Thursday, April 19, 2018

A New Face of Unrest in KPK/FATA; After Controlling Terrorism and Engineered Uprising by India-Afghan Nexus

Why Mazoor Pashtin is silent over females body search by American soldiers in Afghanistan?
Support from Afghan Govt to PTM is evident.

According to the defense analysts peace in Afghanistan is important despite the start of new Cold War between Russia and USA, expelling Russian ambassadors from Britain and increasing tussle between Europe and Russia. They are astonished by the decision of Trump to impose sanctions on Pakistan with the announcement of new Afghan Policy. According to these defense analysts, the pressure over Pakistan to pressurize Taliban for negotiations is not understandable because in past America herself have been sabotaging Pakistan’s efforts for negotiations with Afghan Taliban. Now Afghan Taliban have lost their trust over Pakistan. Moreover, resistant fighters have established their separate groups in Afghanistan who are being led by those youngsters who have never been in contact with Pakistan. These fighters have not only been part of Afghan National Army but also got training from Americans as well. The attack of Afghan Air Force over a Madrasa in Afghanistan where a gathering was arranged to distribute certificates among the 10-year-old children who have learned Quran by heat i.e. Hafiz Quran. In the attack of Afghan Air Force, 100 children were martyred. This was the worst tragedy since the American invasion of Afghanistan. However, Americans did not condemn it. While Afghan govt. Said that such incident did not happen. On the shameful statement of the Afghan govt. thousands of Afghans declared to take up weapons against Afghan govt. After this Afghan President Ashraf Ghani announced to start investigations of the tragic incident. 
Chief of Army Staff Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa meet with father of Naqeebullah Mahsood
Manzoor Pashtin meeting ANP members
People of Qunduz rejected the investigations of the Afghan govt. Saying that Afghan govt. is not serious in punishing the culprits because until now neither any arrest has been made nor any progress has been visible. In such situation when American policy of delaying the solution of problems and failed govt. machinery is fueling lawlessness in Afghanistan. The pressure on Pakistan shows that America wants to impose Indian supremacy and role of India in Afghanistan. However, this has nothing to do with the peace in Afghanistan. In order to make Pakistan accept nefarious American designs, such tactics are being used that directly hit the integrity of Pakistan.

Developmental projects completed by Army in FATA

On the lines of self-exiled Baloch separatists seminars in Europe, now a new foreign-funded organization “Pakhtoon Tahafuz Movement” (PTM) has been launched. Its rallies have been staged at different European cities like London, Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt and other Western cities. The statement of Altaf Hussain Founder of MQM has also surfaced. Playing recorded statements of Altaf Hussain in different rallies shows that after being defeated on various war front now enemies of Pakistan has decided to start a new battlefront. Allegations that were leveled for deprivation of Baloch people, capturing of Balochistan’s resources and Urdu speaking people in Karachi are now being represented in a new form deprivation of Pakhtoons. In fact, these allegations have no ground. With the start of the new policy against Pakistan, Indian intelligence agencies are utilizing tools of fourth and fifth generation war i.e. fueling linguistic, sectarian and regional disputes in order weaken the target state internally. This time enemy has chosen so-called Pashtun Nationalists to fuel regional disputes. In this regard, unknown personalities claiming to belong from Tribal areas are posting on different websites including social media especially Twitter and Facebook. In the propaganda started by these unknown accounts on the internet, allegations of capturing the land of Pakhtoon in the name of Operations against terrorists has been leveled against Pakistan army.

PTM leader Manzoor Pashtin with Mehmood Khan Achakzai

This propaganda campaign that started in the July 2016 is being run on the lines the propaganda on freedom of Balochistan was being done. The only difference is that word “Pakhtoon Tahafuz Movement”. The demands of the propaganda campaign and pro-Indian elements are that erection of barbed wire fence over Pak-Afghan border should be stopped, where the erection of the fence has been completed it should be removed allowing the free movement across the border. Afghanistan’s print and electronic media are claiming that PTM started in KPK and Tribal Areas is very good for Pashtuns and Manzur Pasheen is the spirit of the PTM. Pictures of meetings between Manzur Pasheen and Ashraf Ghani has been published in Afghan media. The name of Manzur Pasheen was highlighted in Pakistan when the Mehsud tribe protested against the illegal murder of tribal youngster Naqeeb Ullah Mehsud and staged sit-in till the arrest of the culprits. Politicians from all political parties participated in the sit-in and expressed solidarity with the legal heirs of the Naqeeb Ullah. Manzur Pasheen attempted to portray murder of Naqeeb as ethnic cleansing through his speeches. Parents of Naqeeb had to give the statement that they do not have any link with Manzur Pasheen. He continued his propaganda and fueling sectarianism. He started campaigns in the FATA and Tribal areas to fuel hatred amongst tribal youngsters against Pakistan. We can counter this propaganda and anti-Pakistan movement through punishing the murderers of Naqeeb Ullah as per law, reporting the successful military operation, reconstruction of the destroyed homes and markets, rehabilitation of displaced persons and provision of basic necessities to the public in tribal areas.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 12 April 2018.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Two Nations Theory is the Protector from Hindutva!

A Dalit-Hindu Girl killed for riding a horse by upper Caste Hindus in Ahmedabad, India
There is no doubt that India under the control of English that was disintegrated into parts was economically strong and had strong state machinery. In contrast to this, Pakistan that came into being on the basis of Two Nations Theory consisted of those areas that were most underdeveloped areas of sub-continent. The majority of the population was uneducated. During their reign, English also developed those areas that were already developed as they were the capital of Mughals. After English captured subcontinent from the Mughals, the majority of the Muslims either left these areas or were killed by the English. Hindus were the loyal friends of English. English also left no stone unturned while blessing Hindus. As the Mughals had never expected that their govt. Would end in such a way similarly English had not expected that 2nd World War would make them so much weak that it will be impossible for them to continue their stay in the subcontinent. When English decided to leave India, their will was to leave Hindus as their successors in power. This was the time when Allama Muhammad Iqbal presented the idea of a separate homeland for Muslim. Muslims living with Hindus under the control of English for one and half century had realized that after English, living in India under the control of Hindus would be a hell for Muslims. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah utilized his farsightedness, knowledge and hard work to convert Allama Iqbal’s dream into a reality. 

