Thursday, August 17, 2017

Prolonged Series of Violence in Indian Occupied Kashmir!

Kashmiri Mujahid  Commander Abu Dujana believed to managed to give a slip to the Indian Security Forces
                On 1st August 2017, in the area of Hakripura, District Pulwama of Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) first of all InPulwamamy besieged two houses and later on blew it up with the dynamite. When Indian army was besieging the two houses, the undeclared curfew was imposed limiting the inhabitants of the area to their houses. Those who were out of their houses on jobs etc. were stopped out of the locality. Landline Telephone, Mobile Phones and Internet services were suspended. Dynamite was fixed in both the houses after digging holes in the walls of the house and blasted. Indian soldiers started searching for the dead bodies in the rubble which took 8-9 hours. In the meanwhile people living in the areas adjacent to the Hakripura came to the roads to protest against the Indian army as they realized that whatever Indian army is going to do will result in great loss of innocent lives. In order to control the protests, state police and army present in the area started violently beating the unarmed protesters and damaged vehicles and bikes parked around as well. The glasses of the cars were broken by the butts and bricks. Even this could not satisfy Indian state terrorists; they started throwing bricks and stones at the children and women standing in the windows and balconies of their houses injuring many children and women.
The houses destroyed by Indian army in Indian Occupied Kashmir to kill Abu-Dujana
On the other hand after searching the rubble of the destroyed houses Indian state terrorists claimed that including Abu Dujana a Kashmiri Mujahid, three other Kashmiri youngsters have been killed in the blasts which were required by the Indian army for being involved in various attacks.
                This was termed by Indian media as a big achievement, however, not a single Indian journalist dared to say that only these three people were present in the destroyed houses? Were both these houses abandoned? Was there no one living except these three Mujahids? Next day inhabitants of Hakripura told that two families were living in these destroyed houses, including women and children, whose dead bodies have not been found.
There is a message from District Pulwama that Abu Dujana has been already under the custody of the Indian army and the drama of killing him in the encounter by blasting two inhabited houses with dynamite was staged in order to procure appreciation, award, and appraisals. This is not the first incident that a Kashmiri has been arrested and killed extra-judicially in spite of presenting him before the court. The basic reason for these extra judicial killings is that on the one hand despite all inhumanly tortures Indians fail to get anything from arrested Kashmiris especially their links with Pakistan while on the other hand Indian state terrorists murder Kashmiris extra-judicially in order to get out of turn promotions and awards by the Hindu govt. which has been verified by various retired Indian army officers. They consider such increasing incidents a poison for the discipline and professionalism of Army. Moreover, this has been realized that this is the cause of the increasing psychological problems and illnesses which are being suffered by the whole Indian army.
Indian troops searching  the bodies of Kashmiri mujahideen in the houses they blasted with dynamite
Despite all this, Indian army is continually committing atrocities in IOK on the orders of New Delhi. There is no one to question them that if their wanted persons were hiding in the suspected houses why did not they besiege the house and attempt to arrest the wanted persons alive? Why did they destroy the houses with dynamite? Just in order to weaken Kashmiris economically and give them a message that if they tried to raise voice against Hindu terrorism they will be killed along with their families in their own houses? 

Is this not the State Terrorism? Where is UNO? Where are the Organizations misappropriating funds in the name of Human Rights? Why Civilized West is Dumb and Deaf because they have interests with India or are they themselves practicing such inhumanity? 

If through such atrocities and extra-judicial mass murders it was possible to crush the Kashmiri Freedom Movement, then India would have succeeded a long ago. This Freedom Movement from last 70 years is being successfully carried ahead by the third generation of the Kashmiri people.
Indian army patrolling in  Indian Held Kashmir
                Since 1989, more than 100 thousand Kashmiri have been martyred. Putting the houses, businesses, shops on fire by sprinkling petrol on them, destroying their houses by dynamite etc. have been recorded in various documentaries which are present on the social media. If despite such evidence of mass murder and state terrorism, International community is silent, the basic reason is that Pakistani governments have never adopted a well-established strategy to raise the Kashmir issue at the international level.
Besides celebrating the different days about Kashmiris on different days and giving verbal statements when our rulers show the gestures for friendly relations with India (for their personal businesses) all the statements showing solidarity with Kashmiris are negated. The personal relations with Indian rulers of our politicians, the exchange of gifts with Indian rulers not only encourages Indians to continue the state terrorism and barbarism in IOK but Indian public also gets the message that Pakistan wants to keep the Kashmir dispute alive as its political need that is why Pakistani politicians verbally protest against Indian state terrorism in IOK but do not take it to the required levels.
The troops fired tear gas and pellet (shot) guns to disperse the swelling crowd in Kulgam, Indian held  Kashmir
                Since January 2017, whenever, state violations of basic human rights in IOK have crossed certain limits, opposition parties of India, intellectuals having regard to basic human rights and even some retired Indian Generals have emphasized that India should get out of its dream of “Atut Ang” of Kashmir and solve the dispute politically and democratically in which not only India and Pakistan but Kashmiris are a party as well. They try to realize New Delhi that if she continued her state terrorism and closed eyes on the increasing power of Freedom Movement in IOK, one day this freedom movement will result in the disintegration of India.
We have a Kashmir Committee but we have never heard a single word from it about Kashmir. No one ever felt the need to question the Chairman of Kashmir Committee that why he has never felt any need to protest against the Indian state terrorism in IOK. The painful reality is that in spite of giving the important designation of Chairman of Kashmir Committee to some active Kashmiri worker it is left for the political needs and remaining in power. But the time has come when we will have to present our stance over Kashmir in more responsible manners in order to tackle the increasing Indian state terrorism in IOK.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 10 August 2017.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Peace in Afghanistan at the cost of Pakistan is Impossible…

