Saturday, May 21, 2016

Haseena Wajid’s Agenda to Drag Pakistan Army into the Trial

Mutti ur Rahman Nizami

                In Bangladesh the commitment with the Two Nations Theory and sentiments against India has been made unforgivable crimes punishable only with death. Many Bangladeshi elder leaders who at the time of fall Dhaka in 1971 remained loyal to Pakistan i.e. THEIR MOTHERLAND (of that time), rejected any power or conspiracy who wanted to disintegrate Pakistan and worked side by side the saviours fighting to stop disintegration of Pakistan, were murdered by Bangladeshi court. Out of these leaders who have been hanged one was Mutti-ur-Rehman, Ameer Jamaat-i-Islami Bangladesh who was hanged for his love with Pakistan (before fall of Dhaka).
At a December 25, 2007 protest in Islamabad,  prominent journalist Hamid Mir holds a sign apologizing for the fabricated 1971  massacre of Bangladeshis

                The shameful fact is that after Bangladesh expressed her determination to hang Mutti-ur-Rehman Pakistan expressed just concern over it while Bangladesh rejected this weak concern of Pakistan by declaring it as interference in the internal affairs of Bangladesh. Now Indian controlled Bangladeshi govt. is preparing to drag Pakistan army in trials for the fabricated genocide of Bengalis.
                The double standards of the West are that if Pakistan executes terrorists involved in murders of innocents European Union and Western countries take it as attack to their prestige and threat to end trade concessions to Pakistan. So-called liberal and developed elements including a good number of intellectuals as well along with the NGO’s running with the foreign investment also express their concerns over execution of the terrorrists. But all these Western countries, so-called liberal elements and foreign funded NGO’s remain criminally silent over the hangings of elderly Bangladeshi citizens for their love with Pakistan before fall of Dhaka. Even these Western countries threatening Pakistan to end trade concessions do not speak a word over judicial killings by Bangladesh terming these unjust murders by Haseena Wajid as Internal Matter of Bangladesh.
                This should be also kept in mind that if Haseena Wajid’s target of judicial killings was limited only to Islamists or people related with Jamaat Islami than Bangladesh would have hanged only those people related with Jamaat Islami but the people who have been hanged by Haseena Wajid’s Judicial Murders Commission include politicians that held important ministries during Khalida Zia’s reign, Civil Bureaucrates, Military Officers and Chiefs of the Secret Agencies.
                The reports from the Bangladesh are that Haseena Wajid had decided to judicially murder all those officials of Bangladesh Civil and Military Establishment officials who were against the policy of Haseena Wajid and Awami League’s policy to provide access to India to Assam via Western Bengal, Dhaka and Sylhet, by declaring them as facilitators of Pakistan and ISI.
 Aasma Jahangir is given highest award of  Bangladesh by Hasina Wajid for supporting the Indian aggression and Mukti  Bahni in 1971

                In 2012, Haseena Wajid signed the deal with India to give land access to India to those remotely located seven states for which India have been begging since 1947. Even father of Haseena Wajid, Sheikh Mujeeb was not ready to give this access to India despite of all the Indian help given to him for disintegration of Pakistan because he knew that in this way Bangladesh would practically become enslaved to India.
                Before coming into power in 2008, Haseena Wajid twice came into power however, in 2008, she exploited anti-Pakistan slogans and hatred against Pakistan for her electoral campaign. Her electoral campaign included the fabricated stories of attrocities committed by Pakistan army in 1971 or before. In her election campaign she promised that after coming into power she would establish an International Crimes Tribunal in order to punish those involved in the genocide of Bengalis and gang rapes of Bengali women especially Pakistani soldiers and their supporters within Bangladesh. Although Haseena Wajid succeeded in securing two third majority but supporters of Haseena Wajid were of the view that the whole campaign full of hatred was just limited to the elections. As soon as Haseena Wajid came into power she established a “The War Fact Finding Committee” to make a list of the anti-Bangladesh people. This Committee prepared a list of 1600 Bengalis including famous leaders of Jamaat Islami Bangladesh, Khalida Zia, politicians from her party, Bangladeshi Army officers, Civil Bureaucrates, and 200 soldiers from Pakistan army inlcluding one Lt. General, 5 Major Generals, 29 Brigadiers, 5 Colonels, 39 Lt. Colonels, 80 Majors, 49 Captains, 3 officers of Pak Navy and 3 from Pakistan Air Force.

