Sunday, August 17, 2014

US-Indian Plan to Pressurize Pakistan on the Basis of Mumbai Attacks..!

John Kerry finalizing details of Modi's visit to USA
               Visit of US Defense Minister had been scheduled in order to finalize the details of Narindra Modi’s visit to America and meeting with US President in September 2014. Every Indian Prime Minister’s visit to USA had some importance but American media is giving special importance to Narindra Modi’s visit in the light of situation in South Asia and developing economy of China coupled with increasing influence in the region. This also includes procuring American support for arrest of those accused for Mumbai attacks on the will of India.

                              On 1st August 2014, John Kerry and Shushna Suraj presided the last day meeting of the5th US-Indian Strategic dialogues. The joint declaration demanded Pakistan to bring those people to justive who had been accused by India for Mumbai attacks in 2008. Demands for end of terrorist networks like Al-Qaeda and Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), destruction of hideouts of terrorists and their infrastructure were repeated as well. John Kerry claimed LeT equivalent to Al-Qaeda and assured India that USA would work side by side with India for end of LeT.

               If one looks at the Kargil War; USA pressurized Pakistan to withdraw forces from a disputed area and exploited it to procure various interests from India, US President Bill Clinton visited India along with his trade envoy and signed dozens of trade and defense deals. All this was either the prize or price of US pressure over Pakistan to withdraw forces from Kargil and accept defeat diplomatically otherwise before this India used to buy weapons from Russia, Israel and few countries of Europe. After 15 years once again US govt. is preparing to pressurize Pakistan to accept Indian supremacy and cash it for big deals. That is why US Trade Minister and NASA Officials accompanied US Defense Minister as well.

               Now this is the coincidence or plan of international establishment that murderer of thousands of Muslim in Gujarat and whose enmity towards Muslims is open became the Prime Minister of India. Few years ago when Narindra Modi exploited his genocide of Muslims in Gujarat to win the elections, he was termed as PERSONA NON GRATA by USA and his US visa was cancelled as well. US community was against such a big murderer of humanity and US media also expressed emotions against him openly. After success of Modi in elections, Americans remained cautious towards Modi that is why no American representative was present in the oath taking ceremony that this might fuel Muslim hatred against USA. But when the Prime Minister of only Muslim country of the region effected by Hindu Extremism participated in this ceremony; Muslims of the region had no objection left against USA for relations with Modi. On the other hand Modi also required acceptance in USA as friend not as murderer of humanity; which was not only provided by visit of John Kerry along with higher officials but also gave lollypop of permanent seat in UN so that when Indian envoy visits New York to attend annual session of UNO they are intoxicated with the dream of permanent seat in UNO.
Indian Charge Sheet of 11000 pages had become disputed; on the basis of this fabricated charge sheet Ajmal Qasab was hanged
               Lets look at the meetings of Pakistani and Indian Prime Ministers with President Obama in September 2014, the importance of Modi’s visit is clear. American Foreign Minister had visited India and visit of Chuck Hegel is expected within few days; what kind of deals would be signed between India and USA their details are being finalized, in such situation when Indian Prime Minister would meet Obama he would have all the American support and public mandate with him. What and which type of deals have been signed during meeting; would not be mentioned. Joint declaration would consist of complaints and concerns against Pakistan and joint strategy or efforts against Pakistan; Mumbai attacks would be mentioned and promise would be renewed to punish accused of these attacks.

               In contrast to this Pakistani Prime Minister would be asked about the demands and DO MORE handed over to him last year; those concerns that Obama had shared last year would be discussed and progress on fulfilling US demands would be asked including demand for operation in North Waziristan. Probably like 2013, no joint declaration may be issued but on the end of the meeting Pakistani Prime Minister will have questions asked by Obama, progress over ban on LeT, arrest if Hafiz Saeed and Mumbai attacks would be on top of the list. No matter Pakistani PM says that Command and Control Center of terrorists had been destroyed, operation in North Waziristan is in progress, or the loss that Pakistan had to bear in US Terror war after 9/11 and end to terrorism is Pakistan’s own need; USA would not accept them. Because for USA terrorists are not those who commit suicide bomb blasts, derail trains, involved in target killing and organized commando attacks on defense installations in Pakistan (because they are all trained by US ally India), who have murdered hundreds of thousands of innocents and are enjoying protection of Afghan govt. controlled by USA and launch attacks from Afghanistan.

