Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Peace in Afghanistan will Leave No Justification for American Presence in Afghanistan!

Full of Natural Resources: Central Asia

Has the Trump become so much powerful like a Dictator that there is no one to stop him on his undiplomatic tweets and tone? The clear answer is that the White Racist group of America identified as the NEOCONS have succeeded in procuring the control of the USA. Majority of these racists are linked with the business of manufacturing of weapons, products of petroleum and property; they are in majority in the Republican Party. These White racists considered as having the brutal mentality maybe called as the American Taliban or ISIS who does not hesitate to kill mass numbers of people for their business. They control the American army, CIA, and other security agencies. I the Soviet Union has not been disintegrated after the invasion in Afghanistan and Central Asian states have not been separated; America would have never thought about Afghanistan. The natural resources in the Central Asian states of Kirghizstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan are approximately 33% of the world resources. If we add up the resources of Afghanistan into these; it was impossible for Greedy American Investors to stop themselves from invading into Afghanistan under the garb of self-staged 9/11 drama with the 140,000 troops equipped with weapons of mass destruction and 25000 allied soldiers. Now this question is of no use that how Taliban were formed or who established Al-Qaeda. American analysts believe that all these evil powers were created by American establishment.
Prominent American  neoconservatives

The neoconservatives were the driving force in the George W. Bush administration’s war on Iraq and, in so doing, went a long way toward forming US policy in the Middle East that has continued later on
                But today’s problem is that why America is angry at Pakistan and what she wants from Pakistan? When the USA invaded Afghanistan with all her military might, she did not expect any resistance. Although America had invaded Afghanistan under the so-called agenda of ending the Taliban reign her real target was the resources of the Central Asian States and Afghanistan. But the unexpectedly strong resistance made her forget all her plans and worry for the protection of her troops. In such a scenario, India along with the Northern Alliance, succeeded in brainwashing the Americans that Pakistan is supporting Afghan fighters. Based on this hypothesis American demanded to DO MORE from Pakistan and gave free hand to India in Afghanistan for her anti-Pakistan activities. India hijacked the American war on terror and converted it into war against Pakistan. Although America was aware of the ground realities she kept stubborn to her demand to DO MORE. Pakistan offered to seal of the Pak-Afghan border by erecting fences; astonishingly those internal elements (who think politics of KPK and Balochistan is incomplete without them) resisted more of this offer than USA and Afghanistan. They are not concerned that terrorism in Pakistan is being controlled from Afghanistan. After increasing terrorist attacks in Pakistan, Pakistan was forced to implement well-coordinated Border Management System ignoring internal or external resistance. When Pakistan started arresting those who attempted to enter Pakistan without travel documents and from unauthorized routes; India and Afghanistan did not like it and their anger against Pakistan started. Although they did not protest over it, puppet govt. of Afghanistan started giving statements Pakistan and attacks over Pakistan military check-posts at Afghanistan border. India also started unprovoked shelling while attacks over Afghanistan border have also increased manifolds. Although these attacks are being done by terrorists hiding in Afghanistan they have the support of America, India, and Afghan govt. The situation on the ground shows that after putting Pakistan's name in “Watch List” America will not directly attack Pakistan but use these attacks of terrorists from Afghanistan as a new strategy and attempt to fuel anti-Pakistan sentiments in tribal areas through propaganda.
ISIS militants in  Afghanistan

                Keeping these developments in mind, the erection of fort-like checkpoints and erecting of secondary barbed wire fence is under construction. Moreover, 400 fortresses are also being constructed. Hundreds of projects of health and education are also under development in tribal areas including the latest medical facilities, cadet colleges, technical vocational institutes, schools and colleges, construction of roads to strengthen agriculture etc. all these projects will uplift the standard of living of tribal areas. But as these areas are linked with Afghanistan, they have security threats not from Taliban but new creation of America i.e. ISIS. Whose control and number in areas adjacent to Pakistan is increasing astonishingly. According to Afghan resources, American CIA is funding and organizing ISIS militants in the name of Private Security Force namely Khost Protection Force, Kandahar Strike Force and Afghan Security Guards; they include the local criminals and terrorists from Syria and Iraq notorious for killing human beings brutally. They are being established with the cooperation of Afghan NDS and Indian RAW. According to American media, Trump establishment wants to crush Taliban through proxy war / unconventional war and stop peace process with Taliban; this will push Afghanistan into a new bloodshed and massacre. Its effects will also be borne by Pakistan as well.
CIA-funded Afghan  militia KHOST PROTECTION FORCE

