Sunday, July 20, 2014

American-Indian Nexus to Fuel Terrorism in Balochistan..!

Baloch Terrorist armed with Indian Weapons
               Few months ago it seemed that the worst violation of human rights in the whole world is being done only in Balochistan by Pakistan Armed Forces; where in spite of democracy and elected govt. Pakistan Army was in power and controlling the province. Pakistan army had denied basic rights to Baloch people and controlling the resources of Balochistan; whenever Baloch raise their voice for their rights, life is made hard on them. Protestors are either abducted to become missing persons or their corpses are found in deserted areas. The propaganda regarding violations of human rights against Pakistan Army was planned in such a well-coordinated manner; that Pakistani soldiers themselves were forced to think, perhaps their colleagues were committing atrocities in Balochistan. Sometimes reports on international were telecasted regarding Baloch people struggling for their rights but the source of information was always Pakistani media because base of propaganda over Balochistan was within the Pakistan.
Meeting of Baloch Terrorists Somewhere in Afghanistan
                This was the result of the propaganda from within Pakistan that Balochistan became a flashpoint regarding violations of human rights on international level. Three members of US Congress not only presented the bill for American intervention in Balochistan but also procured the required votes, however, US govt. had to reject the bill on the ground realities that such an adventure had created difficulties for American troops trapped in Afghanistan and waiting for withdrawal. Moreover, international scenario was not in favor of opening another Pandora Box by USA. However, straight forward clash of a media group (base of propaganda) changed the whole scenario regarding Balochistan. Either this was the over confidence of anchorpersons and owners of this media group or their foreign master minds failed to realize the consequences of such an adventure or wrong time was selected for attack over country’s only defense line i.e. Pak Army; whatever were the reasons the bitter reality is that after defeat in attack over Pak Army and ISI they also failed in Balochistan.

               This bitter reality cannot be denied that with the defeat of this specific media group the propaganda guns over Balochistan also got silenced. Few months back there were reports on the media over missing persons; courts were threatening to handcuff and register cases against Intelligence officers for release of these missing persons. Indian agents in Balochistan, few feudal lords on self-exile were portrayed as freedom fighters; special airtime was given to them for propaganda against Pakistan. Pak Army was blamed as responsible for underdevelopment in Balochistan and not only national army but Pakistan was insulted by terming Pak army as Punjabi Army. Terrorists activities of foreign funded terrorists by rocket attacks over buses, target killing and sabotage of trains by remote control bomb blasts were presented in such a manner that in spite of sympathy for those innocents who became target  of terrorist activities, terrorists were painted as freedom fighters fighting for the rights of these innocents against Pak Army. All this propaganda has suddenly died away. It seems there was no issue of Balochistan at all.

               But this assumption that there was no Balochistan issue or will not be is not true. Those international powers that fueled the terrorism in Balochistan under the garb of rights of Baloch people by giving weapons and funds to few Baloch Feudal lords, will not sit back. Only propaganda has been ended not the plans of the enemy. The detail of these plans of international powers has been opened openly discussed in a program of RT TV Channel titled, “Terror Hotbed”. In this report it has been discussed in detail that what are the interests of India, USA, Iran and Israel? Why Balochistan has become playground for world intelligence agencies; which are involved in target killing, abduction for ransom, terrorism and sectarian killings. USA is afraid growing Chinese economy, after economic defeat from China, US wants to stop Chinese access to Gwadar. India considers Pak-China economic cooperation a threat to her imperialistic plans and Pak-China trade route as an attempt by China to besiege India. Iran is also unhappy over development of Gwadar port. In this way many countries having differences to each other had got united on one point that is the failure Gwadar port as an international port and denying access to China and are fueling terrorism in Balochistan. The geographical importance of Balochistan aside; world powers also have eyes on the mineral resources of the province for which these powers are busy in conspiracies since long ago.

