Monday, October 15, 2018

“Indian Occupation of Kashmir” Worst Tragedy of the Modern Era!

Indian Army Barbarism & Human Rights Violations in occupied Kashmir...  Young Kashmiri lady Riffat died of cardiac attack when her brother was ruthlessly beaten by the brute Indian army at Aeshmuji, Kulgam

                A few days ago Riffat of Kulgam, Indian Held Kashmir lost her life while trying to free her brother, student of matric class. Her neighbors tried to help her, but these few women failed to free her brother from hundreds of armed Indian terrorists. Indian soldiers started beating the brother of Riffat on the road. Riffat got hysterical, other women also begged to Indian soldiers to let the young boy go. In order to hurt these women, Indian soldiers beat tortured the boy who has already fainted; Riffat could not bear all this, she fell on the ground and lost her life. Terrorist Indian soldiers were not concerned that who has died or who is crying. The crime of the Riffat’s brother was that he was involved in pelting the stones on Hindu soldiers along with other boys. A few moments ago a Kashmiri youngster was shot dead because he challenged Indian terrorists to shoot him. In order to control the protests due to the death of the youngster, Indian soldiers started aerial firing to spread the fear. Despite all this, Indian youngsters continued their protests and revolted to stone pelting. In such a street, Indian soldiers chased Kashmiri youngsters who aged in between 12-15, they caught Riffat’s brother, who in spite of running hid behind her elder sister. The whole action of snatching him from RIffat, torture on the youngster and death of Riffat all this was recorded in the mobile phone by a Kashmiri women standing on the roof of the nearby home.
Children in Indian occupied Kashmir are the biggest victims of Indian aggression. PelletVictims of 3 to 10 years age are suffering from a slew of mental disorders because of continuing Indian brutalities.

                Internet service is down in the Indian Held Kashmir. In order to stop the videos of Indian torture spreading/sharing over the social media, Indian army, Border Security Force, State Police, and secret agencies of India, search the mobile phone data of the Kashmiris that whether any videos of inhuman acts of Indian army and torture are not present. If any such clips are found in the mobile, he is arrested under allegations of being terrorist or facilitator of terrorists.
                According to Kashmir Media service, just in the month of September 2018, more than hundred Kashmiri youngsters were arrested for having videos of Indian army’s tortures. Even the school bags of children are searched. Despite all such strictness, the evidence of Indian tortures is leaked out of Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) in other cities of India. From there, these videos are shared over the social media.

                Such like violent tragedy happened on 17 September 2017, in Srinagar, where Indian soldiers killed an 11-year-old Nasir Ahmed Qazi was fired various cartridges of pellet guns. The killing of the child was recorded by a Kashmiri in his mobile, it was clear in the video that colleague of the Indian state terrorist is instigating him to fire on the child. When the dead body of Nasir reached his home, his body was full of pellets. The video of the murder of Nasir was leaked out after one year of his death, this made his parents, siblings, and neighbors sad again.
Indian Occupation Terrorizing Kashmiri kids and then asking why they hate Indian

                No torture has been left that has not been done in the IHK by the so-called professional terrorist army of India on the unarmed Kashmiris. Rape, for which Indian soldiers should have court-martialed is being utilized as a weapon by Indian soldiers against Kashmiris. This was disclosed by the Human Rights Commission in its June 2018 report that Indian army is using torture and violations of human rights as a weapon against Kashmiris. Especially, rapes and gang rapes of women are being used as a weapon to crush the freedom movement.
                During the meeting of Security Council of UNO, the representatives of UNO could not control their sentiments and started weeping when they presented the report that Indian State Terrorists has raped or gang raped more than 10000, Kashmiri women, and children, including child aging 7 years to 70 years elderly women. When the representative of UNO wept while representing the report, this was actually mourning over the dead silence of International Community which has closed its eyes and ears over Indian war crimes. Coward Indian soldiers have started raping Kashmiri male youngsters as well, they are taken to the jungle, raped and recorded, than freed saying that if he again took part in the freedom protest his video will be shared over the social media.
At least five rounds of funeral prayers Asif Nazir Dar who was shot dead by Indian forces in Naseem Bagh area of Srinagar. Thousands of people from nearby and far-off villages reached Panzgam to participate in the funeral prayers with AZADI slogans.

                Indian army has martyred more than 100,000 Kashmiris. The tortures have reached its peak in the last two years. As the state terrorism is increasing, the freedom movement is also increasing in its momentum. The need of the hour is that we should stand by the Kashmiris and condemn Indian state terrorism. We should bring forward the atrocities commited by the Indian soldiers against kashmirs and Indian war crimes to the civilzed nations claiming to be torch bearers of human rights and democracy that kashmiris are demanding the right of freedom, the right to decide their own fate as guaranteed by the resolutions of UNO and accepted by India…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 11 October 2018.


Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Indian "GAO MAATA's" Roars in the UN Security Council!