The KPF is one of the most effective elements fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan

                Trump’s bans against Pakistan are being linked with Pakistan’s opposition of America over Palestine issue; America has been always blaming Pakistan to avoid criticism over defeats in Afghanistan however, the Trump’s threats are part of a strategy. America wants to prolong her stay in Afghanistan; lawlessness and bloodshed in Afghanistan will provide justification for the American presence in Afghanistan while working relationship with Pakistan for supply to American forces in Afghanistan are also inevitable. The real threat to Pakistan is the new American strategy to crush Taliban through proxy war or in more clear words through terrorism in collaboration with India which poses threat to Pakistan’s integrity and it can be only addressed through mutual unity…

Urdu Copy

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 16 January 2018.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Indian Attempt to use Kulbhushan’s Wife for Espionage

Suspicious metallic  object was detected inside Kulbhushan Jadhav's wife's shoes Pakistan  Foreign Office
Allowing arrested Indian on Duty terrorist Kulbhushan Yadav to meet his family on the humanitarian grounds is such an incident which cannot be found in the history and such act of gratitude cannot be expected from India at all. A Kashmiri Afzal Guru arrested under false allegations of the attack on Parliament in 2001,  was not allowed to meet his relatives from arrest to his hanging in Feb 2013, even on the order of the court. The extreme of cruelty is that after hanging, his dead body was not handed over to his relatives but buried in the Tihar Jail. his relatives are still wandering in Indian courts for retrieval of his dead body. Such news was reported by Indian media that considering the expected decision of Indian court to hand over the dead body, Indian govt. has destroyed his dead body which is the worst example of mutilating a dead body by any state.
Kulbhushan Jadhav's wife  and mother during their trip to Pakistan with  Indian Deputy high  commissioner, JP Singh
Kulbhushan has confessed that he is on duty officer of Indian working on deputation in Indian RAW. In March 2013, he was arrested red-handed in Balochistan; for two months India denied his citizenship. Kulbhushan has confessed that his documents as Hussein Mubarak Patel are forged on whose basis he was residing in Chabahar Iran. When Indian media reported his residency in Mumbai, family etc. then India acknowledged him as her citizen. But rejected his link with RAW saying that he retired from Indian Navy in 2003.
A fake Passport that was recovered from Yadav after his arrest from Balochistan.
Despite this when the video clip of Kulbhushan confessing his crimes was issued and the details told by Interior Minister Balochistan Sarfraz Bugti about the information gathered from Kulbhushan during the investigation were sufficient to prove him the murderer of thousands of innocent Pakistanis in terrorism. Target killing in Karachi, sectarianism, efforts to break apart Balochistan from Pakistan, specifying a point on the coast of Balochistan via which India may provide weapons and manpower to the Indian sponsored separatists because due to the increased security arrangements of Pak army on the Afghanistan border has decreased infiltration of terrorists from Afghanistan. Attacks over pilgrims going to Iran via Quetta were also planned and executed by Kulbhushan so that sectarianism may be fueled in Pakistan. Destruction of P3C Orion aircrafts at Mehran base attack in April 2011, capable of detecting submarines in the deep seas and targeting them via missile was also planned by Kulbhushan whose responsibility was claimed by Tehreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP). the importance of P3C Orion airplanes can be better explained by a Naval Expert.
Kulbhushan Jadhav Indian  Navy officer
Kulbhushan introduced himself as a Muslim dealer of Scrap at Gadani and attempted to establish his network so that sea may be used for infiltration of Indian terrorists in Balochistan. In his confessional statement, Indian terrorist disclosed that he set up his office in Chabahar in 2003 and visited Karachi first time in 2003. Afterwards, in 2004, he visited Karachi as well where he fulfilled his duties assigned to him by RAW. his basic target was to sabotage peace in Karachi by establishing the network in Karachi. Considering his success in the Karachi he was made formal part of RAW in 2013 and assigned the task to lure students of Balochistan into anti-state activities, executing terrorist activities under the cover of Baloch separatists especially in the coastal areas where Pakistan Navy can be damaged most to pave way for infiltration of terrorists. The actual target of Kulbhushan was the CPEC and other infrastructure facilitating CPEC so that this great road link can be stopped. Although the murderer of thousands of Pakistanis, Indian state terrorist has been sentenced to death, Pakistan offered his wife to meet him on humanitarian grounds. India was not expecting that Pakistan would make such a great offer to her state terrorist. India said not only his wife but mother would also like to meet him. Pakistan accepted the Indian request and informed Indian Foreign Ministry for the date and time for the meeting, but India attempted to make it suspicious.
Kulbhushan Jadhav  allowed meeting mother and wife for 40 minutes
Under the supervision of Indian Deputy High Commissioner when wife and mother of Indian govt. Terrorist, the waving of arms by the Indian Deputy High Commissioner was perhaps a secret message to Indians watching the whole activity on their Televisions and with this Indian media started propaganda against Pakistan.
Kulbhushan Jadhav's  mother Avanti Jadhav (left) and wife Chetankul Jadhav at the Foreign  Affairs Ministry in Islamabad
Pakistan followed the international procedure for meeting between the relatives and prisoners but Indian attempted to give an emotional color to the meeting in order to fuel the emotions of their public. Pakistan did not return the shoe of Kulbhushan’s wife; Indian media and govt. are crying over it as the shoe was made of diamonds and she was forced to return barefooted. Why does not India acknowledge that she attempted to exploit innocent wife of Kulbhushan for espionage, while Indian attempt was foiled by Pakistan and now India has to face shame on the international level? WHole Indian propaganda is just to hide the cheap attempt of Indian intelligence agencies...