On 14th August 1947, when Pakistan came into being there was not a single violent organization of Muslims all over the subcontinent that may be the threat to the followers of other religion. In contrast, Hindu organization Rashtriya Swayam Singh (Rashtriya Sevak Singh) was well organized all over India since 1925. According to Hindu historians on 27 September 1925, when the foundation of the RSS was laid it was decided that organization would run on the paramilitary basis. The purpose of the organization was to give Hindus superiority over others. Astonishingly RSS had the full support of British govt. and English establishment in the subcontinent. 

In contrast to this, if Muslims had any active organizations, their basic goal was never to clash with people of religions. There was not a single Muslim organization whose members were being trained on the military basis. The founder of the RSS was not a purohit or swami of any Hindu temple but a doctor who used to run a clinic in Nagpur. RSS was supported to spread its network all over the subcontinent through weekly training sessions in the educational institutions. It was the result of these training sessions that after partition in 1947, RSS spread all over the Indian govt. Institutions, Police, army and Intelligence agencies. On 30 January 1948, Mahatma Gandhi was murdered by the active member of RSS Nathu Ram in front of security guards, Police and army officials. This was beginning of Hindu Extremism in India. He killed Gandhi for Gandhi’s failure to stop partition of India and not countering the “The Two Nations Theory”. 

After the independence of India, so-called Secular Congress party ruled India for a long time. The secularism of this party was nothing less than the sweet mixed with poison. Covertly, Congress also supported cultivating Hindu Extremism across India. Wherever, Hindu-Muslim riots occurred, ruling Congress Party stopped Police and other security agencies from playing their role, providing the chance to Hindu extremists to destroy Muslim property and their lives. Afterward, weak sections of the law were used, facilitating acquiting of Hindus. Indian judicial system from bottom to the top provides safe side to Hindus for crimes committed against minorities especially Muslim. 
As long as RSS did not step into practical politics through BJP, Congress party to used win elections through votes of Hindu extremists while Muslim also voted for Congress as a secular party. Muslim did not realize that BJP’s Ram Rath Yatra which continued from 25 September to 30 October 1990 was funded by Congress as well. In 1980, when Vishva Hindu Parishad told the fake story of the birth of Ram at the place of Babri Masjid in Ayudhia and announced to construct a Temple demolishing the Masjid, the criticism of this plan by Congress was actually a trap. The success of Rath Yatra resulted in the success of BJP in 1991 elections which paved way for Hindu Extremists into the govt. For this member of RSS serving in Indiathe n army, intelligence agencies, the civil bureaucracy had been working since long. On 6 December 1991, the martyrdom of Babri Masjid, made a clear view of Hindutva politics in the Indian parliament.
If a member of RSS belonging to Gujarat is instigating people to destroy solar panels and himself breaks solar panels with hammers because according to him the electricity produced by these solar panels capturing the light of Sun are aggravating god Sun; this is nothing astonishing. The video of this attack over solar panels was uploaded to the facebook and twitter by AAM AADMI PARTY which went viral. Those people who kept silent over the torturing of Muslims to death under fake allegations of smuggling cows, eating cow meat etc., atrocities of Hindu army in Indian Held Kashmir, could not keep silent over the increasing Hindu extremism when they saw Hindu extremists breaking their solar panels and protesting against their technology. In order to tackle the protests over social media, Indian govt. Ordered Indian media to come ahead; Indian media rejected the video claiming it to be fake. When AAM AADMI Party gave the evidence, Indian media fabricated the story that the mob attacking the solar panels were the employees who have not been paid their salaries. However, the discussion over Indian media has made the pro-Indian elements to realize the Hindu extremism who used to speak against "Two Nations Theory" just to please India. 

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 05 April 2018.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Peace in Afghanistan: American Responsibility!

