Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Echoes of Bullets in Indian Held Kashmir

Three Indian soldiers carrying rifles on their shoulders and batons in their hands stop a Kashmiri youngster riding a bike in the mid of a crossover in the name of checking. They start beating the youngster with batons asking him to chant slogans in the favor of India. Kashmiri youngster while trying to stop the batons with his hands chants the slogans of India. Another Indian soldier (feeling ashamed of writing him a SOLDIER) demands the slogans against Pakistan. In the meanwhile, all three Indian soldiers start beating him with batons and abuse him. The Kashmiri youngster being beaten is repeating slogans against Pakistan and begging to stop beating him but neither they stop beating him nor abusing him. In the meanwhile another Indian soldiers arrive and start recording the whole scene in his mobile phone, asking the other three soldiers to check the cellphone of the Kashmiri youngster and take him inside. Kashmiri youngster at once hands over his cellphone to the Indian soldiers and they start checking Gallery of his cell phone. They find the picture of Elderly Kashmiri Leader Ali Gillani, Indian soldiers once again start beating him that why has he kept his father’s picture in the mobile. Kashmiri youngster while crying begs that he kept these pictures mistakenly and will not do that again. One of the Indian soldier asks others him to take inside and start dragging him, and the camera is closed.

This is the clip made by the Indian soldiers, which he shared with his friends and family to show off his bravery against unarmed and powerless Kashmiris. What happened to the youngster whether he was taken into custody or killed him in a fake encounter?
Astonishingly, the number one army after Chinese army out of the 29 world military powers equipped with the latest weapons feels proud in torturing the unarmed people to chant slogans against the neighboring country, claims firing over stone pelting children as professionalism insulting the profession of army and SOLDIER. The gang rapes of Kashmiri women are adopted as a war strategy, not only this they tie up the Kashmiri youngsters on their jeeps as human shields to save themselves from the stones thrown by the protesting Kashmiris and are praised by their commanders with medals. 

American and NATO forces used all types of lethal and destructive weapons against Afghan resisting forces after attack over Afghanistan in 2001. They used daisy cutter bombs, missiles. However, neither they used the Afghans as human shields nor gang raped Afghani women as a war strategy to discourage the resisting Afghans. After using all the strategies of war, at least americans understood that they cannot defeat the Afghan Taliban fighting for their identity and freedom. As long as they realized this they decided to withdraw from Afghanistan's decided this in 17 bloody years. But Indian rulers and Army Commanders are unable to understand in the 71 years that Kashmiris are not ready to live with India and accept the capture of Kashmir by Indian soldiers. They want to expel Indian soldiers at all costs.
Afghan Taliban are fighting armed with weapons against the foreign forces, just like the Indian Held Kashmir, Americans also established a puppet government in Kabul which needed American umbrella despite supervision of Americans. Indian failed in the drama of puppet govt. and enforced Presidential system but still, India claims to be Champion of Democracy and Secularism.
Indian rulers signed the written deal of giving right of self determination to the Kashmiris in 1948 in the UNO. since than they are denying this promise. In the last 7 decades, they have converted Indian Held Kashmir practically into military cantonments. In these 71 years, Indians have committed all such atrocities against Kashmiris which have ashamed the whole humanity. However, Indian soldiers claim Kashmir being the ATOOT ANG of india and massacring Kashmiris for their nefarious designs. According to the facts and figures, there is one indian soldier for every 12 Kashmiris in Indian Held Kashmir. Such strength is not even deployed in the prisons over prisoners.

Due to the interests of World Powers linked with the markets of India, they are not ready to spell a single world over the violations of human rights by Indians. Even the country like the USA, issues the reports of the violations of human rights by Indians when sales of American weapons drops. Apparently, India rejects these reports. However, after the passage of sometime, we get the news of billion dollar deals between Indian rulers and American Weapon Manufacturers. 
In order to prolong her hold over the Indian Held Kashmir, Indian rulers have purchased latest fighter jets, ships, submarines, Tanks, anti-tank and anti aircraft missile systems converting India practically into a godown of weapons. However, neither Indians are ready to give right of self determination to Kashmiris nor basic facilities to its public. India is the only country, whose people are forced to buy rats sold in the markets. Indian Army Chief supports indiscriminate firing over stone pelting children because his soldiers may lose their life due to being hit by the stones. 

Torture, violence, inhuman acts have been made the part of the Indian army. Indian army has made life hardest in the IHK. Every year, Pakistan celebrates 5 February as the Day of Solidarity with Kashmiris. This has now spread all over the world. In all the countries wherever Pakistanis live, rallies are held on 5 February in favor of Kashmiris. From last few years, locals and non-Pakistanis have also started participation in these rallies that India should give the right of self determination to Kashmiris or declare India as the enemy of democracy and humanity. 

Every day Indian forces kill innocent Kashmiris, takes them into custody without registering any case. Even Indian journalists have started raising voice against the Indian army and Police of the puppet state of IHK. Indian Generals and politicians should realize that on the gun point they may force Kashmiris to chant slogans against Pakistan but not a single Kashmiri wants to live under the control of Indians. 

Urdu Copy

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 05 February 2019.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The Propaganda War Against Pakistan!

       The terminology of Fifth Generation War is the production of the modern era in which the enemy is weakened not through the armed forces but through the Propaganda. Similar tactics had been written by the Kotalaya Chanakiya known as the Hindu scholar regarding religion and state matters, in his book Arth Shastar. About 280 years ago he advised rulers of Hindustan to utilize conspiracies, propaganda, proxy wars etc. for their imperialistic designs. All his teachings are now known as the "hybrid war". If we look at the 71 years old history of Hindu India we can clearly see that India identifies and supports such elements in the target country who can further Indian interests in their state, spread love for Hindu India in the public and fuel hatred against the state machinery. Through such nefarious designs and conspiracies, India entangled Nepal, Bhutan, and Maldives in such a way that they cannot even decide their internal matters as well as foreign affairs. The control of India exercised over Bangladesh is not a secret anymore.