While addressing the annual meeting of Securit Council of UNO, Indian Foreign Minister Sushmeeta Swaraj mentioning Pakistani politicians said that have they ever thought that Pakistan and India got freedom together. But India is now identified as IT superpower while Pakistan is identified as a terrorist group. The only reason is that despite facing Pakistani terrorism India never ignored her economy and internal problems as well. She said that during the 7 decades different parties came to power but they continued the process of development and safeguarding the public. India established institutes of IT and Management but what did Pakistan establish, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish Muhammad, Haqqani Network and Hizbul Mujahideen and safe havens for terrorists. India trained scientists, engineers, doctors but what did you train Pakistanis? You trained Jihadis, doctors save the lives of dying people while Jihadis kill the living persons. Your created terrorists are not killing the people of India but of Afghanistan and Bangladesh as well. The role of Pakistan in terrorism can be understood from this that Pakistan has to give clarifications to three countries. She said that she would like to say that the money that Pakistan is spending on terrorism should be spent on the people of Pakistan, in this way Pakistan will develop, World will get rid of terrorism and Pakistani politicians will get respect in the public.

                Indian Foreign Minister notorious for her hatred against Islam, Pakistan, and Muslim, exploited all the time given to India for expressing her hatred. While delivering speech in the Hindi she got so much emotional that BJP activists got worried that Sushmita Devi may claim that Mohin Bhagwat, Shankar Chariya Panday, Aseem Chir Jee, Sunil Doshi, Ramesh Opoy, Colonel Purohit, Sadhvi and other Hindu extremists involved in the terrorism and bomb blasts were all trained by Lashkar e Taiba; Hafiz Saeed had sent them to India after training them in the terrorist training camps for killing their own citizens in bomb blasts and terrorism so that Pakistan maybe proved a terrorist state.

                The persons involved in the burning for Samjhota Express to bomb blasts there was not a single common man involved but all were Indian Military Officers, the on-duty officer of Indian Military Intelligence, retired officers, leaders of extremist Hindu parties like Bajrang Dal and RSS. However, Sushmita Devi forgot about the Kulbhushan Yadav, state terrorist of India, living evidence of terrorism in the world arrested in Pakistan. The report issued by the UNO first time in the last years in June 2018 on the violations of Human Rights in Indian Held Kashmir was against the Pakistan army, which was mistakenly considered by the world against the Indian army. She should have said few sentences about the more than 150 deaths in few weeks and told the audience that what was the number of underage children and women killed as a result of firing by the occupying forces. What is the ratio of children out of 6000 who lost their eyesight due to the fire of pellet guns, the world would have easily understood that which is the terrorist country?

                She forgot that in 1947 when India came freedom from British rule in 1947, Pakistan was born as a new country based upon the Two Nations Theory. In the way Extremist Hindus have made lives of minorities miserable, many nations are now demanding freedom from India on the basis of Two Nations Theory; Sikhs have gone much far in this regard. However, the recently reported problem in UNO is the GAO MATA (HolyMother Cow), worshipped in India, these cows are often seen wandering over the busy roads in India causing thousands of severe accidents.

                An Indian NGO, created a video based on the clips of CCTV camera footages from District Administration and Police showing the attacks of  Gao Matas on motorcyclists, vehicles etc. and the number of deaths due to these accidents. This video was presented in the UNO meeting and distributed among the participating envoys, demanding that for the sake of protection of Indian Public cows should be kept in control and not allowed to wander freely. After BJP’s coming into power, extremist Hindus have left these cows uncontrollable; according to the new law no one can beat or stop these Holy Cows. At the time when Sushmita Swarajwas telling Pakistanis about the development of India; a mob of Hindu terrorist was beating two Muslim Brothers with iron rods on the open road. These two brothers were carrying their own cow in a minitruck to sell it in the market. One of the brothers succumbed to the torture of Hindu extremists and died on the spot. The video of torture a Muslim to death was proudly recorded by extremist Hindu scientists, doctors and engineers and uploaded over the social media as an evidence of the development of India. In this video, extremists can be easily identified but there is no one to arrest or stop these Hindu terrorists for killing a Muslim inferior to a cow…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 05 October 2018.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Indian Disputes with the Neighbors and the Future of SAARC

                After few weeks 20th meeting of South Asian Cooperation Organization SAARC is going to be held at Sri Lanka as per schedule. In 2016, the SAARC meeting was to be held at Islamabad, however, India boycotted it and Bangladesh also supported India by boycotting the same. It was not possible for Nepal, Bhutan and Maldives to participate in this meeting, especially after Indian threatening attitude and statements. Afghanistan is already in the clutches of India. After the boycott by India followed by the Bangladesh and Afghanistan and the excuse from Maldives, Bhutan, and Nepal, cancellation of SAARC meeting by Sri Lanka and Pakistan was inevitable. India boycotted SAARC meeting under the excuse of stage Uri attack for which India had failed to prove her allegations over Pakistan. In order to support her allegations against Pakistan, India fabricated the story of surgical strikes at five different areas of Azad Kashmir. Although, liberal anchors and intellectuals supported Indian claims but the questions raised by the Indian media, evidence demanded by the Indian Opposition, the analysis of the retired Indian Generals that Indian army does not have the capability for surgical strikes in the dark of night, negated the Indian claims. Moreover, the visit arranged by the ISPR for the representatives of International media to visit those areas where according to Indians, surgical strikes were done, negated Indian propaganda. After the failed drama of surgical strikes, it is evident that India herself staged the Uri attack.