Russia ISIS has over 10,000 troops in Afghanistan, more coming every day 

In a suicide bomb blast near Kabul University at the eve of Nauroz on 21 March 2018, at least 35 persons lost their lives on spot while 65 got injured. According to Afghan media the number of deaths may be higher. The responsibility for the said suicide bomb blast was claimed by ISIS. this shows that not only Afghan Taliban but ISIS has also established its foothold in Kabul. This also reinforces the Russian allegations that ISIS militants defeated in Syria and Iraq have been imported to Afghanistan. This is no more a secret that the civil war in Syria and Iraq is actually between the Americans and Russians. 
In August 2017, Russian Foreign Ministry blamed Americans for giving safe way to ISIS militants to flee out of Syria. On 1 September 2017, Russian media telecasted the pictures of ISIS militants along with weapons fleeing out of Syrian areas in a convoy of more than 100 vehicles and trucks where they were stranded. In this report it was claimed that ISIS militants are fleeing on the transport provided by Americans. What will be their next stronghold or safe haven, no one knows. After the leakage of the said pictures, American and Britain media criticized Washington, American govt. Denied the allegations of facilitating ISIS to flee out of Syria however, did not disclose that where would be the next stay of ISIS after Iraq and Syria. Will they stop their war against humanity or target some other state? 
March 21, 2018- At least 31 people have been killed and 65 wounded in a suspected suicide bomb attack in the Afghan capital Kabul 
Since 2014, Russia has been expressing concerns over increasing activities of ISIS in Afghanistan and alleged that Americans are planning to use ISIS against Russian integrity and terrorism in Middle Eastern States especially Chechnya. In the light of these concerns Russia established links with Afghan Taliban, providing them financial support as well as weapons. Russia also distanced itself from India as well. Because in the initial stages, it was India who guided and convinced ISIS to establish stronghold in Afghanistan. RAW successfully closed the deal with ISIS. 46 Indian nurses were taken as hostage in Iraq by ISIS however, ISIS released them on the offer of India for supporting ISIS to establish strong hold in Afghanistan. That is why the nurses that were taken as hostage after capturing different cities of Iraq were either sold or kept by themselves as booty. Whole world was astonished that ISIS did not even touch Indian nurses kept as hostage in their hospital with due respect and after successful deal with Indian govt. They were allowed to take their precious belongings along with them as well. After this incident, ISIS established its first center in Afghan province Nangarhar.
In April 2017, Americans dropped the MOAB on the so called strong hold of ISIS near Pakistan in the Afghan province Kunnar. In the said attack along with 20 Indian citizens more than 108 militants were killed. After this American Commander General John Nicholson in Afghanistan claimed, “backbone of ISIS in Afghanistan has been broken. Their strength has been limited to only three provinces which was 11 provinces only. Major part of their professionally trained manpower (approx. 3000) have been neutralized. Now ISIS has manpower approximately 700 but they will neutralized soon”. 
04 July, 2014- 46 Indian nurses were released by ISIS in Iraq
After defeating ISIS in Iraq, America announced to shift her army from Iraq to Afghanistan. In the new policy of Trump over Afghanistan, American Army has been given the worst powers to crush Afghan Taliban but this has not been mentioned that what will they do if they in case of their failure as in last 16 years. Will america continue this war with the local resisting militants for next 16 years?
The 2nd Part of the Trump’s policy was to exploit Pakistan for nefarious American designs by threatening and pressurizing Pakistan. Trump started this with the insulting tweets against Pakistan. The aid to Pakistan was stopped as well. Against American expectations, Pakistan rejected American threats and made this clear to America that Pakistan is only responsible for clearing its geographical areas from terrorists and wherever they will be present they will be dealt with. Pakistan has been cleaned from these terrorists and if some of them have disguised, they are being hunted down along with their facilitators. 

12 July 2014- Indian nurses from Tikrit, Iraq going back to home
Pakistani Chief of Army Staff, General Qamar Javed Bajwa in his statements given on during foreign visits or within Pakistan has made this clear to America, that now America should DO MORE to cleanse Afghan areas in her control from terrorists operating in Pakistan and leadership of Tehreek Taliban Pakistan in the safe havens of America-India in Afghanistan. 
After the clear stance of the Pakistan, American military leadership attempted to trap Pakistan by acknowledging the sacrifices of Pakistan in the war against terrorism and importance of Pakistan for peace in Afghanistan. However, they did not mention their policy to support ISIS for defeating Afghan Taliban. In contrast to american claims that they have weakened ISIS, the worst terrorist activities by the ISIS in Afghanistan have forced locals to favor Taliban. This has been recently acknowledged by Professor Max Abraham of North Eastern University in Boston that presence of ISIS in Afghanistan is favoring Afghan Taliban. He rejected pressure over Pakistan by Americans saying that Pakistan's influence over Taliban is the story of past. America wants to continue her pressure over Pakistan not for peace in Afghanistan but due to the challenges faced by American interests in the South Asia. 

October 5, 2017- According to the Russian Defense Ministry, ISIS has been attacking Syrian forces from a US-controlled area with the help of sophisticated intelligence. 
The book 26 February 2018 Directorates by Steve Kolson is also one of the series to increase pressure on Pakistan. The starts with the story of 9/11 terrorism and attack over Afghanistan. Overall book has been kept limited to role of American CIA and Pakistan’s ISI in Afghanistan war. Attempt has been to prove that Pakistan is continuing her interference in Afghanistan. This book earning fame in Britain and america has not included a word about the ISIS as well as RAW and India which has established strongholds in Afghan Defense and Foreign Ministry since 2004. 

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 29 March 2018.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Pakistani Diplomats Harassed in New Delhi!

Indian Intelligence Agency's Operator is clearly visible standing in front of Pakistani diplomat's car 
On 07 March 2018, in New Delhi agents of Indian Intelligence Agencies harassed officials of Pakistan High Commissioner by stopping them without any reason on the roads. After the incident of 07 March, Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi informed Indian Foreign Ministry against the said act of Harassment so that Indian govt. May look into the issue and ensure the safety of officials of Pakistani High Commission to India. But on the next day when the wife of an official of Pakistan High Commission was returning to home, after picking her children from the school, few motorcyclists encircled the car and stopped it, took pictures of the vehicle from different angles. Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry at Islamabad was at once informed about it. Pakistan protested over the acts of harassment and issued a written protest letter to Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan in which it was said that India should ensure the safety of Pakistan High Commission’s officials as per Geneva Convention. However, on 09 March Pakistan officials were once again harassed, on which Pakistan protested. When the news was reported by International Media, India utilizing her influence distorted the news as in Pakistan and India, both countries the diplomats were being harassed. A fake report of an Indian diplomat was quoted in which it was said that he is facing the similar situation in Pakistan. On 09 March 2018, Political Counselor of Pakistan’s High Comision was made to get out of the car and threatened, Pakistan protested over it in the routine but India did not stop acts of harassment. The acts of following Pakistan officials vehicles, their photography and stopping them continued. 

New Delhi: Pakistani diplomats car is surrounded by the Indian Intel Agents 

On 14th March, Indian Intelligence agents stopped the car of the Deputy High Commissioner’s car while he was going along with his family; Indian Intelligence operators parked their vehicle in front of the Pakistan diplomat’s car, the whole traffic behind the car was jammed as well. The citizens of New Delhi started quarreling with the Indian Intel agents (10 to 12 in number) stopping the car, some citizens asked for the identity of the agents while others said that if they have any problem with the Pakistan diplomats than they should resolve it somewhere else and do not disturb flow of the traffic in this way. This continued for 40 minutes.

