Wednesday, April 27, 2016

US’s International Agenda for New Delhi

The true picture of The India-US Defense  Partnership

                Whenever any incident of terrorism happened in India, US demanded Pakistan to bring the culprits to justice on the allegations of India. Such like demand was repeated by USA in January 2016, after Pathankot Airbase attack. Due to the US pressure not only a case was registered against unknown attackers in Pakistan but few arrests were made as well in the light of the Indian allegations. Moreover, Pakistan sent an investigation team to India, which was accepted by India unwillingly and practically no support was provided to this investigation team by India. US kept suspicious silence over Indian attitude. In the meanwhile the investigation officer, investigating the Pathankot attack was murdered in target killing in front of his family. Not only in the India but all over the world for those persons who had suspicion that Pathankot airbase attack was an act of Indian establishment, this murder provided a strong base and evidence for their suspicion that whole attack was staged by Indian agencies with which Pakistan has nothing to do. US remained silent on this murder as well because US interests linked with India does not allow her to raise the voice against Indian conspiracies.
US defense secretary meets Modi, says India is  very important strategic partner for America
                Not only Pakistanis but whole world was jolted when Pakistani Intelligence Agencies arrested a senior Indian RAW officer, active in Balochistan since long time. Arrest of a senior armed forces officer of enemy country was a unique and strange incident in the modern era. After arrest Indian state actor (terrorist) confessed all of the activities in which he was involved for the last decade and also informed Pakistani investigators about the future plans of terrorism in Pakistan by India. However, US remained silent over the arrest of Indian terrorist from Balochistan. When US State representative was asked to comment over the arrest and disclosures of Indian terrorist from Pakistan the reply was, “We are observing the situation”. US should have at least condemned terrorist activities by RAW in Pakistan or adopted same wording which she adopted after fabricated allegations of terrorism by India against Pakistan and pressurized Pakistan to DO MORE.
108- Indian State Actor  Kulbhushan Yadav data

                US and US intelligence agencies are well aware in the way Pakistan braved the wave of terrorism since 2002, in the way terrorism was pushed into Pakistan from Afghanistan and all the sacrifices of civil and armed personnel for safeguarding integrity of Pakistan. Because terrorists involved in terrorism in Pakistan had the support and supervision of RAW and Afghan intelligence agencies while CIA was involved as well in this bloody game. If we calculate the explosives used in the suicide bomb blasts since 2002 it weighs into thousands of tons. If we calculate the cost of the vehicles used in these terrorist attacks in Pakistan, the figures are astonishing. Did not USA knew that who was funding, training and providing technical assistance to the terrorists?
                When despite of being aware of the foreign supporters of the terrorism in Pakistan which claimed more than sixty thousand innocent lives; US adopts policy of silence against these foreign funders than concerns of Pakistanis regarding integrity and future of Pakistan are natural. In such situation the importance of nuclear assets for Pakistanis increases manifolds. If USA pressures Pakistan to reduce nukes then this is nothing more than biased attitude of US.
Maleeha Lodhi Pakistan's Ambassador to UN

                Reacting to this dual standard of USA, Pakistan’s permanent representative to UNO Maleeha Lodhi made the importance of nuclear assets for integrity and safety of Pakistan clear during her address to the UNO in New York for the session of UNO for reducing Nuclear assets. She made it clear to the whole world that how much important Pakistan nukes are for the balance of power in the region. She criticized the dual standards of international powers over reducing nukes for less developed countries which is creating feeling of insecurity among less developed countries. She said that these big powers are themselves living peacefully but fueling wars among under developed countries for selling their traditional weapons. She said these big powers pressure less developed countries for decrease in nuclear arsenal but they are not ready to decrease their own nuclear arsenal.
                The protest of Pakistan in the UNO was based upon reality could be imagined from the  declaration of US Secretary Defense in which in spite of resolving the disputes, USA is supporting imperialist India, USA has put the peace of not only South Asia but whole world on stake. During the three day visit to India, US Secretary Defense said that US has a complete international agenda to resolve the problems of India, that time has gone when India was seen as other side of the penny in contrast to Pakistan.
Indian Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar and the  US Secretary of Defense Aston Carter address a joint Press Conference at  South Block in New Delhi on April 12
                US support to India means that Indian atrocities in the Indian Held Kashmir would increase. India will attempt to practically execute her threats against Pakistan. Indian imperialist designs would get more violent. India has already converted herself into cache of weapons but still struggling to get more weapons. Pakistan has several times been the target of open Indian aggression.
                The arrest of Indian state terrorist from Balochistan shows that India has not stopped her policy of aggressive interference and terrorism in Pakistan. India is working hard to weaken Pakistan internally and whenever she will get the chance she will try to impose a war like that of 1965 or 1971 on Pakistan.
                USA and rest of the world should be aware that any such attempt by India would not only destroy the whole South Asia but also push the whole world towards a dreadful nuclear war. This nuclear war can only be avoided if world powers force India to give up aggressive policies and resolve the regional issues like Kashmir…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 24 April 2016.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hangings in Bangladesh for Loving Pakistan!

