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Thar “Playing With the Lives in The Name of Traditions and Culture”

Women of Thar living miserable life portrayed as Cutlure of Thar
                The desert alongwith Indian border in the South East of Sindh consists of vast area. This desert is spread in Pakistan through Thar, Mirpur Khas, Umar Kot and Tharparkar to Chulistan in Bahawalpur. Across the border in India this desert is known as Rajasthan. The lives of the inhabitants of this desert and their cattle depend upon the rains especially rains of monsoon. If it rains desert becomes Oasis, natural shrubs on the one hand prove manna dew on the other hand leaves and wood of these shrubs is used for construction of roofs of their traditional houses. If heaven is not kind than desert is converted into burning hell; that is why there is a famous quotation WASAY TAY THAR NA TAY BAR “وسے تے تھر نہ تے بر” meaning if it rains it is Oasis otherwise it is nothing more than scorching sunlight and sand. Inhabitants of these areas are forced to live according to the climatic or weather changes. Rain water is sign of life for them and migrating towards those areas which have water and fodder for their cattle is not only the need of these people but also their cultural identity.  Although this tradition was started centuries ago when those inhabited on the banks of the river does not have dreamt of the facilities that are available even to most remote populations in this developed era. Alas! The feudal system and thinking has made traditions of inhabitants of Thar chains for them; we have downgraded these nomads a species lower to human beings whose welfare is not the duty of govt. or society but bound to live miserable lives according to traditions as this has been written into their fate.

               After partition Thar appeared as the largest District which was divided into three districts i.e. Mirpur Khas, Umar Kot and Tharparkar to improve administrative control. Out of these three districts Mirpur Khas due to its geographic location was immune to all those problems that are being faced by other two districts. Apathy of those living in modern societies can be imagined from this that the scene of poor women carrying three pitchers on their heads to bring water from remote areas was transferred to canvas as Art. Either in photography or paintings in both forms problems of the Thar were portrayed as culture of Thar and presented to mint money. But no one had mercy over these poor women who carried these pitchers on their head not as part of their culture but punishment for their being born into these areas. Hunger, thirst, poverty and diseases were ignored by politicians, rulers and NGOs working for protection of rights of women by claiming it as culture of Thar. We ourselves gave that decision that people of Thar do not need better facilities of treatment and modern way of life. Our ignorance forced inhabitants of Thar to live miserable life as imprisoned in their own centuries old traditions and culture.

Scorching sun in Thar

                Such like nomads or gypsy stuck to their own areas living a hard life exist in the whole world who are not ready to leave their area and settle in modern developed areas but govt. of these countries do not leave such people. Govt. should provide such people all the facilities in their own areas including education, health and food etc. We should take India as an example; despite of all the problems there is no shortage of water in Rajasthan. Paved canals were constructed in Indian Rajasthan in order to fulfill water demand of the area resulting into the increase in the agriculture production of the area bringing a revolution in the lives of Rajasthani people.
Relief goods by Pak Army for famine struck Thar people
                Pakistan public got aware of the critical situation being faced by the people of Thar when media informed public about the deaths of innocent children and concerns that many more may die. Pakistani public was shocked over such media reports because this human crises was not created at once but this was going on since December 2013. On 1st February 2014 when Prince of Sindh inaugurated Sindh Festival and in the name of culture of Sindh, ruins Mohenjodaro  witnessed Westernization at the same time in the nearby desert of Thar life was dying step by step. Painful aspect is that bureaucracy of Sindh in spite of being aware that hundreds of innocent children have died due to hunger, thirst and diseases remained busy for two weeks in enjoying the Sindh Festival along with the Prince of Sindh.  Maybe our media also would not have been able to cover this human crises if a team Chinese engineers have not gone into Thar to search for minerals present there.

