Thursday, September 3, 2015

“Joke of the Century” India is going to Celebrate Golden Jubilee of Victory in 1965 War

Indo-Pak War Memorabilia-The-Australian-newspaper dated 14 September 1965 edition Photos and Mementos of 1965 Indo-Pak War

                This can be termed as joke of the century that Modi govt. has announced to celebrate the defeat in 1965 from a ten times smaller army as VICTORY for the whole month of September. Does anyone need any other example of repetition of lies that Indian Information and Defense Ministry, analysts, journalists etc. will tell the stories of Indian victory in seminars that would be held in big cities of India during the month of September. They will tell Hindu Indians that how Indian army started the day of 6th September 1965 with the plans to capture Lahore, Indian Prime Minister, Minister for Defense and Information released a Press Release for Indian and International Media that “Indian army has captured Lahore Garisson, Pakistani army has surrendered, on this eve of happiness General Chauhdary would have a drink of victory at Lahore Gymkhana”. Or they will celebrate the end of Indian army on the Chawinda Battle front of Sialkot where the biggest battle of Tanks was fought after WW-II in which Indian army attacked with their all available Armored Divisions and lost perhaps due to the VICTORY and welcome by Pakistan army they received at Lahore battle front. First Indian attack on Bhiyani Bridge, Wahga Sector had been forced to retreat before sunrise in which Indian army sustained heavy loss of lives (this is another story that why Indian army was confident that Pak-army would not be present to resist against Indian army before BRB canal).
Defense Day - 6th September

                2nd biggest and full power attack of Indian army was from Batapur to Bhaisan village including infantry and APC units that was forced to lick dust as well. 3rd attack was also launched in the same battle front however, Hindu army failed to cross the line of defense drawn by the blood of soldiers and officers of Pak-army. During attack on Lahore battle front first Major Aleem-u-Din got martyrdom followed by  Major Arif Jan. afterwards Major Mubarak, Major Opal, Captain Khurshid, Captain Mazhar, Captain Sagheer, Captain Zahoor, Lt Jaffar and Lt Akhtar also got martyrdom. Nishan-e-Haider Major Aziz Bhatti also got martyrdom on this battle front and set an example of zeal and valor for the defense of motherland that is a torch to guide the upcoming generations. So Indians would celebrate defeat at Lahore Sector as victory in the month of September.
Indiran POWs in 1965

                Pakistani nation celebrates 6th September as Defense Day in the commemoration of the sacrifices of the soldiers of Pak-army due to which all the plans of wicked enemy like India failed. Whole world not only welcomes the Pakistan’s celebrations but special messages are also sent to Pakistan. Indian rulers and military is well aware of this; in the same way 7th September is the day fixed to acknowledge the service and sacrifices of Pak-Air Force which is going on since last 5 decades. Now Pak-Air Force would celebrate its victory over several times bigger and powerful enemy to pay tribute to falcons of PAF. While India will be celebrating and telling its nation that shooting down of 5 Indian jets over Lahore in few moments like mosquitoes by M.M. Alam and aerial supremacy of PAF during the 1965 war all are fabricated stories?
A destroyed Indian Tank at Chawinda Sialkot

                We accept that Indian media having expertise in proving lies as truth in enmity against Pakistan in the name of Freedom of Expression but what will Indian Media, Propaganda Masters, Modi and his Cabinet of extremist Hindu liars would do of the book “The Devils of Himalayan Eagle: The First Indo-Pak War” written by Air Marshal Bharat Kumar. All the facts given in this book would be termed as fake and fabricated in which Air Marshal (R) Bharat Kumar has accepted that in the 1965 war Indian Air Force had to bear uncountable losses. In the starting two days of war IAF lost 35 jets in the hands of PAF. Book acknowledges that PAF having 186 jets established supremacy over IAF having 460 jets. Now Indians may hide their defeat under the umbrella of PAF having technological supremacy or raising the issue that 1965 war ended in a tie may help Indians to celebrate their victory.
Rann of Katch in the Control of Pak-Army

                This might be termed as ill fate of India that above mentioned book of Air Marshal (R) Bharat Kumar will be published on 1st September 2015, its excerpts has been already leaked out; commenting on these excerpts many Indian defense analysts have expressed concerns over Modi’s declaring September as a month of celebrations of victory over Pakistan and they have also referred to the statements of Indian Defense Ministry regarding 1965 war during last decades stating that 1965 war ended without any decision of defeat or victory so  how can India celebrate its Goldern Jubilee of Victory???

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date : 30 August 2015.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Why Pakistanis (inside or abroad) are looking towards Army???

Why should not Pakistani nation look towards its army; when Indian army martyrs innocent Pakistani women, children and elderly through unprovoked firing and mortar shelling over LoC and International border, we see only Army Chief comes forward to look after the injured and boost the morale of the public giving warning to India that “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” but our elected leader Prime Minister did not dare to speak against Indian high handedness. Whether these are natural calamities like earthquake, floods or draught and shortage of food in Thar, operation against terrorists, operation against criminals in Karachi or image building of the country on the international level we see only Army taking initiative and fulfilling its duties. So the duty of the politicians is only to loot the national treasury and transfer the looted wealth abroad, fight for power and hatch conspiracies to make role of army disputed just like Indian politicians and lay false allegations against army???