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 04 January 2018.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Threatening Behavior of Trump and Political Chaos!

Quetta church attack  attempt to create religious split COAS
At the time of suicide bomb attack at Church in Quetta, there were more than 400 Christians present in the Hall of the Church. The hurdles faced by the terrorists in entering the Church, the closing of the main gate by the Gatekeeper and in the way Quetta Police personnel faced the terrorists who succeeded to jump over the gate, the whole nation has seen the sight of action as it was captured by the CCTV cameras. In this fierce attack at least 9 people were killed during the cross firing; if terrorists have succeeded in entering the main hall, great loss of lives would have witnessed. Especially, such tragedy days before the Christmas would have badly hurt the name of Pakistan. Moreover, the timing of the attack was also important as within few hours the New Policy of American President was to be declared. This declaration has nothing more than the old threats to Pakistan and demands for “DO MORE”. After the Trump’s speech, the report over security issues in Afghanistan prepared by Pentagon was also issued, in which the strongholds of Haqqani Network, ISIS, TTP, LeT and Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan including Al-Qaeda in the Pak-Afghan border areas has been mentioned.
Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor saying that despite US desire for cooperation on Afghanistan, there could be no compromise on national respect and sovereignty.
American media rejected the report terming it as an old report prepared during the reign of George W Bush, only two new entries LeT and ISIS were added to authenticate the report as New report. But the ground realities are different from the facts mentioned in the said report. Critics of Trump also wrote that there is no tradition of the declaration of New Security Policy by the New President of America. Internationally, China criticized American Security Policy and said that in the light of the changing situation, America will have to get out of the “Mindset of Cold War”. America is still busy in creating fear in the minds of Americans regarding China and Russia as enemies. America will have to change her policy of abusing and pressing others for her interests. China made this clear to America that Pakistan is standing beside Pakistan regarding terrorism issue. The USA should realize the sacrifices of Pakistan and get out of the Cold War mentality otherwise results will not good for the USA. China is well aware that America is supporting India for sabotaging CPEC. Despite all the steps taken to stop terrorism the incidents like suicide bomb attack in Quetta CHurch, target killing etc. all such activities are being executed via Afghanistan, the nexus between Indian and Afghan agencies with the support of the USA in Afghanistan is the main reason.

Pakistani security personnel rescue people after suicide bombers attacked a Methodist Church in Quetta 

After harsh reaction from China, Russia also expressed concerns over the American Security Policy. The reaction of China and Russia over American policy are good for Pakistan but Pakistan has to face the threats to its integrity alone. The political chaos shows that Pakistan is in the war, the economic situation in Pakistan is deteriorating rapidly. The burden of external loans is increasing, the increasing prices, unemployment, corruption and moral deterioration is not going to end soon. The situation of health and education is deteriorating as govt. has ignored these sectors. Investors have opened the shops of education and health. Who can pay the price can buy these facilities others should remain uneducated and ill considering it as their fate. In such a situation when the enemy is threatening, in the way rulers should respond they are not responding in this way. 

