Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Achakzai's Conspiracy to Fuel Pakhtoon Nationalism!

                While addressing National Assembly in August 2016, leader of Balochistan Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party, Mehmood Khan Achakzai shocked the nation by claiming that “KPK belongs to Afghans. If anyone in Pakistan teases them, they should come to the KPK where they may live without any fear. No one would dare to ask them about their refugee card because KPK belongs to Afghans”. This statement was an alarm for the integrity of Pakistan. A strict reaction was observed. The nation was shocked that why no one from the members of the assembly of ruling party objects the statement of the Achakzai. Achakzai did not stop here, he further said that if Islamabad and Kabul cannot resolve the issue of free movement across the Turkham Border than this issue should be left to Russia and China, they will find a solution within two weeks. The reason behind the Achakzai’s rage and anti-Pakistan statements were the voices raised for the return of Afghan refugees from Balochistan.

                Balochistan govt. after the deadly terrorist attacks on 08 August 2016, on Quetta Civil hospital, demanded that Afghan refugees should be expelled from the province. In the said attack more than 90 innocents were martyred while more than 130 were injured. Majority of the casualties belonged to the lawyer community. The attack on the hospital was well planned. Unknown persons targeted President of Balochistan Bar Association when he was coming to the office, he was evacuated to the hospital but succumbed to injuries on the way. As soon as lawyers got the news of the attack, they gathered in the hospital where a suicide bomber blasted himself. This was one of the tragic incidents in the history of terrorism in Pakistan. The responsibility for the suicide attack was claimed by Jamaat ul Ehrar. During the initial investigations from the arrested persons revealed that terrorists were facilitated by Afghan refugees living in the area. After such disclosures, Provincial Foreign Ministry of Balochistan demanded that Afghan refugees should be sent back to Afghanistan at once. Before this attack, in the APS Peshawar and uncountable other terrorist attacks, it was proved that terrorists stayed in the homes of Afghan refugees and were fully supported by the Afghans. The evidence was also presented to the American Military Commanders in Afghanistan. Achakzai blamed army and security forces in the name of “security lapse”.
June 30. 2016. Mehmood Khan Achakzai has reportedly said that he would not allow anyone to harass Afghan refugees in their own land Khyber Pakhtunkwa.

                During this time, despite the removal of terrorists from tribal areas, there were such passes on the Afghan border from where terrorists not only attached Pakistan army’s checkpoints but also attacked the locals. Terrorists infiltrated from these secret passes into Pakistan and continued their terrorist agencies. At that time neither there was any presence of Pakhtoon Tahafuz Movement nor anyone raised voice against the murders of Pakhtoons in the hands of Afghan terrorists. Manzoor Pashteen was also sleeping as well. However, keeping in view the present situation it is clear that imposing Border Management and erection of barbed wire fence on the border has successfully controlled the terrorist movement across the border; the enemy has now adopted a new policy of fueling the Pakhtoon nationalism. The planning of fueling Pakhtoon nationalism was going in Kabul with the unlimited sources of New Delhi. Otherwise, how is it possible that no one raised voice on the killings of Pakhtoons in the hands of terrorists but the issue of murder of Naqeeb Ullah Mehsud has been exploited to fuel nationalism, PTM suddenly boomed as well, Manzoor Pashtoon started meeting notables of Afghan govt. and Achakzai.
Mehran Marri favoring PTM for their stance against Pakistan

                This cannot be simply a coincidence that the words that were chosen by the Altaf Hussein in the video message to his followers for supporting PTM, similar words were chosen by Achakzai in his message in Pashto language for Pakhtoons in which it was said that wherever Pakhtoons are living outside Pakistan, they should support Manzoor Pashteen and PTM who has emerged as true leader of Pakhtoons. As Altaf Hussein used to term Pakistan Army and Punjab as the usurper of the rights of the Muhajirs, similarly Achakzai’s tone shows his intentions in the future. Opposing FATA’s inclusion in the KPK without any argument and supporting Afghan claim over FATA and KPK, he has been supporting Manzoor Pashteen and PTM, it is expected that he would soon merge his party from Balochistan KPK Milli Party to PTM.
Mehmood Khan Achakzai with a proud anti-Pakistan. The police chief Abdul Razzaq Achakzai in Afghanistan's Southern Province of Kandahar

                On 08 June 2018, Achakzai suddenly raised the issue of suppressing the number of Pakhtoons in the recent census while he did not raise any objection when the results were declared while he was in the govt. In order to promote the PTM, his meetings with Afghan secret agencies has been reported on the social media in which Brahamdagh and Harabyar Murree also participated. In this regard, Altaf Hussein is also giving video messages of joining hands with PTM and Achakzai for the struggle against Pakistan army and Punjab. Mehran Murree in his 9-minute long message in Geneva has enticed Pakthoons to get separation from Pakistan in the name of Islam and has criticized Quaid-e-Azam to please his anti-Two Nations Theory controllers. This is the duty of our intellectual community to get some time from analyses of politics and fight for power to tell the nation the problems shadowing the integrity of the nation.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 14 June 2018.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Presence of Israeli Commandoes in Afghanistan!