PAF doctors treating Thar famine effected women
                When reports about critical situation of Thar were shown on the media whole country started protesting that why those who spent millions of rupees did not dare to provide food and water to dying people of Thar? Due to public protest and media reports Sindh govt. woke up from Sindh Festival but it was too late; the deaths of children have increased manifolds, shortage of water and food has effected cattle as well, hundreds cows and goats were dying every day. Sindhi feudal lords and politicians in spite of providing relief to dying people of Thar started threatening and criticizing those who were protesting against criminal ignorance of Sindh Govt. Media was criticized as well that it has given undue coverage to the tragedy while media was only showing world the actual situation at Thar. Taking criticism a threat to his political career on 09 March 2014, CM Sindh visited the affected area and in spite of actually visiting the area himself he got the briefing over the situation in air-conditioned Rest of house Mitthi where he was served with the traditional food of the Thar. In the other words in this visit too there was no value for the human beings who died of due to shortage of food and water in the eyes of feudal lords and politicians. However, Pakistan army has reached the area one week before visit of CM and started providing food, water and other necessities. Several field hospitals have been established to treat people affected with famine, this initiative was taken by Garrison Commander Hyderabad Major General Inaamul Haq on his own after watching the media reports. This is the identity of our soldiers that whenever nation is struck with any calamity they are first to provide relief to the nation.

PM  Nawaz Sharif  along with Lt General Sajjad Ghani and Maj General Inaamul Haq
                On 08 March 2014, GOC Hyderabad himself visited the affected area and after watching the magnitude of the calamity he informed Corps Commander Lt General Sajjad Ghani Commander 5 Corps. On 09 March Lt General Sajjad Ghani himself visited the area and distributed relief goods. After this Prime Minister of Pakistan himself visited the area and announced aid for the effected people. Over this Sindh govt. came into motion and announced to provide 0.2 million rupees to those families whose children have died and 50 kg wheat. Above mentioned amount was to be paid out of the already announced package of 100 millions. 1 month has passed since this announcement was made but the announced amount is nothing more than a dream for the affected however, few cheques were given to the affected people in photo sessions which are next to impossible to be cashed. It is clear if our politicians and elite had a little bit of the sense of mercy and sympathy than people would not have died due to hunger and thirst. These feudal lords of our country who are all in all, who wear three piece suits in scorching heat how can they feel the pain of hunger and thirst; they have 450 million for wasting our Sindh Festival but they failed to provide hundreds of tons of wheat present in govt. godowns to famine affected people because they do not have funds to pay to transporters who are not ready to borrow their transport as govt. has not paid them for last three years. Moreover, DG Accountability Bureau Sindh has already revealed that corruption is on its peak in Sindh food department. He has said this in the light of failure of Food Department in Thar otherwise there is not a single department which is safe form corruption.

Prince of Sindh at the inauguration of Sindh Festival
                Now when six weeks have passed since the tragedy of Thar has been highlighted, if we calculate the announcements made for the media coverage by different departments, Provincial and Federal govts. despite of being desert Thar can be converted into heaven through such money. People of Thar are unaware that in the way packages have been announced if they are spent honestly than they do not need to dream for heaven. Irony of fate is this that except few God fearing NGOs and army no one is there to help famine struck people. Media that earned the name by highlighting such a big human tragedy has now got busy in highlighting other problems and feudal lords have once again started beating the old triumphant that “HUNGER, THIRST, DISEASES, DEATHS OF CHILDREN, CATTLE AND MIGRATION” all are part of traditions of Thar and we should preserve these traditions and culture…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 11 April 2014

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Indian Obsession Against Pakistan and its History