Ghulam Azam! Bangladesh tribunal sentences to death  for alleged 1971 war crimes

                The details of the massacre of non-Bengalis by the Awami League with the help of India before and after 1971 are being unveiled gradually. The sources of these reports are Western newspapers and declassified US govt. documents. The stories being unveiled are horrible enough to give shivers. It is astonishing that representatives of Western Media were aware of the genocide of the Non-Bengalis but why did they keep their eyes closed and lips shut? Why did not they recorded they protest over crimes against human race? After, disintegration of Pakistan when propaganda against Pakistan was on its peak, fabricated stories of atrocities committed by Pakistan army were being published and propagated why did not those who knew reality negate the propaganda? Even if few facts were published in the form of books, these books were kept away from the people of sub-continent so that Pakistan army can be kept under pressure through propaganda.
Abdul Qader Mollah hanged by Bangladesh
                According to the book “Bangladesh: The Unfinished Revolution” written by Lawrence Lifschultz, Abdul Qadir Siddiqui joint leader of Awami League and Mukti Bahni announced to have a general gathering in which trial of those who supported Pakistan was to be held. In this regard representatives of international media were specially invited who reached along with cameras. Abdul Qadir Siddiqui made a firebrand speech for an hour against Pakistan telling the fabricated stories of atrocities of Pakistan army against Bengalis. After this it was asked from the gathering that what should be the punishment of those who supported Pakistan; Mujeeb demanded death penalty. After this all those who were brought their alleged for supporting Pakistan were killed with the bayonets of the rifles. Representatives of International media captured all these moments but they have never been published, however, some Western newspapers published few pictures with short notes.
 Abdus Sobhan got convicted for crimes for supporting Pakistan in 1971 war
                Similarly, weekly ‘Times’ published a news report of killing some innocent Bihari people who were brought by Abdul Qadir Siddique with him during a rally in Dhaka. Times also mentioned the claim of Mukti Bahni providing justice to Biharis that was delivered to Biharis in the form of firing after a crowded Press Conference at Dhaka.
Mutti ur Rahman Nizami hanged by Bangladesh  Govt.
                Moreover, after the war of 1971 was over, a deal for release of Pakistani soldiers and civilians taken as Prisoners of War was signed in which it was mutually agreed; neither Pakistan, India nor Bangladesh would try the prisoners of war for war crimes or any other type of acts done during or prior to the 1971 war for maintaining law and order situation. Such an agreement was signed between Pakistan and Mujeeb’s govt. in Bangladesh as well supported by India because if the Pandora box of aggressive invasion of India over Pakistan was to be opened, it would not only unveil the Indian conspiracy to disintegrate Pakistan but also  hurt Indian soft image as world would have known the imperialist designs of India.
Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mujahid!  hanged by  Sheikh Hasina led government.
                After murder of Sheikh Mujeeb u Rehman along with his family in the hands of his own Bangladeshi army, the killings of Biharis and pro-Pakistani Bengalis got suspended. A silence prevailed for long time. In her previous reigns Haseena Wajid avoided opening the disputed matters and fueling hatred against Pakistan openly. However, in the current reigns of her govt. where she had the allegations of rigging in the elections on Awami League with the help of India, she has also started judicial killings of those elderly Bengalis who supported Pakistan before 1971 through so-called “International War Crime Tribunal”. Although, silence was observed over the govt. and political level in Pakistan, however, on the international level the so-called “International War Crime Tribunal” has been termed as unjustified, illegal, unjust and against the justice. However, Haseena Wajid did not listen to these objections and started trials of elderly Bengalis for supporting Pakistan during 1971 rebellion in order to quench Indian and her own fire of hatred against Pakistan.
Imprisoned AKM Yusuf died while serving a sentence  for war crimes
                The first elderly Bengalis who were hanged under these judicial killings were Professor Ghulam Azam  a great scholar, Great Religious Scholar Allama Dilawar Hussein Saeedi and Sallahuddin Qadir. The news of trial of these three persons was first of all leaked by human rights activist and legal expert Barrister Kidman from Britain in 2012 that with the concerns that Bangladeshi govt. had been prepared to hang these three persons for supporting Pakistan. Said Press Conference was released on 23 October 2012. During his press conference, he disclosed that right of appeal against the capital punishment sentenced by the said war tribunal has not been given which shows that Bangladeshi govt. wants to execute as soon as the decision of her will is given by the tribunal.
Maulana Umari talking to media after death  sentence
                UN’s Council for Human Rights also termed the establishment and procedure of trial by the tribunal against the rules of justice. Before this when establishing of the tribunal was being discussed, Haseena Wajid invited US legal expert / lawyer Stephen J. Rapp for discussing the issue. Within short time Stephen Rapp visited India and handed over a report consisting of 10 pages in which it was emphasized that procedure of trial in the tribunal should be made transparent and just according to the international rules of justice. Nevertheless, Haseena Wajid was burning with the hatred against Pakistan (also had Indian pressure on her as well) thus she wanted to quench her fire of revenge. In this way the massacre of supporters of Pakistan once again started that is still going with the only difference that in the past the killers of Awami League, Mukti Bahni and Indian agents were used to kill Bengalis and now this is being done through judicial killings.
Muhammadd Qamar u Zaman! Bangladesh war crimes tribunal  found him guilty and was hanged later

