Monday, March 20, 2017

Terrorists’ Infiltration from Afghanistan! Pakistan is not Ready to Tolerate anymore Terrorist Activities…

The Pakistan military has  warned US President Donald Trump's new Generals that they face a total mess  in Afghanistan unless the US and Britain halt the advance of the Islamic State and the Taliban in the strife-torn country
                On the night of PSL final when nation was enjoying the cricket match, terrorists from Afghanistan attacked 3 Pakistani check posts in the area of Mohmand agency. Pak army not only faced them bravely but also forced them to flee back. In this attack fifteen terrorists were killed and 5 Pakistani soldiers embraced martyrdom. This is a clear message to the Pakistani nation that Pak army is not only on the alert to save their countrymen but also sacrificing their lives. This is not the first time that terrorists have attacked Pakistan from Afghanistan.
                Afghanistan jumped into enmity with Pakistan with the birth of Pakistan in 1947 by not acknowledging as a sovereign country and demanding that NWFP province should be made a separate country. This conspiracy failed when NWFP public voted in favor of Pakistan by 99.02 percentages in the referendum. In order to revenge their failure, Afghanistan with the help of India started the conspiracy of Greater Pakhtunistan but they had to lick the dust. However, Afghan rulers remained busy in anti-Pakistan activities in order to please India, this is a long story.

                However, Pakistan stood with Afghan Muslims in hard times. Pakistan not only supported Afghan refugees numbering in hundreds of thousands but also fixed a portion of agriculture produce for Afghanistan as well. Until few months ago, Afghan men, women and children entered into Pakistan without any travel documents or restrictions via Turkham for medical treatment etc. according to their needs. Under the garb of this unchecked entrance into Pakistan, terrorists started to enter into Pakistan as well involved in bomb blasts and other terrorist activities in various cities of Pakistan.
A senior Afghan militant  commander has claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin held an  unpublicised meeting with Taliban chief Akhtar Mansour to discuss possible  Russian support for the insurgents.

                Pakistani nation was facing two types of attack; one in the form of terrorists trained by Indian and Afghan terrorist agencies who used to blow up themselves on the targets chosen by their operators. In the history many countries have faced terrorism but this has happened only in Pakistan that educational institutions, young students of schools, patients admitted in hospitals, Mosques, worship prayers and shrines were targeted by terrorists. This bloody game still continues in Pakistan. There is no other way left for Pakistan except to close its borders for Afghans because Pakistan has been demanding from Afghanistan for last three to four years to stop terrorists from using Afghan land against Pakistan. In this regard Pakistan also contacted with NATO and US Commanders in Afghanistan along with evidence. After successful operation in tribal areas in which hideouts of terrorists, operational headquarters, explosive manufacturing units etc. were destroyed; higher command of terrorists flee to Afghanistan where they are at large under the protection of Afghan and Indian Intelligence agencies. After getting evidence, Americans and Afghans both replied to Pakistan that terrorists are hiding in those areas of Afghanistan where Afghan govt. and NATO have no control.While the ground realities show that USA along with her ally India does not want peace in Afghanistan so that under the garb of lawlessness in Afghanistan they can continue their proxy war against Pakistan through terrorism.

