Monday, October 27, 2014

Launch of “Operation Khyber-I” After Success of Operation “Zarb-e-Azb”

Pak Army entering Bara in connection with Operation Khyber-I
               Pakistan is in the line of fire of international conspiracies in respect of its stability. In the East extremist Hindus have waged war in the form of unprovoked firing over Pakistani areas adjacent to border while in the West previously it was Afghanistan which has been joined by Iran as well in the unprovoked shelling over Pakistani posts with the allegation that terrorists enter from Pakistan for terrorist activities in Iran. US and Allied forces in Afghanistan and India blamed Pakistan for such activities and propaganda campaign is still going on while the irony of the fate is that Pakistan is the only country of the world that has been facing the war of terrorism for last 12 years. Army GHQ, headquarters if intelligence agencies, training centers of Pak Army, airports and convoys of armed forces all are on the target of well trained terrorists. From guest of cricket team to places of worship, educational setups, markets and even health workers involved in Polio eradication campaigns have not been spared by the terrorists. Thousands of innocent men, women, children and early have become target of terrorists while they were busy in shopping or prostrating in places of worship including soldiers of armed forces. Painful aspect is that whole game of terrorism was played in the name of imposition of Shariya and Islam. No one from Pakistan and International media questioned the source of modern weapons for terrorists pricing in billions of dollars and training of guerilla warfare to the terrorists. Whenever any big terrorist attack was carried out in Pakistan, why attitude of Pakistan’s neighbors (on both sides) and USA was praising (attackers) rather sharing sorrow of effected families? If we look in such practice than it would not take much time to identify anti-Pakistan powers.

               There is no doubt that locals were used in these terrorist activities but Master Minds planning and brain washing locals for terrorism should be asked that how many suicide bomb attacks were carried out in India or Indian Held Kashmir or why the target of these suicide attacks in Pakistan were no the places involved in spreading the vulgarity and social evils in the society? Why only innocents, scholars, teachers, educational institutions, and other govt. departments (especially LEAs) are the target of terrorists carrying out their activities in the name of Islam? Why did not they attack Indian soldiers in Indian Held Kashmir or extremist Hindus of India involved in crimes against humanity over minorities? Even now when newly elected extremist govt. of India is working on the plan to neutralize the Muslim majority in Indian Held Kashmir by inhabiting extremist Hindu goons under the garb of Hindu Pundits and closing doors of education over Kashmiri students by torture over Kashmiri students studying in different Indian universities or colleges, why did not proponents of Islam known as TTP (Tehreek Taliban Pakistan) have not issued even any statement to condemn such practice of Hindu extremist govt.? This is an undeniable fact that target killing in Pakistan through BLA terrorists or Baloch insurgents have the support of only and only India with the approval of USA. But the time came when it became inevitable for Pakistan to take action against terrorists; playgrounds have been already deserted due to terrorism while increasing diseases due to attacks over health workers have increased problems of Pakistanis willing to travel abroad.
SSP Special Branch showing weapons recovered from terrorists
               Pakistan army launched operation against terrorists in North Waziristan with the full support of nation and with the day first of the operation the success of the operation was clearly predictable. Majority of the terrorists fled to Afghanistan to take refuge from their master minds and supporters while other tried to evacuate from the area in the garb of internally displaced persons in which many would have succeeded as government’s policy for negotiations borrowed them time to find hide outs in other cities of Pakistan but with the start of operation they lost their headquarters and means of coordination and communication. In such a state of pessimism they carried out terrorist activities in big cities of Pakistan targeting Vice Chancellors of different universities, renowned doctors, scholars and religious figures despite of being aware that it would not be possible for them to establish a stronghold in Pakistan, however, in order to pressurize govt. the series of terrorist activities was carried out. The policy of Pak army for operation based upon the protection of local population at all costs divided terrorists in different groups which is evidence that they have lost capability to carry out any well coordinated terrorist activity.