Before this only India used to threat Pakistan, but now the attitude of Trump is also threatening and aggressive. All that Trump does not want to say himself he uses Vice American President and Foreign Minister to give these threats. In Dember 2017, addressing the Atlantic Council, Rex Tillerson said that if Pakistan did not take action against safe havens of terrorists in tribal areas of Pakistan, Pakistan may lose control of these areas. The terrorists who are targeting Kabul may change their mind and attack Islamabad as well. In the meanwhile, the discussion of nuclear assets of Pakistan was started afresh that how terrorists may gain access to these nuclear assets. While USA sent hundreds of CIA Blackwater operators with the cooperation of Pakistani Ambassador to USA Hussein Haqqani in 2008. These operators despite their efforts and terrorism waged by Tehreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP) failed to point out the location of nuclear assets of Pakistan.

US Vice President in Kabul warned Pakistan to lose much by harboring terrorists. 

The articles published with the title, “Let Us Buy Pakistan’s Nukes” published in the American newspapers are still echoing, which can be seen in the light of the current deteriorating economic situation and increasing burden of external debts. As long as the capability of Pak army for protection of the borders is concerned, Pakistan army is in active war since 2004 and sacrificing lives. Such a war may have been faced by the USA in Afghanistan and despite all latest weapons, well-trained manpower, modern technology etc. they are facing defeat in spite having the support of NATO and allies. In 2014, US President has not decided to withdraw the army from Afghanistan leaving behind few thousand soldiers. Obama administration has realized that they cannot succeed in Afghanistan while Trump administration wants to stay in Afghanistan and wants that Pakistan should act as a shield for them. Pakistan is not ready to render such services to the USA. Pakistan has rejected the threats of Trump and Rex Tillerson. By establishing the Border Management over Afghan Border and ongoing Rad-ul-Fasad operation in the country, the terrorism has been controlled. However, complete fencing and ceiling the border through trench will take time. The presence of millions of Afghan refugees in Pakistan is also another cause facilitating terrorism in Pakistan. Such loophole would be controlled soon as a whole. 

Policemen guide people after gunmen attacked the Bethel Memorial Methodist Church in Quetta. 

The real problem of Pakistan is the internal chaos and corruption which has affected all aspects of life. Good governance is the basic duty of the government. The lag in good governance causes chaos and threats to the integrity of the society. Extremism is fueled. All political parties should sit together and chalk out a plan to face the threats by Americans. Although, Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry has reacted over the American threats violating the moral and diplomatic values. But this is not enough; America will not attempt direct interference in Pakistan but will attempt to convert the internal chaos in Pakistan into 4th and 5th Generation War which cannot be faced by guns and tanks. United we can face these threats.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 28 December 2017.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Threats to the International Peace due to Trump and Modi!

Last year when Republican Party nominated Donald Trump for President in the USA, many analysts termed this as a wrong decision due to the biased personality of Trump. All of them were agreed that as a businessman, Trump has bad character. Fraud and lies are part of his business strategy. There were many complaints on his moral turpitude and in enmity he may cross all limits. Despite all these concerns, unseen hand got him elected as the President of USA. The interference by Russia to get Trump elected as President has developed a big dispute and investigations are underway. However the most astonishing is the book published by 27 doctors or psychiatrists which shows the mental diseases Trump is suffering from. The book, “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump” is perhaps the only book written on any personality quoting the reports of American Health Universities and their Ph.D. doctors. On the other hand, Trump is not a common person, he is the President of the USA, who has the authority to order the use of nuclear weapons and button of the atom bomb.Trump has not been termed as the dangerous person for the world without any reason. There is not a single step that he has taken after taking oath as President which has not created panic and unrest in the USA.
Betty Teng Mental Health  Professional

Dr. Bandy, one of the authors of the book has written, “The madness of Trump is obvious, its effects are being felt within and outside of USA”. Dr. Lance Dowds linked with Harvard University, America, “Suffering from many mental diseases, Trump is a person who does live in reality”. American Psychologist, Dr. Phillips writes, “the leader of the powerful nation is dangerous Trump who may order the nuclear attack on any country just seeing a sad scene of the movie on TV, or on the advice of his wife, children or others”.
After the publication of the book, a discussion has been started in the USA, that whether Doctors of Psychologists have the right to give their views to anyone without performing his medical checkup? Or they have the right to discuss the diseases of their patients in the public. But the persons giving such opinion are of the view that under discussion is not a common man but the one who has been given the control of deciding the fate of American nation and international peace. If a mad person has a dangerous person than this is the duty of the others to stop him and inform others about the threat.
Modi The Architect of  Gujarat Riots in 2002
The authors of the book are of the view that when they gathered in the Yale University they had two questions in their mind. 1) what has happened to Trump, 2) Are they professionally responsible to warn the nation that Trump is mentally unfit for the post of President of America? After discussing these questions thoroughly they decided that remaining silent in such a situation when there is a pertinent threat does not fall within the professional duties, thus they decided to write the book ignoring the consequences.
The selfishness and enjoying by torturing others of Trump can be perceived from his declaration of acknowledging Bait ul Muqaddas/Jerusalem as Capital of Israel and shifting of US embassy due to which whole Islamic Ummah is suffering from unrest. This declaration has not opened the way of killing Palestinians but pushed the world towards such a war whose start and end both will be disastrous. With the declaration of Trump, Israeli rulers are happy because international pressure against construction Jew colonies has been neutralized.
Dr. Kevin Barrett is a  leading Truth activist and scholar
All western countries including Britain are against the declaration but they will never go against the interests of Israel. The basic reason is the mutual disputes, lack of trust in the Islamic countries and especially the bank accounts of Muslim rulers in Western countries filled with corruption money. That is why they are unable to go beyond the verbal protest against America. Everyone is protesting that business deals with USA and deals of purchase of weapons with the USA should be canceled, products of Western countries should be boycotted, all these protests are just verbal and if Muslim rulers tried to implement these demands practically the black money accounts of these politicians will be frozen.