Hamid Mir & Asma Jhangir want Trial of Pak Army  in Bangladesh

                When the Committee presented the name of the persons for judicial murders, it was decided that Pakistani personnel would be dealt in the end; the top priority was given to the removal of Khalida Zia, her party members, Jamaat Islami, Civil Bureaucracy, officials from Bangladesh army and agencies who were against Haseena Wajid during the govt. of Khalida Zia under the allegations of supporting separatists from India and providing them weapons. The nine members of Jamaat Islami were also selected to be murdered through the judicial commission.
                On 30 January 2014, the International War Crimes Tribunal sentenced Lateef U Zaman ex-Interior Minister belonging to Bangladesh National Party, Major General Chauhdary Razaqal Haidar ex Military Intelligence Chief, Chief of National Security Agency Brig Abdul Rehman along with 14 others. They appealed to Bangladeshi Supreme Court which was rejected as well. After rejection of the appeals, Haseena Wajid called a special gathering at Chittagong on 30 January 2014 in which it was decided in the light of the decision of International Crimes Tribunal (Bangladesh) to include officers of ISI and Pakistan army in the trial as well because in the decision of the court, officers of ISI and Pak army were declared as prime criminals of the case. In this meeting Haseena Wajid declared that all the preparations to start trial against Pakistanis have been completed however, first of all she would like to murder the persons in the list present within Bangladesh.
 Mutti ur Rahman Nizami's execution was protested in  front of the Bangladeshi embassy in Turkish capital Ankara
                Despite of being aware of the whole situation if our govt. thinks in contrast to the Turkeys reaction that judicial murders in the Bangladesh are the internal matter of Bangladesh than there is something black at the bottom. Especially in the way Indian Prime Minister Modi proudly confessed the role played by India in Fall of Dhaka, Pakistani protested over it and declared to take this matter into International Court and UNO but nothing was done practically.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 15 May 2016.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

American Gambit on F-16

While the negotiations for the defense deal finalized last week (according to which India-US would be able to utilize each other’s airfields), Obama administration approved the handing over of 8 F-16’s to Pakistan. Responding to the anti-Pakistan elements US govt. replied that Pakistan Air Force needs these fighter jets for operation against terrorists hiding in North Waziristan. Thus keeping in view the role played by PAF in the success of Operation Zarb-e-Azb, Obama administration considers that these 8 fighter aircrafts would be insufficient as PAF needs more fighter jets.
                On 28th April 2016, different US newspapers published from Washington DC broke the news that US Congress has rejected the deal to provide F-16’s to Pakistan because members of Congress are of the view that utilization of these jets against India cannot be ruled out. Mett Salmon member US Congress while taking part in the discussion said that tension between Pakistan and India is still present. In such situation there are the chances that Pakistan would use US provided F-16’s against India and other countries of the region. Therefore, US govt. should reevaluate her decision of providing F-16’s to Pakistan. Other members of US Parliament included in the Committee of US Foreign Ministry also supported Salmon’s stance.
Chief of Air Staff Air Marshal Sohail Aman goes  over charts with fellow pilots ahead of leading an air raid in North  Waziristan
                Here I would like to mention that before said meeting, more than 60 people lost their lives in a bomb blast that happened in a sensitive area of Kabul. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani blamed that Pakistan is not ready to take action against the terrorists active in Afghanistan that are still hiding in the tribal areas of Pakistan. This allegation of puppet Afghan govt. was followed by demand of DO MORE by Obama Administration that does not match the situation after successful operations by the Pakistan.
                US security agencies are well aware of the fact that Indian terrorist agencies active in Afghanistan are notorious for killing their own citizens in terrorist attacks in order to defame Pakistan. No matter what explanation US gives for cancellation of deal to provide F-16’s to Pakistan along with cancellation of 2 million US Dollars military aid; as the result of arresting and imprisonment of the Dr. Shakeel Afridi (who according to USA, helped CIA in the search of Osama) in jail. After this cancelation, Pakistan will have to pay 700 million dollars in order to procure these US F-16s. What is the guarantee that after payment, USA would not come in the pressure of Committee for Foreign Affairs of Senate and will not stop cancel the deal under the lame excuse that these jets might be used against India?
 Lady fighter pilots of Pakistan Air Force after  completing a mission on F-7 fighter aircraft at Operational Conversion  Unit, PAF Base, Mianwali
                In the past, we have experienced that not only USA cancelled the provision of F-16s but also charged Pakistan for parking of 28 ready F-16s on the US airbase and Pakistan was provided wheat for the remaining money. In today’s so-called modern era what worst can be done to a small country by a big so-called flag bearer of democratic values and leading world that wheat is provided for the money paid for the purchase of fighter jets?
                The reality is that Shakeel Afridi is also a lame excuse just like the old lame excuse that Pakistan might use these fighter jets against India. Has any country selling weapons to India ever felt the need that why she is buying such a huge cache of weapons and against whom these weapons would be used? Out of her neighbors like Maldives, Sir Lanka, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Bhuttan, Nepal which country is a threat to her? Is India converting herself into cache of weapons for war against China?
North Waziristan! Pakistan Air Force in aerial  action
                All Indian airfields are located near Pakistani borders and all the war preparations of India are targeted only and only against Pakistan. History witnessed that twice India attacked Pakistan under the garb of war games and twice Pakistan army not only reached on time on borders but also proved its supremacy and professionalism on the Indian army.
Pakistan Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcons
                USA is once against pushing Pakistan to increase its dependence on Nuclear weapons in order to safeguard its integrity from India. The cancellation of military aid and deal of F-16s is only to please India. If USA thinks that she will be able to utilize India against China to stop increasing Chinese influence in the Arabian sea through Gwadar Port or use India to protect US Oil Supply Line from China than USA is day dreaming. India will never take the risk of clashing with China as she still remembers the lesson taught to her by China in 1962…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 08 May 2016.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Determination of Army Chief for Completion of CPEC!!!

