistan. All this was done to ensure monopoly of India in Cricket and defame Pakistan. Conspiracies of India, an enemy country that had not accepted independence of Pakistan since 1947 are justifiable but what had happened to PPPP leadership that has four times enjoyed power in Pakistan and MQM dictator leaders that they have started threatening Pak-Army in such sensitive situation? One may justify the reaction of MQM leadership in the light of the cases against it in Britain and sudden disclosure of their nexus with RAW and India. 

Their leadership is under pressure on disclosure of their treason in such a way; in the whole situation the voters of MQM are not guilty because MQM is the only political party that raises the slogan to give chance to poor to be in power and end the dictatorship of feudal lords over politics. But what had happened to Mr. Ten Percent, ex-Supreme Commander of Army and famous for compromises that he has started challenging Pak-Army and used such words to threat Pak-Army which are not even used by the Army Chief. Is this the reaction of attempt to bring his corruption to justice or there is something else in the bottom?
Zardari threatening Pak-Army

                This is not merely the corruption of Zardari threatened to be disclosed that had made Mr. Cent Percent mad; if it had been so he has proved patience over the stories of Saray Castle, the disappearance of billion of dollars from Swiss banks, kickbacks in Augusta submarines from France all are preserved over the pages of newspapers. Then why did he get so much mad that he forgot even that army is engaged in the most sensitive operation Zarb-e-Azb. We are being threatened across the borders, everyday martyrdom of an officer or soldier is reported while fighting against    terrorists. No one thinks that are these terrorists part of collective army of enemies of Pakistan? Due to the sacrifices of Pak army we are safe. In such a situation if a seasoned politician like Asif Ali Zardari, leader of a political party gives such statements against army and threatens army chief that he has only three years while Mr. Zardari is forever to remain; all these things show that there is something else behind these statements. When Indians threatened Pakistan they were taken as a reaction of operation against terrorists especially in Karachi. How can we justify the statements of Altaf Bhai and Asif Zardari especially in such a situation when Chief Minister of Balochistan discloses in a Press Conference that enemy is struggling to disintegrate Karachi from Pakistan just like Balochistan. In the light of this sensitive disclosure it seems that it is not their corruption being brought to the justice but something else that has made them mad…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Dated: 05 July 2015.