               America had interests linked with India and for USA terrorists are only those pointed out by India, for India every Pakistani department, organization or person who supports and talks for the innocents of Indian Held Kashmir are terrorists. As long as Mumbai attacks are concerned they are disputed from the day first; Indian local media claims that Indian army and terrorist organization RAW staged the whole drama to remove Hemant Kurkure on the one hand and launching propaganda war against Pakistan on the other hand. They have evidence to support their claims and own stories to tell in contrast to state fabricated tales. In spite of all this in order to hide her crimes in Indian Held Kashmir and avoid talks India is continuously highlighting attacks over Mumbai and USA had also joined hands with India in order to procure her interests in India and pressurize Pakistan.
Ex-Justice of Japan who rejected Indian charge sheet against Pakistan, ISI and LeT
                However after expression of dissatisfaction by an ex-Japanese Justice over Indian charge sheet against Pakistan for Mumbai attacks; USA and India had no reason left to pressurize Pakistan. India took services of Japanese Justice of International Criminal Tribunal established in Yugoslavia (who is considered as authority) to file a case against Pakistan in international tribunal for Mumbai attacks. She analyzed Indian charge sheet of 11000 pages against Pakistan for Mumbai attacks in order to take action against Pakistan for presence of criminal elements in Pakistan but she returned this charge sheet to India that only one paragraph had been included in this charge sheet against LeT. Moreover, whole charge sheet consists of excerpts from electronic and print media, statements of 2202 verbal witnesses. In the same way India accuses Pakistan army and ISI verbally but she does mention ISI and Pakistan Army in charge sheet as she does not have any evidence. It is clear that blames over Pakistan for Mumbai attacks were just for propaganda against Pakistan to defame Pakistan on international level. Pakistani Foreign Ministry and media like ever practiced criminal silence over Indian propaganda. God knows how long we will practice apathy and criminal silence over national prestige and issues…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 15 August 2014.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Success in Operation Zarb-e-Azb and New Fronts Against Pakistan…! (Part-II)

Foreign Weapons Recovered from North Waziristan
               In a press conference on 23 July 2014 at Kabul, Haseeb Siddiqui spokesperson for Afghan secret agency DNS accused that in the Taliban attack during last week at least 1053 Taliban took part 300 out of which were Pakistani. He claimed Pakistan army’s Operation Zarb-e-Azb in Northern Waziristan as fake which has been started not to crush terrorists but to mint money from USA. He claimed that before the start of the said operation Haqqani Network was facilitated to evacuate area. He blamed that 1100 Kg explosive material seized at Kabul was dispatched from Karachi via Khost Afghansitan. He said that International Community should be informed that Pakistan Army, ISI and other agencies have not changed their attitude, Haqqani Network is attacking Afghanistan with the support of Pakistan, through such terrorist attacks Pakistan army wants to procure certain privileges by pressurizing Afghan puppet govt. he further added that Pakistan had issued special instructions to local networks resisting against US imposed Afghan govt. to target important installations in Afghanistan.