               Establishment of American Friends of Balochistan (AFB) is also chain of these conspiracies; Laura Demer, member of American Congress and member of said AFB had declared it as inevitable for separation of Balochistan from Pakistan. The Baloch leader of AFB who is busy in brain washing Pakistani youth from America is also minting money by raising the demand for separation of Balochistan. He is involved in publishing fabricated stories in infamous US newspapers written by few of his paid journalists in Balochistan over atrocities committed in Balochistan by Pak Army in order to persuade international community that Baloch are not ready to live with Pakistan at any cost. Indian links and funding to AFB members can be imagined from this that after victory of BJP and Narendra Modi in elections in India, AFB celebrated his victory in the West and Masti Khan of AFB wrote a letter to Narendra Modi to take practical steps to separate Balochistan from Pakistan. After publishing of this letter in Western Print Media neither Pakistani Foreign Ministry nor Pakistani media protested over this letter against Pakistan. In fact this letter of Masti Khan is attack over Pakistan’s integrity which not only warrants diplomatic but public protest but our media has uncountable ways to keep public busy in domestic problems. This is the reason that when Balochistan issue had become an international issue by the blessings of Geo TV propaganda; other channels in spite of telling the nation truth became part of propaganda in order to procure their channel’s rating. Otherwise the report that has been presented by RT TV Channel could have been presented more effectively by local media and journalists.

Who is Supplying Such Costly Weapons to Baloch Terrorists???

               However, there is still a chance; we should show all the steps that had been taken to resolve the issues of Baloch people. We should make it clear to USA that the steps taken by her for supremacy of India in the region in order to protect American interests and burning Balochistan in terrorism to stop Chinese access to Gwadar cannot stop Pak-China trade route, however, integrity and the stability of the whole region would be at stake as a result of American gameplay, which would eventually hurt already sinking American economy and Europe would not be exception to this as well…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date : 18 July 2014.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Poverty One of the Causes behind Terrorism; Should be Checked to Counter Terrorism..!

Greatest Peaceful Evacuation of Current Era
               The start of Zarb-e-Azb had made it clear that Army has decided to uproot the monster of terrorism and will not rest until the end of terrorism in motherland. Of course army exercised extreme patience despite of uncountable loss of lives hoping that militants challenging the writ of the state might repent but terrorists considered this either as weakness or cowardice of Pakistan armed forces; they became threat to the geographical boundaries of the motherland. But here the question arises that only army is responsible for the geographical and ideological boundaries of motherland? Army can crush the terrorists but govt. is responsible to curb the reasons behind the terrorism. If rulers are of the view that operation would end the terrorism, peace that would be established as a result of the armed forces action would last forever without taking care of the reasons for the terrorism; might be a sweet dream but not a reality.

               Leaving lawlessness and terrorism aside in which role of external powers is not a secret anymore; but what should be said about economic and social injustice that has become a cancer for the society? No department is secure from this evil. State is the name of the collection of the different classes divided in rich, middle and lower class. That is why in today’s democratic system state is made responsible for the education, health and safety of its subjects. Under this system public is considered the source of power; provision of justice, security and employment, is responsibility of state. But in Pakistan standards of justice are different for rich and poor. Rich get the justice without asking for it but poor fear asking for justice as the might have to pay the fee which they cannot afford. If one considers the education sector; in the same way, country has separate curriculum, separate schools and separate education for poor and rich. Education of rich ensures secure future and employment. Moreover, security is only for the rich. Despite of fortressed residents; LEAs i.e. Police etc. are to protect wealthy and elite class only. Whether it is dictatorship or democracy poor are getting poorer and rich are getting shortage of coffers to keep their wealth.
The Area of Miran Shah that Once Controlled by Terrorists now Controlled by Pak Army
               When elected representatives will deny basic rights to public after coming into power then how one can dream of peace or stability in the country? In Pakistan on one hand we have so-called development while on the other hand monster of inflation, unemployment, bribery and corruption has been added into the national life as a basic part. This has resulted into the production of such a class of professional beggars devoid of self-respect in the society which has either overpowered the law or due to the indifference to the national problems by those responsible for enforcement of law they are not ready to accept the bitter reality that criminals and terrorists are also hiding among these beggars. With the start of the Holy month of Ramadan a flood of professional beggars is observed; people pay alms and Zakat in this holy month but due to these professional beggars poor who really deserve financial support are ignored as they do not beg due to their self-respect. Professional beggars exploit the sentiments of people in this holy month at Bazaars, shopping malls or outside departmental stores. Especially women shopping along with children become target of these professional beggars.
Terrorists Fleeing Operation Area under the Garb of Women
               Sometimes these beggars point out women to the purse snatchers and involved in street crimes. These street crimes like purse snatching, mobile snatching etc. neither are reported nor Policemen deployed on security duty in markets get pay any heed as well. In most of the cases those who report these street crimes have to bear the traditional criticism of Police. Moreover, involvement of beggars in armed robberies or burglaries in residential areas has been reported as well in which these beggars perform “Recce” and provide information / point out those houses where women are alone in the houses to robbers. All this aside; this matter is of grave importance that terrorists have planned to target public in the disguise of beggars; a practical demonstration had been already witnessed on 04 June 2014 at the Tarnol Railway Crossing Rawalpindi in which a suicide bomber disguised as beggar targeted two officers of a secret agency, Lt Col Zahir and Arshad.