Now, Indian RAW with the support of NDS of Afghanistan had laid foundation of ISIS in Afghanistan. As a reaction to this US developed terrorist organization, Russia has been forced to pay attention to the developments in Afghanistan and help Taliban against ISIS.
Taliban leader Mullah  Akhtar Mansour killed in drone strike last year in May 2016 by US
                Last year when famous war lord and Vice President of Afghanistan General Rasheed Dostum visited Chechnya and Moscow on 26 April 2016, this news were disturbing for USA. Afterwards when the detail of his meetings Russian officials were reported, USA sternly condemned it. The concerns of US establishment had grounds because representative of Uzbek tribes in Afghanistan, General Rasheed had supported USA against Mullah Umar and Taliban in 2001. Moreover, in 80s he was one of the supporters of CIA against Soviet Union. On the concerns of USA, he told journalists that ISIS is rapidly spreading in the country but USA is silent over the issue. In such situation Afghan public and Russia are worried over the developments in the region. He offered to visit Washington so that he may inform the USA about ISIS as he informed Russia. However, US officials delivered the message that his Visa for USA has been cancelled.
                Before this the reports of meeting between Ameer of Taliban Mullah Akhtar Mansoor and Putin on a Tajik airbase have been reported. The meeting that took place in September 2015, ISIS was the main topic of discussion. Mullah Akhtar and Putin took dinner together. Although the representatives rejected such reports while Russia remained silent. After the discussions in media over the visit of General Rasheed Dostum, Russia declared establishment of ISIS in Afghanistan as an American conspiracy against Russia and openly acknowledged that Russia is in contact with Taliban in Afghanistan and providing funds and weapons to them against ISIS. After this disclosure, USA decided to remove Mullah Mansoor and on 22 May 2016 when he entered into Pakistan from Iran he was killed in a drone attack.
                After death of Mullah Mansoor, Russia openly criticized USA for establishing and supporting ISIS. Russia declared ISIS as a big threat for Russia and to support Taliban against ISIS. Moreover, in New Delhi, Russia decided to support Pakistan against Indian actions. This was a great diplomatic development in the history. In the similar situation on 6 March 2017, British Newspaper Telegraph published the news report, “Pakistan Warns Trump’s Generals: Sort Out Total Mess in Afghanistan or Russia will Intervene”.  According to the details of the report, Pakistan army has warned US Generals in Afghanistan that if USA and Britain failed to control ISIS in Afghanistan than they should get ready for the worst situation in the region. Sources told the newspaper after withdrawal of US, NATO  and Western forces from Afghanistan, the situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating rapidly. Taliban and ISIS both are flourishing in Afghanistan; If the manpower of ISIS increases, Russia will be forced to directly intervene in Afghanistan just like in Syria.
USA is unhappy with  General Abdul Rashid Dustom for his visit to Russian for greater military  and technical cooperation against terrorism and extremism

                According to the news report Pakistan is concerned over the terrorist attacks from Afghanistan and violations of border by Afghan army. Pakistan blames Afghan govt. for this situation who is not ready to support Pakistan over border management. On the other hand Afghan army is not capable to face terrorists in Afghanistan. Out 350000 Afghan soldiers only 20000 have professional military training while out of 1000 Generals most have been given such designation due to their tribal background. Although Pakistan has not reacted over the report of British newspaper but the attack over a military hospital in Kabul on 8 March 2017 has proved Pakistani concerns to be true. 4 terrorists at about 9 am entered into hospital and fought with the Afghan army and commandoes until 6 pm. More than 40 persons lost their lives while number of those who got injuries are more than 80.
Vladimir Putin is  considering teaming up with the Taliban to destroy ISIS

                The problem for Afghan govt. is that they used to blame Pakistan for every terrorist attack but in this case ISIS accepted the responsibility and warned Afghan govt. to be ready for more such attacks.  This is the threat which has been pointed out by Pakistan since long. Peace in Afghanistan is not only need of Afghanistan only but Pakistan as well. But Afghan govt. is not ready to take any step against Indian will. Afghan leadership is not ready to think over this seriously that USA and India are neither affected nor concerned by the terrorism in Afghanistan. One is across the globe while other is hundreds of miles away. The problem is only for Pakistan having borders with Afghanistan. India wants to continue the lawlessness in Afghanistan so that she can exploit her stay in Afghanistan against Pakistan. The addition of ISIS is also an achievement of Indians. But neither Russia nor Pakistan are ready to tolerate this situation anymore…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Weekly Family Magazine,
Date: 19 March 2017.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Public Cooperation is Need of the Hour for Success of Operation “Rad-ul-Fasad”