               Before this USA also expressed concerns over Haqqani Network and Operation in North Waziristan. But the point that Americans could not raise openly was raised by their paid Afghan Intelligence Officer. This is the proof of frustration of US, Indian and Afghan establishments over unexpected and rapid success achieved by Pakistan army in Operation Zarb-e-Azb which was started with the peaceful evacuation of one million civilians from North Waziristan. Bitter reality is that before fabricating story and blaming Pakistan for 1100 kg explosives recovered at Kabul dispatched from Karachi, CIA and RAW did not mention or ignored that the thousands of tons of dynamite and high tech explosives or equipment which was used in remote control bomb blasts, suicide attacks, organized guerrilla attacks by terrorists and other terrorist activities was provided by which country and from which route?
Haqqani Network and Taliban leaders in White House in 1985 declared as equivalent to Founders of America
               One may remember US Secretary Defense Chuk Hegel’s lecture in Cameroon University, Oklahoma in 2011 over the situation in Afghanistan; video recording of this lecture was released in 2013 when he was given the office of US Defense Secretary. In his lecture he disclosed,
“India has been using Afghanistan as a second front against Pakistan. India has over the years financed the problems for Pakistan on the other side of the border and you can carry that into many directions”.
Above mentioned lecture of US Secretary Defense created much concerns in the international media; India also protested against it but we criminally ignored it just we did before. If Pakistani elected rulers and government had taken it seriously; India might have been pressurized to close dozens of RAW’s training and induction centers for terrorist along with the Pakistani border in the garb of Indian consulates and stop terrorism in Pakistan. Our rulers are blind in the love of India where their business estates are located but our so-called free media also remained busy in point scoring by showing the routine criminal activities within Pakistan as there was no world outside and no one busy in fabricating conspiracies against us. Rest of the part to deceive nation was being blamed by a big media group of India in Pakistan under the slogan of AMAN KI ASHA targeting Pakistan army and intelligence agencies as weakening these two important pillars of Pakistan’s defense and making them disputed in the eyes of the nation, was need of the hour.

               In the previous post I have briefly touched the strategy used by USA and her allies to weaken significant Muslim countries, fueled lawlessness, weakened their armies and later on devastated them. In order to achieve these goals CIA, MOSSAD, MI6 and other agencies of these countries continued their activities in Iraq and other target countries. However, in case of Pakistan, India and Indian RAW was given the lead role. Due to the presence of nuclear weapons, Hindu India did not dare to attack Pakistan openly however, she was given free hand to plan, and execute terrorist activities in Pakistan from Afghanistan; Indian state terrorist agencies exploited this chance with the help of few traitors within Pakistan, an Indian sponsored media group and US Black Water (terrorists available for hire). Pakistan had another unique that number of the book have been written against Pakistan, Pakistan Army, ISI and Pakistani nuclear installations in the last decade. Pakistan is the country that had been discussed in foreign propaganda as a country which if not disbanded would destroy the whole world. No one discussed ISIL, DAISH and other extremist organizations that grow like wild berries in Arab but in order to hide Western hand behind such terrorist organization Pakistan is being highlighted as the country cultivating terrorism; even now after every meeting between US-India rulers the closing remarks are about the Mumbai attacks staged by Indian RAW.

During Press Conference along with Jallalludin Haqqani, President Reagan claimed local network as American Asset
               Lets come back towards present situation; once again USA is beating the old triumphant of DO MORE, she wants to deploy all Pakistan army on Afghan border leaving the border for Indian terrorists to invade Pakistan; after the disclosure of Indian hand and links between Indian media group in Pakistan and RAW, the death of Indian created Balochistan issue is evident as public in Europe and US had known the truth so now Canada had been selected to revive this conspiracy taking the support of laws supporting freedom of expression. Here it is significant to mention that those who have launched propaganda campaign over Balochistan issue in Canada are not Baloch but Afghans under the leadership of Begum Nigah Jaan. In this signing campaign over social media for ban over Pakistan army and ISI, she also blames Pakistan as creator and supporter of Taliban and terrorism.