24th July 2017. 24 people  were killed and many people were seriously injured in a suicide blast  in Kabul

                On 24 July 2017, terrorists attacked a bus carrying government officials in which 24 persons were killed while 42 were injured.  Taliban claimed the responsibility of the attack that suicide bomber riding on the car targeted a bus that was carrying the officials of Afghan secret agency. According to Afghan Police, the bus was not carrying officials of the secret agency but the workers of Ministry of Petroleum. The painful aspect is that right after the blast, Afghan Presidential House and Foreign Ministry blamed Pakistan for the attack without considering that on the same day suicide bomber targeted a big gathering of Police at Lahore who was there to support the Municipal workers in their operation against encroachments. This bomb blast took the lives of 28 persons including 9 Policemen while 56 were injured. At the when both bomb attacks occurred, American Army’s Commander General Nicholson was present in Rawalpindi in order to discuss the situation in the region especially Pakistan’s cooperation in the restoration of Peace in Afghanistan and Border Management on Pak-Afghan border with COAS of Pakistan General Qamar Javed Bajwa. Pakistani Army Chief made this clear to Gen Nicholson that this usual that when Washington is reconsidering its policies about Pakistan, a special environment against Pakistan is being developed by laying blames over Pakistan. During the meeting, the American Ambassador to Pakistan David Bell was also present. Army Chief made this clear to Americans that Propaganda against Pakistan and allegations are creating hurdles for Pakistan for taking steps against terrorists and this is equivalent to rejecting the sacrifices made by the Pakistani nation against terrorism over Which Pakistanis have severe concerns.
Lahore suicide explosion  kills at least 29 people including 9 police men
                This is a bitter reality, that Pakistan is the only country who has to offer the greatest sacrifices in the American war against terrorism. Pakistan is the only country who has sacrificed thousands of lives in order to crush the foreign sponsored terrorists and their secret hideouts in Pakistan which are acknowledged by Western powers as well, however, they start blaming Pakistan due to their interests in the region.
                In 2001, when Americans attacked Afghanistan along with allied forces and lethal weapons they were dreaming that Afghans would get afraid of their fighter jets, missiles, and daisy cutter bombs capable of crushing the mountains and would hide under their blankets. Under the umbrella of the UNO whole world would accept Americans as Saviours and acknowledge them as the owner of the fate of the Afghans, whatever America would do there no one will question her. America forgot that according to American claims the Soviet Union was defeated in most insulting manners resulting in its dismemberment is once again back on its feet. Russian army is preparing to get out of the shock of defeat and once again face Americans. Whether it is America or Britain both are thousands of mile away from Afghanistan while Russia has adjacent borders. Not only this, since the era of Marxism. Moscow has strong relations with Kabul. China also has influence in Afghanistan via Wakhan.
Blast in Lahore on 24 of July 2017

                Americans stepped into Afghanistan after severe bombardment ignoring all the ground realities intoxicated by the military might she has. Americans declared the majority of Afghans i.e. Pashtuns as enemies and established puppet govt. riding on the shoulders of the Northern Alliance. They forgot that in such situation Pashtuns will have no way except to resist against Americans for their survival. As soon as Northern Alliance came into power they committed atrocities against Pashtuns violating the basic human rights which created a mess for the America.
                If Americans have not started all their operations against an ethnic group based on the hatred of Northern Alliance than situation might have been different for America. Americans committed another grave mischief on at the beck and call of Northern Alliance by giving them free hand against Afghans and allowing India to operate into Afghanistan. Puppets like Hamid Karzai in the power corridors built such mountains of corruption which have now become impossible for Americans to overcome. The Afghan bureaucracy and govt. having foundations on the corruption is so much powerless and untrusted by the Afghans that public prefers to take their case to Afghan Taliban for free and speedy justice in spite of going to the courts. In contrast to this Afghan police and other security agencies are suffering from lowest morale. On the one hand, they lack professional training Moreover they do not want to fight at all. They lack the chain of command. 30% Afghan army exists only in papers whose salaries amount to millions of dollars. The weapons issued in the name of these ghost soldiers also amounts to billions of dollars. The amount of salary is distributed among influential Generals and minister of Afghan defense. Some of the money is paid to Taliban as extortion money so that they do not attack those areas that are under the control of the Afghan forces.
U.S. Army Special Forces  with Hamid Karzai in Kandahar province, after United States invasion of  Afghanistan in 2001
      The joint operations of the Afghan and American army have lost their benefits due to the killing of more than 8 American soldiers in the hands of Afghan soldiers. On the one hand, Afghan soldiers are not ready to accept Americans as their commanders while on the other hand, Americans treat Afghan soldiers as third class workers. In the war against Guerilla warfare, secret information plays a vital role. In Afghanistan from soldier to Army Chief, all depend on the secret information provided by American secret agencies which Americans do not share with Afghan commanders and even if they share it with them they do not disclose full information on the suspicions as they are not ready to trust Afghan commanders.
2001 U.S. British  invasion of Afghanistan begins
                Moreover, the corruption is badly affecting the American Commanders in Afghanistan. The recent example is the purchase of new Uniform for Afghan army costing 28 million dollars. The environment, terrain of the land etc. are not new for Americans they knew it since 1980. They are well aware that there are no forests in Afghanistan, despite this Pentagon has prepared a new Forest Camouflage Uniform for Afghan army using such a cloth which is not suitable for any season in Afghanistan.
                American investigations on this scandal aside, these are few reasons due to which America cannot be successful in Afghanistan even in next 100 years. She wants to blame Pakistan for her defeat in Afghanistan in spite of taking care of her short comings. She wants that Pakistan army fights American war in Afghanistan and risk Pakistan's integrity in order to strengthen American presence in Afghanistan. America should now understand that peace in Afghanistan at the cost of Pakistan is not possible…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 03 August 2017.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Indian Aggression and Our Internal Chaos!