Afghan Province Farah near Iran where Israel has established secret military base attacked by Taliban

                Despite 17 years long American control over Afghanistan, Afghanistan does not have diplomatic relations with Israel. Just like as many other Islamic states, due to nonrecognition of Israel, Afghani Passport is not valid for travel to Israel. Similarly Israeli’s cannot visit Afghanistan as well. America has not forced her puppet govt. in Afghanistan to acknowledge Israel. In 2001, when USA attacked Afghanistan, along with NATO forces, there were armies of 50 other countries as well. However, America kept Israeli forces away from Afghanistan. Just because they were aware that presence of Jewish army would create rage in the locals and Northern Alliance would also hesitate while supporting American forces against Taliban. Although the presence of Jewish in Afghanistan was reported, media was stopped from discussing the issue by claiming them as American citizens.

                On 27 May 2018, a military center located in the mid of the Farah city of Afghan province Farah was attacked by RPGs and Mortar shells. The attack was so sudden and WELL PLANNED that soldiers present in the center did not get any time. On the 2nd day of the attack, Russian newspaper Rossiyskayn Gazeta reported that the military center that came under attack belonged to Israel Defence Force Unit. In the attack, many Israeli soldiers were killed, many were injured while a helicopter was destroyed as well. Those Jewish soldiers who survived the attack fled to the American Airbase at Herat. The disclosures made by Russian newspapers were much painful for the Afghan public that Jewish Israeli soldiers were serving in Afghanistan since 2004, wearing American army’s uniform and using mono-grams etc. of the American army on their military vehicles and helicopters.
 Israli commandos will use American identity to establish themselves in US controlled areas in Afghanistan. Russian newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

                Voice of People Today (VOP), supported the Russian newspaper's claims about the presence of Israeli Jewish soldiers and made further disclosures that soon a contingent consisting of 90 Israeli commandoes is arriving in Afghanistan in order to participate in the exercises for face to face fights with Hezbollah supported by Syria and Lebanon. All Israeli Commandoes would be in the American Uniform and they will have full protection like American soldiers for whatever war crimes they may commit for which Trump has issued special instructions to the American Command for Central Asia (CENTCOM). The Special Forces unit of Israeli army known as “Sayeret Matkal, A unit of the Israeli Army” was established in 1960 as a Commando unit which played important role in the capturing of local Palestinians homes. Now the centers of these Israeli commandoes will be established in the Afghan areas near Pakistan, China, Iran, and Russia. These centers will be equipped with the latest communication and RADAR systems. The personnel deployed in these areas will be responsible for the creating security problems in Russia, China and especially Pakistan. In the other words, these centers will play the similar role that has been played by the Indian Consulates established in Afghanistan near Pakistan since 2001 for pumping terrorism in Pakistan. The only difference will be that India has been exploiting TTP for her goals while Jews will do the same in the name of DAESH (ISIS). ISIS militants are being shifted to different areas of Afghanistan after defeat in Iraq and Syria. According to the Russian reports, Israeli Commandoes would use Pakistani dresses in order to avoid being identified.
Special Israeli Commandos Forces (Matkal Unit).

                The attack on 27th May 2018, on Israeli Military setup was the first attack of Taliban against Israeli army which not only proved the presence of Israelis in Afghanistan but the heavy losses of Israelis in their stronghold, their fleeing from the center and taking refuge in American airbase created shameful situation for Afghan as well as Americans. Although, afterward the bombardment of American jets on the Israeli center and adjacent buildings, Taliban left the area. In order to divert the attention of the International media from the Isreali center, 2 fake reports were issued by Afghan govt. for propaganda against Pakistan. One report was that Pakistan Air Force along with Special Units of Pakistan army attacked ISIS hideouts, 30 kilometers inside Nangarhar Province of Afghanistan in which allegedly 2 Commanders of ISIS Qari Israr and Mullah Asghar along with 17 other terrorists were killed. The report tells that important mountain peaks and passes have been captured by Pakistan army. The 2nd news was about the captured TTP terrorists, it was said that ISI is negotiating with the TTP leadership for release TTP terrorists at the cost of Jihad in Indian Occupied Kashmir. The source of this report was reported as “India Today” by Afghan Media; according to the report of the India Today, ISI is busy in bargaining with terrorists who killed 163 innocent in Children in APS School Peshawar Attack i.e. if they start Jihad in IOK than all their terrorists would be released.
Special Israeli Commandos Forces (Matkal Unit).
                Although the propaganda against Pakistan is not new, the situation is growing graver in Afghanistan for fueling Syria-Iraq like chaos in the region knowing that there are not only one but 4 nuclear states. If America wants to use Israel as she used India against Pakistan and thinks that Russia and China will keep silent on new American development in the region than she should reevaluate her failures in Afghanistan for last 17 years. America should realize that attack and destruction of Israeli center in Afghanistan is the continuity of the American defeats which cannot be hidden in the propaganda and allegations against Pakistan!

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 07 June 2018. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The 2nd Biggest Achievement After Referendum 1947!

FATA is now part of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan.