               In the way the hideouts of terrorists are being destroyed by Pakistan army in North Waziristan it is evident that terrorists are unable to find any hide out at least in North Waziristan or Tribal areas but the weapon manufacturing units and weapons recovered from North Waziristan make it clear that supply system of terrorists is well organized. Due to this supply system terrorists continued their terrorist activities in Pakistan for last on decade. Of course this supply system and latest weapons would have cost billions. Such a big amount can be only provided by some country having big and stable economy. So such an enemy of Pakistan who invested billions for terrorism in Pakistan would stop her conspiracies or war against Pakistan after destruction of central hideouts in Tribal Areas? Of course, enemies of Pakistan would have planned substitutes as well; not only govt. or security agencies but every Pakistani will have to keep his eyes open in order to tackle this situation.
Terrorist Attack under the Garb of Beggars Cannot be Ruled Out!!!
               The links of a media group with foreign powers and the situation that was created by this media group it was being perceived that Pakistan is the center of the problems, however, after temporary ban over this media group situation has improved to some extent. Few months ago it was being perceived that as the result of the propaganda of this media group regarding violations of human rights in Baluchistan; UN peace keeping army will invade Pakistan any time. In this way after defeat in the conspiracy regarding Baluchistan; the launch of operation against terrorists in Northern Waziristan is another blow to the foreign powers sponsoring terrorism in Pakistan. Of course; enemy would start new fronts of terrorism for their damn goals. A glimpse of enemy substitute plans can be observed from an accidental bomb blast on 04 July 2014. Two persons involved in the bomb blast belonged to a nationalist Sindhi party. God knows where these two persons were transferring explosive material or Sindhi nationalists are also playing in the hands of terrorists and foreign powers? Although this question can be answered by security experts; however, this accidental bomb blast had further strengthened the concerns that after defeat in Baluchistan and Operation Zarb-e-Azb terrorists and their foreign funders are planning substitutes. International media has the reports that terrorists were trying to fly away disguised as veiled women and 700 terrorists have shaved their beards in order to disguise as general public. Where are these terrorists now? Their search is important as well as keeping an eye over beggars is also inevitable in order to avoid any untoward incident on this Eid-ul-Fitr. Whether this is to be done by Police or some other force; controlling and ending beggary is the need of the hour to improve law and order situation. Besides concerns of terrorism; removal of professional beggars is the duty of the elected govt.

               Such operation clean sweep of beggars is necessary for stability of motherland as well as protection of public. But if Police starts exploiting this effort to curb beggary to fulfill their pockets as they do on checking points with public then this tradition of Police would pave way to some big tragedy. Army Chief General Raheel Sharif has made it clear in his address to soldiers on the front that army would chase terrorists in the whole country. But in the presence of social injustice in the society perhaps all the efforts of army to curb terrorism might be fruitless or may not achieve the selected goals…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 11 July 2014.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Success of Operation "Zarb-e-Azb" is Conditioned with Support and Rehabilitation of IDPs..!