Indian RAW involved in destabilizing Pakistan;  says General Raheel
  The conspiracies of India in Balochistan and interference started with the division of sub continent supported by KGB, secret agency of Soviet Union. Libraries are filled with the books written on this topic. Similar tactics and propaganda was used as a weapon to fuel hatred among simple Baloch people against Pakistan, which were used after 1962 in Eastern Pakistan. Just like Bengalis’, enemy attempted to produce hatred and feeling of deprivation among Baloch people by utilizing the terms like Punjab, Punjabi Establishment, Punjabi army, Punjabi Bureaucracy and Punjabi politicians etc. so that Baloch can be brain washed to demand separation from Pakistan.
                Irony of the fate is that just like Eastern Pakistan, enemy succeeded in targeting and cultivating such tribal chiefs and feudal lords who had not only control over the resources of Baloch public but their thinking and ideology as well. They were not ready to provide the necessities of life to the public leaving aside the access to education and health facilities. They felt proud in becoming the facilitator of India in disintegration of Pakistan in the name of rights of Baloch people.
                If one wants to analyze the Indian conspiracies and interference in Balochistan province of Pakistan, it can be divided into three parts. The first part is from 1947 to 2002, in which different so-called movements in the name of rights of Baloch and Greater Balochistan continued. Sometimes, their activities decreased and sometimes they used to get the world’s attention by the terrorist activities. Increase in such terrorist activities made military operations inevitable. After military operations, the law and order situation improved. In order to ensure peace few Baloch Chiefs joined hands with the govt. and took different facilities while others took the funds in the name of development of Balochistan but never used these funds for betterment of Baloch public; they used these funds to fill their coffers. Politicians in power also got satisfied with the support of such Baloch chiefs; as they were never concerned about the problems of common person who does not have roads and transport facilities, no hospitals and health facilities, he was being kept away from education forcibly so that he remains loyal and slave to the chief. So that they think in the way, the chief wants.
In 1971, it was Mukti Bahni, now it is BLA, TTP  and their various offshoots
After 2002, the terrorism in the garb of separation movement of Balochistan started when General Pervaiz Musharraf signed the plan of construction of a unique seaport of Gwadar with China. The most important point of the plan and deal was that China herself has offered financial support for the completion of this seaport. The loan was given on very easy terms; moreover China offered to construct Coastal Highway and Indus Highway as a gift to Pakistan which was fulfilled accordingly. After 2002, few Baloch chiefs working as facilitators to Indian RAW termed this deal as an attempt to deprive Baloch from their rights. The propaganda against the Gwadar port started. On the one hand it was portrayed that Baloch would get the status of RED INDIANS due to the construction of Gwadar port while on the other hand Baloch insurgents started attacking Chinese Engineers, military installation, gas transmission lines, passenger trains and buses.
In these terrorist attacks many innocent Pakistani Baloch lost their lives. In spite of condemning this terrorism, international media termed this as a reaction of deprived Balochs and terrorists were portrayed as heroes. If one may remember there came a time when private TV Channels invited militants and gave them hours of airtime to represent their stance despite of being aware that India is hosting these traitors on self-exile in Europe.
COAS Raheel Sharif inspects progress on CPEC in  Balochistan

India provided weapons and training to the terrorists along with financial support. In the meanwhile, through pro-Indian members of US Congress, India succeeded in representing many resolutions against Pakistan in the US Congress and utilized these against Pakistan. This is a separate and long story beyond the scope of this writing that how India secured and is securing support from USA to hide her terrorist activities in the South East Asia especially Pakistan. The only reality is that Pakistan made India to lick the dust in her conspiracies regarding Balochistan.
The recent militancy started in Balochistan after China announced to construct a trade route from Xinjiang Province of China to Gwadar. The point of importance is that this unrest was not started by the elements within Balochistan but through foreign elements, which exposed Indian role. Indian Prime Minister Modi, leaving aside all the diplomatic values protested to China against the CPEC plan. When China rejected Indian protest, Modi threatened China that India will never allow CPEC to be functional. On this Army Chief of Pakistan General Raheel Shareef made it clear to India that CPEC will be completed at all costs. Raheel Shareef without any sugarcoating made it clear to the Pakistani public and world that India is not only the enemy of CPEC but also enemy of Pakistan busy in weakening and disintegrating Pakistan. General Raheel Shareef on 12 April 2016, announced at Gwadar that transportation from China via Gwadar would start this year; in this regard no one including India would be allowed to create any hurdle.
More than 13 Indian RAW Agents Arrested In  Balochistan By Pakistan
                Here it is necessary to mention that our ruling politicians take the credit of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) as it was their  party manifesto and started due to their hard work. They become dumb and do not protest on the threats by Indian Prime Minister, arrest of Indian terrorist belonging to Indian Navy Kulbhushan Yadev and his confession that he was given the target to fuel separation of Balochistan and stop the CPEC. This criminal dumbness and silence might be encouraging to India but discouraging for the nation due to which Pakistani nation is forced to look towards Pak army for the integrity and safety of the Pakistan…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 05 May 2016.