                If we look at the history of last 71 years, enemies of Pakistan have been hatching conspiracies against the integrity of Pakistan targeting KPK and tribal areas of Pakistan especially FATA. These conspiracies were started before independent with the opposition of Abdul Ghaffar Khan (Bacha Khan) an important member of Indian Congress for including NWFP into Pakistan. Especially the tribal areas that were a problem for English in British India. The biggest reason behind unrest in the tribal areas also known as NO GO AREAS for British army was the interference of Afghanistan due to the influence of the Soviet Union and policies to create troubles for British govt. in New Delhi. In 1947 when the creation of Pakistan was foreseen, the Pakhtoon leaders started the campaign against the inclusion in Pakistan, it was not possible for British to leave the province of NWFP undecided. Congress was the ruling party in the province. When Congress leaders presented the option of the referendum it was readily accepted by the British rulers.
                Congress was expected to procure the support of the province’s public due to her govt. in the province. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah also accepted the option of the referendum. He has foreseen the results of the referendum because he has the strong trust in the Two Nations Theory and his stance for the independence. So a written agreement was signed between the Muslim League and Congress for holding the referendum on 03 June 1947. When the campaign for the referendum was started, the local leadership of the Congress realized their defeat. Some historians are of the view the on the advice of the Kabul they tried to flee from the referendum.
Jawaharlal Nehru with Abdul Ghaffar Khan at Wana during his visit to North West Frontier Province in October 1946.

                However, Congress objected to the governor of the province at that time for being the friend of the Quaid and threatened to boycott the referendum if their demand was not accepted. Congress was hoping that Quaid will turn down their demand. Quaid said to the British govt. that in spite of giving the chance to Congress to boycott the referendum, governor of the province should be changed. This was such an example of Quaid’s truthfulness and principles that can be hardly found in any political leaders. The name proposed by the Jawahar Lal Nehru was accepted by the British govt, and Robert Mc Gregor was appointed as the new governor of the province.
                This was a big achievement for Congress as they have succeeded in bringing the governor of their own choice. The newspapers in Western media posed the appointment of the new governor as the psychological supremacy of Congress. Despite this public voted in favor of Muslim League and Quaid while Congress was seen as being defeated. Bacha Khan boycotted the referendum and demanded the Free Pakhtunistan. This demand by the Bacha Khan created the difficult situation for Congress and Nehru. It was not possible for the Congress to boycott the referendum that was being held on their own demand. This boycott was also termed as the worst example of violating the principles by the newspapers published in New Delhi supporting the Congress. These newspapers have published the statements of Nehru that Congress would succeed in defeating the Muslim League in the referendum. The campaigns were started to fuel the Pakhtun nationalism that Muslim League is the party supported by English while Quaid is the friend of the English.
Veiled women vote in India referendum, Peshawar. July 1947.

                The report declassified, prepared by the Political Counselor of the USA to New Delhi shows that despite all the efforts and support of Afghanistan the campaign of Bacha Khan would fail and NWFP would be included into Pakistan. The report further said that the demand of Free Pakhtunistan by Bacha on 27 June 1947 might lead to civil war fueling the Pakhtun nationalism. Bacha Khan went so far in the opposition of Quaid that he termed meeting of Quaid with General Montgomery as a conspiracy against the Soviet Union and said that British want to include NWFP into Pakistan converting it into an operational HQ against the Soviet Union.
President Mamnoon Hussain signed the 31st Constitutional Amendment to merge FATA with KPK.

                Despite all the efforts of Bacha Khan and Afghan govt. to fuel nationalism in the province as the Afghans, on 20 July 1947, the referendum was held. It continued till 30th June 1947. The number of votes cast in favor of Pakistan showed that Pakistan has been established. The total number of registered voters was 572799 while turnover remained 50.11%, out of which 289244 were cast in favor of Pakistan while 2874 were against Pakistan. The votes procured by Pakistan were 99.02% which showed the trust of Pakhtoons over Quaid’s leadership and Pakistan that was yet to get independence.
                On 14 August 1947, Pakistan got freedom and the areas of NWFP now KPK and FATA became part of Pakistan. The conspiracies of Kabul and New Delhi did end; sometimes they claimed the area away from Attock as part of Afghanistan in the Afghan parliament. When Afghan migrants were to be sent back to Afghanistan, they said who can ouster Afghans from their own areas. Greater Pakhtunistan conspiracy is ages old, recently the conspiracy of Pakhtun Tahafuz Movement was hatched and Manzoor Pashteen was presented as a folk hero, NGOs running on the foreign funding termed PTM as the real representative of Pakhtuns, or the support from within Pakistan, all are the part of conspiracies against Pakistan started even before the creation of Pakistan.
People in Peshawar celebrate the merger of FATA with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province.

                From last 71 years, these conspiracies have been hatched in different forms; the only defense against these conspiracies was the merger of FATA and other agencies into the KPK. In this regard, the bill was passed on 24 May 2018 by the National Assembly. We congratulate all Pakistanis especially those belonging to these areas whose daily matters were being run by Political agents and landlords. Now they will have all the rights as citizens of Pakistan which were not allowed for them before. Parliament of Pakistan owes this achievement for giving the right of Appeal, lawyer, and arguments to the people of tribal areas by abolishing 117 years old FCR.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 31 May 2018.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

MNS and the Mumbai Incident: The Real Crux of the Issue!

 On 26 November 2008, alleged terrorists attacked Hotel Oberoi, Taj Mahal Hotel, the platform of Mumbai City Railway Station, secret center of Jews Nariman House and General Hospital but Indian govt. and media gave coverage to only Hotel Taj Mahal because there were hundreds of foreigners present in the hotel. The only busted alive terrorist’s picture that was issued was taken at City Station platform while he was in action. However, terrorists who faced full Commando unit of Indian army for 58 hours, when they were killed; Indian govt. said that the number of innocents killed was 156 while including Ajmal Qasab a total number of terrorists were 10. Indian army did not disclose that how terrorists divided themselves for attack over 5 different areas?