                Afterward, when the situation improved, Pakistan started the diplomatic efforts that 2018 SAARC meeting should be held in Pakistan in spite of Sri Lanka, in this regard all the member countries of SAARC were contacted so that they may influence Indians to visit Pakistan. Sri Lanka had no objection, according to International media reports Nepal and Bhutan were also in favor of Pakistan. The goal was to diffuse the tension between two nuclear states, but India ruled by Extremist Hindu Party BJP who came into power through the votes of Extremist Hindus due to their enmity against Pakistan and capture of Indian Held Kashmir (IHK); the political future of Hindu Extremist Party depends upon the hateful decisions against Pakistan in order to save her face in the Extremist Hindus. On the other hand, continuing the capture of IHK has become a great problem for Hindu India and the Hindu army. The increasing torture of Hindu Extremist Army over the peaceful freedom movement of Kashmiris is being considered as the anger and violence of the Indian army which is not baseless.

                In the meanwhile, all of a sudden on 08 September 2018, P.K. Sharma Prime Minister of Nepal suddenly order his army not to participate in the war games that were to be held over the border with the Indian army. This order was issued before the departure of the Nepalese troops while they had been ready to leave for Puna and Nepal has also informed India in this regard. Indian has attempted to revive the dead horse of Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC) that was established in 1997 and now the first joint military exercise was to be held. These war games were decided by Narendra Modi after discussions with the heads of member countries in Juen 2018. The painful aspect of Indian Hindu extremism and imperialism, that Nepal is the second Hindu state of the region that is always afraid of Indian imperialist designs. The decision of Nepal to stay away from the military exercise created worst pressure for Modi govt.

Nepal army chief Purna Chandra Thapa declines Indian Army's invite to attend BIMSTEC Conclave

Nepal refuses to participate in first bimstec joint military exercise
                In the meanwhile, the announcement of Indian Foreign Minister to hold the meeting with his Pakistani counterpart on the meeting of General Assembly of UNO and on the second day declining to meet Pakistani Foreign Minister under the traditional lame excuses has further secluded India. Under these fabricated allegations, India wanted to make a deal so that Pakistan does not raise the torture, killings, and atrocities of extremist Hindu army in the IHK, which is not possible to ignore due to the situation in IHK for the newly elected govt. of Pakistan. It is also impossible for Modi establishment as well to leave anti-Pakistan stance right before the elections and come to the negotiations giving a friendly gesture.

                As long as the SAARC meeting is concerned, it seems that it will not be held as well neither in Pakistan nor in Sri Lanka. In such  situation being faced by Modi on internal as well as external fronts, it is the need of the hour to stay vigilant to Hindu India, as Indian secret agencies may revolt to a big terrorist attack within India or attack / unprovoked shelling over LoC (Line of Control) resulting in the civil casualties of Kashmiris of Azad Kashmir.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 27 September 2018.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Afghanistan! Bearing the Brunt of The American Failures!

Trump's ''Brand-New'' but Same-Old Strategy in Afghanistan

                After taking oath as American President, Donald Trump declared the new policy for Afghanistan. This has nothing to do with the development of Afghanistan, there were only claims that no peace talks or negotiations would be held with the Taliban but they will be crushed brutally. Trump’s silence over the Afghan issue for a long created rumors and concerns except for Taliban who was not concerned about the American policy except their demand that America should give a firm “time frame” for withdrawal of troops. On the other hand, the Afghan govt. was busy in corruption and minting money so they were not willing to let Americans leave Afghanistan. Majority of American defense analysts were of the view that Trump would decide to withdraw the few thousand soldiers present in Afghanistan as he had promised in his election campaign.
''US Afghan-policy''- Trump basically promised to accept nothing less than total victory

                On the night of 21 August, Trump started with these words at Camp David that If American soldiers are pulled out of Afghanistan, Al-Qaeda and ISIS would establish their stronghold in Afghanistan as it was before the 9/11 and become a great threat to America. He said that he will not repeat the mistake of the previous Presidents i.e. withdrawal of troops from Iraq. He continued the tradition of blaming Pakistan and warned Pakistan talking about the so-called strongholds of terrorists. Moreover, Trump announced to send more troops to Afghanistan for the restoration of peace and crushing the Taliban.