Indian Public inquiring from an Indian Harassing Pak diplomat while they do not know that he is an Intelligence operator 

For any country’s Intelligence agency the most difficult task is to keep the identity of its operators secret and this is also the test of their professionalism. During the harassment, Pakistan diplomats made the videos of those harassing them with their mobile phone and in this way, the videos of Indian intelligence operators were not reported by the electronic media but became viral on the social media as well especially in India. In the confusion, Indian Foreign Ministry blamed that ISI agents have been harassing Indian diplomats in Islamabad for last 1 year. On 14 March 2018, Al-Jazeera reported the news as PAKISTAN INDIA TRADE BARBS OVER HARASSMENT OF DIPLOMATES, in which it was reported that an Indian diplomat on the condition of secrecy of his name told that one month ago ISI operators entered into the residential compound of the Indian diplomats and crossed the red line. He alleged that harassing Indian diplomats by following them, phone calls and SMS etc. are routine of ISI agents. He even alleged that a laptop of an Indian diplomat was stolen from his house.

Indian Agent making video of Pak diplomats car and harassing him
Astonishingly, Indian govt. Or Foreign Ministry never raised such issues of harassment. As the videos of Indian Intel agents harassing Pakistan diplomats went viral and identities of Indian agents were disclosed, in spite of accepting her mistake; Indian started alleging Pakistan and ISI. after such acts it is necessary that we should find the nefarious designs that India wants to achieve by harassing the Pakistani diplomats. Indian army has been badly trapped in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK), every attempt of Indian army to crush the Kashmiris Freedom Movement is increasing the difficulties of Indian army which is decreasing the acceptance of Indian stance over Kashmir.

Another view of Indian Intel Operator Harassing Pak Diplomat
The 2nd problem for the India is activating the Balochistan issue on the Pakistan day, especially on 27 March when on 27 March 1948 Balochistan acceded to Pakistan, Pro-Indian elements in Balochistan used to stage rallies in different districts, traders were harassed to shut down their shops, which was reported as shutter-down strike by the Indian propaganda to distort International Community. India has been exploiting her propaganda to counter Kashmiris Freedom movement and pressurize Pakistan, but this year on the first time India is facing problems to celebrate 27 March as Black Day. In spite of celebrating 27 March as Black day, Baloch living in Moscow announced to celebrate it as Pakistan Unity Day. After this announcement, the Baloch living abroad who had been celebrating these days on the propaganda of Pro-Indian Baloch are now celebrating these days as Pakistan Unity Day as well. Moreover, the killing of Mullah Fazlullah in a drone attack on 08 March 2018, in the Kunnar province of Afghanistan has proved a serious blow to Indian policies against Pakistan. India wants to revenge all her failures from Pakistan diplomats in New Delhi which might push two nuclear states into war...

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 22 March 2018.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

How long will Kashmiris Pick up the Dead Bodies of Their Loved Ones…

Indian Army brigade situated in Uri, Indian occupied Kashmir.
                In the continuing year’s first ten weeks; up till now, 18 Kashmiris have been martyred in the hands of the Indian soldiers indifferent. Without any solid evidence just on the basis of suspicion 200 persons were taken into custody. Indians had suspicion that they were involved in the attacks over Indian Army’s Head Quarters on 11 February 2018, this attack continued for 30 hours in which 5 Indian soldiers were killed. Indian media claimed that number of deaths was higher while Indian Defense Ministry said that number of deaths was 5. Many questions were raised on the entry of 4 militants and facing Indian army for 30 hours. First question is about the professional capability and poor security of Garrison; Indian Defense Minister and Indian Army Chief answered these questions by threatening Pakistan. Indian army Chief said that revenge will be taken from Pakistan on some proper time. Indian media is not satisfied over it. Indian army which has no experience except firing bullets on unarmed protesters, kidnapping and torturing them in torture cells, molesting women in the name of search warrants etc. they have no experience of face to face war. 
 Indian army took almost 30 hours to neutralize 4 militants attacked Army Garrison in Shopian attack

That is why when Kashmiri Freedom Fighters in a reaction of Indian atrocities committed against the innocent Kashmiris attack Indian Military Camps; in confusion Indians start shooting recklessly killing their own soldiers. This has been proved by the forensic reports of bullets recovered from the dead bodies of Indian soldiers that majority of Indian soldiers were killed in friendly fire. After leakage of the said report, Indian army claimed that millitants had gthe Indian soldiers that they snatched from Indian army; this stance negated the Indian claims that millitants were armed with Pakistan made AK-47 rifles. Indian army habitual of teling the lies and changing their stances again and again do not ashamed but they have no answer that why Indian army needs two to three days to tackle the two or four militnats that enter into the Indian camp or HQ. Indian army takes revenge of such questions from innocent unarmed Kashmiris, murder them, kidnap them or unprovoked firing over LoC so that International Media’s attention maybe diverted from Kashmir issue to violation of cease fire over LoC. Whatever the reason is, Indian occupying forces has no right to enter into any house without any evidence or search warrant, kidnap Kashmiris and torture them to death in torture cells, shoot unarmed protesters in the name of fake encounters. In order to hide their war crimes, Indians are killing innocent Kashmiris in fake encounters for last 7 decades.
 Most of the houses of Kashmiris destroyed in Shopian by Indian army in the name of search.