                As soon as the attacks started, Indian govt., media, political and non-political elements started blaming that attackers were Pakistani belonging to Lashkar-e-Taiba sent by ISI for terrorism in Mumbai. Indian media posed this attack as 9/11 at New York terming it as 26/11. The news reports published in the Mumbai Maharashtra language on 27 November 2008 are the evidence.

                Now lets come towards another fact; on the night of 18 February 2007, the Samjhota Express train operating between New Delhi was passing through the Dewana Railway Station near Panipat that suddenly two bogies of the train caught fire. The news spread like a fire via Indian News Media. India media was claiming that fire broke out due to blasts and blamed Pakistan for this. 68 passengers in both bogies burnt alive, while Indian media continued blaming Pakistan. On the basis of this propaganda, few elements started blaming Pakistan army and ISI for terrorist attacks and terrorism within Pakistan as well. ISI, Pakistan army and LeT were once again blamed for the Samjhota Express fire.

                On 11 October 2008,  bomb blasted outside Ajmer Shareef, on 13th December 2008, five time bombs were blasted in the Indian Capital New Delhi. One may have ignored it but India started the full fledged diplomatic war against Pakistan so that world can be brain washed that Pakistan is utilizing terrorists against its neighbors as a weapon of war. The bomb blasts in New Delhi created interest in the anti-Pakistan statements of India. In such a situation no one felt any need to tell the world about the terrorism going on in the long and short of the Pakistan. Most of the anchorpersons on the Pakistani TV Channels in spite of countering the Indian propaganda were busy in blaming Pakistan army. No one was ready to accept that these are anti-Pakistan forces that are waging terrorism in Pakistan via Afghanistan.

                On 29 September 2008, the bomb blasts at Malegaon in Maharashtra and Modasa area of Gujarat changed the whole scenario. Two days after the blasts the Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) of Maharashtra arrested Hindu Extremists of RSS and its other organizations, Shevrine Gopal Singh, Shiyam Bhorlal Sahu and Sadhvi Pragiya Singh Thakur. These arrests by the Hemant Karkare, Chief of ATS Maharashtra jolted the whole India. On the info gathered from the arrested persons, Major Ramesh Apadhya Wasmeer Kulkurni, and afterwards, Colonel Prasad Shri Kant Purohit was arrested as well. On 4 November 2008, the Press Conference of Hemant Karkare made Indian Army, Intelligence agencies and govt. Karkare told that from Samkjhota Express burning to Malegaon blasts all were conducted by the on duty officers of Indian Army with the help of Extremist Hindus and Military Intelligence Officers. ATS got the hint about the involvement of Indian Army by tracing a phone call few days after the Samjhota Express but they needed more evidence to arrest involved persons on such higher posts.

                India was worried that Pakistan would start the reciprocal diplomatic war against Pakistan and Indian stance against Pakistan would prove to be a wall of sand and Indian would have to face shame on the international level for her false propaganda. But Pakistan ignored this issue at all. On 15 November 2008, when Karkare presented the Colonel Purohit in the Indian court and got the confession from his for terrorism within India, Indian army an other agencies had decided to remove Karkare. Karkare was told to release the arrested Indian terrorists, destroy all the evidence against them or face the music. On 26 November 2008, with the start of Mumbai attacks drama, Karkare was shot dead in a dark street on the back of the General Hospital along with his three colleagues.

                Now Mr. Nawaz Sharif raises the question that who allowed terrorists to attack Mumbai and kill 150 innocents from Pakistan? He forgot to ask that who were the culprits killing 80,000 Pakistanis and who sent them? Mr. Shahbaz Sharif says that the one who arranged the interview of Nawaz Sharif with Cyril Almeda is the real culprit but first of all they should decide that whether the interview was actually held at Multan or all the script was already written? The meeting of Cyril Almeda with Nawaz Sharif was just a show; other wise how is it possible that the taped interview is translated into English and than uploaded on the English newspapers website within the short time of 3 hours? The picture of Almeda with Nawaz Sharif on the dining table was leakes as well so that evidence could be provided for the meeting otherwise why did not they take a picture of both from the front side.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date : 24 May 2018

Monday, May 21, 2018

Execution Centre of Kashmiris: District Shopian of Indian Occupied Kashmir!

Killing of Civilians in Shopian, Indian Occupied Kashmir

                Indian terrorist forces have broken their own records of atrocities committed in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK). In the way in the name of controlling the protests and search of houses, Kashmiris are being murdered, one can hardly find an example in the past. The extremes of terrorist acts is that within the 24 hours of 5 and 6 May 2018, including a Professor of the University, 17 Kashmiris were martyred. 4 Kashmiris were martyred as a result of the direct fire during the protest at Kot Chatabal. On the same night, Indian soldiers martyred three Kashmiris and told media that 3 Kashmiri Mujahedeen advancing to attack a military check post were killed. All three Kashmiris martyred by Indian terrorists have left their homes on a bike to meet their friend a half hour ago. The news of their martyrdom spread in the whole area by the morning. As soon as the sun rose, students of District Shopian took to the roads to protest against the killing of 3 innocents. In order to stop these protests, Indian state terrorists martyred 6 students while the number of injured is about 200. Out of the 6 protestors martyred by Indian state terrorists, one was identified as Assistant Professor Dr. Muhammad Rafique Butt of Kashmir University. In order to suppress the protests state terrorists started searching the houses of Kashmiri people. On entering the houses, few Kashmiri women resisted, they were beaten along with their children by state terrorists. On the reports of beating women, Kashmiri men started resisting the Indian state terrorists and were shot directly. In this way, uncountable Kashmiris were injured while 4 died on spot.
Thousands attend the funeral procession of a civilian in Shopian.