               Nigah Jaan belongs to Kabul and graduate of Magill University of Montreal is residing in Brossard (Quebee) Canada; she is running a signing campaign over social media, so far 1000 signatures have procured, she needs 500 more signatures after which she would present it to UNO. In this campaign Afghan local network had been claimed as important asset of Pakistan army, few terrorist attacks in Afghanistan had been mentioned as well blaming Pakistan army for all this. While blaming Pakistan for creation of Jalalludin Haqqani she forgot that US President Reagan had bestowed him with the status of forefather and savior of Americans equivalent to the founders of America and welcomed him over red carpet as the most respected guest of USA. But she had blamed ISI for his creation and blamed him as murderer of Afghans.

               In this application to Secretary General UNO, Nigah Jaan blames Pakistan for terrorism in India and Afghanistan and demands ban over Pakistan army and ISI by UNO.  Extreme of Criminal Negligence counting to treason is that Pakistani Embassy is criminally silent over this campaign as this campaign is against Pakistan army and Pak army had to defend it despite of being aware of this propaganda and fact that through such propaganda armies of Muslim country had been weakened in the past and afterwards these countries had been pushed towards the stone age leaving behind the genocide stories of Genghis Khan and Hitler. These countries were rich in minerals and fuel. Now these international bandits and dacoits have eyes over the minerals of Balochistan. Moreover, the trade route between Pak-China via Gwadar is also unacceptable to USA, India and many other powers; they were to use direct attack or power against Pakistan for their goals but for success of such an adventure it was necessary to trap Pakistan army in North Waziristan; but Allah’s plan is much greatest of all to protect Pakistan; success of Zarb-e-Azb Operation is the evidence…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 08 August 2014.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Success in Operation Zarb-e-Azb and New Fronts Against Pakistan…! (Part-I)

Weapons recovered from just one terrorist hideout in North Waziristan
               Few months ago Pakistan was besieged by the enemies; despite of repeated terrorist attacks by Tehreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP), a special group and govt. were stuck to the drama of “Peace Talks”. After every terrorist attack govt. repeated the old stance that govt. would not allow terrorists to high jack peace talks. This unserious attitude of govt. not only fueled pessimism in public but also demoraled army as well. On the one hand a propaganda war was launched against Pak Army and its Intelligence Agencies by a foreign paid media group whereas on the other hand the daily hearings of senior army officials in courts has created a strange situation. Moreover, the friendship at all costs with India under the drama of AMAN KI ASHA the propaganda to brain wash public that armed forces of Pakistan want to continue tension with India. This became the pivotal point of the propaganda of sold out Pakistani media and blaming Pakistan army for all the public problems became the favorite hobby of anchor persons. Astonishingly, in spite of condemning and unveiling foreign elements behind terrorist attacks providing training and weapons to terrorists, media started raising questions against over capability of armed forces to deal with terrorists and failure of army. Why did anyone need to raise questions over professional capability of Pakistani armed forces; I would discuss this later. Here I would like to discuss the civil wars and lawlessness going on in different Muslim countries. Before 2000, there was peace and prosperity in these countries, one could not have imagined that these countries will be destroyed and devastated just within a decade.

               Ron Paul, Senator US Congress belonging to Republican party, blamed USA and US administration for the genocide in Gaza. Just like Hilary Clinton he also claimed that American policies are responsible for civil war and increasing influence of extremists in Muslim countries. He was of the view that if US exploits  Islamic extremists against Russia and CIA exploits Osama Bin Laden for cultivating extremism in Muslim countries then it is OKAY but if Islamists come into power through public support and electoral process, they are termed as enemies and threat to USA, humanity and civilized society. Senator Ron Paul’s complaint to his govt. aside; is not this bitter reality that this is America who destroyed Libya and Iraq under the garb saving public of these countries from dictators and injecting American controlled democracy. Hundreds of thousands innocents were slaughtered for American version of democracy. Now these countries have democracy, parliament and elected govt. explained by Americans but only thing that is missing is PEACE. However, who cares about peace while oil fields are controlled by US and her allies. Were these countries so much weak that they became easy prey? Keep this in mind that America and her allies injected venom of chaos, armed forces of these nations were made disputed and weakened to such an extent that they were even not able to keep law and order situation under control, how could they had faced external aggression. If we look at the history it were Egypt, Iraq, Turkey, Iran and Pakistan whose armed forces were considered threat by Israel as they had number of trained armed personnel. Afterwards, Libya was included in this list as well.