                On the eve of 08 March 2018, Indian soldiers crossed all the limits of the barbarism when they stopped a car on a check post in District Shopian of Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) and insulted the passengers of the car. On the insult, passengers protested against Indians and Indian soldiers shot them on the spot, four died on the spot while two other persons were taken by Indians in wounded condition; after one day their dead bodies were recovered from jungle. In order to hide their war crime, Indians claimed that the persons killed in encounter were militatns who attacked Indian soldiers on the check post, in the encounter four were killed while two succeeded in running away in injured condition. On the 2nd day when the dead bodies of two persons were recovered, the tension in the area increased because the condition of the dead bodies showed that they were thrown away after being murdered. But indian state terrorists are trying to suppress the protest of Kashmiris with Pellet gun and guns in spite negotiations. Despite knowing that Kashmiris to be afraid of death. On the one hand Indians are involved in the genocide of the Kashmiris while on the other hand Indian rulers are trying to procure aid for ending unemployment in IOK, portraying that unemployed Kashmiris are involved in protests and exploited by Pakistan for anti-Indian slogans and pelting stones on Indian army by paying money.
September 19, 2016- Indian soldiers killed in Uri attack. IOK

                Moreover, Indians are portraying that illiteracy is the main cause of militancy in Kashmir; in this regard few Western NGOs had ensured that forty schools will be established in these areas. With such tactics India may be able to divert the attention of International community from violations of Human  Rights in IOC by Indians but she cannot succeed in her nefarious designs. Indian Colonel Anil Athel who served in Kashmir for 8 years during the decade of 90s; has made this clear to New Delhi that by martyring Kashmiri Freedom Fighter Burhan Muzaffar Wani on 08 July 2016, Indian army has committed very terrific and strategic mistake. The martyrdom of Burhan Wani has opened new horizons and has blown a new soul in the Kashmiri Freedom Movement. Now Kashmiris can continue their Freedom Movement for next 1000 years.
Unrest in Sopian after 6 Kashmiri killed in Shopian fake encounter

                Now India has two options left; 1) India should be ready for a long term war or 2) start negotiations with Kashmiri Huriyat Leadership, take them into confidence, India may keep Indian army in kashmr but keep army away from interference and then start negotiations with Paksitan. This will create hope among Kashmiris that their issue may be resolved through negotiaitons, they will stop protests, waiting for the results of the negotiations. Many intellectuals in the India has termed Modi’s policy of genocide of Kashmiris dangerous for Indians. They have warned that Kashmir is slipping form the Indian hands rapidly. Modi, who came into power through anti-Pakistan, anti-Islam and anti-Muslim slogans is not ready to listen to the message of peace…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date:  15 March 2018.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Modi’s Anti-Pakistan Statement!

                Since its independence in 1947, Pakistan is facing Indian conspiracies against its integrity. The conspiracy started with the deviation from the formula of the division of Hindustan, stopping financial resources and weapons that were to be inherited by Pakistan. The second part of the conspiracy against Pakistan was the intentional inclusion of districts and areas having the Muslim majority, attack on immigrants forced to migrate from their areas. In these attacks hundreds of thousands of Muslims were martyred in cold blood, Muslim women were gang-raped, thousands of Muslim women were kidnapped. Whatever happened to the migrating Muslims and their families is the darkest chapter of the division of India. Although, pro-Indian elements in Pakistan, deny all these bitter realities; they have left no stone unturned to truncate the bitter realities of the division of India from the history. 

In this regard under the conspiracy of AMAN KI ASHA, attempts have been made to remove the chapters of Indian atrocities committed against the Muslims so that new generation can be brainwashed to accept the bright aspects of India. The third conspiracy of India against Pakistan was the invasion of Indian army in Kashmir on 22 October 1947. The attack over Kashmir was not without any meaning. If India had succeeded to fully capture the Kashmir, on the one hand, all the rivers coming from India would have been fallen in the hands of India, Pakistan’s agriculture would have been destroyed, Pakistan’s link with China would have been cut. India would have established the ground link with India via Wakhan. Due to financial problems Pakistan would have acceded to India or become dependent on India just like as Bhutan, Nepal or Maldives. The prophecy of extremist Hindus would have proved to be true that due to internal chaos, economic problems and administrative failures, Pakistan would be forced to request Congress to make Pakistan a part of India. But Pakistan stopped Indian army’s invasion in Kashmir and saved 1/3rd part of Kashmir from falling into the hands of India. Pakistan stood in front of Indian imperialist plans. Despite the shortage of weapons, ammunition and military power, Pakistan faced Indian army for one year and two months, making India lose her morale.
'Black day' in Kashmir marks 1947 Indian army arrival

                Seeing the defeat in hands of Pakistan and losing the rest of the Kashmir, India went to the General Assembly of UNO for help. UNO approved a resolution that Kashmiris would be given chance to decide their fate via referendum either to choose India or Pakistan. Indian leadership’s promises and cries in the UNO were just betrayals to lend time in which India succeeded especially due to the support of Western countries like Britain. With the signing of the cease-fire, India started conspiracies against the integrity of Pakistan. If we analyze the history of Hindus, teachings of Chanakya and their habits; it becomes evident that Hindus prefer conspiracies over fighting the war. Conspiracies, betrayal, ambushes etc. are their main weapons. If we look at the seven-decades-old history of the neighborhood with India; it becomes clear that India has never accepted Pakistan as a sovereign state.
Vallabhbhai Jhaverbhai Patel, popularly known as Sardar Patel, was the 1st Deputy Prime Minister of India.