                On such a big number of murders of Indian state terrorists within 24 hours, even Indian media could not keep silent. There is not a single area of District Shopian where house search is not going on and the inhabitants are being beaten. This is a new strategy adopted by state terrorists of India to make Kashmiris afraid of themselves. The Kashmiris arrested by Indian state terrorists are tied up in semi-nude condition with the poles, trees or fences around the roads and tortured. Indian terrorists wear masks to hide their identity, when they get tired of torturing the innocent Kashmiris, they force the tied up Kashmiris to chant slogans in the favor of India and against Pakistan. The tortured people are ordered to crush the Pakistani flag under their feet. All these acts of state terrorism are recorded and shared on the social media. This is not the first incident of state murders and terrorism in District Shopian.
 Female students pelted stones at security personnel during clashes in Lal Chowk in Srinagar.

                State terrorism took to its extremes when armed persons attacked Sajjan Garrison at District Shopian on 12 February 2018. In this attack, thousands of Indian state terrorists took 30 hours to neutralize 4 armed persons or ghosts. This was the most shameful incident for Indian army because the checkpoint which these 4 so-called armed persons or ghosts crossed was heavily guarded by 50 armed soldiers round the clock and this was the only way to enter the cantonment. According to Indian media, there is only a single road leading to the Indian cantonment located at the Jalpura village, various check posts and hurdles have been established on this road for protection of the cantonment. Despite such protective measures, Indian army did not disclose that how these 4 men succeeded in crossing all these check-posts or they were just invisible ghosts or kidnapped Kashmiris whose dead bodies were later on planted on the site. The number of state terrorists killed in the 30 hours long encounter has not been disclosed as well. Indian state terrorist who took 30 hours to counter only 4 men armed with light weapons, started taking revenge from residents of District Shopian in the name of check posts and search. As a result, the protests started against the three cantonments in Shopian.
Students in Pulwama protesting against Indian security forces.
                On the other hand lack of professionalism of Indian army, Indian opposition criticized Modi establishment. Chief of Indian Army in spite of visiting the attacked site preferred to threatening Pakistan from New Delhi that he will take revenge of attack. On the protests of Kashmiris for being terrorized on the check posts, Indian state terrorists further increased their inhuman activities.
                On 5 March 2018, 6 Kashmiri people riding a vehicle had the harsh talk with Indian terrorists on a check post. Indian terrorists shot dead the 6 people on the spot. Due to the firing bullets at zero point 4 out of 6 died on the spot while 2 were severely injured. Due to the unprovoked firing over innocents dispute developed between the Indian soldiers, the injured were taken into the army jeep to be shifted to the hospital but they succumbed to the injuries on the way and their dead bodies were dumped into a slope. Indian army’s HQ was informed that 4 Mujahideen attacked the check post and were killed, similar reports were given to the media.
                The locals of Shopian had already got the report of a fake encounter; they started gathering over the check post including the heirs of the martyred persons. They told Indian state terrorists that they were 6 people, not 4 but Indians said that they were 4 persons out of which 2 were wanted by the Indian army. With the sunrise the protests got severe. In the noon the dead bodies dumped were recovered as well fueling the protests. The pressure over the Indian Army Chief was increasing because the three cantonments constructed between July to September 2017 were yet to be inaugurated.
                Why did India need to keep such a big number of soldiers in Shopian? This is a very important question. India has 700,000 soldiers or state terrorists in Kashmir. In contrast to such a big army in the Azad Kashmir, there is 10 Corpse of Pakistan Army. The manpower of 10th Corpse consisting of 3 Divisions is not more than 50,000. Despite of such a big difference, India is afraid of Paksitan and increasing number of soldiers in IOK. The goal of construction of 3 cantonements in SHopian is not to control the protests of locals but a part of the plan to attack Azad Kashmir and Pakistan. This plan was jolted by the attack of Sajjan Garrison.
A traders’ body, Kashmir Traders and Manufacturers Federation (KTMF), protesting at commercial hub Lal Chowk in Srinagar against the “killing spree” in Kashmir.

                Indian Army Chief secretly visited SHopian on 01 April 2018 but his visit could not be kept secret. When the locals of the District SHopian got the news of the visit of Army Chief, they took to the roads to protest towards the Garrison where Indian Army Chief was expected to be present. With the reports of protesting Kashmiris approaching the Garrison, Indian Army Chief was shifted to Sri Nagar via helicopter and with this Indian state terrorists started firing on the protestors. In no time 12 Kashmiris got martyrdom and till evening the number rose to the 16. This was also reported like other incidents of state terrorism but the intenratinal community kept silent like a dead body supporting India to increase her atrocities committed against unnamed Kashmiris.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 17 May 2018.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Narrative of Pashtun Tahafuz Movement!