                After, 1971 the Indian activities in remaining Pakistan are not hidden; the pro-Indian elements do not feel any shame supporting Hindu India and hatching conspiracies against despite the fact that they earned wealth and fame from Pakistan. Whenever any Pakistani unveils the dirty face of Hindu India, they call him extremist claiming themselves to be the torchbearers of liberalism. Such traitors can be traced out in all the fields of life in Pakistan. They give the good news of peace in India where Human Rights are being badly violated while in Pakistan they see Pakistan Army behind all the problems from poverty, inflation, unemployment, adulterated medicines, hoarding etc. Just because Pakistan is not only the biggest hurdle in the way of Indian Imperial designs but also a symbol of courage for more than dozen states fighting from their beloved Hindu India.
                The statement of ISI and Pakistan Army's involvement in terrorism and utilizing terrorism as a weapon of foreign policy that was prepared by India in the 90s decade was sold hand in hand after the 9/11 to the international media. In this regard, India got the support of the many anti-religious elements in Pakistan willing for a free (sex) society in Pakistan in the name of the liberal scholars who left no stone unturned to support Indian claims. They went so far in the support of their fathers in India that they blamed Pakistan army for terrorism in Pakistan which was actually a proxy war of Hind RAW.

                Now when the USA has acknowledged Taliban as a power without whom peace in Afghanistan will remain to be a dream; I think of the books written by traitors like Hussein Haqqani in English supporting Indian stance that as long as ISI and Pakistan Army is present the peace in Afghanistan aside, peace is not possible in any nook and corner of the world. Because according to these Pakistani Indians, Pakistani trained terrorists are present in the long and short of the world. The present situation has turned the odds against India that Pakistan has destroyed all the hideouts of Indian trained terrorists in the tribal areas, erected fence over the Pak-Afghan border creating hurdles in the infiltration of the Indian trained terrorists. It has also created problems for Indians living within Pakistan to support their propaganda that Pakistan army is exploiting its relations with Afghan Mujahideen for spreading extremism.
                After such a defeat on all the fronts, India presented the thriller of Surgical Strike in Pakistani controlled Independent Kashmir in order to befool Hindu public but had to face shame as she failed to present any evidence. This has been especially advised by the Chanakya that if any rumors unveil to be fake there is no need to be ashamed of discouraged because even if few persons in the target country believe it then it should be considered as the victory. Because these few persons or agents will keep spreading the rumors while mixing it with more drama.

                Such a  lie was published in the Indian newspaper "Hindustan Times" regarding the statement of the Indian Army Chief Bappan Rawat in which he said that if his Pakistani counter Part General Bajwa wants to talk with him he will not drop the call. Through this statement, India attempted to show that the Pakistani Army Chief wants to talk with Army Chief for peace between both countries or has tried to call. It is apparent that General Bajwa's hug to Najaut Singh Sidhu and offer to open Kartarpur border has left scars over Hindu India's minds which are still hurting India. General Bappan is daydreaming that he will be hugged by General Bajwa.
                On the statement of General Bappan, Pakistani DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor said that if Indian Army Chief wants peace negotiations than he should contact Pakistani govt. because this is the power of the govt. to decide the peace process. DG ISPR also declined Indian newspapers claim that General Bajwa served along with General Bappan during UN mission in Congo.

                Another propaganda story against Pakistan army is being spread regarding Pakistani journalist Taha Siddiqui of French Channel France 24 by the Indian media and Western Newspapers; Taha Siddiqui worked with Indian TV Channel WION and his reports against Pakistan army that was given full coverage that mother and wife of terrorist Kulbhushan Yadav were insulted in Pakistan. In contrast to his reports, the mother and wife of Hindu terrorist were given all the facilities. Indian started propaganda campaign on the basis of Taha Siddiqui's report against Pakistan while international media representatives were present in Islamabad to cover the visit of Hindu terrorist's wife and mother and international media rejected the reports of Taha Siddiqui. In order to save face, Siddiqui fled away from Pakistan claiming that he was kidnapped by a few unknown persons on 10 January 2018.
                Now he is trying to claim himself as the KSA's journalist Khushugi who was murdered in the KSA embassy in Turkey by telling the stories that ISI wants t kill him. He claims that he was kidnapped by the 10-12 ISI personnel in Islamabad but he succeeded in getting away like the James Bon-007. However, he is not safe even he has left Pakistan because ISI will kill him like the KSA journalist. He has also prepared a documentary to defame Pakistan army which we will discuss some other times…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 31 January 2019.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Indian Army involved in the Violations of Human Rights and Sexual Abuse!

    Last year in 2018, Internationally recognized Thomson Reuters Foundation conducted a survey on the international level regarding the problems faced by the woman. In this regard a team consisting of intellectuals, teachers, medical experts, politicians and persons from NGOs from all over the world was established. They were sent to observe the problems faced by women, hurdles they face to procure their rights, problems regarding health, violations of rights in the name of traditions, kidnapping or using them for prostitution without their willingness, number of women in human trafficking and other such like facts were included in the questionnaire for survey. The results were shocking that India known as the Mother of Democracy, rapidly developing country, manufacturing the tools used in scientific research; women of India are target of worst cruelty as compared to rest of the world.
        Rapes of women has become epidemic in India. Police or leaders of Ruling Party condemn women for such rapes in spite of demanding punishment for the culprits. In India women are raped to take revenge from the family of the enemy, persons having difference of opinion or sectarian disputes . India is the only country where young widow is burnt alive in the name of the tradition of the Sati. The lawlessness and cruelty against women that in front of the survey team, the 5 women of an NGO working against the prostitution were kidnapped on the gunpoint and gang raped because they educated women how to save themselves from sexual assaults and prostitution.

