Sunday, October 23, 2016

Internal Politics of India and Violations of Ceasefire over LoC (Line of Control)

Media teams visit LoC

Indian claims of Surgical Strikes in Azad Kashmir have become a political dispute. Indian Prime Minister and his Cabinet is worried that how to prove such a great lie while Officers of Indian Military are also hiding their faces that how they deny the claims made by their own DGMO. The areas mentioned by Indian General targeted in the so-called Indian surgical strikes in Azad Kashmir and in the way he narrated the details of the crackdown of Indian commandos over launching pads of terrorists; this made Pakistanis worried for a moment as well. Moreover, after claims of India over attacks of Uri attack and the war environment created by India showed that India has deceived Pakistan but after rejection of Indian claims of Surgical strike by Pak army the demands to give evidence of the surgical strike were raised from Pakistan as well as from India.
                In the meanwhile on 01 October 2016, Lt General Asim Saleem Bajwa, DG ISPR, along with Pakistani and International media visited LoC and took them on such point from where they can themselves see the after effects of any attack or surgical strike. The representatives were astonished that on the one hand there is Indian Held Kashmir where they cannot get visa and even if they get the visa they are not allowed peep out of the selected areas while in Azad Kashmir they are standing on the LoC. They are free to ask questions from local people they also saw the Indian barbed wire wall and the areas under the control of Indians.
                Lt General Asim Saleem Bajwa, asked journalists that where are the launching pads of terrorists and the corpses of terrorists killed by the Indian soldiers in surgical strike? He told journalists that Pakistani army personnel deployed over LoC have recently been posted from Afghan border fighting against terrorists. They are ready and well groomed to defend motherland. If Indian soldiers dared to cross the LoC they will not return in one piece.
Violence against Muslim in UP
                India was not ready for any such reaction from Pakistan. Leaders of Congress party rejected the claims of surgical strike in Pakistan. Indian Defense Minister reacted that those demanding evidence of surgical strike are traitors. Rahul Gandhi alleged Modi for having made deal over the blood of Indian soldiers. While a Minister from Indian Cabinet asked Congress that do they have any doubt over Indian army’s capability. Member of Congress party and ex-Interior Minister Chidambaram alleged that tension over LoC and fake surgical strike are the drama and political tool of Modi for state elections in Uttar Pradesh (UP). When UP elections were mentioned, Opposition leader of UP and leader of Bhojan Samaj Wadi Party also criticized Modi for creating tension over LoC and creating war like environment so that victory of BJP can be ensured in the upcoming elections.
Mayawati of BSP Party
                In order to understand the link between India’s internal politics and violence against and its effect over Pak-India relations it is necessary to have a bird’s eyeview of UP’s politics. UP has 40% population of lower class Dalit Hindus, Barahmans, Thakur etc of upper class are 25% of the total population; in this way Hindus consist of 59.37% total population. 1.01 % are Sikh and Budh while Muslims are 40% approximately. The Muslims of UP are more educated and prosperous than Muslims of other provinces. Allahabad, Muradabad, Azamgarh, Ghaziabad and Lucknow are famous for having specific identity as Muslim cities while on the other hand the lower class of Dalits are also in majority being prosperous of Dalits in rest of India. Lucknow is the provincial Capital of UP which has special religious for Muslim and Hindus. In order to hide the Muslim population the results of 2015 census have not been yet announced. While the Muslim population in 2001 census was 42%. Addressing central elections in 2014, Modi said that he will make UP another example of Gujarat. The purpose of such statement was to frighten Muslim that if they do not cast their vote for BJP, Muslims of UP will be slaughtered just like Muslim of Gujarat.

                As a reaction to this leader of Indira National Congress Imran Masood announced that if Modi stepped into UP than he would be stripped into pieces. After this Imran Masood was arrested under the allegations of fueling riots in the province. He was released after elections. Now Muslim of the UP have the threats that under the umbrella of state elections, BJP would attempt to target Muslim. The elections in UP will continue from January 2017 to May 2017 for 403 seats. BJP secured only 51 seats in February 2012 elections. Indira National Congress secured only 22 seats while Samaj Wadi party won 224 seats and formed the govt.
                Being in power in Center, BJP has completed many development projects in Hindu inhabited regions, however, political analysts are of the view that Kumari Maya Wati of Bhojan Samaj Party has become much famous equally among Hindus and Muslims. She openly criticized extremist Hindus and won support of Muslims.