Now ISIS is emerging  in the various districts of Afghanistan

                This year the leadership of Economic Cooperation Committee has been transferred to Pakistan. In this regard the international meeting in Islamabad is a great breakthrough in which including heads of state of Turkey and Iran all notable countries of the region participated. This is also a response to Indian negative propaganda against Pakistan which Modi tried to fuel in the Heart of Asia Conference December 2016 in Amritsar India. Before this in the BRICS conference in October 2016 held at Goa India attempted to exploit the agenda of conference against Pakistan which was sternly rejected by China.
In 2001 Taliban were the  Biggest enemy US discovered in Afghanistan
                Not only India, USA is also restless over her decreasing / limited role in South Asia and increasing influence of China and Russia. That is why although USA avoided reacting over ECO summit in Pakistan and Joint Declaration but NATO Commander General John Nicholson from USA issued the statement that ISIS (DAESH), Uzbek and TTP (Tehreek Taliban Pakistan) have established a traditional coalition which is a great threat for the USA. Before this newly elected US President Trump had said that he will end ISIS from the entire world. In his address Trump said that terrorists are present on both sides of the Pak-Afghan border but he did not mention the 15 years long terrorism in Pakistan and Pakistan army’s operations against it. As a result of these operations 95% of tribal area has been cleansed from terrorists and the construction of infrastructure, roads, hospitals, schools in affected areas is going on rapidly.
Later on Al-Qaeda  replaced Taliban as a bigger threat

                Due to these successful operations, the higher command of terrorists had been forced to flee to Afghanistan from tribal areas of Pakistan, operating under the protection of Indian RAW and National Directorate of Security (NDS) Afghanistan for bomb blasts and terrorism in Pakistan. American officials are well aware of the terrorists operating from Afghanistan into Pakistan. They are aware that ex-Chief of NDS Rehmatullah Nabeel or Afghan President are more loyal to India than Afghanistan. The nexus between Rehmatullah Nabeel and Ajit Kumar Doval, special advisor to Indian Prime Minister resulted in the terrorism in Pakistan and ISIS getting foothold in Afghanistan.
                The attack over Army Public School December 2014, was conducted by similar nexus. It took a year to Afghan President to get resign from Rehmatullah Nabeel due to Pakistan’s protest against involvement of Afghanistan in these attacks. On 10 December 2015, on the eve of his resign, he delivered a speech full of hatred against Pakistan. US analysts were astonished over his anti-Pakistan address and were of the view that terrorists operating in Pakistan from Afghanistan will continue their activities as Indian Defense Department has deep roots in NDS.
 FOX News alert: ISIS  attacks military hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan

                Despite of all this, one day after Economic Cooperation Committee’s summit the US drone attack in Kurram Agency Pakistan shows that USA has started a new war with a new statement which was mentioned in Trump’s address. In 2001 when US attacked Afghanistan, Taliban were declared as grave threat for not only US public but Western countries as well. In 2005, Taliban were replaced by Al-Qaeda as a greatest threat. Afterwards, as long as Obama establishment was in power, Al-Qaeda was pushed back and ISIS appeared as a greatest threat to the world. This is the extremist ISIS whose creation was blamed on Obama Establishment especially Hillary Clinton by Donald Trump during his election campaigns. After coming into power, Trump declared to end ISIS and pointing out its presence across Pak-Afghan border shows that in the near future such like activities of ISIS would be conducted that will reinforce statements and concerns of US establishment and the terrorists accepting terrorists activities in Pakistan from Chennai India would be replaced by ISIS.
Afghan national army  investigate the aftermath of suicide attack at the military hospital in  Kabul

                Keeping in mind these threats, Pakistan army has decided to start Operation Rad-ul-Fasad, the search operations within the houses have been started but irony of the fate is that few politicians are busy in bargaining over the establishment of military courts while others are fueling provincial disputes. The operation in Punjab is being portrayed as operation against Pashtuns from KPK or tribal areas of Pakistan. In fact the search operations are being conducted to trace out the facilitators of terrorists that have moved into Pakistan under the garb of Afghan refugees. Portraying these search operations as operations against Pashtuns or citizens of Pakistan from any other area is a propaganda and conspiracy of enemy. In such situation it is the duty of every Pakistani to keep a vigilant eye over his surrounding and report any suspicious activity to the law enforcement agencies. Govt. should also take steps to restore the confidence of public in the Police so that everyone can report suspicious activities to Police without any hesitation that Police will threaten him instead.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 09 March 2017.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Contradiction in anti-Pakistan Statements and Continuing Terrorism!