    Survey team declared India as most dangerous country even as compared to war torn countries like Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Congo and Afghanistan. The survey team was of the view that whether these are the violations of the human rights or sexual crimes against women in India is a bigger tragedy than Syria. Survey team was present in India when the tragic incident of Asia Bano took place in the Indian Held Kashmir (IHK). Hindu Purohit Officer of Indian Security Force along with 12 personnel kidnapped an 8 years old girl and gang raped her in the Mandir for few days, 45 miles away from Jammu in order to force the Muslim families living in the area to abandon their homes. Althouhg this human tragedy happened in January 2018, however, when in April 2018, the survey team reached Jammu Kashmir, protests against this tragedy has engulfed the whole IHK while BJP leaders were busy in giving it the political color.
    Hindu lawyers were defending the criminals involved in the gang rape of the girl and standing around the courts, so that the arrested culprits cannot be produced before the court. Extremist Hindus from the registration of the FIR to the arrest and production of culprits in the court created hurdles. Actors of Indian Film Industry to the teachers of universities claimed this incident shameful act for India and a question mark over the judicial system of India which always supports Hindu extremists against the minorities. While deciding cases of innocent Kashmiris, Indian courts do not hesitate for a second while granting punishment without any evidence. In contrast to this from attempts to murder to gang rapes despite the presence of all the evidence from Magistrates to Higher courts have failed to give a single verdict against Hindu Extremists. Since 1947, every single year anti-Muslim riots spread across India.

    In these riots only Muslims are targeted. Their women are molested and gang raped. The first injustice against Muslims is that massacre of Muslim is termed as the Hindu-Muslim Riots so that world in spite of feeling pity for Muslims consider them equally responsible for the riots. After this Judicial Commissions are established, when the facts surfaced, courts declined to accept the witness of Muslims and due to lack of other witnesses the cases are dismissed.
    This is still going on, which was disclosed by the Thomson Reuters Foundation and Bureau of Asia Think Tank declared India as the worst country for human rights and most dangerous country for women. They expressed grave concerns over the crimes against humanity in IHK and demanded International community to raise voice against it.
    Still the veracity of the Thomson Reuters Foundation report has not decreased that a newly recruited Indian soldier after shooting down two of his seniors, committed suicide. The reason behind the suicide was that his seniors has raped him. Although the report of suicide and murder was published by the Indian newspapers however, the reason behind the crime was not published on the pressure of Indian Defense Ministry.

    On 10 January 2019, during the briefing of Indian Army Chief, a journalist raised the question about the increasing homosexuality in the Indian army. General Bapan Rawat replied that he will not allow such acts in his army. Journalist quoted the decision of Indian Supreme Court declaring homosexuality as legal; General Rawat replied that Indian Army has its own laws and the Laws of the Supreme Court are not applicable to Indian army. In army the punishment of homosexuals is ten years imprisonment. General Rawat claimed Indian army as a Professional army following the old traditions, however , he had no reply that homosexuality is increasing day by day in the Indian army but the incidents of sexual assaults by Indian Army officers against soldiers are also increasing rapidly.

    Indian Psychologists and Defense Analysts blame wrong policies of New Delhi for the increasing homosexuality in Indian Army. The unchecked use of Idnian army against the unarmed civilians of IHK, Asam, and other states having freedom movements is the biggest reason of increasing homosexuality and depression in Indian army. They are of the view that these problesm can be solved through negotiations not thorugh army, trained for war.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 19 January 2019.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Increasing Restlessness of Sikh Soldiers and Army Officers in Indian Army!

                Sikhs started freedom movement for their Free Land consisting of Eastern Punjab of India in 1950. In 1947 Muslim succeeded in procuring a separate country under the leadership of Quaid Azam. Quaid invited Sikhs to join Pakistan with their Eastern Punjab, however, Sikhs supported Hindus rejecting the offer of Quaid. Sikhs massacred Muslims along with Hindus in Eastern Punjab creating tragedy in the history of sub-continent. However, Sikhs soon learned that they have been cheated and betrayed by the Congress in the name of equal rights for Sikhs in Hindu India. On realizing the fact, Sikhs started freedom movement based on their language i.e. Punjabi rather than religion. They believed that the Hindu Congress will fulfill its promises made to the Sikhs and accept their demand. Indian rulers took the demands of Akali Dal seriously, however, in spite of giving equal rights to the Sikhs, they divided Eastern Punjab into 3 parts in 1966. One part was made the part of Chandigarh and the third part consisting of Haryana and other few districts was left as the Eastern Punjab where there was the majority of Punjabi speakers especially Sikhs. In the other two parts, Sikhs were converted into minorities in their own areas. Not only this, Hindu leaders shifted Sikhs into Hindu majority areas in Chandi Garh and Himachal Pradesh in such a way that if Sikhs want to protest they cannot gather in one place.

                Sikhs protested over the division of Punjab but it was useless. After these protests, Hindu extremists declared Sikhs their enemies as well, just like Muslims. The rights of Sikhs were usurped and they were suppressed. Sikhs have nothing else except to bear the brunt of supporting Hindus in 1947.
                The demand of a separate land namely, Khalistan was first of all given by a Sikh Jagjit Singh having American nationality in 1971 in his ad published in New York Times. In the ad, the actual areas of Eastern Punjab were demanded to be freed on the basis of Sikhism; a fund was established to support the Khalistan freedom by the Sikhs living outside India. After this ad, the hatred of Hindus against Sikhs increased as well as the crimes against Sikhs. When Sikh reacted against the barbarism of Hindus in the form of an armed freedom movement, Indira Gandhi afraid of the increasing capability of Sikh Guerillas ordered Indian Army to attack the Golden Temple in Amritsar, a religious place of Sikhs.

                This operation code named as Operation Blue Star continued from 01 June to 08 June 1984. Indian army attacked Sikhs religious place with the tanks, APCs and Artillery. As a result of the use of heavy weapons by the Hindu army, uncounted numbers of Sikhs including children and women living in the vicinity of the Golden Temple lost their lives. As a reaction to Indira's atrocities against Sikhs, two Sikh bodyguards of Indira shot her dead on 31st October 1984. After this, Hindu members of Congress, officers, Police, army, and extremists massacred Sikhs for 3 days. Their houses were burnt, properties were looted, women were gang-raped. World remain silent over the Hindu terrorism against Sikhs as it remained silent over the genocide of Muslims in 2002 by Narendra Modi.
                In order to take revenge of the crimes of Hindu terrorists against Sikhs, Sikh freedom fighters blew up the Boeing 747 of Indian Airlines on June 1985 with the bomb along with 328 personnel coming from Canada to New Delhi. Once again the Khalistan movement spread rapidly in Eastern Punjab. Indian govt. became powerless in front of Khalistan Freedom Fighters. There is no doubt that Pakistan supported the Khalistan because India was involved in armed interference in Balochistan and engaged in a war over Siachen.
                In 1988, Benazir Bhutto came into power and handed over all the details of Sikh Freedom Fighters to India in the name of improving relations with India. Within 2 months, India crushed the Khalistan movement, however, Sikhs residing outside India are still fighting for their right to freedom.
                Hindu India might have devised the policy to win the hearts of Sikhs after crushing the Khalistan movement; Sikhs only wanted their rights as guaranteed by the Indian Constitution. However, the behavior of Extremist Hindus got ruder which once again revived the Khalistan movement. In their terrorism, Hindus could not realize that when Khalistan movement got its second birth and became strong enough that Sikhs living in West, declared 2020 as the year of Referendum for Khalistan. Now Hindu army and Brahman are restless. They got the biggest blow when Imran Khan invited ex-Cricketer and Provincial Minister of Indian Punjab Najwat Singh Sidhu to attend his oath-taking ceremony and General Qamar Javed Bajwa hugged him giving him the welcome gesture that Sikhs may visit Birth Place of Guru Nanak and other sacred places of Sikhs via Kartarpur Border without visas. This was welcomed by Sikhs all over the world.