                Pakistan rejected the Trump’s Afghan Policy saying that Trump was speaking the language of the India and Indian interests. That is why in the scenario of Afghanistan, Pakistan was presented as a villain. All the sacrifices of Pakistan in the American War on Terror were ignored. Trump’s appreciation of Indian role in Afghanistan made it clear that America is not serious in Peace in Afghanistan. World expressed concerns over the Trump’s policy of sending of more American troops that it will not bear any fruit. However, Trump transferred 5000 American soldiers from Iraq to Afghanistan and provided 4 latest warplanes to prove that he is serious in executing his policy.
These US Troops Were Killed In Combat During Trump's First Year In Office

                After the arrival of new troops, the number of American troops in Afghanistan has risen up to 14000, they have 350000 Afghan soldiers trained for war against Taliban by spending 6 billion dollars annually on their training. Americans were hopeful that increased number of American soldiers along with trained Afghan soldiers would be able to crush Taliban and the peace would be restored according to the Trump’s policy and Taliban would be crushed. However, the grounds result show that the deaths of Americans have increased. American soldiers are not being killed by Taliban but by the American and Indian trained Afghan soldiers. Only in the months of Oct-Nov 2017, 11 American soldiers were killed by Afghan soldiers while many were injured. Astonishingly, the majority of the Afghan soldiers killing Americans were those who were selected through strict scrutiny and trained for two years at different US military academies.
War in Afghanistan... Trump's speech relieves some Afghans, but to others, 'it means more war, destruction' - The Washington Post

                As a result of American policy to crush the Taliban, the Taliban also changed their strategy to show their presence. They started selected any important city of Afghanistan, attacked it with few hundred armed persons, destroyed state assets, attacked prisons to free Taliban imprisoned there, looted weapons and ammunition, military vehicles and vanished away before American air support arrived in the area. They also increased their activities in Kabul. In this way, they not only forced the Afghan army but Americans as well to be limited to Bigram Airbase or such like 4 cantonments in Afghanistan. As a result of new Taliban, strategy Americans left rest of Afghanistan on the mercy of Taliban protecting few big cities like Kabul, Qandahar, and Herat etc. In this way Taliban got a chance to capture any city temporarily, making the citizens of the city realize that they are their real saviors. Moreover, the American NGOs working to change traditional Afghan into modern Afghans also reaped negative results for American interests in Afghanistan.

Especially the presence of India in Afghanistan that has been criticized by the majority of American diplomats and Retired Generals that India is working against the American interests. However, America wants to pressurize Pakistan by blaming Pakistan for all the American failures to support the extended stay of America in Afghanistan. This is not possible; Pakistan is not ready to be exploited by America.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 20 September 2018. 

Monday, September 17, 2018

Hypothesis Regarding 1965 War!

Indian Prisoners of War (POWs) captured during 1965 war participating in the three-legged race in a POW camp

                Look at the history of wars it is evident that whenever an enemy attacks another country its targets are clear. In 1965 when India attacked Pakistan she had two major targets. First, the rapidly developing economy of Pakistan had become a milestone for other Far East and Asian countries. Including South Korea, many countries were requesting support of Pakistani economists from Pakistan attracted by the 5 years Development Plans of Pakistan. The National Air Line of Pakistan i.e. PIA had become famous. Many other countries were requesting cooperation for establishing their air lies. In the other words, the strong economy was making Pakistan stronger. India had not only considered this a threat to her. Within 18 years of independence on the basis of Two Nations Theory, Pakistan had improved living style than India, this created restlessness in India especially those states struggling for freedom. In this regard, many freedom movements had started in India. Despite the fact that at the time of independence Pakistan had no big industry, trade markets or departments necessary for Economy. In contrast to this India enjoyed being the capital of the Mughal Dynasty as well as English Capital and economic machinery. In order to stop the developing Pakistani economy, India decided to wage war against Pakistan.
1965 War In the Jammu-Sialkot Sector, the Indian Army amassed the largest chunk of its might

                Secondly, the strong defense of Pakistan was a hurdle in the Indian imperialist designs of Akhand Bharat. Indian invasion into the Kashmir state, the genocide of Muslim was given a befitting reply by the tribal people and the weak army of Pakistan. Newly born Indian state having the imperialistic designs was shocked by the reaction of Pakistan army because the weapons that were given to Pakistan army at the time of partition were unserviceable.
(L) Pakistani flag can be seen hoisted on the captured Ghutaro Fort as officers of Pakistan Army pose for a picture. A Pakistani soldier stands guard in front of Kishangarh Fort (R).