                On 15 July 2017, Americans laid strict conditions on the Defence Aid to Pakistan especially the condition of establishing friendly relations with India. The condition present in the bill and the wording shows that bill was aimed to please India. Before this during Modi’s visit to the USA, America has imposed sanctions over the popular leader Chairman of Hizb-ul-Mujahideen Syed Sallah-u-Din. All these American steps were enough to instigate India; On 16 July 2017, Indian army targeted Pakistan Army's jeep in the Neelum valley, deployed on the security of LoC (line of control). Pakistan Army's jeep going on the road at the bank of Neelum was targeted by Indians, due to which Jeep got out of control and fell into the Neelum river due to which 4 Pak army soldiers were martyred. Martyrdom while serving on the line of duty is a great achievement for the soldiers of Pak army. But the situation over LoC is different. Here India has signed the ceasefire with Pakistan. From last few years, India is continuously violating ceasefire. Sometimes, India decreases the violations sometimes increases. The targets of Indians are mostly civilians, farmers working in the fields, their cattle, and property. If we collect the details of the last three years, due to the use of mortars and long range weapons in cold blood more than 150 innocent civilians have been martyred by Pakistanis. Uncountable houses were destroyed, cattle of the farmers were killed as well, and thousands of people have been forced to take shelter in temporary camps established at schools. The extreme of Indian terrorism is that Indian army does not spare even the school children.

                On 16 December 2016, at the Kotli District, Nakiyal Sector Azad Kashmir a van carrying school children was destroyed by the Indian mortar fire. The van was carrying 20 children out of which 10 were severely injured. It was not the case that mortar shell suddenly hit the van as Indian army was engaged in firing shells; Indian soldiers targeted school van especially. Three weeks before Indian soldiers have targeted passenger bus at Lawat, Azad Kashmir which claimed lives of 10 passengers while those who were wounded were 11. When the injured and martyred were being taken away from the bus, Indian army continued targeting the rescue workers. Despite the befitting reply from Pakistan army, Indian army targeted an ambulance martyring 2 innocents. In these skirmishes, three Pakistanis soldiers embraced martyrdom as well. Para Medical staff staged the protest on 28 November 2016 in front of Press Club, Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir, against the Indian attack over Ambulance led by Mishaal Malik wife of Yaseen Malik, Chairman Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front. Afterward, the protest rally reached the office of UNO military observers where the protest was recorded against the Indian terrorist attack over ambulance and attacks on civilians. It was said that UNO should take notice of Indian aggression and take action against India according to Geneva Convention according to which it is not allowed to target ambulances even in wars than why these rules are not implementable on India.

                India has made a joke of being a neighbor with Pakistan. On the one hand, India has broken all the records of interference in Pakistan via Afghanistan while on the other hand all the records of violations of human rights and barbarism have been broken in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK). In most of the districts curfew has been imposed, despite this Kashmiri are continuously protesting against Indian occupation in IOK. India has started unprovoked violation of cease fire over LoC targeting civilians and soldiers which show that India wants some big mischief. Until now Pakistan army is practicing patience targeting only aggressive Indian check posts if this does not works Pakistan army will be forced to take stern action against Indians. As a result befitting reply by Pakistan, Indians has to bear the significant loss of lives. Keeping loss of lives secret from the Indian media and public is the political need of India. When Indian sustains losses over LoC, DG Military Operations begs from Pakistan counterpart to allow stop firing so that Indians may rescue their injured and corpses of killed soldiers. Along with this Indian army portrays as Pakistan army is the first one to start unprovoked firing and targets civilians in the IOK.

                Last Thursday on 20 July 2017, when Pak army’s DGMO talked to his Indian counterpart on his request on the hotline, he sternly rejected Indian Defence Minister’s allegations over Pak army and made this clear to A.K. Bhatt that across the LoC there are Kashmiri civilians and Pak army cannot target their Kashmiri brethren. DGMO Major General Sahir Shamshad made this clear that targeting civilians is an insult for a professional army like Pak army and will protect its civilians and borders at any cost. But Indian army habitual of firing bullets on innocent unarmed civilians cannot understand the professionalism or rules and regulations because Indian army is trained to shoot over minorities whether it is IOK, Assam, Jharkhand or other Indian states struggling against Indian occupation.

                This is also a great tragedy that inactive and silent reaction of our political govt. over unprovoked Indian shelling over LoC and limited to only handing over protest post to Indian ambassador. Although we have a so-called Kashmir Committee we have never heard any news of its meeting or activity. In the other words, it seems that whether it is Kashmir dispute, or violation of ceasefire over LoC, our political govt. considers it the problem of Pakistan army or our political elite is keeping itself away from the problems of Pakistan while Pakistan’s safety is conditioned with it.
                We have failed to make the world realize that Indian aggression over LoC might result in a big nuclear war and this is to be done by our political rulers who are unable to get out of their political confrontations.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 27 July 2017.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Criticism over Security Agencies in the Name of JIT Report