                India was not ready for such a good gesture on the diplomatic and strategic level. Indian rejection of Pakistan's offer was equivalent to suicide for India. Hundreds of thousands of Sikhs came out to support the opening of the border at Kartarpur in such a way that they were holding Pakistani flags and chanting Long Live Pakistan. At last, Hindu India was forced to accept the Paksitan's offer. Hindu terrorist leaders have not come out of the sorrow that Indian Military Intelligence warned Indian Army Chief that from Soldiers to Generals of the Indian army, air force and navy may at anytime start treason against India.
                On this report, the Indian army chief has ordered Indian Intelligence agencies to collect the information about the relatives, friends and other near and dear ones of Indian soldiers to Generals, recording their calls, internet activity etc. for scrutiny. As a result of Indian army Chiefs orders, non-Sikh soldiers are avoiding contacting Sikh soldiers resulting in the increasing restlessness among Sikh soldiers and their families. Seeing them as enemies of India by Hindu majority is spreading fear in Sikhs. They are expecting some big genocide once again by Hindu terrorist leaders, politicians, Police and Army even before the 2020 Referendum…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 10 January 2018.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Army Chief Attends the Christmas Ceremony!

Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa joined Christian Community at Christ Church Rawalpindi

                Recently the facts and figures of the crimes against minorities based on hatred and religious extremism have been issued by the "Fact Checker" organization. According to the reports, after Modi's coming into power in May 2014, uncountable members of minorities including Christians, Sikhs, lower caste Hindus and especially Muslims became the target of govt. policies of extremism and hatred. Muslims were given a new identity "Cow Eaters" and thus Hindu youth has been incited to become the part of the cow savers (Gao Raksha) and prove their Hinduism to protect the Sacred Cow. After Modi came into power, more than 2000 Muslims were killed in the name of the cow protection and attacks over the Mosques, especially after Friday Prayers. In a well-planned manner, Muslims has been turned into a symbol of hatred; Schools, areas, roads etc. named after Muslims have been converted into the names of Hindus. Few states passed, special laws in this regard.
                Extremist and Hindu Terrorist Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh wants to demolish the Taj Mahal as a symbol of Muslim role over Hindu India along with all the Mosques as Hindu terrorists blazed the Babri Masjid in Ayudhia. He is basically fueling the ideology that India can never become a true Hindu Extremist State until there is a single Muslim symbol present in India and thus Hindus should not consider themselves to be free until they do not remove each and every member of minorities or non-Hindus. Wherever Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) got the majority, Hindu books of Ramayan and Bhagwat have been included in the curriculum of the state schools and such a curriculum and history has been prepared which poses Akbar and Shah Jahan as villains and enemies of Hinduism.
Army Chief Joins Christmas Celebrations of Christian Community

                So-called liberals in Pakistan singing the chorus of Indian Secularism are not ready to utter a single word over the unimaginable tortures over minorities in India claiming it to be the internal matter of India; however, these intellectual prostitutes leave no stone unturned to prove Pakistan as an extremist country. They are not ready to write or say anything against the barbaric acts of Hindu terrorist Army in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) and other states of India. They are now busy in repairing the image of India by giving the hopes that this time so-called Secular Party Congress will come into power in India. They are criminally ignoring that on 25 September 1990, when L.K. Adwani of BJP announced to start Ram Rath Yatra towards Ayudhiya in which he visited 9 states of India in one month and 5 days, collecting hundreds of thousands of Hindu extremists he reached Ayudhiya on 30 October 1990; during whole this show of Hindu terrorism and extremism a secret deal has been made between Congress and BJP that Babri Masjid should not be blazed at once because according to VP Singh and Congress Party majority of Hindus was not ready for such acts against Muslim. If Masjid is blazed, Hindus may protest against this act as well.
                In the 1980s decade when the campaign to demolish the Barbi Masjid was started with the support of so-called Secular party Congress claiming that it was constructed on the place of the Janam Bhumi of Ram. In the way, BJP organized its campaign to demolish the Babri Masjid and Congress betrayed Muslims, all those who had been in the love of Secularism of Congress and Liberalism in 1947, realized that they are not third-degree citizens of India but something far inferior to animals. In December 1992, posters asking Hindus to visit Ayudhiya on 06 December were pasted in all the areas of India especially outside the houses of Muslims; in the poster, a Hindu was shown attacking the Babri Masjid with a sword. This was not attack over Babri Masjid which has been abandoned long ago but a message to the Muslim of India that they have no place in Hindu India. In New Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmadabad, Bareli, Lucknow, and Muradabad Muslims were attacked when they protested against pasting of these posters on their main gates.
                Muslims also contacted Higher Courts of India to stop Hindus from their terrorism against Babri Masjid. Hindu courts rejected the petitions filed by the Muslims that Muslim are protesting on the basis of just concerns while Indian Intelligence Bureau and Speical Branch reported to the courts that Hindus have made all the arrangements to demolish Babri Masjid.
Less than 2% i.e. 208 million population of Pakistan is Christian, yet the country is the safest place for the minorities and home to the outstanding religious harmony