Killing those who protect LIFE cannot be justified in anyway
Pakistan is the only country whose independence has become its crime. Pakistan faced conspiracies, obstacles and opposition during inception stage. Hindu extremists masked as secular were front runners in these conspiracies, obstacles and opposition. They could not bear the thought of separate homeland for Muslims of sub-continent. They believed creation of Pakistan their defeat. They had full support of British administration and bureaucracy. The first indication of Hindu state of mind was the communal riots. The month of October 1946 was turned into mass murder for Muslims of Bihar. Hindus had no reasons for riots. They just could not take a Muslim rally in support of movement of Pakistan. The riots continued for a whole week. Muslim life and property were victimized. Women were abducted, raped and killed. Hindu rioters engineered unimaginable atrocities against Muslim population of Bihar. The Hindu chief minister of Bihar stopped police from interfering in the carnage. British Indian army stationed in Bihar also remained a silent spectator to this gory drama. In this weeklong massacre, ten thousand Muslims are said to be killed as per estimates of Hindu administration of Bihar.
Bill Gates and his wife who have donated their wealth for eradication of Polio
Ten months after these riots, in August 1947, some Muslim majority districts of Punjab were made part of India violating agreed upon principle of grouping districts as per majority of population into India or Pakistan. Inclusion of these districts into India made Indian access to state of Jammu and Kashmir. British acquiescence to this historic dishonesty and spawning of a historic tragedy of Kashmir only proves Hindu and British connivance in conspiring against creation of Pakistan. British role in last days of their Indian empire created one of history’s biggest human migration and tragic Punjabi holocaust. These tragic incidents cannot be pushed aside from minds of people of Pakistan no matter how hard supporters of Indo-Pakistan friendship.
The challenges being faced by Pakistan are better explained by this pic
 Six decades of history of India and Pakistan is replete with Indian enmity focused against Pakistan. The Indian intrusion in Kashmir, aggression in 1965, abetting separatism in East Pakistan and support of Mukti Bahini in 1971 and dismemberment of united Pakistan are just to mention a few. Despite all negative propaganda against Pakistan, facts have come to light. India has now targeted remaining Pakistan after creation of Bangladesh. India instigated sub nationalists in opposing construction of Kala Bagh Dam, attacked Siachen to block land route from Pakistan to China. Due to Indian aggression, Siachen glacier is still a highest battle field of the world. Environmentalists have reported that human activity in Himalyas will have negative effects on the region as a whole.
Countries effected with Polio
India is the country that branded Pakistan nuclear program as Islamic bomb and tried to convince the world that possession of nuclear weapons by Pakistan are danger for the whole world. India was involved in bomb explosions in Pakistan in 1980s.In one of such incident, two hundred people lost their lives in Bori Bazar of Karachi. Many Indian agents were apprehended and tried in courts (it is an irony that these terrorists were released by previous government in the name of Confidence Building Measures between India and Pakistan). Indian intelligence agencies engineered bomb explosions in India to malign Pakistan and declare it a terrorist country. These incidents were so well orchestrated that some groups in Pakistan believed them. This all came to light when anti-terrorism squad arrested some Indian personals from Indian Army and intelligence agencies who confessed in court that they were involved in bomb explosions in India to malign Pakistan. To draw attention of the world away from these developments, India orchestrated drama of terrorist attacks on Taj and Obroy Hotels in Bombay on 26 November 2008. The elite anti-terrorist squad investigating the terrorist attacks was wiped out including their leader. By focusing on Ajmal Qasab, the alleged Pakistani terrorist part of Bambay drama, Indians tried to cover up court confessions on Colonel Parohat, an Indian army officer, involved in bombing on Indian soil. The way court acted in Ajmal Qasab’s case (he was hanged and buried in Indian jail) even baffled Indian intelligentsia and analysts. They declared whole proceedings doubtful. But Indian government has continued its anti-Pakistan policies. Terrorists in Pakistani tribal areas and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are being supported from Afghanistan and separatists in Gilgit-Baltistan are being encouraged. Even US administration has agreed to Indian involvement in terrorist activities in Pakistan. Our political leaders are trying to overlook these hard facts and encouraging Pakistan India friendship to further own agenda. Western analysts have also noticed Indian support to Baloch separatists in USA and Europe.

Shahid Afridi getting his son vaccinated against Polio
The way is building dams on Pakistani rivers to control flow of water has caused consternation in defense analysts. They have predicted that next indo-Pakistan conflict will due to water issues. Indians have gone far ahead in enmity with Pakistan. India is the only country in the world that has demanded polio vaccination certificates from Pakistanis visiting India. The visitors are supposed to have that certificate on them all the time in India. Otherwise they would be arrested and deported. European countries, one of the most conscious to cleanliness and health unlike India, have not demanded such certificates from Pakistanis. However, this Indian demand has pointed to violent attacks on polio health workers in Pakistan. I am sure, my pro Indian critics and readers will declare it a conspiracy theory. But what else can be the purpose of these attacks after denials by talibans of such attacks and participation of Senator Sami-ul-Haq in polio vaccination drive in Peshawar. These attacks are aimed at damning Pakistan as safe heaved for polio virus and declare its people carrier of such virus in other countries. If India is proud of being polio free country than it must consider WHO’s assertion that India has biggest population of AIDS patients and is transmitting this disease to other countries including Pakistan. Should the Pakistani government not demand AIDS free certificates from Indians visiting Pakistan? This is also a reality that most of the AIDS patients in Pakistan have contacted it while visiting India or Indians visiting them in Pakistan. The demand of polio vaccination certificates from India from Pakistani visitors is humiliating and must be condemned at all levels. The largest donor to polio vaccination, Mr. Bill Gates, should also take notice of Indian intransigence on the issue. Our security agencies should also consider Indian involvement in attacks on anti-polio workers. If India can attack its own citizens to malign Pakistan, massacre Sikhs in Kashmir on the eve of visit by Bill Clinton, than it can very well orchestrate violent attack on anti-polio workers, majority of which are women!