                The Modi’s plan of exploiting tension over LoC and fueling war mania for elections in UP have failed but in the light of his notorious history we can say that he will take some more foolish bloody steps to create further tension between Pakistan and India…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 19 October 2016.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Pak-India Tension and Possibility of War..!

Uri Brigade HQ, IHK
                According to Indian claims on 18 September 2016, 4 armed persons attacked Indian Army Headquarters in Uri Sector, District Baramula Indian Held Kashmir in which 17 Indian soldiers were killed while 30 were injured. As soon as attackers entered 12th Brigade HQ they started firing with automatic weapons. Attack was so furious that Indian soldiers were unable to react. After exchange of firing for hours with the Indian soldiers deployed for security at least all 4 attackers were killed. Still exchange of firing was going on that Indian Ministers started blaming Pakistan, creating pro-war environment.
                Indian Foreign Minister Raj Nath, cancelled his visit to Russia and USA declaring Pakistan as a terrorist country and told journalists that Pakistan would be soon given a befitting reply. Modi in his twitter message assured Indian public that planners of attack will not be forgiven. In his message Modi declared Pakistan as leaders of terrorists and appealed to the world to seclude Pakistan.
                Indian DG Military Operations called his counterpart in Pakistan on hotline and repeated his allegation against Pakistan for being involved in the attack; this was rejected by Pakistani DGMO asking for evidence. Indian electronic media made more than two dozens of retired Indian Generals in order to discuss the attack. Their style of discussion was that as attackers had entered Indian HQ carrying Pakistani flags and Pakistan has accepted the responsibility for the attack. From TV anchors to every analyst started discussion with such certainty that Pakistan is involved in the attack.
                After this, threats to Pakistan were started in order to fuel war mania among Indians. Some Indian channels were looking like Operation Room where the time of attack on Pakistan, choice of the region for attack, possibilities of resistance from Pakistan and capturing Pakistan crushing the resistance from Pakistan were being discussed. The style was such as war has been started and Indian army commanders are planning their next strategies in the light of the reports coming from the battle field.
What happened in Uri, this is still limited to the reports given by Indian govt. Indian media busy in propaganda against Pakistan also does not know that what happened in the Indian army HQ because media was not allowed to visit the place. However, the pictures of Indian soldiers killed in the attack were shared by some Indian soldier through his mobile phone to his friends or a video and picture showing smoke rising from the HQ has been showed which was made by media from distance of few kilometers. Why media was kept away from the place of attack? This raises many suspicions. Indian Held Kashmir where 700,000 Para-military troops and 700,000 regular Indian army is deployed, latest system security, security check posts on every road or unpaved ways leading to Indian army barracks or HQ. No one can pass through these check posts without proving his identity. Laser guided sensors and security cameras who can detect and report movement of any living creature. In such a way in the presence of net of barbed wires, security measures etc. only a mad man or suicide will attempt to enter into such area.              
                Such a security system has been established by India on the Line of Control (LoC), where two walls of barbed wires have been erected by India, the distance between these two walls is from 10-15 feet. In the place between the roles of barbed wire has been placed in such a way that leaving humans aside, sparrow cannot pass through it. With this wall electric lights have been installed in such a way that from satellite the LoC can be seen as line of light. Moreover, Electricity is also present in these barbed wire walls. Laser sensors are also present on these walls which on detection of any movement raise the alarms.
                Despite of such arrangements if India blames Pakistan for sending attackers than this is nothing more than a joke. If attackers belonged to Indian Held Kashmir than alleging Pakistan for such attack is nothing more than a mischievous blame. On the other hand these allegations raise questions on the situation of internal security in India as well as capability of Indian army that how attackers succeeded in entering Indian Army HQ.
LoC at night
                Curfew has been imposed in Indian Held Kashmir for last 3 months and Baramula is such a district where situation remains tense. Baramula is on the top of the list where Indian army has established torture cells. Baramula also got attention of media due to discovery of mass graves. In such an area which is so much important for India, the entry and attack of four attackers is full of suspicions.
                It may have three aspects:
1)      The 70% of Indian army has been deployed in Indian Held Kashmir since 1989. Indian army has failed to crush Kashmiri freedom movement despite of their tortures and violations of human rights. Straight firing over unarmed Kashmiris, baton charging innocent children etc. has made Indian soldiers psychos. Not allowing for soldiers to go on leave is also a big reason for increasing depression among Indian soldiers. In Indian Held Kashmir, locals see them with hatred while if they are lucky to get leave they have to face bitter questions at home as well. That is why the incidents of suicide, attacking colleagues or officers is increasing in Indian army deployed at IHK. Every month 2 soldiers of Indian army attempt suicide on average. Only solution to this situation is the political solution of Kashmir dispute. Ego of Indian rulers and extremist Hindus is the only hurdle in the solution of Kashmir dispute. In such a situation there are possibilities that the Uri incident might be the result of internal grouping or dispute due to which Indian soldiers might have started shooting each other which was at once blamed at Pakistan. This is not something new, such incidents have been reported in American army deployed at Afghanistan as well. 