                Here it is necessary to mention that except Nawa-i-Waqt all national newspapers, ignored their duty to transfer the facts of the 1947-48 war. If this had been discussed, especially the international support to India and new generations should have been informed that on realizing that whole Kashmir would fall out of the hands of India, she went to Britain and her other international friends for support from UNO. In this way, our youngsters would be able to appreciate the achievements of their soldiers that the newly born state of few weeks forced such a big army to lick the dust and understand the importance of the Kashmir dispute.
The war that India foisted on Pakistan on September 6, 1965, was the product of several years of constant and deliberate planning in New Delhi

                If Kashmir had been snatched from India, the Britain conspiracy of leaving the Kashmir unresolved would have died its own death. That is why despite the resolution in UNO for Kashmir, UNO never attempted to act upon it. India has the full support to crush Kashmir movement through all the heinous war crimes and the world remains silent over it. Irony of the fate is that despite all the state terrorism and war crimes India has failed to suppress the Kashmir Freedom Movement. Kashmiris are ready to sacrifice their lives and assets for freedom. Indian problems can be imagined from the fact that when the freedom movements started in the South Eastern and Northern states, Police and civil security departments failed to control it. Like the Indian Held Kashmir, India has to deploy a big portion of Indian army in these states.
Operation Gibraltar Kashmir... started on 20August 1965

                In order to fulfill her imperialist designs and take revenge of the 1947-48 defeat, India planned to invade Lahore on the night of 6 September 1965 which is termed by few intellectuals as a reaction of Operation Gibraltar in Kashmir. This operation was launched on 18th August 1965. If we consider this hypothesis to be true then these defense analysts should tell us that how a country can transfer all of her military to the borders for the attack within 3 weeks. Because for such a big attack, tanks, artillery guns, and heavy military equipment needs to be moved into position. All this seems to be a part of the fairy tales. Food for the soldiers, medical staff for the injured, water supply, fuel for tanks and other machinery, spare parts, ammunition; it might be possible for a regiment of army to move with all these necessities but movement and attack of four corpses of army needs weeks and even sometimes months for planning the attack.
An American Radio Service Journalist Rai Milan writes in his war diary “I want to bring it on record that India is claiming victory but on the ground, there is no evidence to support Indian claims

                Indians claimed to take breakfast of the morning in Lahore as soon as they started the attacked in the dark of night, this seems nothing more than a joke. So we should accept that Indian had pre-planned attack over Lahore and the Operation Gibraltar was just a lame excuse provided by Foreign Minister of Pakistan at that time.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 13 September 2018

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Election Campaign in Bangladesh Based on Hatred Against Pakistan!

Hasina Wajed continues to rule Dacca via Delhi

                The election campaign in Dhaka is at its peak. Haseena Wajid and her party are not facing any challenge from the opposition. The biggest competitor and famous leader in Bangladesh are imprisoned facing various diseases. Jamat-i-Islami of Bangladesh is unable to take part in the elections due to the hangings of its leaders under the blames of helping Pakistan army in 1971. So the contesting the elections of 2019 and coming into power is just symbolic for Haseena Wajid. Astonishingly despite all of the chances of winning, Haseena Wajid is fueling hatred against Pakistan in the name of the election campaign. In this regard, Indian engineers are working on the Liberation War Museum of Dhaka for last six months with the latest Bio-Chemistry Lab.  After the completion of the work, the visitors will be able to see the statues moving in front of hem and it will look like everything is happening in front of them. Viewers will be able to see the fabricated stories of Pakistan army’s violence against Mukti Bahni and Bangladeshi people as the 3-D movie. The foundation of the said Liberation War Museum was laid down in March 1996, the records of Mujeeb’s speeches, newspaper excerpts etc. were kept in it and the movement for the Bengali language was presented as the basis of freedom of Bangladesh. At that time the Museum was limited to the hall only. In 2009 when Sheikh Haseena Wajid came into power, the park adjacent to the museum was converted into the Theme park with the help of India. However, in 2013, the statues to defame Pakistan army was installed, so that it may be exploited for the election campaign.
Sculptures in the Liberation War Museum

                Haseena Wajid has filled up the hall of the museum with thousands of skulls and human bones in order to support alleged atrocities of Pakistan army against Bangalis. The fabricated stories of rapes of Bengali women and shooting Bengalis have been posed through different statues. How Haseena Wajid came into power in October 2013 elections? Why Bangladesh Awami Party, Jamat-i-Islami and 4 other parties were forced to boycott elections? Why America and Britain rejected the elections having the turnover of only 22%, claiming it as biased and afterward why did they silently accept Haseena Wajid as Prime Minister of Bangladesh? All these are bitter realities on which our liberal and modern intellectual remained silent on the boycott of elections while during her reign of 2009-13, Haseena Wajid did not go beyond limits.
Human remains of the liberation war in the museum.