Urdu Copy

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt
Date: 04 April 2014

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Bangladeshi Aggression Against Pakistan... For What???

Glimpse of propaganda against Pakistan in 1971

                Bangladesh-Pakistan diplomatic relations apparently being normal are facing tension because of the steps taken by Haseena Wajid’s establishment to insult Pakistan internationally in order to please India to secure Indian support for continuity of regime against the will of Bangladeshi public. Moreover if statements and allegations against Pakistani security and  intelligence agencies had remained confined to political need to win elections than this would have no effect over mutual relations because such allegations and fake stories are used by Indian political parties as well to procure votes. But Bangladesh has gone a step farther; Haseena Wajid announced to start trial of 195 Pakistani soldiers who participated in 1971 war and operations, in January after winning the elections that were boycotted by all opposition parties and now it is under discussion that ISI Chief of 2010 would be prosecuted as well under fake allegation of supplying weapons to Freedom Fighters in Assam through Bangladesh. This plan was revealed by Haseena Wajid after propaganda of New York Times  on 19 March 2014 regarding presence of Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan.
                Carlotta Gal  representative of American newspaper “New York Times” in her report published on 19 March 2014, repeated allegations against ISI and Pakistan Army by international media for which they had support from within Pakistani English writers and intellectuals. Once again in the propaganda of New York Times it has claimed that ex-Army Chief General Pervaiz Musharraf has established a special desk for protection of Osama Bin Laden. Pakistani govt., ex-President Pervaiz Musharraf, ISI under the leadership of General Kiyani was protecting and guiding Taliban. Apparently Pakistan was standing with USA in war on terror but actually was in contact with Taliban and other Kashmiri Freedom Fighter groups. While few cells of ISI were working against Taliban and extremists; other were supporting and protecting Taliban. According to the propaganda report of New York Times, ISI Chief General Shuja Pasha was aware of the hide out of Osama Bin Laden. Americans got astonished when a day after the Abbotabad Operation; a call of General Pasha was recorded in which he was talking about the presence of the Osama at Abbotabad. Americans got worried because General Pasha was important ally and friend in the war on terror and fight against extremism.

                American journalist had laid the allegations against Pakistani establishment that they always used Taliban for their own interests (while this is sole right of USA) even Benazir Bhutto was assassinated through Taliban. In this report she has tried to involve Mulla Umar and Hafiz Saeed while portraying her report consisting of old propaganda and fabricated stories of Western Media as her own research and achievement. All these allegations have been repeated by Afghan President and Indian rulers as well as a propaganda campaign against Pakistan in their interviews to media while US govt. always officially expressed their detachment to these allegations. Here question arises why does an American journalists felt the need to repeat all these fabricated stories and allegations afresh claiming it to be her own research while USA is busy in packing up to leave Afghanistan by 2014? In past such propaganda was considered as a tool by CIA to pressurize Pakistani to DO MORE. Of course this time too there would be such a nefarious lobby / agency behind this propaganda which has been rejected by Pakistan. US journalist has nothing to support her allegations against Pakistan except excerpts from newspapers or anti-Pakistan statements. But Haseena Wajid has claimed report of New York Times important for trial of weapons smuggling in Chittagong.

Mujeeb Nagar! A park constructed by  Haseena Wajid, statues portraying fabricated atrocities committed by Pakistan Army in 1971 to fuel hatred against Pakistan 