               World witnessed how Iraq and Libya were destroyed. In the way army toppled elected Islamic government, punishing leaders and sealed Egyptian border adjacent to Gaza at the beck and call of Israel during Israeli state terrorist attacks over Gaza; the credibility of Egyptian had been lowered to Israeli subsidiary and an institute hired to protect Israeli and US interests in the region in the eyes of the public. News reports of thorough checking or removal of even shoes of US envoy is American attempt to restore the image of Egyptian army. Turk Prime Minister had mentioned conspiracies to weaken Turkey in his speeches, various times. Iranian army despite of severe disputes or differences with USA and Israel is not considered a threat; Israel and USA had only objections over the nuclear technology of Iran due to which confrontations continue.
Dollars recovered from terrorists hideouts in North Waziristan
               Only Pakistani army remains which is constant target of conspiracies. For example during last ten years attempts to prove Pakistan as a failed state and blaming Pakistan army for all the mess in the country along with terrorism targeting defense installations and soldiers. During these terrorist activities enemies left no stone unturned either to attack nuclear installations or anywhere close to these installations. But enemy had to lick the dust; if anything such like had occurred Pakistan army would have been under attack more severely as compared to foreign media. After removal of foreign funded terrorists from Swat, engaging Pakistan army in North Waziristan was the part of the plan prepared outside Pakistan. When it was realized that Pakistan army had prepared for the operation; a special media group was given the task to pave way for peace talks (whose failure was forecasted and pre-planned) with terrorists in order to lend time for terrorist to lay down mines, booby traps and dug up underground tunnels for guerilla attacks on Pakistani soldiers during operation. Our rulers entrapped in AMAN KI ASHA and on pressure of some other political parties postponed operation and lent time to terrorists. Under the command of external commanders, terrorists completed the tasks and fled to their safe heavens in Afghanistan before start of Operation Zarb-e-Azb and started preparing for big attack over Pak-Army. Commanders of terrorists had planned that Pak Army would trap into mines; during this terrorists hidden in tunnels will attack Pakistan. So Operation would prolong; while army would be engaged with well-trained terrorists or foreign trained commandoes in proper words in North Waziristan, fresh terrorists from Afghanistan would launch big attack over Pakistani (or perhaps foreign soldiers). Moreover, India would start unprovoked firing over Line of Control and blame Pak Army. But when Pakistan army started operation after evacuation of public; first target of Pak army was mines and tunnels dug by terrorists which was nothing less than a nightmare for enemies of Pakistani who planned all this. Now either this was a magic in the hands of Pak army or their professionalism that mines and tunnels proved to be a castle of sand in front of our soldiers. Moreover, the weapons, ammunition and equipment dumped by terrorists in their under hideouts and tunnels shows that they had planned to return; otherwise they had either moved it to Afghanistan as they had time and manpower to do so or destroyed them in spite of leaving it for attacking army.
PAF Jets targeting terrorist hideouts in North Waziristan
               Just like Swat the successful strategy of Pak Army in North Waziristan struck the terrorists and their foreign commanders as a thunder bolt; as a reaction on the one hand terrorist attacks from Afghanistan were intensified which have been continued despite protests of Pakistan with Afghan govt. Moreover, US govt. has also expressed concerns over Operation Zarb-e-Azb and started beating the old triumphant that Pak army should target Haqqani Network as well during operation. In such a situation when all European media is focused on the Operation Zarb-e-Azb; American can get the hair cuts of 700 terrorists through a hair dresser; how cannot they gather any information regarding Haqqani network in tribal areas of Pakistan?
To be continued…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 04 August 2014.