Saturday, December 3, 2016

Naked Indian Aggression and Modi’s Enmity Against Pakistan!!!

Death Toll reaches 11 as another victim of Indian shelling on bus near LoC succumbs to injuries

                Few days ago on 20th November 2016, Pakistan demanded UNO to hold investigations in the deaths of 4 innocent children as the result of unprovoked Indian shelling over LoC. After submission of complaint to UNO on 24th November 2016, Indian army targeted a passenger bus and an ambulance in the Neelam Valley taking lives of 10 persons on spot. Afterwards, one out 15 injured succumbed to injuries in the hospital. Whole nation is sad over this tragedy that what the Indian nefarious designs are and why India is targeting unarmed Pakistanis. Is the reason behind such cowardly firing over civilians the freedom movement in Indian Held Kashmir which India is unable to control and suppress? Or India is taking such cowardly steps on successful completion of CPEC?
 PM Nawaz and PM Modi in Lahore

                Modi is notorious for his revengeful nature in India who can cross all limits to achieve what he wants. This is not a secret that a group of industrialists paved way for Modi to be elected as Indian Prime Minister through heavy funding. Extremist Hindus supported Modi due to his hatred and enmity against Pakistan due to his link with Rashtriya Sewak Singh (RSS) and massacre of Muslims in Gujarat. Modi decided to play heinous and hypocrite game with Pakistan after being elected as PM.  On the one hand he appointed Ajeet Kumar Dowal a notorious handler of terrorists as his Security Advisor in order to continue terrorism in Pakistan via Afghanistan. Dowal was retired as Chief of Indian Secret agency in 2014. Dowal was the master mind behind devastation of Babri Mosque, genocide of Muslim in Gujarat, planning to kill Dawood Ibraheem in the marriage of his daughter through two snipers and hijacking of Indian passenger plane in December 1999 from Katmandu, Nepal in order to defame Pakistan and ISI. Hijackers took aeroplane to Kabul where they demanded release of Azhar Masood and two others. However, Dowal failed to kill Dawood Ibraheem because he did not attend marriage of his daughter.
Indian steel Mills - Lakshmi Mittal

                Similarly, the script of dramatic attack over Indian Parliament in 2001 and hanging of innocent Afzal Guru from Indian Held Kashmir was written by Ajeet Kumar Dowal as well. However, the ground reality is that the Ghost of terrorism created in Pakistan by Dowal is taking its last breathes as a result of successful Operation Zarb-e-Azb and condition of Passport for movement across Pak-Afghan border.
                Modi decided to handle the second front himself in which he increased links with the Pakistani leadership in order to facilitate his trading and industrialist supporter like Dheru Bhai Ambani and Lakshmi Narain Mittal etc. On return from Kabul, Modi’s stay at Lahore in December 2015 and private meeting with Pakistani PM was series of this chain. Modi was sure that he will be successful in making the deal for trade route for movement of Indian goods via Wahga border to Afghanistan. This trade route would have been used to transport Coal from Afghanistan to India for Steel Mills of Mital family and goods of Indian industry to Afghanistan.

                Pakistan’s political elite was also waiting for suitable time to establish trade between India-Pakistan and have been struggling for it since Zardari reign. Indian sponsored Pakistani intellectuals were also repeating the same thing that Kashmir Dispute should be put aside and friendly trade links should be established between India and Pakistan; this will pave way for solution of Kashmir dispute as well. Modi left Lahore with great hopes. Modi’s sudden visit to Lahore raised suspicions in Pakistan. Because Modi’s speech against Pakistan and Pak-army on the eve of opening ceremony of Indian constructed Afghan Parliament have reached Pakistan before arrival of Modi. Pakistani public was shocked that Modi can visit Pakistan right after such a hateful and propagandist speech against Pakistan? They were also shocked over their rulers who did not feel any need to discuss Modi’s threatful and hatred speech against Pakistan. These concerns of Pakistani public became hurdle in the Indian access to Afghanistan via Wahga border.

Dhirubhai Ambani with sons Mukesh and Anil  Ambani

                How can Pakistani public allow India to transport goods from Pakistan while India continues conspiracies to disintegrate Pakistan through her armed interference in Balochistan, killing Pakistanis through terrorism and unprovoked firing, not only threaten but practically stop water of Pakistani rivers? This rejection of Indian road access to Afghanistan for trade has made Hindu India psycho and she had started limited war against Pakistan over Line of Control (LoC) in which unarmed civilians are being targeted. This unprovoked firing by Hindu troops would lead to war that will not remain confined to LoC only but whole region would affected by it…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 30 November 2016.

Monday, November 28, 2016

The Dispute Between Pak-Afghan on “Border Management”!