                A big conspiracy game that is being played in Bangladesh in the name of INTERNATIONAL WAR CRIME TRIBUNAL; apparently, Pakistan has no link with it but Pakistan has been dragged into it. Although our rulers are trying to show that this is internal matter of Bangladesh by ignoring it but they should realize the seriousness of the matter and find solution for it. This is the result of our criminal silence that now Haseena Wajid who came into power through Indian support and biased polls had developed the courage to speak against Pakistan and include Pakistanis in the trials of International War Crime Tribunal which has been converted into a cell being used to punish and remove political opponents. On the one hand those people are being punished who supported their army against aggression of Indian trained terrorists in 1971 while on the other hand important leaders of political opposition like Khalida Zia’s party, civil bureaucracy, elements in interior and foreign ministry who dared to be against Haseena Wajid are target of this tribunal and being awarded death sentences under the allegations of helping Assam Freedom Fighters.  On 30 January 2014, said tribunal awarded death sentence to 14 persons including ex-Interior Minister Lutf-u-Zaman of Bangladesh National Party, Major General Chauhdary Razzaq-ul-Haider ex Chief Military Intelligence, Brigadier Abdul Rehman ex Chief National Security Intelligence, Toba Ali leader local party Awami League (this party is ally to Khalida Zia’s BNP). Persons who got this death sentence have appealed to Supreme Court but keeping in view the past record of partiality of Bangladeshi Supreme Court, analysts are of the view that not only death sentence would be maintained by Supreme Court but execution would be ensured as well.  Moreover, after boycott of elections and continuation of protests by Khalida Zia, Awami League of Haseena Wajid is much worried about the increasing popularity of Khalida Zia. In an address Parliament Committee Haseena Wajid said that her govt. is considering to include Khalida Zia in investigations as well in trial or case for smuggling or weapons to Assam Freedom Fighters and other leaders of Bangladesh National Party under investigation will be punished as well. In this address she also claimed to be equally responsible for smuggling of weapons quoting the reference by Bangladeshi Tribunal that Bangladeshi officials punished by this tribunal had close links with ISI through New Delhi. Moreover, she said that paperwork against 195 Pakistani soldiers have been completed and soon this case would be presented in court for trial as well.

Chief Prosecutor Bangladesh Dr Tureen Feroz briefing journalists about trial of 195 Pakistani soldiers

                 When media contacted Dr Tureen Feroz, Chief Prosecutor of Bangladeshi Law Ministry regarding trial of 195 Pakistani soldiers she said that tribunal had allowed registration of case and trial in this regard. Legal team of state lawyers is in the final stage for this trial. This trial would be registered against Tribunal act 1973. Chief Prosecutor told media that except Air Commodore Inaam-ul-Haq all other 195 Pakistani soldiers belong to Pakistan Army including 1 Lt General, 5 Major Generals, 20 Brigadiers, 4 Colonels, 40 Lt Colonels, 81 Majors, 41 Captains and 2 Lieutenants. Media insisted for names of those who would be prosecuted by in this trial so Chief Prosecutor disclosed name of Lt General Ameer Abdullah Niazi and 5 Major Generals, Major General Nazar Hussain Shah, Major General Muhammad Hussain Ansari, Major General Muhammad Jamshaid, Major General Abdul Majid Khan and Major General Rao Farman Ali, she asked journalists to wait for more names, she further included that trial of each Pakistani soldier would be separate and allegations against them are separate as well except only one similarity that they committed crimes on the soil of Bangladesh. 

After Success of Conspiracy "Idhr Tum; Udhr Hm" Expressions of Happiness by both Leaders; in this meeting it was announced that war crimes cases will not be registered against soldiers but now why Haseena Wajid is going to break promise of her Father?

                One journalist pointed out the agreement between India, Bangladesh and Pakistani in 1974 that trial of soldiers would not be held; Chief Prosecutor replied that as this agreement was not validated by Bangladeshi Parliament so Bangladesh is not bound by it but now 1973 Act is sufficient for this trial. On the question by journalists that out of 195 Pakistani Soldiers many have died; Barrister Muhammad Ameer Islam accompanying Chief Prosecutor replied that many are still alive against whom trial would be held as this is the wish of the Bangladeshi people and legally there is no hurdle in the trial.
                If Bangladeshi people wanted trial of 195 Pakistanis then why they remained silent for such a long time? Haseena Wajid should have done this in 1990 during her first reign. In the way Awami League aired the hatred against Pakistani and converted it into a political slogan for procuring votes; in different cities of Bangladesh fabricated stories of Pakistani army’s war crimes and propaganda against Pakistan have been converted into reality by statues in different “Theme Parks” to misguide new generation; rallies against Pakistan are being held against Pakistan; so are they laying foundation for unrest in the region? Our elite practicing criminal ignorance like ever, had felt any need to realize that what would be the impact of such trial over morale of Pakistani soldiers???

Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 28 March 2014.