                Separation of Eastern Pakistan, stopping waters of Pakistani rivers, armed interference in Balochistan through her trained terrorists and conspiracies, anti-Pakistan campaigns on diplomatic levels and friendship with the rulers of Pakistan all expose the Hindu mentality and their tactics. Despite being aware of these bitter realities the presence of persons having the love for India in Pakistan shows that how much India is following the Chanakya's teachings. The worst example of Chanakya's policies in India is that India blames Pakistan's policy for Kashmir for bad relations between India-Pakistan. The bitter reality is that Indian enmity against Pakistan is not due to the Kashmir dispute. Apparent Indian friendly relations with Bangladesh are limited to the Indian imposed government of Haseena Wajid. India is well aware of the fact, that majority if Bangladeshi people consider themselves as slaves of India. Haseena Wajid’s acceptance of Indian claims over rivers of Bangladesh and border areas; the signing of giving India access from Kolkata to Agartala in June 2015 are such steps of  Haseena Wajid that had pledged Bangladesh’s independence and national prestige to India. India does not have Kashmir dispute with China, Bhutan, Nepal or Sri Lanka but imperialist designs of Hindu India for Akhand Bharat. Indian leaders consider Pakistan as a big hurdle for their plan of Akhand Bharat. Pakistan’s strength and independence is the source of courage and morale for more than a dozen freedom movements active in India. Now Sikh, Gorkha’s and seven Indian states across Bangladesh want freedom from movement following the Two Nations Theory of Pakistan.
Modi_s speech in the budget session of the parliament was, on the whole, a hate-speech for the Congress but against Pakistan as well

                Quaid’s statement that Kashmir is vital for Pakistan makes Indian Occupied Kashmir not only incomplete agenda of Pakistan but also a problem for the integrity and sovereignty of Pakistan. Indian policies, plans, diplomatic policies and war preparations all are focused around Pakistan. Indian Prime Minister Modi expressed his anti-Pakistan sentiments while addressing Indian Parliament on the eve of the annual budget session on 7th February 2018 objecting policies of Jawahar Lal Nehru and Congress. This is not Modi but India’s Hindu mindset which has never accepted Pakistan. In the way Modi criticized Congress, on the one hand, he wanted to insult Nehru family while on the other the freedom of Pakistan was his main cause of anger. Modi said that faulty policies of Congress in 1947 changed the map of sub-continent and India is still facing its result in the form of Pakistan. Talking about the Kashmir dispute he said that if Nehru had not been Prime Minister of India, whole Kashmir would have been part of India. Indian Prime Minister’s speech in the Indian Parliament shows the mentality of Hindu leaders against Pakistan. This should be enough to open up the eyes of the Pakistani rulers working for friendship with India at any cost…

Urdu Copy

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 08 March 2018.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Reality of India’s Propaganda of Terrorism!

Elias Davidsson's book getting popular in India
Since 1980 India has been struggling hard to prove Pakistan as “Enemy of Peace” and terrorist state in order to seclude Pakistan on the international level. The use of term “Islamic Nuclear Bomb” over Pakistan’s nuclear capability was to make West especially America and Israel afraid of Pakistan’s nuclear capability in the light of the Israeli capture of Palestine and atrocities committed by the Jewish army. However, Indian attempts to terrorize Western media and West remained unfruitful. But after 9/11, the anger of Americans against Muslim and declaration to take revenge created hope for India that she might highjack the American war on terror against Pakistan. On 1st October 2001, when the USA declared war on Afghanistan, India started a full-fledged campaign against Pakistan utilizing her media and diplomatic channels. Indian main goal was to convince the USA that she should attack Pakistan in spite Afghanistan as Pakistan is the center of terrorism. In this regard to high-level envoys from India headed by Foreign Secretary Man Singh and RAW Chief of that time. Although these visits were kept secret but Indian newspapers published the statement of Foreign Secretary in which India offered full aerial support and utilization of Indian airbases for American attack over Pakistan. Indian Foreign Minister, Jaswant Singh also disclosed the message of Indian govt. through Media Conference in New Delhi but India struggle remained fruitless. On 07 October 2001, America attacked Afghanistan along with her NATO allies.

                India did not stop here and continued her propaganda against Pakistan. Special propaganda articles and posts were made to be published in American Newspapers and Weekly Magazines. All of these had only stance i.e. Pakistan is the supporter of terrorists in the region, Pakistan has been utilizing these terrorists in Indian Occupied Kashmir; if America did not take steps to stop Pakistani terrorists, the peace of the whole world would be at risk. The USA did not listen to Indian propaganda and after aerial attacks, at least ground forces were infiltrated into Afghanistan. Taliban government’s resistance against Allies in Kabul decreased.

                In the meanwhile, on 12 December 2001, attacks over Indian Parliament in New Delhi were staged. Indian media crossed all limits in propaganda against Pakistan. India has to bring her army on Pakistani borders in order to control the anger of the Indian public.

                After 11 months, India has to withdraw her troops from the Pakistani border. Indian defense planners termed Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), Jamaat-u-Dawaat (JuD), the freedom campaigns of Indian Occupied Kashmir as terrorists and Pakistan army and ISI as supporters of these freedom campaigns. Indians did not stop here, they kept on thinking new conspiracies to get bans on Pakistan from UNO.
                After this, a new doctrine was started against Pakistan. From January 2003 to December, 70 persons lost lives in 4 bomb blasts only in Mumbai and as per plan the propaganda against ISI, Pakistan Army, LeT and JuD continues. The tactics and explosives used in these blasts was so much suspicious that despite all the propaganda, Chief of Maharashtra Anti-Terrorist Squad not only digs out the network involved in these bomb blasts but also arrested an on-duty Indian Colonel Purohit along with 5 other members of extremist Hindu organizations making them confess their involvement in these bomb blasts. These people from Indian Military Intelligence and Hindu Extremist organizations used to conduct bomb blasts in India for propaganda against Pakistan. Despite all the pressure and threats, Hemant Kurkure ATS Chief, continued his investigations making further arrests which threatened the whole Doctrine of India.