Dead bodies of Indian soldiers killed in Uri Brigade HQ

2)      After martyrdom of Burhan Wanni, in the way Kashmiri youngsters have raised the freedom movement, this has made India lose her nerves. From the martyrdom of Burhan Wanni, Kashmiris are protesting against it. More than 108 innocent children and youngsters have been martyred as a result of direct firing of shot gun by Indian soldiers. So called pellet guns or in proper words the shot guns have snatched eyesight of more than 800 Kashmiris while those seriously injured are more than 1800. During the curfew the reports of Petrol bomb attacks over the houses of Kashmiris and burning the whole families alive. Despite of shutdown of internet and mobile networks the shocking video recordings have been uploaded to Social Media.  Due to which pressure against India is rising. The organizations of human rights, UNO, OIC, Arab League etc. are warning India repeatedly that India should stop the use of pellet guns. Peaceful elements present in India having objections over the acts of Indian PM Modi and extremist Hindus have started criticism openly. Moreover, Sikh living in IHK are also supporting Kashmiri Freedom Movements. Sikh have also raised the demand for Khalistan as well which is getting stronger with passage of time. The Pakistani campaign for IHK has also increased international pressure over India. In such situation only one way has been left for India to stage such a drama which may divert the attention of the international community from the Indian tortures over Kashmiris. This has been proved in the Indian courts that Indian secret agencies are involved in terrorist attacks and bomb blasts in India in order to blame and defame Pakistan. Killing few soldiers in order to get rid from the international pressure and controlling current wave of freedom movement than this is not a big deal for Hindu India. In the Ori HQ of Indian army only 17 Indian soldiers have been sacrificed. In November 2008, Hemant Karkare along with 28 others was killed in the drama of Taj and Oberoi hotel and Pakistan was alleged for these attacks as well. Ironically, the President of Pakistan of this time Asif Ali Zardari gave the statement with the start of these attacks that non-state actors might be involved. This statement is still haunting Pakistan.
3)      The cold war between China and USA is increasing day by day. Exploiting Japan, Philippines, Taiwan and South Korea USA is trying to create hurdles for China in South Asian Chinese sea. In order to avoid this situation China has signed CPEC to fulfill Chinese need of oil, gas and industrial activities. The construction work is rapidly going on. Some other countries of the region also have concerns over this as well. While India considers this as a hurdle in her imperialist designs. In order to create hurdles in the way of CPEC USA is using India, however, despite opposition from India, terrorism in Balochistan and failure of plans of spreading lawlessness in Karachi there is only one way left to engage Pakistan army in war as Pakistan army is committed to defend and complete CPEC at any cost. By waging war against Pakistan, Pak army will be forced to divert attention from security of CPEC workers which will also pave way for terrorists to attack from Afghanistan and Baloch insurgents waging a new wave of bloodshed in Karachi. But in order to create environment for war, India chose to have terrorist activity in IHK. In this way India would get justification for limited war against Pakistan on LoC creating hurdles in CPEC as well. Although India chose Uri Brigade Headquarters but left many loop holes; the pivotal objection is that how terrorists succeeded in entering the Brig HQ.

Now lets come towards the possibilities of war;
In the way electronic media is telecasting programs and giving reports of Indian preparedness for attack over Pakistan. Indian retired Generals while giving analyses on the TV ignored that Pakistan army is busy in practical war for last 15 years. Pakistan army has fought most difficult war of the history against agents of enemy and invisible enemy. In case of war with India when enemy in front of our brave soldiers they will feel proud in killing them without any confusion so that no other innocent is targeted. India also knows that she defeated Pakistan in 1971 through traitors within Pakistan. Otherwise, whether 1965 war, brass tack war games etc. Pakistan made it clear to the India that what would be the result of the attack over Pakistan. Now Pakistan has small tactical nuclear weapons and capability to fire them timely with accuracy.
                India should also keep this in mind that 80,000 Pakistanis have lost their lives in the hands of Indian terrorists. 5000 soldiers and officers have sacrificed their lives while defending motherland. For Pakistanis it is not something new to sacrifice life for the motherland. Now we are waiting for the chance to take revenge of innocent children killed in APS Peshawar attack.
                If Indian has been misled by the Indian dance shows, TV dramas etc shown on Pakistani channels or due to the pro-Indian analysts within Pakistan, that Pakistan will not be able stand in front of 5 times bigger economy and army than India should try surgical strikes on selected areas leaving aside the conventional war. India shall know the difference between firing the shot guns over unarmed Kashmiris and soldiers of Pakistan army. Pakistan’s war doctrine has been limited to defense only. In case of war, every Pakistani will prove to be the defender of motherland…