Manzoor Pashtin with Ameer Maqam
Indian channels had left no stone unturned during last two months to prove that Balochistan is going to be separated from Pakistan, founder of MQM declared independence of Pakistan as a historical mistake. Ex-Pakistani Ambassador to the USA, Hussein Haqqani had the phobia that Pakistan is a failed state. He is seen sometimes standing with the so-called Baloch insurgents and sometimes supporting Altaf Hussein. Astonishingly, now all these elements have suddenly started feeling the grievances of Pashtoons living in tribal areas of Pakistan. Altaf Hussein has issued a video recording statement to his followers that they should support Pakhtoon Tahaffuz Movement and anti-Pakistan army protests. Hussein Haqqani is also supporting PTM by giving statements that Pakistan army is coming atrocities against the public in tribal areas. An area that has been converted into the operational headquarters of terrorism, locals have been taken as the hostage, local tribal leaders were murdered by these Indian sponsored terrorists and no one was ready to stand in front of these terrorists. When the terrorism crossed all limits in Pakistan claiming at least lives of 65000 innocent Pakistanis along with 15000 soldiers and officers of the army, it was decided to start operation in these tribal areas against the hideouts of the terrorists. It was decided that locals would be shifted to the safe sites before the start of the operation. This was not an easy task; tribals agreed to leave their homes and businesses, this was a great sacrifice. Their sacrifice was for the Pakistan and Pakistanis. The biggest challenge was to stop the terrorists from fleeing these areas disguised as local people, however, tribal people provided full support in preparation of the lists of temporary migrants. On the basis of these lists, Watan Card was issued to the internally displaced persons so that they may meet their expenses while staying at the safe areas.

Swat: Why PTM activists are searching the people when their procession is to protest against searching the people in tribal areas where Pakistan army is fighting against terrorists 

Due to such acts, the majority of the terrorists went to Afghanistan. When the operation started, the world witnessed a full-scale war in which terrorists put full resistance with their automatic weapons but soldiers and officers of Pak army continued their advance. The newspapers daily reported the news of the martyrdom of soldiers of Pakistan army. Fighting with the terrorists hiding in the narrow passes of the tribal areas was not an easier task. For two years the operation continued in the tribal areas. On seeing their defeat, the leadership of terrorists took refuge in Afghanistan. The remaining terrorists before leaving the area converted the area into booby traps by installing dynamite and mines. Clearing the area from terrorists was a big achievement which was appreciated internationally.

Bahrain, Swat. Locals reacting against PTM and rejecting Manzoor Pashtin’s agenda in the name of PTM.

After clearing the tribal areas from terrorists, next challenge was the rehabilitation of the locals for which Federal govt. had to provide the funds but govt. created hurdles in the release of the funds. In such situation Pakistan army had to start rehabilitation work on its own; tribal people also played their part and started rehabilitating those buildings and houses that remained intact during the operation. The engineering wing of Pakistan army started construction of roads, hospitals, schools and business centers on the emergency basis. Most of these construction projects have been completed. In order to stop the infiltration of terrorists back to Pakistan, check posts and barbed wire was erected on the passes in narrow mountains. Tribal people are well aware of the fact that due to these check posts many terrorists were arrested. 

Despite this, suddenly a youngster named Manzoor Pashteen started a well organized Pakthoon Tahafuz Movement and within a short span of one month, it got the attention at international level. The basic reason is the support of American and Indians via Kabul. Moreover, few American funded NGOs working in KPK also supported PTM and anti-Army slogans. This is hurting for Pakistanis that how Pakistan army sacrificing 15000 lives can be behind the terrorism? 

Rehmat Mehsud he belongs to Tank. In Swat’s PTM procession where anti-Pakistan slogans were raised, he shouted loud in favor of Israel Army. 

However, Govt. decided to listen to the complaints of the Manzoor Pashtin and as per tribal tradition formed a Jirga for negotiations. The first meeting of the Jirga was held at Shahkas an area of Jamrood on 26 April 2018, on the residency of Member of National Assembly Shah jee Gull Afridi. The jirga was attended by all the tribal leaders, lawyers, political leaders, tribal parliamentarian Ghazi Gulab Jamal, Minister of the State Ghalib Khan, MNA Bismillah Jan, Dr. Ibad Ullah, Provincial Minister Shah Farman, Manzoor Pashtin of PTM along with Mohsin Dawar. After Jirga, a Committee was established in which two advisors from every tribal agency, tribal parliamentarians, provincial and federal representatives are present. The negotiations between the Committee and the Manzoor Pashteen continued for two hours after the Jirga. Manzoor Pashteen asked two days time for advice with his organization, the committee agreed to the suggestion. It was hoped that negotiations would continue which is a good gesture.
Pashtun elders Jirga for dialogue with Manzoor Pashtin and his team to discuss over PTM’s demands 
Every Pakistani would support that tension that was created by terrorists and the destruction caused by the war on terrorism should be made good. The affectees should be reinhabited in their homes and businesses with due respect. The establishment of Jirga is a good gesture. However, Manzoor Pashtin and his followers should also understand this that staging protests and taking out rallies is their right but they should not play in the hands of the enemies. This would be against the sacrifices of the Pashtoon people. The language adopted by the Manzoor Pashtin and his followers creates suspicions over the goals of the PTM that they are supporting the agenda of the enemy. This is the duty of the PTM to remove the allegations that they are working for the enemy which enemy failed to achieve through terrorism. This would be not only in favor of PTM but the whole region that lawlessness and terrorism should be kept away from Pakistan…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 03 May 2018.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

“Gagan Shakti-2018” and Ground Realities of Indian Air force!