                However, after finalizing the deal of long reign with Indian Secret agencies, in the way Haseena Wajid, created hurdles in the campaign of opposition parties, the reaction from the opposition was natural. In order to crush this protest, Indian sent special troops of Eastern Police and Border Security Forces in the uniform of Bangladeshi Police. The Indian Police crossed all limits of torturing the protestors. The notable opposition leaders were imprisoned under the allegation of threatening the peace.
                The Higher leadership of Jamat-i-Islami was imprisoned under the allegation of supporting Pakistan army in 1971 and murdering Bengalis. In these elections that were held without any opposition, the bomb blasts were also blamed upon opposition leaders and many others were arrested as well. The whole world rejected the results of rigged elections but India was the only country that not only accepted the results but assured unconditional support.
Liberation War Museum in Dhaka, Bangladesh

                After taking oath in 2014, Haseena Wajid has nothing else to except to do except support and acknowledge Indian propaganda and base her Foreign Policy on hatred against Pakistan. During her govt. Haseena Wajid gave a new form to the Liberation War Museum so that coming generations can be brainwashed to accept the fabricated stories against Pakistan which have been even rejected by the Indian and Bangladeshi historians. All these fabricated stories were the part of the Indian conspiracy to divide Pakistan into two parts. In the way, with the Indian support and investment, said the museum is being set up, on the one hand, this hatred against Pakistan would be exploited to get the votes in the election while on the other hand, Modi establishment will exploit it as the biggest success in upcoming elections.
No doubt in Bangladesh Khaleda Zia  always inclined towards Pakistan and particularly anti-India

                India wants to continue her business based upon the hatred against Pakistan through Bangladesh as well. Newly elected govt. of Pakistan is willing to establish peaceful relations with all the neighbors including India. A clear message has been given to India that Indian Held Kashmir dispute can be resolved through talks. How India will react to this offer, one can easily imagine from the hatred expressed by Indian extremists against Indian Cricket player Navjat Singh Sidhu on his return to India after attending the oath-taking ceremony of Imran Khan. This was just a trailer, Hindu extremism will be openly shown in the 2019 election campaigns in India.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 30 August 2018

Monday, August 27, 2018

Indian Attempt to Merge Indian Held Kashmir into India!

                Although Hindu Party Congress had been befooling people in United India as being a secular party, its reality being Hindu extremist party was disclosed right after the partition of sub-continent from October to November 1947 when unrecorded numbers of Muslim were martyred in the Jammu Kashmir with the help of Maharaja Hari Singh. Jawaher Lal Nehru blamed the RSS for the genocide of Muslim saving face of his party but the bitter reality is that even British govt. was equally involved in the genocide of Muslims. This was the British govt. who practically denied any protection to Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir and created technical problems in the inclusion of Jammu and Kashmir into Pakistan. In this Muslim genocide, more than 200,000 Muslim were martyred and hundreds of thousands were forced to migrate. The worst affected Muslim belonged to Jammu where Hindus were in majority. The majority of Hindus was pre-planned. Before the partition, the Hindus and Sikhs from Rawalpindi and Sialkot had migrated to Jammu. Although, the Sikhs and Hindus had no threat in Western Punjab. After partition, if any violence was witnessed in Western Punjab was a reaction of the genocide of Muslim in Eastern Punjab when the trains full of mutilated corpses of Muslim arrived Lahore.

                Before the partition, the extreme of the inhuman massacre was witnessed in the two Muslim majority areas of Muhallah Ustad and Muhallah Talab Khateeqaan of Jammu, where it was difficult to enter into the Muslim areas due to narrow streets, these areas were blockaded, water and eatables were not allowed to enter into the area. Due to the shortage of food, patients, elderly and children died. Those who tried to leave the area due to hunger and thirst were killed by Hindus and Sikhs, women were abducted. Similar extremist crimes were witnessed in Odhampura, Chenani, District Doda, Bhdarwah, Riyasi, and Akhnor. In order to participate in the massacre of Muslims in Kashmir that continued for more than 2 months, Sikhs and Hindus from Indian states came to Jammu and Kashmir and returned back with loot and Muslim women.

                In his speech of 25 December 1947, Gandhi acknowledged in his speech that Hindu and Sikh soldiers were involved in the massacre of the Muslims of Kashmir. Hindu intellectual Wed Bhushan has written that Indian soldiers went on leave, stating their purpose of leave and visit to Kashmir.

                The Times in its 10 August 1948, post wrote stated the number of Muslims massacred to be more than 237,000. Stephens the Editor of The Statesman claimed that more than 500,000 Muslim were killed, Muslim majority was converted into the minority through planning. More than 300,000 Muslim were forced to migrate. According to Indian Department of the census, the Muslim was 68% (1172950) of the population of Jammu in 1941, while 2011 results show Muslims as 27.9%. District Jammu has 39.6% Muslim population which 7.1% in 2011 census. Kathwar District has 25.3% of Muslims in 1941 while in 2011 it was only 10.4%.  these are the facts and figures of Jammu only where Muslims have been changed into the minority.

                Alas! Our media has never given coverage to the genocide of Muslims in India. History witnessed the worst massacre of humans led by Jawahar Laal Nehru and Maharaja Hari Singh. On 27 October 1947, when Indian army invaded Kashmir, the massacre of Muslims continued so that Muslim majority can be converted into the minority. If we see the Muslim population leaving aside the Jammu, it was 91% at the time of partition.