                On 26 November 2006, in the Mumbai attacks over Hotels, City Railway Station and Nariman House, ATS Chief along with the whole team was removed. Once again this drama was blamed on Pakistan but there were so many flaws in the whole story that even journalists from Mumbai rejected it. Jewish intellectual from Germany has published his book, “The Betrayal of India: Revisiting the 26/11 Evidence”. In this book, he has disclosed Indian propaganda and attacks drama in such a way that Indian propaganda has become a problem for India herself. Modi establishment is worried over the increasing fame of the book in the Indian media because the author is neither a Muslim nor a Pakistani. Author has clearly disclosed the Israel-India nexus against Pakistan with complete evidence. The book has been published in such a time when India and USA are preparing to put Pakistan's name in the “watch list” with regard to Financial Action Task Force for supporting terrorists. Now the demand for reinvestigation of Mumbai attacks against India to bring out the ground realities has been started which is increasing with every passing day.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 01 March 2018.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Afghan Ulema’s Fatwa Against Ashraf Ghani!

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani with his family

                 We are facing the flood of American allegations against Pakistan for supporting terrorists in Afghanistan for which America has no evidence to support her allegations. During visits to tribal areas of Pakistan, American Generals have acknowledged the success of Pakistan army and expressed astonishment over achievements of Pakistan army against the terrorists hiding in such narrow passes. Fighting against the terrorists hiding in the caves of these narrow mountains and jungles, sometimes seems to be impossible. American politicians may not understand the facts but soldiers who have served in such a terrain are well aware of the problems of such areas. American Generals have been fighting in such terrain of Afghanistan for last 16 years but except failures, they have got nothing. If Americans Generals had any information about the tribal areas of Pakistan and so-called hideouts of Afghan terrorists in Pakistani areas they would have expressed it. These Generals were not taken into these areas camouflaged or in the dark of the night but in the helicopters in the bright sunshine. These areas had been in the control of terrorists since the American invasion of Afghanistan in 2001.
Afghanistan's First Lady Rula Ghani
                Moreover, after the erection of barbed wire wall and imposing of border management to regularize the movement across the border through passport and visa system the allegation of Afghan govt. or Americans in Afghanistan for interference from Pakistan into Afghanistan are baseless. On 13 February 2018, while addressing the Chief of Defense Conference Pakistani Army Chief made this clear that we will not allow our land to be used against any country and we hope that they will not allow their land to be used against us. COAS General Qamar Javed Bajwa clearly expressed his concerns.
Afghan President Ashraf Ghani
                Perhaps Afghan govt. and American Army in Afghanistan is unable to perceive that their problems in Afghanistan are increasing with every passing day. The reason behind these increasing problems is not Pakistan but Indian interference in Afghan society and American attempts to modernize Afghanistan. Americans are dreaming that by making Afghan girls wear the tight pants and T-shirts and offering jobs to the Afghan youth into NGOs running with the investment of the Western countries they will be able to keep them away from resistance war against Americans or the use of latest bombs can prolong their stay in Afghanistan. The result of such daydreaming will not be different from the report of one of their own institutions disclosing that Taliban control 70% area of Afghanistan. Now the situation is that Afghan public has started discussing the family of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani as well. Although, this news was reported by American media to the Afghan Public that their First Woman Wife of Ashraf Ghani is a practicing Catholic Christian. She is actively working for preaching Christianity in Afghanistan with the full support of her American National son Tariq Ghani and daughter Mariam Ghani.
 Mariam Ghani, Daughter of Afghan President
                Mariam graduated from Hilton School of Arts and New York University. She joined journalism and remained busy in making documentaries of effects of 9/11 on Foreigner Muslims since 2004. She had the support of Chatra Ganesh, an Indian Brahman. Similarly, son of Ashraf Ghani who is working as a professor in a University of Washington DC is now seen as wearing Afghan traditional Turban and Shalwar Qameez in spite of Pant coat while participating political meetings. After disclosure of details of the family of Afghan President; on 29 December 2017, Afghan Islamic Clerics belonging to Northern provinces protested against Afghan President Ashraf Ghani for pushing Afghan public towards Christianity and Secularism and also issued a verdict (Fatwa) against him. Afghan govt. and secret agencies blamed Pakistan and Pakistani agencies for this Fatwa while Pakistan has nothing to do with it. Pakistan has never discussed the family of Afghan President. Pakistan has nothing to do with Afghanistan except peace in Afghanistan; Pakistan has never tried to interfere in Afghanistan. Although Pakistan has to face many problems and loss due to Indian control over Afghan govt. A recent example is the warning issued to the Afghan public in which they have been warned not to use eatables coming from Pakistan especially dairy products as allegedly ISI has poisoned these products. The problem is that Afghans prefer Pakistani eatables over the Indian products as they are considered to be Halal while Indian products are not gaining any market in Afghanistan.
Tariq Ghani
                On 11 November 2017, India sent hundreds of thousands of tons wheat to Afghanistan via Iranian seaport. India spent a huge budget on its propagation that India has sent wheat to Afghanistan bypassing Afghanistan and claimed it as a big milestone. Indian media reported that the wheat sent to Afghanistan was infected with the fungus which was to be dumped but India sent it to Afghanistan. The said wheat was not eatable even by the animals. Indian govt. staged the drama of removing the officers of Ministry of Food over this news report. Now India is trying to fuel hatred among Afghans through the propaganda of mixing of poison. The reality is that only India can do such cheap acts violating basic human rights. Poisoning the Pakistani food items so that demand for Pakistani products can be decreased in Afghanistan and Afghan Muslims are forced to eat substandard food from India. Pakistan can never think of poisoning food of Muslim brethren Afghans…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 22 February 2018.