Terrorists attacked a crowded Sufi  shrine in Sehwan Sharif, killing at least 90 people and wounding dozens  more in the deadliest of a wave of bombings

                Whether it is any International Forum or Indian Prime Minister is visiting any country, every sentence that comes out of his mouth is against Pakistan. Every Indian Prime Minister, speaks against Pakistan taking it as a part of his duties as Prime Minister. This is going on since freedom of Pakistan. Pakistan army has been essential target of Indian Propaganda and will remain a target. Initially Pakistan Army was alleged for capturing Kashmir and interference into Indian Held Kashmir (IHK). In 1979, when Russia invaded Afghanistan and Afghans resisted against Soviet invasion, India started alleging Pakistan for supporting for Afghans (they were identified as Mujahedeen much later). However, at this time Western Media and US govt. did not acknowledge Indian Propaganda. After defeat of Soviet forces when Afghanistan had to face worst Civil War, Indian blamed this on Pakistan as well.
On July 7, in 2005, 56  people were killed by the coordinated assault on London - the first ever  suicide attack in the UK.

                Afterwards when USA invaded Afghanistan to revenge 9/11, India was the only country who left no stone unturned to convince USA that it should attack Pakistan in spite of Afghanistan terming Pakistan as center of terrorism whose prepared terrorists are being used in neighboring countries as well. India offered USA to handover Indian airbases and Air Force which was turned down by USA but India continued her anti-Pakistan agenda. India established a Think Tank named as South Asia Analysis Group and fixed a huge sum from the budget for it. The sole purpose was to defame Pakistan as a terrorist state however, in order to deceive world it was given the name of study group about South Asia. Ex-Chief of Indian terrorist agency RAW, B. Ramin was appointed as the chief of this so called study group while retired officers from RAW were appointed as its analysts including S. Gopal, Dr. S. Chandar Shekran, C.S Kaporr Sormay, Dr Sibhash Gupella, Dr Rajesh Tambari, Colonel Areri Haran, Brig. B. Ramay and Brig Traupadhiye. In order to make their anti-Pakistan writings way into Western Media, Israel played a vital role. USA was severely criticized in their writings for not attacking Pakistan. Not only this when bomb blast near Madrid Railway Station of Spain took lives of 191 people in 2004, the Western newspapers of 12 March 2004, the analysts who blamed Pakistan for these attacks belonged to Indian SAAG think tank. Spanish govt. rejected this theory that those people of Al-Qaeda were involved in this attack who had lived sometime back in Pakistan’s tribal areas.
The 2004 Madrid train  bombings (also known in Spain as 11-M) were simultaneous, coordinated  Islamic bombings against the commuter train system of Madrid

                A similar attack was conducted on 07 July 2005 in the underground tube train of Britain taking lives of 52 people and injuring 700. Western media attempted to blame Pakistan for this attack as well. The purpose of above quoted examples was to make the anti-Pakistan role of India clear which has different aspects as follows:
1)      Attempt to link terrorist attack all over the world to Pakistan. Not only from India but from within Pakistan a group of traitors having enmity against Pakistan army was hired to portray that whether it is the resistance war in Afghanistan or Indian Held Kashmir or Islamic extremism anywhere in the world and the terrorist activities as its result all are handled by Pakistani military.
 February 13, 2017 - An  explosion near the Punjab Assembly in Lahore killed at least 13 people and  wounded dozens.
2)      India established a well-coordinated network of terrorists by hiring outlaws / criminals in tribal areas of Pakistan and gave them the task to conduct suicide bomb blasts under the garb of Islamic extremism. Indian media exploited there terrorist attacks in two ways: 1) Pakistan’s nuclear assets are unsafe which can fall in the hands of terrorists any time threatening the exisgtence of entire world. 2) The suicide bombers conducting terrorist activities have been trained and prepared by Pakistan itself which have now become a threat for Pakistan.
In 1987 a massive bomb  exploded in the busy Saddar area, Bohri Bazar Karachi , killing dozens of  people.
In this despite of thousands of lives lost in the terrorist attacks planned and executed by India no one realized that India might be behind this. Leaving the rest of the world aside, Pakistani political leaders also acted upon the policy of friendly relations with India. That is why a cracker attack in India makes whole world criticize Pakistan while a bomb blast claiming hundreds of Pakistani lives is ignored by the international community. India is still conducting terrorist attacks over innocent Pakistanis. In past when military courts were established for two years nation had high hopes that political leadership will be able to chalk out legal / constitutional amendments to tackle terrorism but alas nothing has been done in this regard. Nation has once again its eyes on the military courts but alas it is the acting upon the Nation Action Plan (NAP) in its true spirit that can curb terrorism not the military courts…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 02 March 2017.