                Now extremist Hindus are trying to end the Article 35/A of Indian constitution. This was announced as the election motto in 2014 by Modi that if his party came into power they will end the said Article. This article bans purchasing of land in Kashmir by non-Kahsmiris and the children of Kashmiri women out of non-Kashmiri spouse to be accepted as Kashmiri children. In the election of 2014, BJP contested on this goal as well in Kashmir, they were expecting to win 50 out of 87 seats in IHK however, they succeeded to secure only25 seats. The party of Mehbuba Mufti won 28 seats. In this way the dreams of terrorist Modi were shattered, so he put the puppet Chief Minister Mehbuba Mufti and started a new wave of killings and violence in IHK so that Kashmiris can be forced to accept the end of 35/A.

                Kashmiris are protesting against these acts of New Delhi. Whether these are pellet guns mutilating face, blinding pellets of shotgun cartridges or live bullets, Kashmiris are not afraid of these weapons and death. The international community is dead silent. Hindu extremists are unable to understand that ending the Article 35/A cannot stop the freedom movement of Kashmiris. However, abolishing this Article will decrease the writ of India in more than a dozen states that want separation from India…

Note: It is often considered that these pics are of the Muslim massacred in Eastern Punjab, but actually they are only from Jammu and Kashmir where more than 0.5 million Muslim were killed by Hindu extremists.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 16 August 2018.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Brave Daughters of Indian Held Kashmir!

                Armed beasts of Indian Army openly abuse protesting female students of Indian Held Kashmir, torture them, disrespect them, throw them into their vehicles, just because they chant slogans of “Pakistan Zindabad (long live Pakistan)” when they see these state terrorists. We all see this and remain silent shamelessly. May Allah have mercy on us; we are so much busy in our politics and internal chaos that we have become so much senseless that Hindu terrorists are abusing our daughters and sisters and we are silent. In Occupied Palestine, a 16-year-old student Ehad Tamimi slapped a Jewish soldier when he tried to abuse her mother in March 2018. She was arrested, the Isreali court sentenced her 8 months imprisonment. After she got released from the imprisonment she had become a hero of Palestinian Freedom Movement for her courage and bravery, Western Media was creating documentaries on her, songs had been written on her, her statues are being built. By imprisoning a 16-year-old girl, Israeli court took revenge of slapping an Israeli soldier but this revengeful act of Israel disclosed the black face of Israel and made Palestinians loved in the whole world. This was said by the Italian Jew Director, working to release a movie on her. Palestinian student got coverage internationally because her arrest was recorded by the journalists of international media.

                In India, International apart, local Indian media and journalists are not allowed to visit Indian Held Kashmir (IHK). In the way Indian state terrorists are torturing, violating human rights and committing atrocities against each and every street in IHK, one may hardly find any such example. Young Kashmiri Female students were arrested after torture on 01 August 2018, when they started chanting slogans of Long Live Pakistan while State Police was patrolling the area. Every year Kashmiris celebrate the Independence Day of Pakistan, Pakistani flags are hoisted on the homes, troops of Indian army and police come in action to remove these flags; clashes occur, people are tortured and martyred. Despite all these tortures and inhuman acts, Indian army cannot refrain Kashmiris from celebrating the 15th August, Independence Day of India a Black Day. With the sunrise, every house had black hoisted on each Kashmiri home. Solidarity with Pakistan on every 14th August and expressing hatred against India on every 15th August is going on since last 7 decades.

                However, from 01 August 2018, a new change has been observed, which shows that now Kashmiris are planning to celebrate the whole month of August as Month of Freedom / Independence. That is in the District Kolgam Kashmiri Youngsters are waving black flags and chanting Long Live Pakistan to express their hatred against Hindu terrorists. With the start of August, Pakistani flags are being hoisted at home in IHK, while showing black flag to Indians chanting slogans of Long Live Pakistan.

                IHK, in fact, represents the scene of Military barrack or Prison, where Indian State Police and Military troops are always on patrol round the clock. In each every crossover and nook and corner of streets, blockades are placed where people are forced to prove their identity, school bags of kids are checked for transfer of Pakistani flags from one place to another. For Indian security agencies, Pakistani flag is more dangerous than bombs. Despite such strict measures, where Pakistani flags are printed and how they are distributed; this question has made Indian security agencies psychic they have no other way but to torture the innocent people and extra-judicial killings.

                On 1st August 2018, Kashmiri youngsters (males and females) started waving the black flags and chanting Long Live Pakistan when they saw Indian troops on patrol. Indian state terrorists having the protection of Black laws and Hindu India got mad in anger. Astonishingly while Kashmiri girls were being arrested they not only resisted against it but also hit Indian soldiers with the black cloth and continued chanting Long Live Pakistan. If Hindu soldiers had little sanity or sense they would have called ladies Police to arrest females.