                Everyone knows about the leaks regarding Panama Offshore Companies that no institution or department of Pakistan is involved in it. Leaders of many companies have to be ashamed in front of their public due to these leaks. Similarly, including Sharif family, names of hundreds of Pakistanis are included in the list. From India no one from the ruling class was involved in the Panama scandal however, many businessmen and Indians from other segments of society were involved. As Sharif is in power nowadays, so the said leaks proved to be ‘hot cake’ for the media. The ongoing political tensions in the country also played its role in the Panama scandal and it is continuously being discussed overt the media. These leaks were disclosed by the journalists from International Consortium Investigation Journalists (ICIJ) belonging from different countries. The point of attraction for the Pakistanis was the interview of the elder son of Prime Minister’s son regarding the property of Sharif family abroad and flats in London; everyone was astonished that why did he need to give such an interview. This interview became the reason of the hot discussion of Sharif family’s property in the media.
                During this media discussion, the statement of Prime Minister’s Daughter was reported in the media in which she claimed that she has neither any property in Pakistan nor abroad. When the Pandora box of Sharif family’s offshore companies was opened it was learned that Sharif family was aware that international consortium of journalists was busy in collecting the information about the elites of the world having unnamed businesses. As a pre-planning, the interview of PM’s son was especially given to media so that nation may be taken into confidence about the property of Prime Minister and his family. So how did security agencies of Pakistan became the target? Why they are being blamed for the conspiracy?
PML-N questions  expertise of army men in JIT
                After 2008, there is democracy in Pakistan without any break. Peoples Party of Pakistan completed its 5 years tenure successfully. Now Nawaz-League is about to complete its tenure. No matter through NRO the restoration of democracy is a good news. If our politicians had used this period for resolving the issues of public and accountability, now they would not have been afraid of being over thrown. Our political elite may use repeated army interference in the power as a defense against poor performance of the democracy but could not satisfy the public drowning in the financial and other problems like unemployment, inflation, injustice, costly fees of private schools especially the failure of the govt. to ensure law and order in the country. In contrast to this, the economic revolution in the lives of the relatives these politicians is also clear to all. In order to check such corruption, the accountability is considered inevitable for the democratic system which should be implemented without any exceptions in true letter and spirit.
PML-N rejects JIT report  on Panama Papers case submitted in SC
                Pakistan came into being in August 1947. Quaid Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Nawab Liaqat Ali Khan and their colleagues who were landlords by generations adopted honesty and simplicity in order to fulfill their dream of Pakistan under Two Nations Theory. Today’s politicians cannot be compared to our ancestors; these politicians take it as their inherited right to have the lifestyle of Kings despite being rulers of the already indebted country. Accountability is a conspiracy against democracy for them. This is the dark side of the inherited politics that a single family owns the whole party and no one can dare to have the difference of opinion. When such family comes into power they expect loyalty from government machinery as their personal servants. In order to keep the departments in their control, such officers are selected for higher posts who are not eligible for the said post so that they remain loyal to them and follow all of their orders. In such a situation the increase in the wealth of the family by leaps and bounds because there is no one for accountability. Law becomes enslaved to the ruling class otherwise democracy is the name of the higher moral standards of the rulers.
                In Pakistan, the issue of the Panama Offshore companies has been spoiled because the leaders of the state departments are unable to investigate against the rulers. When parliament failed to fulfill its duties the issue was taken to the roads in the form of protests. When Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf  (PTI) took the issue to the court, the court denied to hear it due to the technical basis of the case. When protest over the roads increased, Prime Minister himself wrote a letter to the Supreme Court, requesting the court to start accountability of himself and his family which was a positive step. However, when Prime Minister, his family’s lawyers failed to satisfy the court about the property of the Sharif family so the court ordered to establish Joint Interrogation Team (JIT) on which ruling party celebrated it. However, after two months before the submission of the report by JIT to Supreme Court, Sharif family attempted to make JIT disputed.
A three-member apex bench, headed by Justice Ejaz Afzal, and comprising Justice Sheikh Azmat  Saeed and Justice Ijazul Ahsan
                They had realized from the questions asked by JIT that investigators have found such facts which cannot be falsified by them. When the report was presented before the court, they started criticizing Army and ISI without taking their names that they are the real writers of the script of the JIT report as a conspiracy against the ruling Sharif family. As JIT was established on the orders of the Supreme Court and investigation report has been submitted to the court so it is to be decided by the court. There is no question of conspiracy. The support provided by the national departments for investigation on the orders of Supreme Court was their duty which they have fulfilled. Those ministers who are claiming the JIT report as the conspiracy of Army and ISI should not forget that whether it is census, accidents or natural calamities etc. in spite of fulfilling their duties they call army and politicians become free from all of their duties.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 20 July 2017. 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Hypocrisy of American Senators!