                Not only Muslim or Mosques, since the freedom of Hindu India uncountable churches have been demolished and Christians killed by Hindu terrorists.
                One may ask Sikhs that under what circumstances and threats they are living. But Indian propaganda and paid agents of India in Pakistan always keep busy in proving Pakistan as an extremist state. In order to neutralize the effect of Indian Propaganda, Pakistanis have to give many sacrifices. On 25 December 2018, Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa along with his family participated in the celebrations of the Christmas at Christ Church Rawalpindi proving that Pakistan not only believes in the inter-religion harmony but also the safest country for the minorities.
                Although in the past attempts were made to link the attacks over churches with Islamic extremism while the reality was that terrorists especially targeted Mosques and Islamic religious places making it clear that their war was not against some sect or religion but against the Pakistan in which they targeted hospitals, courts, parks, markets, bus stands etc. After the long war when Pakistan defeated Indian supported terrorism, Pakistan's Image has once again been restored. General Qamar Javed Bajwa's participation in Christmas and praising the role played by Christians in the development of Pakistan shows the reality of Pakistan, protecting the rights of minorities; not like the so-called Mother of Democracy India where minorities are being forced either to become Hindus or leave Hindu India…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 03 January 2019.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Hussein Haqqani and PTM's anti-Pakistan Agenda!

                The letter written by the American President Trump 03 December 2018, requesting for help in the restoration of Peace in Afghanistan has astonished American and Western Media, International Defense analysts and Pakistanis as well. Trump who has been threatening Pakistan since he came into power and did not give any statement except threats to Pakistan. His request to Pakistan for the restoration of Peace in Afghanistan reinforces Pakistan's stance that peace in Afghanistan is not possible through war but by negotiations with the Taliban.
                However, Hussein Haqqani is the only person who responded to the tweet of CNN about Trump's letter to Pakistan in these words, "I wrote and lobbied against Pakistan extensively for 7 years and for what? For this? I have been betrayed".
                Hussein Haqqani should have asked this question from himself that who was sent by Asif Ali Zardari on some unseen pressure and there he in spite of representing Pakistan used his position to attack the integrity of Pakistan. He became the agent of the anti-Pakistan agencies. All the atrocities committed by Indian soldiers in Indian Held Kashmir, he started alleging Pakistan army for all such inhuman acts after he was removed from his designation. He issued unchecked visas to thousands of Black Water and CIA operatives; the greatest example would be the Raymond Davis.

                While working as an Ambassador in the USA, he established links with Israeli and Indian Intelligence agencies to secure benefits for him in the USA. His claim is still on the record that through his cooperation, America staged the Abbottabad Operation against Osama Bin Laden. He supported all the conspiracies against the Nuclear power of Pakistan. Two Nations Theory has been his favorite target. He wrote many books to prove Pakistan army as a threat to the International peace, however, his book "Reimagining Pakistan: Transforming a Dysfunctional Nuclear State" he left no stone unturned inciting international powers to take over the Pakistani nuclear weapons. His books were welcomed in Pakistan but more preferably in India.

                He has the talent to prove lies as true in his speeches but he utilized his talent to uproot his own motherland. He claimed that he has worked hard for the harsh stance of the USA against Pakistan but he is not satisfied yet, he wanted practical steps (attack) against Pakistan.
                After Trump came into power, Hussein Haqqani wrote an article according to the mentality of Trump, "To win Afghanistan, Get Tough on Pakistan" which was published on 06 July 2017 in NewYork Times. This article is the copy of the stance of ex-Chief of RAW B. Ramin in which he advises America to rethink the policy and relations with Pakistan. He termed concerns over possible Indian aggression as an imaginative fear of Pakistan army.
                Hussein Haqqani also negates the Pakistani concerns over the presence of more than a dozen Indian consulate in Afghan provinces adjacent to the Pakistani border. He is also thankful to the economic cooperation of India to Afghanistan and also praises Indian role in Afghanistan. Hussein Haqqani is worried that US establishment has stopped giving statements to continue Indian role in Afghanistan at all costs. Perhaps one of the reasons is that American representative Zalmay Khalil Zad who is considered as anti-Pakistan is now continuously in contact with Pakistan and praising Pakistan after negotiations between Taliban and Americans in UAE. In such a situation Hussein Haqqani's SAATH (South Asian Against Terrorism and Human Rights) forum has been rendered inactive and not receiving any significant funds from the USA. The basic reason behind decline of acceptance of this forum is the hosting of its seminars in London by Altaf Hussein, founder of MQM for separation of Balochistan, exploiting few Baloch Feudal Lords against Pakistan living in London lavish life, two American members of Congress notorious for LoLobbyingor India were also present in this gathering and have also presented resolution for separation of Balochistan from Pakistan in US Congress.

                Hussein Haqqani's SAATH provides support to anti-Pakistan liberals who are working against Paksitan army so that they may defame pakistan army through his forum for mislead the Western community and incite international powers to take steps against Pakistan. Although, SAATH forum mutilates Quaid's speeches that Pakistan should have a secular and liberal system free from the interference of military, however, no one from the outside is given access to the speeches and suggestions of this forum.
                On 16 December 2018, Hussein Haqqani arranged a gathering in Washington DC on the forum of SAATH in which special anti-Pakistan people were invited from Pakistan. The subject of the gathering was, "After Elections 2018; Military is Ruling Pakistan through Proxy Civil Govt." that is why this govt is the new form of Martial Law. Pakistanis from Pakistan or living in America might have never come to know about this seminar if two Pakistanis had not attempted to attend it without the invitation. As soon as these two Pakistani members entered into the Hall a strange restlessness spread in the hall. Hussein Haqqani and his hosts explained to these Pakistanis that no one can attend the seminar who has not been invited; they replied that they are Pakistani and want to hear the comments about Pakistan so they should be included in the invited guests. Hussein Haqqani had no excuses left. He said that he cannot invite them on his own the decision of invitations is done by the committee of the SAATH. When the situation grew harsher, Hussein Haqqani called the security of the hotel. When the Security Incharge reached there to understand the situation, the uninvited guests unveiled the faces of Hussein Haqqani and others in very sociable manners and told the Security Incharge that as this seminar is about Pakistan, we are Pakistanis but we are being stopped from attending the seminar because in this seminar conspiracies against Pakistan are being hatched.