                If at that time media personnel had been present there, they would have shown the real ugly and dirty face of Hindu India claiming to be the flag bearer of human rights, democracy and developing like a rocket. Hindus of India worship statues of (nude) women their temples and when they come out of their temples they abuse and molest women. The students arrested from Kolgam has not been reported anywhere, Police denies their arrest, they have been forcefully disappeared. They were kidnapped/arrested in front of hundreds of Kashmiris, video recordings of their being arrested are also available.

                The world is silent over such horrific tortures and war crimes; this is our duty to protest against the kidnapping of Kashmiri daughters, gang rapes, and molestations. Our elite class who cannot see anything beyond their business interests, this is their duty that they should at least give a statement in favor of Kashmiri brave girls clashing with the Hindu state terrorists and chanting slogans in favor of Pakistan despite tortures…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 09 August 2018.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Blast in Poona's Atomic Laboratory!

A worker was killed and another injured in a blast while handling explosive material at a Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) laboratory in Pune's Hinjewadi area, an official said
Whether it is the murder of the unarmed Kashmiris or grave violations of human rights against minorities, the international community remains silent. More than 900 million Indians are forced to live below the line of poverty a life worse than animals, Indian media is singing the melodies of developing and shining India. International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), responsible for ensuring the safe storage, use, handling of waste atomic material, minimizing chances of accidents in laboratories, movement of Uranium, so that dangerous material does not fall in the irresponsible hands. International powers remain silent on the violations of human rights by India because they have interests linked with India than how can IAEA open its mouth over accidents, misuse and sale of Uranium waste in India. IAEA will never take any step to ensure the safety of Indians in any untoward nuclear accident.
                The illegal sale of Uranium to underworld elements through Nepal and West Bengal borders are often reported by Indian media. In order to befool the world, few arrests and investigations are announced but the situation remains grave. IAEA is not ready to take any action against India for mishandling sensitive nuclear material.
Indian Scientists Dying - Mysterious Deaths of Indian Scientists.

                On 6 July 2018, a news report disclosed that 1 Kg Uranium was seized at Kolkata airport. 6 persons were arrested in this regard. There was no significant role played by the Kolkata police or Indian security forces; due to the failure to deal with someone from the Underworld informed police about the smuggling of Uranium and few persons were arrested. After the reports were published in the Indian newspapers, International media also reported it. In this regard, no notification has been issued to India by IAEA.
August 2013 Indian submarine catches on fire before sinking at Mumbai base.

                Much dangerous incident than that is the bomb blast in Atomic Laboratory of Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) at Puna in June 2018 in which an engineer was killed and other was injured. High Energy Material Research Laboratory (HEMRL) is a sub-department of DRDO responsible for Research and Manufacturing of Atomic spare-parts at Puna. At the time of the accident, Lakshmi Kanat Sunawan and Yugesh Karitkar, Indian engineers were experienced. Lakshmi Kanat died on the spot. Such a blast had already occurred in the said research laboratory in December 2015.
 From 2009 to 20013 in India, 11 nuclear scientists died in mysterious circumstances in 4 years.

                This laboratory consists of 800 acres of land, in this research facility not only Indian missiles like Prithvi, Trishul, Nag etc. are manufactured but their warheads are also manufactured. The research for improving the performance of these missiles is also being conducted in this laboratory. The department responsible for the installation of nuclear warheads and delivery to targets is also located here. In other words, Puna’s Research laboratory has pivotal importance in Indian Defence. Every department is independently working on improving the performance of Indian weapons.
Submarine INS Sindhurakshak sinks after blasts shows Indian naval abilities.

                In another incident, while mixing different explosive material fire broke out in the said lab in which 3 engineers were seriously injured. One of them succumbed to injuries as he got 80% of his body brunt, while the other two recovered. This issue was also raised in the Indian Parliament but the issue was killed in the name of the inquiry committee. A similar blast occurred in this laboratory on 1 October 2009, the results of inquiry/investigations in this regard were also challenged as well. The blast of 2009 was so much fierce that roof of the whole building blew up. Engineers and others employees working in the building to ashes. In order to ascertain the number of deaths, the employees were not allowed to go home for a few days. The killed were termed as missing. Indian army besieged the research facility for a month. Indian Defense Minister of that time A.K. Anthony rejected any deaths or injuries in his press conference, Indian media was reporting of at least 40 people while not allowing employees to go home was also termed as an attempt to hide the facts.
Indian Nuclear Submarine explodes underwater with many on board.

                On such a big incident not only Indian Media but IAEA also remained silent. The number of incidents involving theft of Uranium and accidents reported in India, if any such incident would have occurred in Pakistan, the whole world would have raised the hue and cry over it, IAEA would have issued notices to Pakistan supporting the propaganda campaign to pressurize Pakistan. IAEA the agency that has not felt any need to investigate and report the nuclear radiations of the incident of blasts in a nuclear submarine on 15th August 2013, in which all crew of submarine was killed.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 02 August 2018.