                Last month on 26 June 2017, according to an Indian journalist it seemed that the meeting between Modi and Trump in Washington DC was not a meeting between heads of two states but between two actor friends who have met after a long separation otherwise the heads of two states do not hug each other again and again especially in the presence of media. It can be easily said that it was meeting of two opportunists who were trying to pose in front of the world that they have the everlasting friendship. The prestige of the both leaders in their public does not need to be explained here. This first informal meeting in the White House was limited to the photo-session of EVERLASTING friendship while the sales of defense equipment and other deals have been finalized before the arrival of Modi in Washington DC by the officials of the both countries; Modi and Trump had only to sign them. Possibly there might have been such a meeting that has been secret from the media, however, on the second of Modi’s visit, while addressing the dinner at White House’s Rose Garden, Trump termed India as the greatest ally of India and said that both countries will join hands against Islamic Terrorism.
Modi and his hugs
                Modi told the story of Indian support in the Afghanistan and hoped that Indian support would continue in future as well. Modi chanted the Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again” with the addition of “Make in India” posting that USA and India have similar ideologies and thinking and the cooperation between the two nations would be exemplary. Trump thanked India for deals of American war industry including drones valuing up to 1.3 billion dollars. The important announcement of USA in the said visit was the declaration of Syed Sallah-ud-Din, Chairman of Muttahida Jihad Council as terrorist which is being termed as a great achievement of India by BJP and big achievement of Modi by Hindu Extremists.
                Pakistan rejected the joint declaration of Indian and American heads of state expressing concerns over the sale of latest weapons to India. American establishment also felt that while playing love drama with Modi in the way Trump left aside the diplomatic values and termed India as rising military and economic power which is most important for the USA, such statements will create problems for US interests in South Asia especially Afghanistan.
                China criticized Washington over the India-China defense deals terming them a preparation against China. This is also a ground reality that China has never considered the war preparations of India. In recent months on the India-China border at Sikkim and Bhutan Chinese soldiers destroyed two Indian bunkers and pushed Indian soldiers backward from the point where they were busy in construction. After expelling Indian soldiers from the specific disputed area, Chinese soldiers made a human wall by holding each other's hands so that Indian soldiers cannot enter into the area. The verbal fight between Indian Commander and Chinese Commander was recorded by the Indian soldiers on their mobile phones. This video got viral not only in India but all over the world. In order to minimize the insult of Indian troops by Chinese, General Rawat issued statements against China and announced to visit Sikkim himself to investigate that why Indian soldiers did not resist against Chinese army. Indian Military Chief was still planning to go to Sikkim that Indian media broke the news that on the one hand, China is planning revolution for reinstating Sikkim as an Independent state while on the other hand, working for Greater Nepal. Not only this, the maps of Nepal during the English reign are being prepared in which great area under the occupation of India has been designated as a part of Nepal. However, this is a separate discussion. Such aggressions from the Indian soldiers and mischievous invasion in Chinese controlled areas are due to the American support. It has been learned that the USA has expressed concerns over the India-Chinese tensions especially in the light of the heavy dumping of weapons and construction of military installations at Sikkim.
Nepalese  struggling for  their land occupied by India
                Considering the reaction of Pakistani media and government’s stance against American support to India, US establishment decided to send an envoy led by US Senator John Mc-Cain of Republican Party. They met with Pakistani govt. and military officials and reinforced the importance of Pak-American cooperation. Praised the Pakistan’s role and sacrifices in the war against terror. The most important point of their visit was the visit of those tribal areas which were once ruled by terrorists who have now fled to Afghanistan after Pak army’s operation. They continued their terrorism in Pakistan from the safe heavens provided to them by Indian and Afghan secret agencies in Afghanistan and acknowledged their terrorist activities proudly as well. How is this possible that after 2001, USA is the sole controller of the Afghanistan and is unaware of the Indian terrorism in Pakistan via Afghanistan? However, USA kept silent over the Indian terrorism and supported Indian terrorism through her silence.
US Senate delegation  calls on General Qamar Bajwa and appreciated Pakistan Army's success  against terrorism
                Visit of these areas once being a stronghold of Indian terrorists was not less than a dream for John Mc Cain. An area where English did not dare to go before 1947 but now under the control of Pakistan Army the observing the development of these areas, McCain felt amazed and claimed that without cooperation from Pakistan, peace in Afghanistan is impossible.
                “McCain in Pakistan: There can be no peace in Afghanistan without Pakistan’s Cooperation”
This was reported with the above quoted heading in Reuters and other Western newspapers in which they tried to pose that US Senators praise and acknowledge the sacrifices of Pakistanis against terrorism since 2001 and also realize that peace in Afghanistan without Pakistan’s cooperation is impossible.
In South Waziristan...  John McCain 'No peace' in Afghanistan without Pakistan's cooperation.
                However, as soon as American Senators led by John Mc Cain reached Kabul;  they left behind the uncivilized and liar politicians of 3rd world countries in changing opinion. As soon as they reached Afghanistan they mentioned Haqqani Network which they cannot see during their visit to Pakistani tribal areas. They forgot what they said acknowledging the sacrifices of Pakistan in the war against terrorism. It seemed that this is not the mature politician Mc Cain but Afghan President or Indian Prime Minister. From the immature and non-serious attitude of American policy makers, it is apparent that America wants to continue the restlessness and lawlessness in Afghanistan…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 17 July 2017.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

“Contractors or Mercenaries”?

While reacting to Raymond Davis's book "Contractor" why we don't discuss the thousands of BLACK WATER CONTRACTORS (mercenaries)? How and why they entered in Pakistan without any verification by the security agencies and concerned authorities in Pakistan?
What was the role of BW contractors in our country?
Is this not true that they were in contact with TTP against Pakistan and guiding them to their targets and sabotage activities?
Why and how Islamabad High Court (IHC) issued an order to register FIR (first information report) against the world’s most powerful intelligence agency CIA's Station Chief Jonathan Banks, stationed in Islamabad? Was this revenge to USA for summoning ISI Chief Lt Gen Ahmad Shuja Pasha by New York Federal Court to try him in Mumbai terror attacks case (just few weeks before the arrest of Raymond Davis), because CIA was in trouble, having threats for their BW agents and the hurdles created by them to operate freely in Pakistan because of ISI?
Is there any information in the book by Raymond Davis what happened with him after his arrest and also what he confessed/disclosed about his activities, also about for what BLACK WATER CONTRACTORS were here in Pakistan, and how many terrorists were arrested because of his information?
Should we believe that Raymond Davis is capable of writing a book? Especially what he wrote about the ongoing events outside, while he was in police custody facing interrogation and was unable to witness the activities going on outside?
Is it not true that he was sponsored by RA&W for the book to let down Pak army and ISI in the eyes of Pakistani people, RA&W arranged ghostwriters from India, and after publication what Raymond Davis gained if he himself circulated the free PDF version of the book via WhatsApp in Pakistan and all over the world?
With many more questions needed to be answered by our intellectuals criticizing Pakistan's Army and ISI Command on the release of Raymond Davis...