Just like the Occupied areas of Palestine, in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) daily innocents are targeted by the Indian state terrorists. Kashmiris have given the sacrifice of more than one hundred thousand lives for their freedom movement. These state terrorist activities have increased as Modi notorious for the massacre of Muslims being elected as Prime Minister. Whether this is firing of pellets over protesting Kashmiris or use of chemical weapons, all this the result of psychic Modi who may go to any limits for his interests.
Fellow chapter authors   (including editor Bandy Lee, M.D.) at the Harvard Faculty Club in   Cambridge, Massachusetts, to celebrate the book release.
In March 2002, the world was protesting over the massacre of Muslims in Gujarat. Indian media tried to portray plan of Modi for the massacre of Muslims as Hindu-Muslim riots. While the burnt Muslim colonies, burnt corpses, gang-raped women in camps were telling some other story. International media played the pivotal role in unveiling the massacre of Muslims. Modi staged rallies in his favor all over India terming Muslims as traitors and in December 2002, these rallies were turned into the election campaign. The whole election campaign was based on the hatred against Muslims and Pakistan. Leading such a rally, Modi took Western Media journalists on his truck while the crowd of Hindus was demanding the end of Muslims from India. Modi mentioning Western journalists said that India is a democratic country and majority of Indians wants that Muslims should be treated as they were treated in March 2002 and he is a democratic person so he has to respect the public opinion if the majority wants massacre of Muslims ten times he will do it. This address paved his way for being elected as Prime Minister.
Psychologist Philip Zimbardo of the Stanford Prison Experiment Donald Trump is an “unconstrained, unbridled present hedonist”

Serious Indians are concerned that Modi has termed the leaders of opposing party running election campaign against him in Gujarat as agents of ISI, destroying the morals of the democracy. He has termed ex-Prime Minister and his three Ministers as agents of ISI as well. Indians were already fed up with Modi’s dramas regarding the overhaul of Indian economy and now they are also demanding that mental checkup of Modi should be done as he seems to be a psychiatric patient. His mental health can be well imagined from this that he is blaming Rohingya Muslim refugees as ISI agents. When the whole world was protesting against the genocide of Rohingya Muslims in the hands of Myanmar govt. Modi was the only person favoring this inhuman act.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 21 December 2017.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Increasing Differences Among Elites and Public VS Security of Pakistan!

Water shortage in  Karachi

Karachi City View

There was a time when prices were increased on the new financial budget and till the next budget, there was no increase in prices. In the meanwhile, if any businessman attempted to increase prices, the district govt. Price committee took the reciprocal action, there was no need for interference from Provincial or Federal govt. During the Ayub Khan regime, the attempt of the artificial shortage of sugar by “Sugar Mafia” was thwarted by the Governor Nawab Ameer Khan just by touching his mustaches. During the reign of Muhammad Khan Junejo, the increase in prices of eatables under the garb of new budget was reverted. This was possible just due to the Good Governance and feelings of the public in the hearts of rulers and the ruling class is aware of the problems of their subjects. Now the situation is that prices increase on daily basis. This is one of the aspects of the restlessness and chaos present in the public. The whole nation has been given in the hands of black marketers and hoarders giving them free hand in the way they want to treat them. There is no one stop them or check them.
Sindh is rich but what  about poor
The result of inactivity of the govt. Institutions are that whether it is education or health sector, prices are being set just like a trade commodity; due to the increased prices, both facilities are out of the reach of the general public. To further deteriorate the situation, the power games and struggle for being in power has produced an un-ending political chaos and uncertainty and insecurity among the public. A so-called Parliament is present but the legislation for the well being of the public is invisible. Even the courts are echoing with the cases linked with political disputes. What is going on with the public, what problems are being faced by the public; ruling party, opposition, national level politicians or elites, no one is concerned about it. They are also not concerned with the conspiracies hatched eternal enemy of Pakistan i.e. India. In the way Pakistan has faced, the long bloodshed in terrorism, the cleansing of terrorists sacrificing thousands of lives; the leaders of all political parties should have joined hands to chalk out a plan to protect public on the internal level and resolve their problems so that Pakistan army can focus its energies over its constitutional responsibilities of defending the country. This is a dream that seems to remain a dream.
Poverty is increasing in Pakistan