Urdu Copy

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Weekly Family Magazine,

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

General Ranbir Singh, DGMO Indian Army should Resign on his Lies…

India. DGMO Lt Gen Ranbir Singh.

On 04 June 2014, Indian troops on patrol were attacked in the dense Jungle of the District Chandal of Manipura, India by separatists. In this ambush three trucks and a jeep of Indian army were destroyed. 20 soldiers were killed and 15 were severely injured. Separatists termed this as welcome notion for Modi who had taken control of Indian govt. few weeks ago. Indian blamed Pakistan for this attack without mentioning name and declared that attackers would be punished in exemplary manners. It was necessary for the most popular leader of Hindu extremists to take some action against separatists in order to satisfy his extremist followers and media. On 10 June 2014, DGMO Major General Ranbir Singh who has be en now promoted as Lt. General, unveiled in a press conference that Indian army conducted a surgical strike in the territory of Myanmar killing 30 to 50 separatists. He told media that this surgical strike was conducted by Parachute Commandoes of 21st Para Regiment who attacked two hideouts simultaneously. One at the Nagaland on the hideout of Naga separatists while other in the Myanmar and all militants were killed. Junior Federal Minister for Information Rajia Wardhan Singh said that India is not Yemen or Iraq that anyone may target Indian army with India. This surgical strike is also a message for the neighbors who provide hideouts to the separatists. A journalist questioned by neighbors you mean Pakistan; Minister said, “yes you are correct”.

                On 29 September 2016, Indian DGMO Lt General Ranbir Singh held another press conference and revealed that Indian army conducted surgical strikes in 5 areas across LoC in the area of Azad Kashmir. World was jolted on this breakout because including Al-Jazeera many international media channels were giving news reports about exchange of firing between Indian and Pakistan army over LoC which started after midnight. ISPR has also reported that two Pakistani soldiers were martyred as a result of unprovoked Indian firing over LoC. While Indian DGMO claimed that in the successful surgical strikes at Azad Kashmir, Indian troops went 3 Kilometers inside Pakistani area and destroyed 5 hideouts of Kashmiri freedom fighters in Pakistan who were planning terrorism.
                The evidence reported in next few days made it clear that Indian DGMO had not only lied about the strikes but attempted to deceit Indians. Not only this, UN Observers for Kashmir also rejected any such attack or instance. However, Indian army attempted to attack a Pakistani check post in the dark of the night crossing LoC but they failed in their nefarious designs as Pakistani soldiers were alert and awake. Those who know about the geography of the LoC are aware that India has constructed high walls of barbed wire 150 yards inside of Indian LoC, iron gates have been erected in this barbed wire wall which they open themselves allowing farmers to do farming with in the 150 yards or for their own patrolling carrying white flags.
 Locations that Indian DGMO claimed for the surgical strikes

                Through such a point Indian army attacked Pakistani check post hoping that Pakistani soldiers would be asleep. In the meanwhile Indians opened fire on Pakistani check post using artillery and mortars. This attack was not on a civilian village or some center which was termed by Indians as launching pad for terrorists. In the way befitting reply was given to Indian attack, the evidence is present on social media in the form of the videos recorded by Indian soldiers themselves through their mobiles. These videos show corpses of Indian soldiers spread everywhere, injured crying for water and medics. Moreover, the dead bodies of 6 Indian soldiers were left between the LoC and Indian barbed wire wall. The number of Indian soldiers killed by the Pakistani snipers is separate. The number of Indian soldiers killed have not been confirmed yet.
                Why did Indian Lt General Ranbir Singh working as Director General Military  Operations (DGMO) had to make such false claims which cannot be expected by an officer of such level in the army. Perhaps Indian thinking was that international community would believe DGMO that Indians conducted surgical strikes within Pakistan successfully but now Indian opposition and media are not ready to accept Indian claims. Indian DGMO should resign in spite of telling lies to hide a lie so that credibility of Indian army may be secured…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 05 October 2016.