Article published in WEEKLY FAMILY MAGAZINE,
Dated, 15 July to 22 July 2017!

Monday, July 10, 2017

First Pakistani General to Demand “DO MORE” Against Terrorists!

                In November 2016, when General Qamar Bajwa took the command of Pakistan Army, Pakistan was entering into the second phase of the long war against terrorism. The first phase was that in which terrorists have established training camps, the army like operational headquarters, weapons manufacturing units, for suicide and terrorist attacks all over the Pakistan. All these terrorist establishments were in the areas adjacent to Afghanistan border. From Afghanistan, enemies of Pakistan were supplying these terrorists with latest automatic weapons, operational plans, instructions and heavy funds. Pakistan army cleared all the tribal areas from terrorists after countless sacrifices of lives. The operation was launched against the terrorists in the whole country. Many terrorists were killed in the operation in tribal areas while the rest of them either fled to Afghanistan under the safe heavens of power players in Afghanistan or garbed themselves like common citizens. The leadership of these terrorists had fled to Afghanistan before the start of the operation. They were continuing their terrorist activities from Afghanistan with the support of the Pakistan’s eternal enemy.
    After the destruction of the terrorist networks in Pakistani tribal areas, it was not acceptable for India to stop her terrorist activities and war against Pakistan through Afghanistan. India changed her tactics and started unprovoked firing over LoC (Line of Control Kashmir) targeting civilians in Azad Kashmir while on the other hand the drama of Urri Sector attack was staged as well. Hoping that on the one hand the credibility of Pakistani army would be hurt in the eyes of Pakistanis while Indians will be impressed as well that Indian army has the capability of surgical strikes like Americans. Indians wanted to engage international media and community on the LoC and tensions between India and Pakistan so that they cannot understand the negative role of Indians in Afghanistan and terrorism in Pakistan with the support of the NDS.
 Army Chief General Qamar  Javed Bajwa was awarded the Legion of Merit in Ankara
    This was the difficult situation when General Qamar Bajwa took charge as Chief of Army Staff (COAS). As soon as he took charge he had to face Indian unprovoked shelling over LoC, ensure law and order within the country, searching for terrorists and neutralizing, all are his duties. The most difficult task was to stop infiltration of terrorists from Afghanistan; the interference from Afghanistan, aggressive Afghan attacks, and propaganda all are the biggest test of his professional capabilities. Especially the propaganda that is going on within the country attempting to prove him weak.
    General Qamar Bajwa decided to establish strict Border Management System over the secret and open ways of entrance in Pakistan over the Afghan border so that unchecked movement across the border may be checked. When Pakistan started work on this project, Afghan National Army started cowardly attacking Pakistani army check posts over Turkham and rest of the border. In this way, Pakistan army was under Indian army’s attack on LoC while on the Afghan border, Afghan National Army was attacking Pakistan army at the beck and call of Hindu India. General Bajwa visited LoC many times, to encourage the troops on the forward posts and instructed them to give a befitting reply to Indian aggressiveness. A clear message was sent to India that any mischief or aggression would be dealt strictly. The aggression of enemy that has been going for last 15 years over Pakistani borders is not a big problem for Pakistan army because the sole purpose of Pakistan army’s preparedness has been to defend borders.