                They declared Hussein Haqqani as the traitor of Pakistan and asked that when he will visit Pakistan as he is being called in Pakistan. Some supporters of Hussein Haqqani tried to scuffle with univited guests but they were told in plain words that they are in the USA not in Pakistan where they may beat them. When this discussion was going on, someone from the guests recorded the whoel activitiy in his mobile and shared on social media afterwards.
                Afterwards, it was disclosed that Hussein Haqqani has also invited Mohsin Dawar of Pashtun Tahafuz Movement PTM in his seminar, but as his name has been placed in Exit Control List (ECL) so he could not attend the seminar and propaganda against Pakistan army.

                However, Mohsin Dawar along with  Ali Wazeer and Manzoor Pashteen held a seminar at a hall adjacent to Peshawar Musuem in the commemoration of the APS attack on 16 December 2014. The relatives of the martyred children got the first shock when they saw the large picture of ex-Representative of TTP Ehsan Ullah Ehsan on the wall. Few parents left the hall, realizing that Mohsin Dawar wants to exploit martyrdom of their children for his nefarous designs against Pakistan. When the first orator came to the dice to start his speech, few persons from the hall started chanting anti-Pakistan slogans, at this the parents of the martyred children left the hall. On such a situation the PTM members started singing the chorus "Behind Terrorism is the Uniform (Army), (Yeh jo Dehshat Grdi hi Iske Peeche Wardi Hi". This was unacceptable for the parents of the martyred children, they started quarelling with the PTM members including children and women. In this way, this anti-Pakistan seminar was flopped but PTM memebrs proved that they are not going to stop here and will follow the footprints of Hussein Haqqani to defame Pakistan…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 28 December 2018.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

After Bangladesh, Sikkim, Sri Lanka and Pakistan Now Nepal is the new Target of Indian RAW!

                Have Sub-continents biggest country by land and population, Indian RAW played any role in the improvement of relations between countries or its only goal is to fuel terrorism in the neighboring countries so that India may attack and capture them? This question has been raised by the Dr. Shastra Dita Panat of Nepal in his book Machination of RAW in Transitional Nepal. The book consists of 615 pages. Dr. Panat has discussed in detail all the nefarious plans of RAW for capturing and taking over Nepal. He has also discussed the role of RAW and conspiracies hatched by RAW against the neighboring countries since freedom from Britain. What conspiracies were hatched by RAW and plans executed against Pakistan in 1971 for separation of Bengal; afterward the tactics used by Indian terrorist RAW to convert Bangladesh into the colony of India has been discussed in the book. After separation of Bengal from Pakistan, India attacked Sikkim and captured it. After Sikkim India targeted Sri Lanka and fueled terrorism in Sri Lanka. Whether it is Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka or the Maldives these four states around India have so small army that India can even capture them by its state Police. This is the International pressure and laws that stop India from direct attack and use RAW mercilessly for creating lawlessness and terrorism so that the target state faces financial and economic losses and begs to India for accession. If one calculates the number of people who lost their lives and the losses to the property due to the terrorism of RAW, one might faint.

                Sri Lanka is a country based upon an island and is not so much big that it can be further divided. Despite this India fueled terrorism there in the form of Tamil Tigers. Tamils were armed with the latest weapons to fight against the Sri Lankan army and demand a separate state. Remote control and time bomb blasts took lives of Sri Lankans on daily basis. In October 1988, India utilized RAW to create political chaos in the Maldives which was fueled to convert into the treason. During this political disturbance, an unknown group of pirates captured important points of Maldives. According to Maldives media, these pirates were 80 in number and belonged to Tamil Tigers supported by India. India reacted by sending its army to the Maldives under the operation Cactus. Tamil guerrillas fled away before the Indian army reached there. Indian army who went to stay in the Maldives in the name of restoration of peace had to return back on the International Pressure.

                In Kashmir India is involved in crimes against Humanity. Pakistan is also facing Indian terrorism by birth, however, after 2001 India increased her terrorist network within Pakistan and waged war against Pakistan through RAW terrorists. Besides Suicide bomb blasts, terrorist activities and attacks India also fueled ethnic, linguistic and sectarian disputes to spread chaos in the country.
                Supporting separatists in Tibet, training camps in Arunachal Pradesh to train terrorists for terrorism in Tibet all are the achievements of Indian RAW and Hindu India. Bhutan is facing Indian imperialist and terrorist designs. However, out of these small states, Dr. Panat is the first scholar who has declared India responsible for all the internal problems of his country and dared to write a book on the conspiracies of India against Nepal. He is the writer of 67 books while 29 books are in the pipeline for being published. According to him, Nepal has multiple times tried to get out of the Indian control, however, being a landlocked state, Nepal could not get out of Indian influence. If for one week, the movement of goods is stopped from India, Nepal has to face hunger.

                In the last 7 decades, India has shifted Tharu and Madeshi Tamil tribes (living on both sides of the border) from UP and Bihar to Tihari area of Nepal in such a way that these areas now look to be the part of India. Here Janjati tribes are also present. These tribes have centuries-old enmities. As they are living across the borders, they can stop the trade anytime. It is not a difficult task for RAW to start a war between these tribes whose price is to be paid by the people of Nepal.
                People of Nepal cannot forget 2015 when due to the mutual war of these tribes the trucks were burnt and looted, so truck drivers stopped the movement of in these areas. As a result, Nepal has to face the shortage of food and other trade items including medicine, the situation got out of control for Nepal's govt. People living around the Kathmandu marched towards Khatmandu to protest against the shortage. Protests started in other cities as well and the first time in the history, whole Nepal protested against India; Indian flags and puppets of Modi were burnt. India advised Nepal to end deals with China as a price of ending the fight between the tribes and securing the trade route. China came to help Nepalese people and supplied medicine and other necessities of life through the aerial route.