Written by Khalid Baig,
Date: 17 April 2016.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Rape of Dr Shazia Murree, Balochistan!


Recently, Sarfraz Bugti, Interior Minister of Balochistan Pakistan unveiled the real culprits behind the notorious rape case of Dr Shazia Murree on 02 January 2005. He made it clear that said Dr was raped by men of Nawab Akbar Bugti on his special orders not by the Captain of Pakistan Army. After raping her these two men fled to Switzerland with the help of the Akbar Bugti and foreign supporters. 
A wave of Propaganda was launched against Pakistan army for raping innocent lady Dr who later on fled to Europe in order to avoid investigations. 
Some paid elements within the Pakistani media and politicians exploited this drama to defame Pakistan army and a propaganda war was launched to make Pak Army's role, and credibility suspicious within the country. 
We negated this propaganda after thorough research that Pakistan army or any officer / soldier of Pak army is not involved in this hideous incident. We wrote a comprehensive article "The Told Untold Story of External Interruption in Balochistan". But some filthy and traitor elements within our media and politicians left no stone unturned to defame Pakistan army. Even some anchor persons and so-called liberals claimed that there are many such incidents of humiliation of Baloch women that are not being reported. In this India, Pro-Indian elements and anchorpersons working for easy money all benefited from this crime of Akbar Bugti. Here we quote an excerpt from the article discussing the case of Dr Shazia Murree...
The main line supplying natural gas from Balochistan to whole country was destroyed by Dynamite on 7th January 2005. Most part of the country was deprived from natural. The industries were paralyzed but household were also much effected. The natural gas department restored the pipeline after hard work of a week but due to this incident govt. has to bear loss of billions which was ultimately the loss of whole nation. The responsibility of this act of terrorism was accepted by Baloch Liberation Front. As a reaction to a so called incident on 2 January, 2005 (five days ago) in which a Lady Doctor was allegedly raped by a Captain. If the she had been called in spite daughter of Balochistan, daughter of Pakistan or Pakistani the sensitivity of this incident had decreased. Nor the culprit has been forgiven. But in this way situation in Balochistan cannot be equivalent to stories of Pakistan Army’s violence in West Pakistan 1975 (which has been proved fake propaganda of Hindus by time and Bangladeshi historians). Political leaders against Musharaf and all intellectuals thought it necessary to use this incident against him. Taking this as an evidence some groups targeted army, it was given name of oppressor, conqueror of own country and murderer of public. In such situation how the inquiry of alleged rape was possible. Baloch started struggle for revenge. Everyday the destruction of gas pipelines became routine. Such a fire was set in the Balochistan that its heat could be felt in whole country. During this time affected Lady Doctor shifted to Europe. However the disturbance in Balochistan took a new turn and army and its buildings were directly attacked. The history after this is not much old. Musharaf left, dictatorship left. Era of democracy started in the country, two years have passed. But the problem of Balochistan is still going on. Non Baloch’s are being target killed. Then was the act of gang rape with lady doctor was the real cause of disturbance in Balochistan? In fact this incident is a little “scene” of a big damn plan whose script was written in 2002. There one question rises in minds whether it is the incident of walking a nude woman on the roads of Nawabpur, Multan in Zia-ul-Haq Regime (which was propagated in international media and protesting against Aasima Jahangir got famous). Either it is the incident of gang rape with Muhktiran Mai or incident of rape with Lady doctor, so much disturbance is made, (May Allah protect all of us), but as soon as army govt. is removed people forget about such incidents. Seems that it is also a part of struggle against dictatorship. How much reality was in these incidents ask to inhabitants of Nawabpur and Muzaffargarh.

This is the only picture of the Dr Shazia Murree allegedly raped in Balochistan from Balochistan on the record

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Written by Khalid Baig,
Date : 19 April 2016.