After 2002, the USA and her allies pushed the war against terrorism into Pakistan from Afghanistan, as an attempt to sabotage the stability of Pakistan, one may hardly find an example of such conspiracy in the history. There was not a single day when a bomb blast or terrorist activity has not been reported into Pakistan. Even the game of the cricket was targeted as well in order to destroy the credibility of Pakistan. After the attack on Sri Lankan Cricket team in March 2009, after trust of international on security in Pakistan is now restoring. Enemies of the motherland did not spare even hospitals, places of worship, state buildings, military installations and schools of primary level students. The situation is that even primary schools have been converted into security fortresses due to threats from terrorists. Including the soldiers and officers of Pakistan army, almost 80,000 Pakistanis have sacrificed their lives in the war against terrorism. The plan of the enemy was well organized. Pakistan has not only faced all this with courage but also sabotaged enemies conspiracies making Pakistan more powerful than before. These victories have been achieved at the cost of the blood of the Pakistan army’s soldiers and officers who lead their soldiers by remaining ahead in any operation. This is still going on. Although the military operation in the country has destroyed operational headquarters of terrorists in Pakistan killing the majority of the terrorists while rest of them have fled to Afghanistan, still there are such elements in the country who support terrorists ideologically. It is hoped that they will be cleansed as well very soon.
Libert Market Lahore
However, the need of the hour is that in future no chance should be given to terrorists to establish the foothold in Pakistan. A new propaganda plan has been launched in order to create hatred in the hearts of the public of Balochistan and KPK provinces of Pakistan; this propaganda is targeted on brainwashing the masses that Pakistan army is responsible for the public problems as it wants control over the govt. Many blogs, websites, social media pages etc. are spreading the propaganda that Pak army provides protection, training, and financial support to extremists. In addition to this, under the name of MISHAL RADIO, propaganda is being done through powerful broadcasting transmitters installed at Kuwait, Thailand, Abu Dhabi and Afghanistan. These radio stations were established in March 2003, after American attack over Iraq. they were aimed at decreasing impact of the million march by the public on the international community. These radio stations were also aimed at supporting the lies of the presence of weapons of mass destruction with Saddam Hussein. After 8 years, the hatcher of American attacks over Iraq, American Foreign Minister General Retired Colin Powell, disclosed that the presence of WMDs in Iraq was a fake report. Afterwards, Mishaal radio was given the task of fueling sectarianism and spreading western culture in Pakistan. These radio stations are broadcasting in different languages; the radio stations located in Afghanistan and Abu Dhabi are targeting people of Balochistan, KPK, and FATA. In the name of Sindhi Culture, Sindhi nationalism is being fueled. The news analysis broadcasted by these radio stations are spreading hatred among Afghans. Baloch people are being brainwashed to get separation from Pakistan for development while FATA and KPK are being targeted as part of Afghanistan. Such fabricated stories of the atrocities committed by Pakistan army are telecasted that have never been reported in Pakistan.
Expressway Islamabad
Astonishingly, Pakistan govt. Is silent over this propaganda. If Pakistan cannot stop transmission of Mishaal radio than Pakistan can at least install high power FM Radio transmitters in order to counter the propaganda. Whether these are Balochi, Pathan, Sindhi or people from FATA all love Pakistan. They are not only ready to sacrifice their lives for Pakistan but already sacrificing. But this cannot be understood by the Pakistan elite or ruling class whose living standard is different from 95% of the public of Pakistan. This is the gulf between the rulers and the people that are increasing day by day. If this could is not removed then it may prove more dangerous to Pakistan as compared to Mishaal Radio.