               Although the back of terrorists have been broken but this does not mean that Pakistan had been cleaned of all the terrorists. There is probability that in the near future Pakistan may have to face terrorist activities under the garb sectarianism which is a part of the plan to push Pakistan in sectarian warfare or to realize their presence. Chief of Army had already made it clear that after operation against terrorists in North Waziristan they would be chased and crushed everywhere in Pakistan. Perhaps this is the basis of Operation Khyber-I launched on 17 October 2014; on the first day of start of this operation Commander Mualim of terrorists had surrendered while dozens of terrorists have been killed including the son of the Mangal Bagh. Important element of the operation is the evacuation of the locals to safe places that consisted of more than 200 families. The made and amount of modern and lethal weapons seized by the Pak army in Khyber like North Waziristan tells the story of heavy investment of enemy against Pakistan.
The make and number of weapons shows the heavy investment for terrorism in Pakistan
               The operation against terrorist in North Waziristan is in its final steps. The start of Operation Khyber-I clearly means that Pak army does not expect any resistance from terrorists in North Waziristan and will not allow terrorists to take shelter anywhere in Pakistan. Here the question of grave importance arises, is the civil administration of these areas to take up its duties after clearing the area from terrorists or here Pak army will have to take responsibilities as well just like Swat? Indian aggressive policy and unprovoked shelling over border, increasing border disputes with Iran and routine attacks of Afghan forces over Pakistani military check posts and civilians; all these developments demand that Pak army shall give full attention to improve its professional capability. It is only possible when political rulers get out of their race for power and give attention to the problems of the public, give preference to national interests over their trade and personal interests. Here ruling party wastes its energy in extending its time in power while opposition wastes its energies to topple the govt. No one cares about the problems of the public; in the light of increasing inflation, unemployment, lawlessness and poor law and order situation it seems there is nothing known as govt. existent in Pakistan. All this gives hope to terrorists and their foreign master minds and they may repeat target killing and terrorism even on small scale. In order to tackle this situation govt. should chalk out a comprehensive policy against terrorists and decrease the problems being faced by the public so that unemployed youth does not fall prey to the terrorists. Our electronic media should spare few minutes out of their talk shows for political parties and unveil those faces playing in the hands of enemy…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 24 October 2014.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Increasing Hindu Extremism in India at Alarming Level is the Real Concern!!!

UN Observers visiting the houses destroyed in Sialkot due to Indian shelling
            When USA expresses concerns over cancellation of Pak-India meeting scheduled to be held on 25th August 2014 and current tension between both countries she actually supports India; it is astonishing that a country having the biggest spy network of the world and having keen eye over situation in South Asia in order to protect her interests but she is unaware of the ground realities? It is no more a secret for the whole world that what is the purpose behind unprovoked firing and shelling by Indian forces over LoC since 01 October 2014? Pakistanis engulfed by the internal chaos may not be aware of all these developments over the border but the election campaign of BJP and its ally RSS solely depends upon the tension over Pak-India border and unprovoked firing over the Pak-India border is an attempt to get the attention of extremist Hindu voters to win the election going to be held in Maharashtra and Haryana and very soon in rest of India.
            Western and American defense analysts are aware that Modi has adopted cheap way to secure support of Hindu extremists by creating a war like situation over borders with Pakistan just like he did few months ago in the Central elections. Promises were made to defeat Pakistan and capture Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan. In the way Indian media reacted over the reciprocal firing by Pak army and discussions by ex-Indian Generals over talk-shows was all part of Modi and his party’s election campaign, as the voting day drew near the violations by Indian army over LoC increased and were gradually extended towards the unprovoked shelling over International border. While threatening to crush and break apart Pakistan in his speeches, Modi said that Indian army has been empowered to teach a lesson to Pakistan without seeking permission or decision of Central govt. so that Pakistan did not dare to fire across the LoC again. During current election campaign Hindu Extremists are being told that automatic firing system controlled by a computer is being installed over the border which will automatically target Pakistani check posts with 100% accuracy. Indian voters were told that in order to buy 769 controlling computers for automatic firing system a big amount in the budget has been allocated. Indian army soldiers especially those belonging to BSF (Border Security Forces) are being trained for this system.
A house destroyed in unprovoked Indian shelling
            What does this mean that whenever there will be Central or Provincial elections in India, Pakistani will be utilized as a punching bag? The alarming factor is the criminal silence of our rulers over the unprovoked firing by Hindus over LoC resulting in the loss of the civilians. Whether it is Congress claiming to be secular or BJP and RSS extremist Hindus in power in India; Indian attitude against Pakistan remains same. The stance of extremist Modi towards Pakistan had been openly published in the report of Reuters published on 13 October 2014 in which it has been unveiled that Indian Prime Minister has ordered Indian army to hurt and harm Pakistan to the maximum level. That is why after unprovoked shelling by Indian army, in a rally Modi said that see how enemy (Pakistan) is crying; enemy has been told that time has changed and old routine will not be tolerated anymore. According to Reuters this was one of the biggest skirmish or unprovoked firing by Indian army in Jammu and Kashmir Sector since last few decades. Moreover, report discloses that after Modi came into power the patrolling over LoC have been increased. Modi wants to realize this to Pakistan army that India is superior to Pakistan and before taking any reciprocal steps against India, Pakistan army should consider the results. An important question that rises here, “Is the Modi’s Foreign Policy based upon enmity against Pakistan in fact practicable”? Is not extremist Hindu Prime Minister of India pushing the whole world towards World War-III or the region to some big nuclear mishap?