Monday, February 26, 2018

The Betrayal of India: Revisiting the 26/11 Evidence

In November 2008 the Indian plan to defame Pakistan on the basis staged drama of Mumbai attacks has been unveiled by the German Author, in his book "The Betrayal of India: Revisiting the 26/11 evidence". In this book, the author has proved based on various evidence, eyewitnesses, references etc. that Mumbai attack was staged by India herself with the full support of USA and Israel. In order to provide authenticity to Indian Drama, RAW exploited Indian media and courts as well. After book of the Davidson, Indians are forced to believe him because neither he is Muslim nor he has any link with Pakistan. the painful aspect is that after Mumbai drama few elements within Pakistan supported Indian Propaganda against Pakistan.
German Author: Elias Davidson

We had already disclosed the reality of Indian propaganda in 2011 with the references that have been mentioned by Elias Davidson as well. Please click on the link to read the full article published in 2011.

Stop Insulting Pakistan and Pakistanis…!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Indian American Nexus Does Not Want Peace in Afghanistan!

                The challenges faced by American and NATO Forces in Afghanistan, contradicting statements of American Officials to clarify the Trump’s Policy regarding Afghanistan, blaming Pakistan for failures in Afghanistan and American threats to Pakistan, stopping all types of aid to Pakistan, and increased Indian aggressive activities on Eastern-Pakistani borders show that although USA wants to stay in Afghanistan but she has not practicable plan for peace in Afghanistan which has furthered complicated the situation.  After internal criticism and questions asked by Congress over the American failures in Afghanistan; American army has started barbaric activities in Afghanistan in order to portray that Americans are not negotiating with Taliban but fighting fiercely with Afghan resistance fighters. American are continuously blaming Haqqani Network operating from tribal areas of Pakistan for which they have no evidence to support their allegations. Americans are busy in this propaganda and no one asks them that American spy satellites which according to Americans are capable of searching needle in the grass, detect human body even in dark on the basis of thermal imaging; why these satellites do not detect Haqqani Network terrorists invading into Afghanistan and why Americans or their trained Afghan National Army do not stop or target these terrorists? Why no one raises the question that stopping terrorists infiltrating into Afghanistan on the border is the duty of American forces or Afghan National army not of Pakistan Army.

                American establishment and media both are well aware of the steps taken by the Pakistan army for Border Management on the Afghanistan border, and strict security measures but in order to hide their failures in Afghanistan they are continuing DO MORE from Pakistan. The American policy of using power in spite of negotiations ignoring the ground realities has devastated the peace in Kabul.

                After few days of peace, the attack of terrorists over 5-star hotel owned by Afghan govt. located in the most secure area of the Kabul, cross firing continued for 17 hours, how many people were killed in the attack, how many of them were local and foreigners, no details have been disclosed. Those two specific rooms of which were attacked first of all by militants, who were residing in those two rooms? How militants succeeded in invading such secure area, were they supported by the hotel security, how militants got the information about the residents of those two rooms of the hotel, why there is the contradiction in the statements given by representatives of Afghan govt. Despite big claims regarding the security of Kabul by Afghan govt. and America, the suicide bomb attack in the ambulance filled with dynamites which claimed lives of at least 100 people, and more than 200 were injured. A big number of children and women was also included. Within few days, another bomb blast outside of Martial Faheem Military Academy in Kabul in which 11 Afghan soldiers were killed. In this way, 3 bomb blasts within a week jolted the Kabul, while another bomb blast targeted Jalalabad. Out of these attacks, the responsibility of two was claimed by Taliban while other two by ISIS.
               IEDs planted by Indian State and Non-State Actors near LOC in AJ&K and by TTP on Pak-Afghan border shows the difficult war Pakistan army is fighting.

 According to the report of British, Newspaper Independent published on 29 January 2018, Afghan Secret Agency NDS’s Chief Masoom Stanekzai blamed that Pakistani supported terrorists were behind these attacks. Afghan Diplomat namely Majeed Qarar alleged that terrorists were provided dynamite and bombs by Pak Army and ISI, which are also being used for attacks in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) as well. He claimed that terrorists attacking Military Academy used Night Vision goggles while Afghan National Army does not have such goggles. Majeed Qarar further said that these Night Vision manufactured by Britain have been provided by ISI to the Lashkar-e-Taiba in IOK and Haqqani Network in Afghanistan. Daily Independent also claimed that the weapons recovered from the vehicles used by terrorists to attack the 5-star hotel in Kabul were Pak made. Further investigations revealed that they were manufactured by a company located in Islamabad. In the enmity of Pakistan, British newspaper even portrayed the attack as a reaction of stopping of aid to Pakistan by USA which is a new addition in the allegations against Pak Army and ISI that were laid during the last 16 years. The allegations of night vision and Pakistani weapons in the attack over Kabul hotel were laid when an Indian agent involved in the installation of landmines, toy bombs in the form of radio sets, calculators, mobiles etc. on the trails and ways in Azad Kashmir was arrested. This was being done since 2016, due to the blasts of these toy bombs and small land mines many Kashmiri children and elders had lost their limbs while landmines were blasted via remote control.

               The IEDs employed in AJ&K near LOC is technically more sophisticated as compared to the ragtag/ rudimentary nature of IEDs employed by Violent Non-State Actors (VNSAs) on Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

 Most of these remote-controlled landmines were used by Indian soldiers on the check posts over LoC who blasted these landmines while Pakistani patrolling parties were near these landmines. After, long struggle, Pakistani forces, succeeded in arresting the Indian agent involved in installing these bombs or Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) in different forms; after arrest, the information provided by the Indian agent and the explosives recovered from his custody provided undeniable evidence of provision of explosives and other parts in these IEDs. When Pakistan presented them to the Indians on the hotline, despite being aware, Indian army denied acknowledging their involvement. As Indian trick of targeting Pakistani soldiers and innocent Kashmiris in the Independent Kashmir was foiled; Indians presented the propaganda of night vision goggles and Pakistani made weapons through Afghan govt. and the British newspaper. The world wants to know that after spending trillions of dollars in Afghanistan if the USA was unable to ensure peace in Afghanistan than how America will ensure peace in Afghanistan in the future…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 08 February 2018.