Urdu Copy

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 07 December 2017.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Indian Plan to Sabotage CPEC

20 young men brutally  killed in Turbat have drawn attention to the persistent problem of human  trafficking
What would be the greater sacrifice for the protection of state and public that a police officer is martyred along with his family? A young officer of Pak army is martyred in an operation against terrorists in Dera Ismail Khan. Such sacrifices and martyrdoms have become the daily routine. If a day passes by we get the news of the loss of lives of Pak army while fighting with terrorists. Obviously, Pakistan is in the state of war. The only difference is that this war is not being fought on the borders by tanks and artillery but against the within hidden enemies of the country. This war is far more difficult and complicated than the traditional war that is fought over the borders. On the other hand, we have unending political chaos and power games that are not going to end. It seems that protection of country and government are two separate systems otherwise how is it possible that on the one hand there is fire and few people mind their own business in spite of helping to put the fire.

                On 15 November 2016, 15 persons belonging to Punjab were shot dead in the Kech District of Balochistan while they were trying to go to Europe via Iran with the help of the human smugglers. This is not the first report of unemployed Pakistanis risking their lives for going abroad. Someone is captured in Turkey for ransom, some’s corpses are seen floating in the sea near Italy or the Pakistanis who are arrested there for illegally entering the Europe. Some of them succeed in entering into Europe.  We have never heard of any reaction against these illegal human traffickers or taking any steps to stop pushing Pakistani youth into death.
The five young men, who were found dead in Turbat took selfie after they arrived at the Quetta bus station

                Although, this is a separate discussion, the killing of 15 people in Balochistan in a single event shows that human traffickers sold them to enemies of Pakistan who are facing difficult times for terrorism in spite of helping them to cross the border. On 18 November 2016, Levies force discovered the dead bodies of 5 persons belonging to District Gujrat in the Turbat District of Balochistan. Afterwards, Haider Ali who survived from the terrorists told media on 20 November 2017, that they were 15 people who had paid high amounts to agents for going to Europe, on reaching Quetta 15 more persons joined them as well. They were divided into two different vehicles for crossing the Pak-Afghan border. On their way their vehicle broke down, after fixing the fault, the driver had started the vehicle that they heard sounds of firing, he and his friend got afraid, jumped out of the vehicle and started running in an unknown direction. In this way, they saved their lives from terrorists. The dead bodies of 20 people killed by terrorists have been found, this means that rest of the persons are still in the hands of terrorists or their dead bodies have not been found. In both situations, it is necessary to find the remaining youngsters. Whether the drivers of the vehicles were also killed by the terrorists or not, this can be only verified by Haider Ali. If the drivers have not been killed, this means that they also were part of the plan of terrorists. In such situation Balochistan political government should keep an eye on the criminals who can do illegal activities for few bucks, will they hesitate to facilitate terrorists for the heavy amount? This is not necessary that human traffickers had the knowledge that to whom they have sold the persons wanted to kill them, despite this they are participants in their murder.
Younis Taukali, one of  the eight top commanders of the Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF), was  killed in an exchange of fire after the Frontier Corps (FC) cordoned off  the area

                Not only India, all the anti-Pakistan powers are well aware that Pak army has made it difficult for terrorists to work on their plan by operations against terrorists in Balochistan province, Karachi, and other tribal areas. Construction of metal wall in FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas), erection of the fence in Balochistan, digging to trench over the Afghanistan border, we have succeeded in stopping infiltration of terrorists from Afghanistan. But we cannot ignore the threats of Indian Prime Minister in 2016, to stop CPEC at any cost. The arrest of Indian state terrorist Kulbhushan Yadav working in Balochistan, the information gathered from him about the Indian terrorists working in Pakistan for RAW and many of them have been arrested but there are still such elements in Pakistan who can be used by RAW against Pakistan. India has established a special cell RAW against CPEC with the budget of 500 million dollars. The murder of innocent people, suicide bomb blasts, blasting up gas pipelines, sabotaging railroads, murdering pilgrims etc. all were being done by the Indian terrorists under the garb of Baloch Separatists. If they were really fighting for the rights of the Baloch people then they had first of all held Baloch tribal chiefs accountable. Leaving aside the past if we look at the funds provided for education, health, and other facilities in the last ten years, we will get disturbing facts.
Haider Ali... I  am  alive because our vehicle broke down, says Turbat massacre survivor

                In the way Baloch Chiefs getting votes in the name of underdevelopment of Balochistan and rights of Baloch, have misappropriated the funds for development of funds, transferring into their accounts abroad. This cannot be a reason to allow separation of Balochistan. Baloch people have nothing to do with the corruption of Baloch politicians. In order to remove the underdevelopment of Balochistan, the government has started the ten-year development plan for development, Khushhal Balochistan but the need of the hour is to start the work on development plan so that propaganda against underdevelopment of Balochistan can be shunned…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 30 November 2017.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Rapidly Changing Scenario in the Region...