                Dr. Panat has alleged that India is involved in the kidnapping of Nepalese children especially girls and women that end up as sex workers in the Indian cities. Dr. Panat has copied the statement of Indian journalist that Indian integrity depends entirely on the political chaos, economic loss, lawlessness and terrorism in the neighboring states so that they are forced to accept Indian demands. Dr. Panat has pointed out many deals with Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Sri Lanka, and Nepal as Unequal Bilateral Treaties and disclosed that more than 18000 Indians are working as agents in the world. 12000 out of these 18000 are working in the neighboring countries for terrorism, spreading fake news, fake currency notes, establishing and controlling pressure groups, chaos, and sectarian disputes.
                These Indian agents belong mostly to the Surankote and Kargila units who have roots in Nepal's Interior Ministry, Foreign Ministry, Police, Immigration and even Electronic and Print Media. Nepalese want that their dependence on India is minimized and the relations with China is increased. They are seeing that China is the most developing country where poverty and unemployment have been controlled. While in India poverty is increasing day by day by increasing population. Nepal has got enough punishment for being forcibly tied with India. Indian rulers have used RAW against the neighboring countries in order to secure votes from extremist Hindus. They fuel terrorism in the neighboring countries so that Indian people do not pay attention to the deteriorating economy and increasing Hindu extremism.

                Pakistan is also facing Indian conspiracies from the day of its birth. Whether this is the terrorism in the neighboring countries, killing people in the name of Cow Protection or Indian war crimes in Indian Held Kashmir; Pakistan should establish a forum with Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives to discuss the conspiracies of India to enslave neighboring countries because we cannot raise voice against India individually but united we can stand against India. Nepal has set a new example by banning the use of New Indian currency in Nepal which should be followed by Bhutan and Maldives.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 20 December 2018.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Either General Bapan Rawat is Unaware of his Country's System or a Hypocrite!

                "My father built a strong and beautiful house at this place because he was sure that time is changing. In 2002, this house was set on fire for three days. They burnt it so much that we found just ashes that we buried in the graveyard. Even now I visit that house where I spent my childhood, where my children played, the place where there was his garden, the place where there was his library, I visit that place removing my shoes. Because I do not know where the hands of my father were cut, where his head was cut. I want to tell you all things because as you know that for 32 years I have been living in the USA. Someone wrote there an article that this war is very lonely war. I live there, living among the well-educated people considering themselves to be safe but I am alone there.

                No one wants to bring forward the facts, everyone says, FORGET, MOVE ON. They have not burnt one or two houses, they have blazed the thousands of houses. How many examples should I quote? In our neighborhood lived Uncle Khan, his children searched hospitals for three years because they did not found his dead body and hoped that one day they will find him alive from some hospital. I am talking about Ahmadabad in 2002. This was not the time of night or a remote area where Police or ambulance could not reach or establish the writ of the state was impossible. Gandhi Nagar is 10 km away from Ahmadabad, Gandhi Asharam is 5 km away. In the childhood, we used to go there for playing on the bicycle.
New Delhi: Nasrin Jaffari telling the story of 2002 when Hindu extremist brutally killed his father Ehsan Jaffari MP along with thousands of Muslim including children and infants.

                In 2002, when the massacre of Muslims started as per plan, my father called everyone in his friend's list; he had a contact book in which he stored the numbers of all govt. notables. He called everyone until the phone wires were cut. He lost hope that no one is coming to help him, at last, he called at one place, told the receiver that the girls and children who have taken refuge in his house are being pulled out, windows has been broken, gas tanks are being thrown in; he called army last time and the answer he got was, "Jafari you are on your own". Now think yourself 2002, is 15-16years ago. In 1969, there were no phones, in the dark of the night my mother ran with her two children. These were the anti-Muslim riots of 1969 in Ahmadabad.

                In 2002, massacre on such a big scale was impossible unless you have made the foolproof plan. The place on which my father lived was a Hindu majority area, my father was hopeful that by living here he will work as a bridge between the two religions and spread the love. Everyone knew us within the radius of 2-3 km. but in 2002 no one came to save us, he was 73 years old he had to bear all this alone. Now, whenever the election is near I get afraid that someone innocent will be killed somewhere. Does this happen in any democracy"?
Nasrin Jaffari with his father Syed Ehsan Jaffari and mother Zakiya Jaffari.

                Above quoted text is the part of the speech delivered by the Nasreen Jaffari in a seminar at New Delhi, daughter of Ehsan Jaffari, leader of Congress party, living in Ahmadabad during the Muslim Massacre in 2002 planned and executed by Chief Minister of Gujarat at that time Narendra Modi. In 2002, when Ehsan Jafari was murdered he was the member of Indian Parliament and was popular among Hindus as well due to his character. That was the reason he constructed his house in the majority Hindu area because he thought that in this way he will be able to win the hearts of Hindus and create ease for Muslims of India. When the massacre of Muslim started, Muslim women and children took refuge in his house, Hindus warned him again and again that he should expel the Muslim refugees and leave the area. Ehsan Jafari was sure that Hindus will remain outside his house just chanting slogans, but Narendra Modi had planned that his political future is conditioned with the fueling hatred against Muslim and massacre of Muslims to win the hearts of Hindus. The Chief Minister of Gujarat was not the Chief of Army Staff of the Indian army, despite this, Indian army in the Ahmadabad Catnonement did not interfere and provided the full chance for Hindus to massacre Muslims. During the inquiry, the Indian army stated that in order to control the anti-Muslim riots, Gujarat state had to provide them the vehicles which were provided two days later.

                The reality of Indian army's stance was disclosed by the retired Muslim Lt. General Zameer Uddin Shah, in his book "Gospel of Truth". According to the details of Muslim genocide of 2002 in Gujarat is preserved in the war diaries of Ahmadabad cantt. According to him, the massacre of Muslims was planned and executed by the Gujarat Police and state. The SIT (Special Investigation Team) established by the Indian Supreme Court in its 541 pages long report have declared Narendra Modi as innocent. General Shah on 14th October 2018 declared this report as false and based upon lies, but Indian Army Chief Bappan Rawat is telling the jokes to prove his country as a secular state and in his jokes, he conditioned relations with Pakistan with secularism in Pakistan. If Rawat has been a politician one may have ignored his statement as a political stunt, but he is the Chief of (UN)professional Indian army having nuclear power. He forgot that since 1947, Indian history is dark with the Muslim massacre and genocide under the supervision of the Hindu state but he is still wandering in the circle of terrorism he created to defame Pakistan. He thinks that the world knows Pakistan as a terrorist state according to the Indian propaganda while the world is concerned over the killings of Muslims in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK), killings of Sikh and other minorities. In order to improve relations with Pakistan India will have to give Hindu terrorism.