            This is the duty of our rulers and Foreign Ministry to think over these questions, whose (criminal) silence towards India is not coming to end. With the elections in Maharashtra and Haryana on 15 October, Indian guns over Pakistani borders will be silenced temporarily but Indian media will further its anti-Pakistan propaganda. In the way Indian media is furthering the propaganda against Pakistan, it seems that Pakistan’s wish for a peaceful environment between both countries would remain a dream. The sentence said by Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Nawaz Sharif in an interview to The Telegraph on 23 August 2014 in London, “If Pakistan is to prosper, we must stop bashing India” is on the record but now Pakistani PM should have learned that in reaction to his gesture of friendship India has only accuses, conspiracies, threats, unprovoked firing over LoC and International Border. India will continue her conspiracies and anti-Pakistan policies and we Pakistanis will perhaps keep our heads bowed, practicing silence as a policy in order to please India.
A house destroyed in AJK due to state terrorism of Indian forces
            Whether it is Indian Foreign or Interior Minister, they give statements against Pakistan 3 times a day containing only threats and warnings. In his address at Srinagar, Indian Defense Minister accused Pakistan army for firing over LoC and claimed that working relations between India and Pakistan are conditioned with the good attitude across the border (i.e. silence of Pakistan army over unprovoked Indian shelling targeting innocent citizens in correct words). He further said that Pakistan army wants to continue tension over LoC; before this, firing over LoC had been done many times but situation became peaceful within few however, this time it has been prolonged. He said that Pakistan wants to keep situation over the LoC intense so that Pakistan can infiltrate armed personnel into Indian Held Kashmir.

            Ground reality is that whether it is mortar shelling and firing over LoC or Working Boundary Indian army along with BSF is the first to violate the ceasefire; giving a befitting reply to unprovoked Indian firing over Pakistani areas is the duty of the defenders of the borders for which Punjab Rangers reacts over the Indian aggressive firing not the Pak Army. It does not matter for Indian extremists that whether soldiers of Pak Rangers or the civilians are affected by the Indian shelling. But while reacting to the Indian unprovoked shelling Pakistani troops have to practice care in order to protect the civilians residing across the LoC as they are the innocent Kashmiri Muslim fighting for their right of freedom since last three generations. Just like as the protection and care of civilians in Pakistan, it is also the duty of the Pakistani forces to take care and minimize the losses of civilians across the border which is properly observed by Pakistan Rangers. Indian media continues propaganda against Pakistan in accordance with Indian policy but Pakistani media shows a criminal silence. The loss of lives, internal displacement of residents of border areas, complete or partial destruction of houses, loss of cattle and crops can be compared only to the loss of civilians in 1965 or 1971 war. Why do not we take practical steps against unprovoked Indian firing besides just issuing oral statements condemning state terrorism of India? Why Pakistani embassies present in the whole world are not activated against state terrorism of  India over LoC and Pakistani borders?
Hindu extremists burning pictures of Mr Nawaz Sharif and Pakistani flag in front of Pakistani embassy in New Delhi
            Whether it is Indian Congress or extremist BJP; their election campaigns have been converted into a hatred movement against Pakistan which has become an integral part of Indian elections. Propaganda against Pakistan in India is evergreen but one year ahead of the elections, as the election campaign starts, the propaganda against Pakistan increases manifolds as well for which Pak army, ISI and freedom movements in Kashmir are important topics. If we look at the history, the unprovoked firing by Hindu extremist army started 4 months before every Indian election and continued till the date of election. But after Modi’s election Hindu extremist army is shelling civilian residents of Pakistan with mortar shells and heavy machineguns either for the elections or this foundation had been laid for the future. This state terrorism is not only a threat for Pakistanis living near the border but for the peace of the region as well. At this time more than 120 schools have been closed, 40000 persons have been forced to evacuate the area; in the wake of such undeclared war by India it is the duty of every Pakistani to protest against state terrorism of India besides celebrating the Noble Prize given to Malala…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 17th October 2014.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Peaceful Resolution of “Kashmir Dispute” is not Only the Duty of UNO but Moral Responsibility of International Community as Well!