    The only difference is that before US invasion of Afghanistan under the garb of 9/11 Pakistan army has to pay attention to Eastern border only with India especially LoC. But after 9/11 India started exploiting Afghanistan as a second battlefield against Pakistan under the supervision of USA. In such circumstances, despite limited sources, Pakistan has to deploy troops all over the Afghan border as well.
    However, the biggest challenge for Pakistan are those terrorist elements playing in the hands of India who are mixed in the public and target innocent citizens, military installations, shrines, places of worship etc. The challenge for General Bajwa was to hit these invisible enemies hardly, identifying them within our own public and destroy their capability to execute any terrorist activity. Because these invisible enemies mixed within our own public were causing too many casualties to the general public.
General Qamar Javed Bajwa visits Line of Control, on arrival, COAS was received by Commander  Rawalpindi Corps Lt Gen Nadeem Raza and GOC Murree.
    One may remember that while crushing the terrorists and enemy agents and restoration of peace military has to face the worst resistance from political interests of famous political parties. Karachi is the biggest example where MQM’s leader Altaf Hussain enslaved whole Karachi for decades on the power of funds and weapons provided by India to MQM. Military institutions were aware of Altaf Hussein’s links with RAW but the political interests of political parties to be in power kept his anti-state activities under cover. The second biggest problem was the extortion, corruption in govt. departments and big projects, use of criminals by politicians against their rivals giving them huge funds, illegal occupation of state lands etc. changed the very basis of political parties.
    This was the best-suited environment for anti-Pakistan agencies that they openly operate in the country and no one can check or stop them. However, the breaking apart of MQM also became possible due to Pakistan army. Now there is the abundance of illegal weapons that are sometimes recovered from wells, secret underground compartments of homes or hidden in the walls. But no one has been arrested for hiding these weapons there. Drug Mafia is also at large. There is not a single govt. the department that is clean from corruption.
    Karachi which was among the developed cities in past now has organized gangs who help students cheat during exams. The irony of the fate is that all the big political parties have been busy in looting Karachi. But when the operation against terrorism started, those involved in bloodshed for last three decades got clean chit by just adding “Pakistan” with their political identity and borrowed time for reorganizing their criminal gangs. Traditional political parties consider the presence of such criminal elements inevitable for being successful in upcoming elections. They are unable to sense that without punishing the assassins and criminals their democratic power and govt. will be unstable and weak.
 General Qamar Javed Bajwa visited Ataturk Mausoleum and laid the wreath at the grave to pay homage to the father of the Turkish nation and penned down his respects on the visitor’s book.
    The hard time for General Bajwa was when on the “Dawn Leaks” army expressed concerns over the notification by govt. and rejected through a tweet by DG ISPR. This is a separate discussion that why “Dawn Leaks” was termed as a threat to Pakistan not only by Pak army but political govt. as well. Afterward, why did govt. step back from its stance gradually and stood behind those who were behind “Dawn Leaks”. Why did govt. dragged this problem for such long time and afterward issued such a notification that posed that govt. is trying to suppress the issue and has bargained with the army which was not acceptable for the army. When it was rejected by Army, a separate discussion was started in the country. On the one hand the perpetrators of “Freedom of Speech” criticized army as insubordination by a subordinate govt. department while public supported Army’s stance. These included those people who love Pakistan army along with those who were under pressure due to economic policies of govt. and inflation has made it hard for them to make both ends meet. After paying utility bills they have to take loans for food items, deprived of medicines and medical facilities, they are unable to buy the education for their children, their lives and property are not secure nor were they able to pay bribes for getting their legal problems resolved facing unemployment as well. After few days when the news of army taking back the tweet was reported people got disappointed. A typhoon was observed over the social media, everyone was analyzing army chief from his or her point of view. They were unable to understand that govt. has sacrificed one of its very important advisor, an old friend, and a bureaucrat by putting the liability of leaks on them. People were sad that why the army has taken back its tweet.
    Perhaps this was the most difficult decision for General Bajwa since his commission in 1980 and the journey being promoted to various ranks and commands in which he decided against the willingness of public in favor of the democracy and country’s integrity. The results of this decision will be felt in the long run. This should be sufficient that in the notification issued by govt. the loyal persons of govt. who were blamed for the leaks were standing with the Prime Minister (despite being removed from their responsibilities) when he appeared before the JIT (Joint Interrogation Team). Govt is still silent over the questions raised by the journalists.
    Moreover, taking back the tweet has stopped the way of Army’s interference or toppling the govt. by the army as it was done in the past. Although after 2008, the country is being ruled by democracy the taking back of the tweet has ended the impression that there are tensions between govt. and army. The chances for political govt. to become POLITICAL MARTYR has been annulled as well. On the other hand, Army has been serving public within its constitutional jurisdiction.
Speaking on the Occasion, Gen Qamar Bajwa dedicated the award to the Martyrs of the Turkish and Pakistani Forces
    The tragedy of oil tanker fire toppled near Ahmed Pur Sharqiya, troops from Bahawalpur Cantt reached on the spot on the orders of COAS; staff of CMH, nearby hospitals and health centers did their best but due to the shortage of manpower, facilities, resources, and machinery they were not able to achieve their goals. Any tragedy or natural disasters do not happen in selected areas they may happen anywhere. In the whole world, such departments are established who are always ready to tackle such accidents without waiting for the govt. orders or instructions. In Pakistan situation is that when residents of Parachinar staged sit-ins due to the loss of lives as a result of terrorist attacks, COAS has to come ahead for hearing the complaints of the affectees. He gave them all assurances through different religious scholars which was the duty of the political govt. He offered Eid Prayers with the troops deployed at the forward posts over LoC and spent the whole day there.
    After taking over the command of the Pak army the situation was that keeping in view the importance of the role of General Bajwa in the war against terrorism within Pakistan, Turkey invited him for visit. When he reached Ankara on 20 June 2017, he was welcomed warmly. He visited the tomb of the founder of modern Turkey Mustafa Kamal Ataturk and laid the wreath there. After this, he went to the Army Headquarters where he was welcomed by the Army Chief of Turkish army General Saleh-Zaki. On this occasion, General Bajwa was presented with Guard of Honour. Afterward, General Bajwa was awarded the “Legion of Merit” as an acknowledgment of his military services. General Bajwa dedicated this to the martyrs of Turkish and Pak army. On this announcement, the officers and soldiers present in the ceremony clapped and chanted slogans in favor of Pak-Turk friendship proving that Pak-Turk friendship is historically old. On Kashmir dispute, Turkey has always supported Pakistan while General Bajwa announced to support Turkish claims over Cyprus (here mentioning this that why our Foreign Ministry or rulers visiting Turkey often have not supported Turkish claims).
General Qamar Bajwa receiving the Guard of Honor
    In the light of changing international scenario, Trump’s coming into power, Army Chief’s visit to Turkey is very important as Turkey has decided to choose sides with China and Russia after being disappointed by the European Union. After the failed military coup, the distances between USA and Turkey has increased. While India in spite of working for the peace in the region is joining the USA as a sub-state to fulfill her aggressive nefarious designs against Pakistan and serve as a proxy warrior against China. The nexus between USA and India has increased the chances of upcoming terror attacks from Afghanistan manifolds, Parachinar and Quetta terror attacks before Eid may be quoted as an example. Although Pakistan army is on red alert on the Afghan border but due to the RAW’s links within Pakistan which have been disclosed by Indian State terrorist Kulbhushan Yadav, the support to the leadership of TTP leadership in Afghanistan by Indian and Afghan secret agencies, keeping in view the whole scenario General Bajwa has demanded from Americans to DO MORE against terrorists saying that before this America has been demanding from Pakistan to ‘do more’ against Pakistan, Pakistan has destroyed all the terrorist hideouts in Pakistani areas so this is time for American and allies to destroy terror camps in the areas under their control. This stance of COAS has been given coverage by US newspapers which show his determination and achievements against terrorism.