COAS visiting civilians injured due to unprovoked Indian shelling
 Every Pakistani was worried over the reign of terrorism, loot of national treasury, corruption and mismanagement; pessimism has engulfed the whole nation in such a way that people had lost the belief in doing some good as they were waiting for only some miracle for a change. This pessimism has been exploited be enemy intelligence agencies to establish their network and roots in the national departments responsible for control of the country and did two things 1) exploited transfer of looted money from Pakistan to abroad as a strategy and 2) and looted money through criminal and corrupt activities was utilized as a source of funding for terrorist. Other people who wanted a shortcut to get rich also took this as an easy way to fulfill their dreams. In such a situation it is not difficult to imagine that what would be the result of this. General Raheel Shareef took over the command of Pak-Army that proved as a miracle for the hopes of Pakistani nation and he had done that was hard to be imagined. Steps taken by General Raheel Shareef disclosed the fact that corrupt elements and terrorists have joined hands under the management of Indian RAW. Ironically the list includes many politicians and senior officers of public departments (possibly they may have been unaware that they were being exploited by enemies while fulfilling their coffers through corruption). Whether it is the action against nexus of corruption and terrorism or Operation Zarb-e-Azb, the success of these actions have given hope to the nation and they started expecting that everything would change in the blink of an eye. People are still afraid that the change they are watching might be illusion or those who consider themselves owners of Pakistan and threat that any action against them would lead in cessation of Pakistan would be really brought to justice? These are the concerns that have been expressed by many Pakistanis; while expressing their concerns they say such things that we writers cannot say or write because either we do not have enough evidence to allege or even if we have enough evidence nor it is within our power to bring alleged persons to the justice nor this is our duty. Such a reaction was given by one of my friends at facebook living in USA in the form of a long comment in which many important questions have been raised that I would like to share with my readers; one may differ in opinion but this is a bitter reality that whether it is defense, integrity or administrative control of country Pak-Army has become the centre of national hopes. People have hopes that only army can save the nation from all the evils…

Shirin Qadir with Bill Clinton

Here is the Comment by Shirin Qadir as a Guest Post... 

"Great article Khalid. However, it raised several questions in my mind , which I know nobody knows the answer? But I will still ask you. ….You wrote, "Pakistan would never allow her tribal areas to become once again a safe haven for Afghan terrorists trained and supported by India"India has only two ways to stop C.PEC in Balochistan, either launching terrorists from Afghanistan or utilizing her terrorists hiding in Karachi. After clearing KPK from “Most Important Indian assets” i.e. TTP and other Terrorists, Pakistan Army has now started clearing Karachi from Indian snakes"(No, Indai has lot of ways not just 2 ways) read it in more detail (below)Do you know along with India, US has their “strategic assets” walking around freely and fooling the Pakistani nation ? (e.g. Moulana Fazal-ur Rehman ) Yes, Diesel is an American strategic asset!How can you claim that , “After clearing KPK from “Most Important Indian assets” i.e. TTP”(No,KPK is ,not fully cleansed from TTP )., many of TTP members are hiding in India)Fazalul Rehman is from KPK isn't he? & if per you , Pakistan has cleansed the Country from terrorists and from TTP in KPK , how the recent Karachi Attack took place? That was an attempt to kill that MQM’s leader, whatever his name is?Also , why Fazlo was chosen for the "Peace Talks” with the terrorist organization MQM and Altaf? & he flew to Karachi? Why they selected this MUnafiq?Do Pakistani intelligence or your Government not know that, him, Nawaz Sharif and Altaf (MQM) are Indian and American sanctioned mercenaries! A very lethal pest, running as a mafia in Karachi's dense and chaotic life...wreaking havoc and causing economic and political instability in Pakistan to destabilize the Country.The PLM-N is seeking MQM's resignation withdrawn because ....they are all American elevated gang of thugs . They are on their agenda of guarding Washington's interests! As they too have signed on to the US agenda in South Central Asian region... Unfortunately. …& it will continue until America gets the exact chaos ,that we have witnessed in Syria and Iraq. ……