LoC in Kashmir; Unprovoked Firing had become a Routine by Indians

               The reminder of Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif regarding solution of Kashmir Dispute in 69th Annual Meeting of UNO has created a storm in India. From extremist parties like RSS and BJP to Indian opposition party Congress and Indian media; a wave of anti-Pakistan propaganda had been observed. India has raised a large hue and cry as Pakistan had attacked and captured some part of India. Pakistani PM had only reminded world that there is a historical dispute in UNO that needs to be resolved; which has been cause of various wars between India and Pakistan. Now, when both countries are armed with nuclear weapons; any misadventure or skirmish by India to pressurize Pakistan might lead to dreadful nuclear war. India has several times accepted Kashmir dispute as “Core Issue” between India and Pakistan and realizes that Kashmir Dispute is the reason behind unending tension between both countries. India or Narendra Modi was no expecting that Pakistan would raise Kashmir Dispute on the forum of UNO and that is why when Modi addressed the session in UNO he claimed Kashmir as dispute between two countries that should be resolved under the Simla Agreement.

               On the one hand India claims Kashmir as a dispute between two countries but on the other hand during negotiations between both countries India wants to discuss bilateral trade only and not ready to discuss Kashmir Dispute. Not only this Modi blamed Pakistan for not showing seriousness to resolve the Kashmir dispute while telling lie Hindu Prime Minister forgot that the scheduled meeting of Foreign Secretaries on 25th August 2014 was cancelled by India. The excuse for cancellation of the meeting was that on 19th August 2014, Pakistani High Commissioner to India met with leaders of Kashmiri Huriyat Conference and this was blamed by India as a conspiracy against Indian integrity and a case was filed against Pakistani High Commissioner. It is a clear fact that India had herself accepted in UNO that Kashmir is not a part of India so leaders of Kashmir Huriyat Conference are not separatists; they just want their right to decide under the UNO resolutions that whether Kashmiri people want to live independent, join India or Pakistan. India is not ready to give Kashmiris their right but she wants to suppress Kashmiri people struggle for their rights through state terrorism and human rights violations of Indian army. India does not respect the “Commitment” given by Nehru on the forum of UNO, in which in response to the resolution in UNO he had promised to give Kashmiri People a chance to decide their fate.