Looks like a Bollywood Film Poster

                Since long, Indian has been planning to start the war against Pakistan and China simultaneously under the Cold Start War Doctrine. Indian Generals and Rulers are often seen threatening Pakistan. However, India did not do anything except unprovoked shelling over unarmed civilians living near the Indian border and proxy war in Pakistan. In this regard, the Indian Air Force exercises namely Gagan Shakti that continued in two phases from 10 April to 24 April 2018. Indian media and Defense Ministry are presenting this exercise as Indian Air Force has acquired the power to conquer the world. According to Indian media, this is the longest exercise of Indian Air Force in the last seven decades. More than 1100 Indian fighter jets and helicopters took part in this exercise. During these 2 week exercises, more than 300 officers and 15000 airmen were in the war formation. The operational capability of Indian Air Force to operate in the desert, mountainous and sea terrain was judged. The jet to jet fighting i.e. dogfight, ground targets, dropping Paratroopers, destroying ships and airlifting casualties was part of the exercises. The first started on 10 April 2018, near Pakistani border in which different terrains were included. In these exercises including Jaguar, SU-30 war jets took part. These war jets were armed with Brahmas and other air to surface missiles including harpoon missiles for destroying ships and submarines. The 2nd part of the first phase was conducted near the Chinese border in which Indian Air Force operated in the light of the Chinese Air Force capability.
The Indian Air Force is prepared to fight a war at a short notice, Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa
                The 2nd phase of the exercise was held near the Indian islands in the Indian Ocean to check the capability of Indian Air Force for protecting the sea territory and boost their operational capability. In these exercises, P-81 MR also took part. According to Time of India, India has informed Pakistan and China about her exercises which were enough to shock enemies of India. According, to Times of India, India needs 42 squadrons in order to fight with Pakistan and China simultaneously, but Indian Air Force has proved itself to be unconquerable just with the 31 squadrons. In the way Indian media told the tales of Indian Air Power and showed the thriller scenes of fighter jets hunting down; Indians may dream that now power can stand in front of Indian Air Force.
Kargil war 1999: Pakistan shot down two Indian fighter jet which violated Pakistani airspace.
                While doing propaganda, Indian Media and Defense Ministry forgot that just 4 days before the start of Gagan Shakti, Daniel Darling wrote an article “Why Indian Air Force is Dying”. He is of the view that Indian Air Force is a deadly force because fighter jets of India have completed their operational period without fighting any war. Trusting on these fighter jets during the war will be nothing less than suicide. According to the writer, in order to engage Pakistan and China simultaneously, India should have at least 45 Squadron. India also knows these facts well that Indian 31 squadrons are just in the papers as the induction of new fighter jets is still limited to the plans in papers.
Indians made a propaganda that its jets were shot down in Indian territory although the wreckage of the jets was found 12 km inside Pakistani territory
                This was the 26 May 1999; Pakistan captured disputed check posts on the Daras, Kargil and Batala Sector over Line of Control (LoC). After failed attempts of Artillery and Infantry; India called Air Force to recapture the check posts. At about 11:00 AM Pakistani media reported that two Indian Fighter Jets were shot down. The pilot of one jet died while the other was arrested alive. The news got the place in the international media at once however, India rejected it. It was not possible for India to remain steadfast to her denial for long because on the one hand arrested Indian pilot was with Pakistan. Moreover, Pakistan announced to show the remains of Indian war jet. After such declaration by Pakistan, Indian Prime Minister Vajpayee called the emergency meeting of Cabinet and decided to acknowledge the destruction of the war jets.

Indian Air Force pilot Sqn Ldr. Ajay Ahuja who was killed in his Mig-21 shot downed by Pakistan

The pilot of the Mig-27 Flt Lt. K Nachiketa was captured alive by Pakistan

Indian Defense Minister George Fernandes held a Press Conference along with Defense Advisor Brajesh Misra that both jets were flying in the Indian territory when Pakistan army hit them with the surface to air missiles, one jet fell in the Pakistani territory due to high speed while the other one crashed in Indian territory due to technical problems and its pilot was saved. The pictures and footage of destroyed MIG-27 issued by Pakistan was a big breakthrough for international media. The news of Indian fighter helicopter destroyed by Pakistan was also reported. When International Media contacted Indian Defense Ministry, Indian Air Commodore Subhash Bhojwani replied that Indian Jets are continuing their attacks against the enemy. He rejected the report that due to presence anti-aircraft missile system of Pakistan, Indian Pilots are not ready to fly near the Pakistani border. While the Indian Air Commodore was talking to the media, it was reported that arrested Indian Pilot has been handed over to Indian High Commission at Islamabad. After such facts, India may stage as many exercises for her Air Force, Navy and Army as she likes; exercises cannot be the substitute for real war. 