Azb Khan; a new born baby born at IDP Camp (Ray of New Hope)
               The most difficult task of internal warfare is the evacuation of the civilians from the targeted area and on completion of the operation their rehabilitation. The professionalism of the armed forces lies in its capabilities to face the enemy; either invading enemy or militants within the territory of the motherland. However, Pakistan is facing a different type of the attack; although the militant or terrorist elements are from within the Pakistan but their controllers, funders or supporters whatever one may name them are living outside Pakistan, supporting treason in one region of Pakistan, cultivating lawlessness, robberies, target killing and abduction for ransom and exploiting deep interest in religion for crimes against humanity in the form of terrorism in the other area. This series of terrorism started in Pakistan when after devastating bombardment of latest lethal American weapons resulting in the genocide of Afghans, Afghan Pashtoons started resistance against US and invading European forces. Invading forces were not ready for such a befitting resistance by majority of Afghan population i.e. Pashtoons; thus on one hand they termed resisting elements as Taliban and started propaganda against them on international level to befool and win support of international as well as local community while on the other hand the power was handed over to minority of Afghan population i.e. Northern Alliance to slaughter the Afghan Pashtoons and crush them. Yes! Those Afghans who were once blue eyed boys of USA and Europe, known as Mujahideen with respect, who were welcomed in Washington DC on red carpet were defamed in the whole world as Taliban in such a way through tremendous propaganda that Taliban (Afghan Pashtoon) became a symbol of terror for the whole world.
Food Being Distributed among IDPs by Pakistan Army out of its Ration
               Pashtoons resdining in Pakistan having blood relations, common culture, religion linked with world’s few difficult mountain passes were naturally expected to feel the pain of the genocide in the hands of the invading forces (terrorists with UNO’s license to kill) and atrocities committed by US backed Northern Alliance against their Pashtoon brethren across the border and thus support to these Afghan Pashtoons. On the other hand the US’s beating the old triumphant “DO MORE” for Pakistan under the alleged claims that terrorists attack from Pakistan, kill US and allied forces and return back to their hideouts in Pakistan. However, time proved that US allegations were based upon lies for some specific goals.
Dreams in These Eyes Should not be Allowed to Shatter Away...
               This was the time when USA, Israel and India decided to exploit criminals in Pakistan against Pakistan; for this purpose terrorist training camps were established not only in Afghanistan but India, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and other Central Asian States and in the name of imposition of Islamic Sharia, terrorists and suicide bombers were launched into the Pakistan. Denial of Kashmir Freedom Movement and terming it as Terrorism, and using the term Taliban for terrorists and giving terrorists identity as Taliban seems to be part of some great secret deal between India and USA. The basic purpose of this deal was to promote India as the biggest power of the region to halt the increasing defensive power and influence of China in the region. Although USA wanted to stop Chinese access to Arabian Sea but via Gwadar through India; but India realizing the weaker position of USA in Afghanistan exploited American weakness in Afghanistan (in the light Kotlaya Chanakiya teachings) to further her imperialist plans but Pakistan and Pak Army became one of the greatest hurdles in the way of Chanakiya thought. When Indian supremacy in the region became the need of USA; both powers agreed to weaken Pakistan for which weakening Pakistan army was inevitable. But presence of Nuclear weapons of Pakistan adhered India from any direct adventure against Pakistan.