               Pakistani Prime Minister’s visit to India on the occasion of Oath Taking Ceremony of Modi, ignoring Modi’s anti-Muslim history, extremism and enmity against Pakistan along with refraining from meeting with Kashmiri leadership, was taken by India that Pakistan had stepped down from Kashmir dispute either due to the fear of extremist Indian govt. or being impressed by so called development in India. In fact Pakistani PM’s visit was to end tension between both countries, improving relations between two countries and as a gesture of good wishes to a neighbor. How is this possible that Pakistan steps down from its stance over Kashmir Dispute? This is the mistake of India that she took wrong meaning of Pakistan’s good wishes; afterwards she reacted over meeting of Pakistani High Commissioner with Kashmiri leadership in such a way that she ignored all the diplomatic values and sent a message to the world that India is not ready to live in peace with its neighbors by cancelling Foreign Secretaries Meeting which were to be held after a long delay. Environment was in favor of the negotiations, all the preparations were made and after a long time signs of improvement of relations between both countries have been seen.
Indian Propaganda against Pakistan despite of unprovoked firing by Indians
               In the intoxication of his victory, Modi forgot that Kashmir is a dispute between two nuclear powers; he may become hero in the eyes of his supporters and voters by temporarily ignoring Kashmir dispute but it will not be possible for  him to ignore it for long time. Mr. Modi would learn soon that by cancelling negotiations with Pakistan he has created a mess for himself; he will have to give up stubbornness and come to negotiations because Indian stubbornness have not been welcomed on the international level and Mr. Nawaz Sharif made it clear in his address to UNO that friendly environment between India and Pakistan is linked with the peaceful solution of Kashmir Dispute. India was expecting that Pakistani PM would not discuss Kashmir dispute in his address to UN session as he did during his speech on the occasion of the Oath Taking Ceremony of Modi. However, when Mr. Sharif did not fulfill the Indian hopes, not only Indian  rulers but Indian Diplomats were also frustrated as well. On the one hand India tried to defame Mr. Sharif in Pakistan and make him disputed by staging rallies in favor of Mr. Sharif by RSS and other extremist Hindu parties and on the other hand representative of NDTV succeeded in getting this statement by Sartaj Aziz, an important advisor of Pakistani PM;
               “Pakistani High Commissioner’s meeting with Kashmiri Leadership was ill-timed and affected Secretary Level Engagements”.
NDTV Representative interviewing Sartaj Aziz
               Above mentined sentence appeared as Headlines in Indian Media; following Indian media few newspapers and columnists in Pakistan also made it a topic for discussion. NDTV representative baked another hypothesis that discussing Kashmir Dispute in UNO was an attempt by Nawaz Sharif to improve relations between Pakistan army and ruling party. On the basis of this hypothesis a new discussion was started in Indian media that either stance of ruling party of Pakistan is same in which Sartaj Aziz had pointed out or as few Pakistani politicians and Ministers had already said that Pak army is the biggest hurdle in the way of improvement of relations with India. But due to the pressure of protests in Islamabad, Pakistan’s ruling party was forced set aside the will to enhance relations with India by ignoring Kashmir and focus on improvement of relations with Pak Army. Through such propaganda India is trying to blame Pakistan for cancellation Secretary Level meetings scheduled on 25th August 2014.

               On the other hand Indian army is continuously violation ceasefire over LoC and Workin Boundary by unprovoked firing of Mortar Shells and Heavy Machine Guns. What does India want? Does she wants to divert the attention of Indian public from advance of Chinese troops in Ledakh disputed territory, capture of a vast area and retreat of Indian troops present in the area due to which Modi govt. had to face fierce criticism or India is hatching some big conspiracy or misadventure?

               Not only the guns are hot but threatening statements are also being issued from Indian side. Despite of evidence of loss of human lives, damage to property and deaths of cattle in the Pakistani area adjacent to Indian boundary; Indian propaganda machinery is blaming Pakistan for unprovoked firing. Indian Interior Minister had issued statement that Pakistan should abstain from testing patience of India. Indian forces have been clearly ordered to not to hoist White flags during the shelling because this is the time to fire bullet in response to bullet. Indian Interior Minister blamed that Pakistani Rangers are trying to push Pakistani Mujahedeen into Indian territory under the cover of shelling and Pakistan had started an undercover war against India. If India patience is over then Pakistan will not be given a chance to retreat.
Heirs of father and son who died in unprovoked Indian shelling in Sialkot Sector
               Prima Facie Indian Interior Minister’s statement would taken as a threat of war against Pakistan. Perhaps this was why on 6th October 2014 when Pakistanis were celebrating Eid, White House issued concerns over tension between India and Pakistan over the boundary but USA did not clarify it that who is responsible for tension over border in her eyes? India has the American support otherwise the ground realities are in front of the world. From last half decade in spite of resolving the Kashmir dispute India had wasted time in the name of fruitless negotiations. During this various wars had been fought between both countries. India is openly involved in terrorism in Balochistan, target killing, bomb blasts and suicide attacks in Pakistan. Although before the fall of Soviet Union, India had full support of Moscow but after 9/11 when American priorities changed, India got the support of USA as well to weaken and disintegrate Pakistan but Kashmir dispute still remains unresolved. Here is a problem with our foreign funded media as well; in 24 hours of Indian private or govt. media channels there are at least 2 hours fixed for propaganda and hatching enmity in the hearts of Indian public against Pakistan; if they cannot find any special topic to discuss they would present a fabricated documentary while in Pakistani media breaking news would be about Indian actors and actresses and their lifestyle etc…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 10 October 2014.