                As long as the statement of seeing Pakistan as a secular state is concerned, its befitting reply has been given by the Nasreen Jafari in her speech in a seminar at New Delhi by telling her story of Muslim massacre in 2002. General Bappan Rawat is either a hypocrite or an actor. He should take care of India in spite of being concerned about Pakistan. India, where more than a dozen states want freedom from Hindu India and now Sikhs are also going to hold the referendum in 2020 for Khalistan on the international level, which was declared by General Bappan Rawat terrorism against India but forgot that India is involved in such terrorism against neighboring states since its birth…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 13 December 2018.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Silence over the Massacre of the Kashmiris is Equivalent to Support!

A sister with sweets waiting to welcome his brother's funeral in Occupied Kashmir... 

As soon as the Rajdhani Express Train arrived the reached Indian Occupied Kashmir’s (IOC) station Pathankot, Indian army surrounded the Pathankot Railway Station. The train was 15 km away from the station, passengers and the crew of the train were worried that what was going to happen as there may be the report of the bomb over the tracks or a big terrorist attack. As soon as the train stopped over the platform, no one was allowed to offload from the train. The passengers over the platform were also ordered to stay away from the train. Indian soldiers entered into a bogie and came out with 6 youngsters whose faces were covered with the cloth. The whole station was frightened. When Indian soldiers came out of the station with the arrested youngsters, vehicles of the state police were also present outside. The reports of the presence of Indian army on the railway station reached the media and media representatives reached there as well; they were ordered to stay out of the station. The arrested youngsters were taken into a Police van.

                Media representatives were told that they are wanted by the State Police for attacks over the Indian army who were students of Delhi University. When the media representatives asked about the details of the cases registered against these youngsters and their identity, Indian army replied that they do not know. Media representatives questioned that they should have been arrested from where they boarded the train or New Delhi. Indian army has no answer to these questions. On the 2nd the newspapers reported that 6 Kashmiri youngsters have been arrested.
                IOC that is already facing the war and worst state terrorism, no one knows about the identity of the arrested youngsters. Who are they? Thousands of Kashmiri students are studying in the educational institutions of New Delhi who often come to visit their families living in the Indian Held Kashmir (IHK). Due to the closure of Internet and Mobile Phone Service, it is not possible for parents to know about their children studying in different universities of India. Indian govt. is not concerned about the pain that the parents of those arrested are going through. No one knows that whether they will be able to reach homes again or the torture cells of the Indian army and mass graves will be their final destination.
                From 22 November, within two weeks martyrdoms of 34 Kashmiris have been reported. Majority of them youngsters, who are killed by Indian army’s direct firing over the peaceful protests that were taken out to protest against the killings of the innocent Kashmiri youngsters. This massacre of unarmed Kashmiris falls under the category of war crimes against civilians but the irony of fate is that no one is ready to come ahead and raise voice against it due to which IHK has been converted to a practical hell.
In Occupied Kashmir, a 14-year teenage girl Muskan Jan daughter of Ghulam Nabi Wani injured in the firing of Indian army in Khudwani area of Kulgam district. She died in hospital within three days.

                United Nations issued a report on the war crimes of India in IHK in 2018, demanded India end the Black Laws in the name of laws against terrorism and announced to send an inquiry commission, however, now UNO is also silent once again. The UNO’s Rights Commission has not considered that day by day the war crimes of the Indian army increasing. Mutilating women in the name of the search of homes, arrest or murder of males for resistance against the crimes of the Indian soldier. If they do not protest than what else they should do. By using tear gas, firing live bullets, chemical weapons and pellet guns indifferently that target our children, elders, women or youngsters Indian soldiers think that Kashmiris will not protest. But protest has become the part of Kashmiris lives.
                A few days ago a tear gas shell fired by the Indian army hit a ten-year-old child in the area of Budgam, he fainted on the spot. Doctors at the hospital gave him the first aid to save his life and advised his parents to take him to the Sri Nagar hospital where he is still fighting against the death. Similarly, in the District Shopian, pellets fired by the shotgun of Indian army took the right eye of 18 months old infant baby girl. On this, a cartoon titled Barbarian Dolls was published by the International media. In the cartoon, a doll has been shown packed in a box holding a white stick and on the pack, it is written, “especially for Kashmiri Children”. In a similar incident in the area of District Kulgam, a bullet fired by the coward Indian soldiers took the life of the 14 years underage Muskan during the treatment. No one can understand the pain and grief of her parents. Her father decided to bury her in the Pakistani flag. When she was taken to the hospital, she was alive despite the bullet in her head. The X-ray shows that bullet has been entrapped in the back of her skull. The bullet was taken out through the operation but doctors failed to bring her back. In this way for remaining unconscious for three days, she succumbed to the injuries.
Muskan Jan's X-ray! Girl shot down by Indian army in Kulgam South Kashmir

A new story of state terrorism and barbarism is being written by Indian soldiers in the Indian Held Kashmir. These crimes and tortures are enough to give shivers to the reader. We Pakistani by just lending moral support or giving the lip service we think that we have done a great thing. There are some liberals who think that by protesting against the war crimes of India in IHK we are becoming a hurdle in the peace process between India and Pakistan. They are unable to realize that Kashmiris are embracing martyrdom showing their love for Pakistan, chanting slogans in the favor of freedom. They hoist the Pakistani flag even in the firing of live bullets. Why are they being killed?
Had Muskan any enmity against India or Idnain army? This is a clear cut massacre, which should be protested at all levels. Our private and state TV channels should not remain limited to the news reports only but also telecast detailed programs and talk shows so that every Pakistani may realize that Kashmiris are laying their lives fro Pakistan.
We will only realize that Kashmiris are fighting for Paksitan when only 50% dams being constructed over Paksitani rivers by India will be completed; by remaining silent over the massacre of Kashmiris in the hands of Indian terrorist army we have not only supported the massacre but also devastated our coming generations.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 06 December 2018.