How sad. … Koi tou bacha lou Pakistan ko. Ya Allah, have mercy upon Pakistan and Pakistani nation.Also, both sides (the political and the Military) in Pakistan have ignored the urgency of relinquishing this very disturbing planning United States has cut out for them in order to destroy Pakistan's very existence!Unbelievable! Just unbelievable. Why Pakistani administration is unable to do anything about it? Why can’t your COAS stand up to all those, that want to break the Country/Pakistan?Again, there is a dire need for Pakistan to internationalize this case to protect the Country , before the Country falls apart ,or is out of your armed forces control.Finally ,I would say ,there was no need for peace talks with your worst enemy MQM ,the terrorists. Or for not accepting their resignations……..But, I guess Pakistanis can’t see all this, or even comprehend, what is this all about.?( Your Mullah Fazal Ullah was under US protection in Kunar Afghanistan ,until very recently ( few weeks ago) now he ,their Strategic asset /Mullah Diesel is back to carry on the “Peace talks” with Karachi Terrorists organization, Altaf Mafia?... Pathetic…..What is that shair “ jis Attar kay karun beemar houey ,ous key Lounday say daawa mangtey hain”? :)) I am really disappointed with all the whole situation, and moreover on how it’s being handled ..I wish a wise and visionary smart General , who understands this whole “Drama” comes out and takes over the Country….One more thing, TTP members are currently hiding in India along with BLA members, protected and are enjoying life while training separatists at the same time to fight Pakistan for India , and to fulfill India’s “War Objectives”If you get a chance please read the book “ CIA's Eye on South Asia” by journalist Anuj Dhar. Published by Delhi-based Manas Publications,.This book is on RAW, & compiles declassified CIA records on India and her neighbours(Pakistan)".

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Indian Plans Against China-Pak Economic Corridor!

A Mandir of Dubai; Arab Prince begging Mercy from Hindu Idols during PUJA???

                Two months ago people in Pakistan were wondering that what ASSETS would be utilized by Indian RAW when they heard the news reports that Indian govt. had given the responsibility to stop and  make C.PEC (China-Pak Economic Corrdior) failure at any cost because in the tribal areas of Pakistan, Pak army has successfully crushed the Indian sponsored terrorist networks and broken their chain of Command as well, while in the Balochistan as well a handful of Indian trained militants are either surrendering or fleeing to Afghanistan. The details of the terrorist plans clarified that what Assets and how they will be utlilized; according to the plan RAW will not spare a single chance to conduct terrorist attack anywhere in Pakistan from where C.PEC rail-road has to pass plus the hatred against Punjab would be fueled amongst the people through some traitor feudal lords and politicians and these sold out traitors would cover up terrorist activities by Indian RAW as a REACTION OF Punjab’s hold and injustice to the people of other provinces. According to Indian defense analysts this is the biggest task assigned to RAW since it was given task to cut off East Pakistan in 1968 and one of the difficult tasks to disintegrate Pakistan once again as well.
                In order to disintegrate Pakistan in 1968, a single Desk had been established in RAW Headquarters while now 4 such Desks has been established. Anil Dahshimna would be the Chief of the 4 member team while other members would include Major General Raj Shiv Singh, J.S Ramesh and Vehwik Javeri. Major General Raj Shiv would have the services of two Secretary level officials at his disposal. His team would be responsible for fulfilling militant tasks like murder of important personalities, specifying and executing the plan to stop C.PEC.
Murderer of Thousands of Muslims fooling the Arab Muslims

                JS Ramish and Vehwik will be responsible to fuel political chaos, linguistic and regional disputes, psychological warfare, aggressive intelligence etc. The Chief of this desk would appraise the progress report to RAW Chief  while RAW Chief would present the progress report to Ajit Kumar Doval and would procure further orders. This desk would also target and cultivate traitors within Pakistani politicians, political elite, media, businessmen community and also run propaganda campaign against ISI and Pak-Army. Modi has assigned 300 million dollars free of any audit to RAW for this state terrorism mission. Further funds would be provided in the light of the progress of the mission. Recent visit of Modi to UAE was also a part of this mission in order to secure support of all those countries who have concerns over the Pakistan’s Gwadar port especially C.PEC.

According to defense analysts such a big pit might be result of bomb dropped by fighter jet and why it was filled up hastily wasting all evidence?
                Lets now have a bird’s eye view of the situation in Pakistan; our politicians are showing indifference to Operation Zarb-e-Azb against terrorists, operation against political militant and criminal wings in Karachi and the politicians are barking against Pakistan army while on the other hand violations of LoC and unprovoked shelling of Indian army has also become routine matter. Afghanistan has once again started moving on the beck and call of India. On 8th August 2015 after a powerful bomb blast Afghan govt. hastily blamed Pakistan for it while Taliban declined to accept the responsibility of the blast. The veracity of the blast and the depth of the pit according to many defense analysts negates the story of a blast by a truck loaded with explosives but result of a bomb dropped by a fighter jet. Explosive needed to create such a big pit loaded in a truck would leave no building standing in the radius of one mile. The haste shown by Afghan govt. to fill up the pit wasting the important crime scene evidence and the sponsored anti-Pakistan protests staged by unfamiliar Afghan clerics, their declaration of  Jihad against Pakistan and hatred speeches all shows that NDS was dancing on Indian orders and Indian terrorist RAW has once started working on its plan  to disintegrate Pakistan and stop Gwadar trade route.
General Raheel Shareef inspecting construction work over Gwadar Trade Route

                Although China has reacted over the Afghan govt. allegations and rejected them. But in Pakistan we should wait that our politicians may get some spare time from their business with India and dirty political intercourse between parties to win the corruption awards and take a stern stance against terrorism by RAW giving some clear message to Modi. Otherwise Pak Army has very clear stand over the issue as General Raheel Shareef has already made it clear that C.PEC would be completed at any cost and Gwadar would become the economical hub of the region…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 23 August 2015.