               In the light of these ground realities, India and her ally USA decided to attack Pak army at two fronts; 1) Military installations, convoys, officers and individually soldiers became the target of terrorists and suicide bombers, although civilians were also the target but main target was only Pakistan army; 2) propaganda war was launched within Pakistan against Pakistan army. Whether it is traditional war or attack over the army through weapons; army has the capability to give a befitting reaction and utilize all type of weapons against aggressor but when own intellectuals, journalists, columnists and anchor person target own army playing in the hands of the enemy then army had no plan of reaction or defense. On the one hand under the AMAN KI ASHA, eternal enemy i.e. India was portrayed as one of the best friend on the other hand army was criticized as the only cause of all the problems of the public in order to instigate anti-army emotions. Moreover, questions regarding professional capability of Pak Army were raised in order demoralize and discourage soldiers. The problems of Baluchistan were presented in such a way as Pakistan army had confiscated the rights of Baloch people on gun point or Pakistan army had captured Baluchistan. Exploiting the issue of missing persons, an attempt was made to defame Pak-Army for exploitation of human rights. During propaganda war these pawns playing in the hands of the enemy for dollars ignored that during, earthquake, floods or any other natural calamity this is the army that steps ahead to help the nation.
Traditional Treatment of Police with IDPs
               In such situation not only army but whole nation got impatient. Army decided to launch the operation, however, govt. kept busy in fruitless peace talks. 8 months ago when negotiations were claimed as the only way for the restoration of peace and peace committee was established; experts and defense analysts had made it clear that negotiations are nothing more than buying the time to terrorists to reorganize and further destruction of motherland through terrorism. But govt. not only stuck to her peace talks but after ever terrorist attacks old statement was issued, “terrorists cannot discourage us”. On the other hand the statements of the peace committee were also in contrast to the ground realities that few elements are trying to sabotage the peace process. The immature and non-serious peace process was witnessed by the whole nation on the media talk-shows and reports. Now when the operation has been launched the graveness of the situation has raised many suspicions; is govt. still lost in the spiral of peace talks or seriously wants to eliminate terrorists from the motherland? Because in the light of the operation the preparedness of provincial and federal govt. to help internally displaced persons, seems to be null except that of army.
Pakistanis Migrating from Northern Waziristan
               Looking after of internally displaced persons after giving them shelter in temporary tents, provision of medical facilities etc. are the responsibility of Civil administration and selected representatives i.e. democratic govt. in power but what we see is that soldiers are helping these helpless people out of their ration. Govt. facilities are limited to paper work and announcements in media. On the one hand army is fighting against terrorists while on the other hand busy in helping the displaced persons from operation effected North Waziristan, because supporting and providing possible help to 0.6 million displaced persons is as necessary as operation itself. Now army had decided to clean sweep the terrorists, hopefully operation would be successful but this success is conditioned with the support, help and rehabilitation of displaced persons. Because in spite of defeat of terrorists if these displaced persons return with bitter memories than this would have negative impact upon the future of Pakistan. If our responsibles, elected parliamentarians, democratic govt. and civil administration had realized this then displaced persons would have been in a better situation from North Waziristan. If Malik Riaz of Bahria Town can announce to provide all basic facilities to 0.1 million displaced persons than our political ruling class imposed on us in the name of democracy are not poor as well; their trillions lying in the foreign accounts are a question mark; those who usurp national treasury for their usury abroad, cannot they take care of few thousand displaced persons? But they are not ready to come ahead to support their fellow beings. When they ask public to make donations, public is not ready to trust them. Moreover, entry of IDPs in Punjab and Sindh had been banned; if North Waziristan is part of Pakistan then IDPs should be allowed to go anywhere in Pakistan. This is the duty of our media to mobilize nation for the support of IDPs. Our elected governments are duty bound under the Constitution of Pakistan to take care of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), on the other hand this is the moral duty of Pakistanis to stand side by side of displaced brethren having special respect and attitude. Govt. should utilize own resources in spite of begging from others, establish model villages where all the basic facilities should be provided. This needs Political Will which has not been observed in any party until now; these political parties are busy in traditional point scoring. Political parties should be ashamed that IDPs have got first relief goods from ex-Pakistan servicemen society of retired armed forces officers after army, air force or navy. If retired armed forces personnel can do all this than why not elected politicians whose announcements for effectees of Thar still need to be fulfilled…

Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 04 July 2014.