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 26 April 2018.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

An Attempt to Revive the Issue of Durand Line: Cover to Destabilize Pakistan through PTM

The Durand Line is the 2,430-kilometre international border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. It was established in 1896 between Sir Mortimer Durand, a British diplomat and civil servant of the British Raj, and Abdur Rahman Khan, the Afghan Amir.
                On 18th March 2018, while meeting with the Pakistani Adviser for National Security in Kabul, Afghan President said, “We do not want to win the war but end the war and Pakistan should help us”. The meeting was held in a pleasant mood between Pakistani Adviser and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani along with Afghan Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah. In this meeting, Afghan President invited Pakistan’s Prime Minister to visit Afghanistan, start afresh struggle for peace ignoring the bad relations in past. While meeting Lt. General Nasir Janjua, Adviser for National Security, Afghan President said that Pakistan should help Afghanistan to end the war. He said that we should ignore the past and secure the future. This meeting was given full coverage in Afghan media. This is a positive step. The relation between Afghanistan and Pakistan is not that of traditional neighbor. We have shared history and culture. The similarity of religion further strengthens this relation.
Manzoor Pashtin with social activist Gulalai Ismail to motivate and mobilize Pashtun youth in favor of PTM
                The question is although Afghan President has expressed his wish for moving ahead with Pakistan for the peace process; is he independent to make such decisions? If despite having the powerful designation of Afghan President, he prefers Indian interests over the security of Afghanistan, allows exploitation of Afghanistan as the second battlefront against Pakistan, provides safe heavens and strategic support to the terrorists and their leadership of Tehreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP); then how can we move ahead together? The undeniable evidence of terrorist attacks and suicide bomb blasts linked with Afghanistan, infiltration of terrorists from Afghanistan and supervision of terrorists during the attack from Afghanistan via mobile phones have been given to Afghan President. Besides assurances from Afghanistan when the series of terrorism continued Pakistan had no other option but to control the unchecked movement across the border for the protection of Pakistani citizens and gates should be constructed on the roads so that those willing to enter into Pakistan should be forced to bring their identity documents.
                This decision did not violate diplomatic values, human rights or international laws regarding borders. Despite this, while imposing border management thousands of Afghan students coming to Peshawar for studies and patients were given exemption. The result of the erection of barbed wire fence and controlling the unchecked movement across the border has been seen in the decrease in terrorist attacks in KPK and FATA, moreover, the armed attacks over Army Check posts and civilians in Pakistan. Resolutions were submitted to the Afghan Parliament. Portests were staged on the roads and Afghan media started anti-Pakistan propaganda. Not only this, Afghan army started unprovoked shelling over Chaman and Turkham border claiming many lives of Pakistan army and this is still going on.
                India and America are not happy on the construction of barbed fence. Because this made it impossible for the RAW and NDS nexus to continue their terrorism in Pakistan. When the threats and sanctions from America did not work; they had planned to revive the dead issue of Durand Line. In this regard, a statement from Pakhtoon nationalist leader was given on the lines Greater Pakhtoonistan over the return of Afghan Refugees. Once again the discussion over Durand line has been started. The protests in favor of Durand line also demanded union of Afghan and Pakistan Pakhtoons. Suddenly, what has happened that everyone is talking about the rights of Pakhtoons.
                A map of “Pakhtoon Tahafuz Movement” was represented in such a way as the tribal and KPK Pakhtoons have been struggling for their rights since long. How did the youngsters get the finances to stage protests and gatherings? Why did our media remain unaware of such a big movement? When this was presented in the Pakistani media why did they start discussing Pakhtoon Tahafuz Movement (PTM)  on the same lines as they supported Baloch Freedom Fighters giving them full coverage to fuel their nefarious designs.
                People of tribal areas have given great sacrifices against terrorism. Their biggest sacrifice is that they left their homes and shifted to camps. During the war and military operations, their homes and businesses were destroyed. The reconstruction and rehabilitation of these tribal people is the duty of the whole nation. The reconstruction is rapidly being done in these areas.
                Some people are exploiting the destruction of property in the name of Pakhtoon Tahafuz Movement who used to stand with the Greater Pakhtoonistan or sometimes standing in the anti-Pakistan protests in Kabul. Who would support the forced missing of persons by security agencies, but the identity of missing persons should be known. Only saying that 8 or 18 thousand persons are missing is not enough. Media should issue the list of these missing persons. One should also check whether the names of TTP leadership are also included in the list?
Sana Ejaz the active member of PTM squad with other spotters of Manzoor Pashtin cause
                Moreover, only a few days ago peace has been restored in the tribal areas that another movement in tribal areas and Afghanistan has been started. On the one hand, the movement is going in the name of Pakhtoon Tahafuz while on the other hand in the support of Durand Line. Protesting against the revival of Durand Line Issue, Leader of Afghanistan Freedom and Democracy Movement Javed Kohistani has said that in spite reviving the dead issues of Durand Line, Afghan President should pay his attention towards peace in Afghanistan. Afghan people need peace more than Durand line issue. Javed Kohistani has attempted to realize Afghan Rulers while the whole world is acknowledging the role of Pakistan for peace in Afghanistan, Afghan govt. wants to start a new dispute over the Durand Line. This will not change the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan however, the peace will become far away from Afghanistan.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 19th April 2018.