Trump with Modi...

                Whether these are the steps of the young covenant for reinforcing kingdom in in Saudi Arabia or to decrease the economic pressure or the manufacturing of Nuclear Missiles, nuclear experiments and threats to America ignoring the international pressure. In other words, if we see around us there is an unending chaos and rapid change going on internationally. In this regard, all countries are busy in forming new alliances. America wants to restore peace in Afghanistan through military power, after America, NATO has also got ready to send 3000 soldiers. Despite that 165000 soldiers of America and her allies of 13 countries had to retreat in 2014 from Afghanistan. There were only 8000-10000 soldiers were kept in Bigram airbase for protection of American bases in Afghanistan. Trump criticized this policy, decided to use more power against Afghan Taliban in order to weaken them and pressurize Pakistan. Trump has tried to decrease hatred against him in America by bringing dollars from KSA. In order to sell weapons and other deals of more than 340 billion dollars on 20 May 2017 at Riyadh, Trump threatened Saudi Arabia through Iran. Trump adopted such policy with India but it did not work because the “Shining India” propaganda by Indian media was in fact unreal.
Trump's India

                On 25 June 2017, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived the USA with the dreams of conquering Pakistan; when he arrived America, Trump ignored all the diplomatic values and protocol, by kissing and hugs and granted India the status of Most Favored Nation of USA. India also gave the gift of billion dollars deals of weapons to please America ignoring the 7 billion Indians living below the poverty line. One of the deals was the provision of drones to India while ex-President Obama was not ready to sell the drones to India in order to maintain the balance of the power in the region. The deal of 22 MQ-9 drones was one of the American blessings for India. Not only this, America also suspended the sale of F-16s to Pakistan and in order to further please India bait of selling aircraft carrier ship was also used. Although the goals behind the American blessings over India were American plans and interests against China. India also escalated tension with China near the border of Bhutan to such extent, it seemed at any time the war between two nuclear states will start. The tension began on 16 June 2017, 6 days before Modi’s American visit.
Donald Trump launches 75  storeys Trump Tower in Mumbai

                After billion dollars weapons deals with America, Hindus celebrated the return of Modi to India as he has conquered the USA. However, not only the opposition but unbiased analysts also blamed Modi of mortgaging India. Their stance was much clear, they were of the view that the clash with China might be in favor of USA but India will get nothing except destruction. During the visit, the ages-old Modi-Trump friendship, Trump’s 5 big real estate projects in India, and the subsidies provided by Modi in 2014 to Trump were first time reported in the Indian and international media. In these reports, this was first time reported that before the electoral campaign, the frauds of Trump were first time reported. According to these reports, Trump had to invest 1.5 billion dollars, however, without spending a penny by giving due share to local builders and Mafia, he owned various high rising Trump Towers.
Donald Trump's second  bid to tower over Mumbai

                23 floored twin towers have been completed in Mumbai. 75 storey tower on the 17acres of land in Mumbai has become one of the costly and luxurious flats, offices and business centers. This tower has 17 acres of car parking and park. In Gurgaon, New Delhi one tower is being constructed for offices while other for the residential purposes while Mumbai like 75 storeyed towers is under construction in New Delhi and Kolkata. In all those projects all those who were facing various cases of corruption, frauds and land grabbing are being treated leniently with the election of Trump as President of USA. The second rejection of India to the USA was about diplomatic relations with North Korea.
Pune, India Trump towers, a “Trump Village” and more, that’s how India became a leader in Trump's projects

                America was thinking of making India making the mini-superpower of the region but now she has realized that India that had already denied to send her army to Afghanistan is now stepping back from financial aid as well. Because India crazy for weapons is badly trapped in the poor economy. This secret was disclosed not by opposition or anti-Modi but ex-Finance Minister of BJP Yashwant Sinha. He has disclosed that all the calculations of the Indian Finance Minister are nothing more than fraud of figures while the growth rate of Indian economy has decreased to 3.7 percent. In order to distract the attention of masses from Indian falling economy, India may stage the drama of limited war over the Line of Control (LoC). Although Pakistan army is capable of giving a befitting reply to any misadventure by India, however, internal political chaos is growing day by day…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 23 November 2017.