Urdu Copy - 1

Urdu Copy - 2

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Weekly Family Magazine,
Date: 09 July 2017.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Increasing Indian Interference in Afghanistan Creating New Threats for the Region

Afghan soldier kills four  US soldiers in Balkh

                The murder of 4 American soldiers by an Afghan soldier in Balakh of Maza-e-Sharif province of Afghanistan was a big attack since US President Trump’s order of deploying more soldier in Afghanistan. The base commander and US Command in Afghanistan have attempted to minimize the impact of this news report on Americans by declining such attack or killing of US Soldiers. Afghan American Military Media cell acknowledges the incident of firing at the base and injuring of US soldiers but denies their death. Two weeks ago during a joint US-Afghan operation against ISIS in the Kunar province of Afghanistan, an Afghan soldier killed 4 American soldiers injuring 1. The Afghan soldier was killed by other American soldiers on the spot. Similarly, the Afghan soldier who opened fire on American soldiers was preferred to be killed rather arresting him alive. So the murder of 8 US soldiers in a week is a point to be considered by those US Commanders who have been demanding deployment of more US troops. Few of them were of the view that the policy of withdrawal of US soldiers was a wrong decision by Obama administration. This policy should be canceled and 50,000 troops should be sent to Afghanistan while others consider that only 5000 US soldiers are enough for the restoration of peace in Afghanistan.
                American defense analysts who claim that presence of US soldiers in Afghanistan is inevitable are of the view that from 2001 to 2013 more than 160,000 US troops along with 30000 NATO troops have failed to strengthen Afghan govt. in the long and short of Afghanistan while they were facing only Taliban. Now when ISIS has established the strong foothold in Afghanistan, what can few thousand Afghan soldiers do?
On June 11, 2017, three U.S.  soldiers were killed and one more wounded in a similar insider attack by  Afghan Army at a base in eastern Afghanistan's Nangarhar province.
                In this regard, the policy makers of USA should consider the survey conducted by BBC news in favor of Afghanistan. According to the survey till 2005 85% of the Afghan public was not the only supporter of American stay in Afghanistan but also considered them as their savior. Not only America but from the whole world dollars were coming in. All big cities of Afghanistan were filled with foreign products. Afghans have chances of getting hired on higher wages. Kabul seemed to be a capital of some western country.
                The fight with Taliban was going on away from the cities. But only in 4 years, in 2009 the Afghan public support for US soldiers decreased to 40%. The profits of American dollars were limited to selected Afghans only. These were those elements who were the part of Afghan govt. to the USA or those who were trading and providing services to Americans and other foreigners. With the start of 2017, the Afghan support for Afghan soldiers decreased to 15%.  These are those Afghans who are employed by Americans or have financial interests with USA and US army. With such unpopularity when the USA will deploy further troops than the result would be the murder of Americans not in the hands of Taliban but Afghan soldiers. Because leaving aside the rest of the Afghanistan in Kabul 60% Afghan citizens do not have availability of pure drinking water. The facilities of life are limited to only selected and important areas where there are paved roads, modern education system, wider bazaars, and malls etc. Good health facilities are also available in these areas only. The rest of the city is in the same state as it was before the US invasion in 2001. The buildings destroyed in war are still un-repaired showing the reality of trillions of dollar aid to Afghanistan by America.
Trump to Send 4,000 More  US Troops to Afghanistan as Mattis admits 'Not Winning'.
                Why the US and her allies are rapidly losing in Afghanistan and Taliban influence is increasing rapidly. Why the US who invaded along with all of her might as a savior of Afghanistan is so much powerless that it has to look towards Taliban in spite of Northern Alliance to face ISIS. Those Taliban against whom the USA supported Northern Alliance to establish the puppet govt. The answer to this question has been given by retired Britain Major Robert Gallimore in a seminar in which he has claimed with arguments and evidence that India is behind the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan.
                India is exploiting Afghanistan as second battle front and launch pad of terrorists. In order to hide here terrorist activities and support her presence in Afghanistan, India has invested big amount funding lawlessness and terrorism in Afghanistan. This funding includes buying loyalties of Afghan officials, taking control of Afghan secret agency and funding international media for propaganda against Pakistan. In this way, India has been blaming Pakistan for every act of terrorism in Afghanistan by the Afghan govt., higher officers of NDS and pro-Indian Western Media. ISI and Pak army was blamed for providing safe heavens to Haqqani Network and other elements involved in terrorism in Pakistan.
Afghanistan where Taliban are emerging stronger than they were since 2001 while ISIS is also filling the security vacuum.
                As long as India is present in the Afghanistan and influence in Kabul, the peace in Afghanistan will remain a dream. Because many retired and on-duty Generals of the USA deployed in Afghanistan have their interests with India as well. The most important of these interests is the use of India as a proxy war against China in a future war and sale of weapons to India.
                Major Robert Gallimore who has spent three tenures of his service in Afghanistan is not the first foreigner blaming India for failures of US and NATO in Afghanistan. Before this US Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hegel termed India as causing problems in Afghanistan by exploiting Afghanistan for the proxy war against Pakistan in 2011 at Oklahoma.
No traces of ISI in  Afghanistan Robert Gallimore Afghan war veteran in LISA Conference
                Other US defense analysts are also unified on this point that peace in Afghanistan is impossible until the Indian control over Kabul, and new Delhi’s role and interference in Afghanistan are not limited or curtailed at all. Because India is the biggest hurdle in the peace process between Afghan govt. and Taliban. Terrorism in Afghanistan is the need of the India. It is impossible without the withdrawal of foreign soldiers. Americans should think over it again that a war that they could not win in 16 years how will they win it by deploying few thousand extra troops???

Written by Khalid Baig.