                After cleansing of terrorists, their hideouts, weapon and suicide bomber jacket manufacturing factories and cache of munitions in the hands of Pak-army, anti-Pakistan forces has started to control and launch terrorists from Afghanistan. Whether it is the December 2014 attack over Army Public School Peshawar or other attacks in the series, one common fact that was found in the investigations that all the persons involved in terrorism whether they were Tajik, Uzbek, Afghan or Pakistani all of them infiltrated into Pakistan via Afghanistan. After these findings of the investigations, Pak-govt. was forced to pay attention to the un-restricted movement across the Pak-Afghan border as thousands of people used to enter and exit Pakistan without any identity papers. Leaving aside the Torkham, there are hundreds of such entry / exit points which are being used for smuggling. By installing gate over the Torkham border Pakistan decided to enforce the movement across the border only after showing the passport. This decision of Pakistan was according to the legal and diplomatic rules for the movement in between two countries.
                Afghan govt. started opposing Border Management by Pakistan while Afghan govt. along with America and NATO officials have been laying false allegations against Pakistan that terrorists operate from Pakistan in the Afghanistan while Pakistan supports them. The American demand of DO MORE also meant the action against these elements. Pakistan proposed construction of wall over the border in 2008 after repeated allegations which was not only rejected by Hamid Qarzai but few elements within Pakistan also opposed it. If these demand had been accepted than both countries had not to see so much bloodshed in the hands of terrorists. But the elements within bother countries who are controlled by CIA, RAW and NDS were well aware that in case of construction of fences over the border it will be difficult for their terrorists to continue bloodshed and bomb blasts.

                However, after red handed arrest of RAW officer Kulbhushan Yadev along with the arrests of dozens of NDS terrorist operators in KPK, shut the mouths of those who opposed construction of fence in Pakistan but Afghanistan was not ready to accept the construction of fence. In order to save Pakistanis from menace of terrorism, Pakistan unilaterally decided to close all those passes and ways that were being used by smugglers or terrorists. The Border Management started from the Turkham Border by construction of gate; Afghan forces started unprovoked firing in order to stop the construction work. In this firing Major Jawad Changezi from Pak-army embraced martyrdom. The construction was being done within the Pakistani area. Despite of such aggressive act Pakistan continued the construction of the gate and continued the efforts to make Afghans realize that Border management is inevitable in order to control the terrorism.

                Irony of the fate is that Indian interests and Indian policies are given preference in Afghanistan. That is why both countries Pak-Afghan do not trust each other. Because whenever Pakistan presented any suggestions to Kabul for restoration of peace, they were accepted after negotiations but Kabul turned away from these mutually agreed suggestions within few days. However, after the Pak-China trade route being functional this is in the interest of the USA that trade caravans can move safely without any threat on this road. Only China has started trade from this route however, there are hopes that very soon Russia and other Central Asian states would also join trade from Gawadar via Tajikistan.

                Before start of Border Management and Operation Zarb-e-Azb, India was at large to select the target and infiltrate suicide bombers into Pakistan. However, this has now become difficult for India so she has started violations of ceasefire over LoC (line of control) by bombarding Pakistani areas adjacent to the border. These traditional Indian aggressive activities over border after her access to Pakistan for terrorism via Afghanistan were shutdown.
                India might have been planning to engage Pakistan army over the LoC in order to find out weak points over the Western point for terrorism. The sneaking of Indian Nuclear submarine into Pakistani seas seems to be the part of the series which foiled by Pak-Navy.
                As long as Afghanistan does not realize and prioritize Afghan interests over the Indian interests the region would continue to burn in the fire of terrorism and lawlessness…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 23 November2016.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Guardian’s Question about Indian Held Kashmir from International Community!

                Last month during the BRICS session of developing countries at Indian state Goa, Modi put all of his efforts during address to prove Pakistan as a terrorist state through his propaganda and allegations. India hoped that China may stay silent but Russian President Mr. Putin would support Indian stance. After which India would be in a state to get statement from USA against Pakistan. But China not only expressed displeasure over the Indian propaganda but also made India realize that Pakistan is herself facing terrorism; moreover, Pakistan’s sacrifices against terrorism should be acknowledged while Russia preferred to remain silent in spite of supporting Indian stance. Indian media criticized Modi for spoiling such an important conference due to his non-serious attitude. According to Indian media, the opposition from China aside but the silence of Russia is a big blow to Indian Foreign Policy. This clearly means that Moscow does not support Indian allegations of terrorism against Pakistan. Astonishingly, USA also did not comment on this situation. In the whole period, India was busy in secluding Pakistan while on the other hand India has to face pressure due to the situation of human rights in Indian Held Kashmir. The human rights organizations within India along with the rest of the world were protesting against use of pellet guns (shot guns) against innocent children of Indian Held Kashmir (IHK). All Indian tortures and mass violations of human rights have failed to stop Freedom Movement of Kashmiris.
                It became tradition to bury those in Pakistani green flag who got martyrdom due to tortures of Indian state terrorists (Hindu soldiers). This is a clear message not only to the New Delhi but whole world that Kashmiri want to live with Pakistan. The conscious elements of the world know that flag of the state is the identity of the any country and getting buried wrapped in the flag of the country shows the love, loyalty and patriotism of the people who bury their dead in the flag. On the other hand extremist Hindu rulers of Hindu India are not ready to accept this reality that Kashmiri consider Pakistan as their real country.
                Inhuman tortures of Indian state terrorists to stop freedom movement and unconditional love of Kashmiris have forced Kashmiri people to express their solidarity with Pakistan fiercer. For this purpose there cannot be a greater idea than protesting against India hoisting the Pakistani flag and after death being buried wrapped up in the green flag as well.
                In the light of the increasing tortures of Hindus over Kashmiri people, Eric S. Margolis of Toronto Sun group of Newspapers has termed Kashmir dispute as a volcano. In his article published on 25th September 2016, Eric also criticized world powers as well that they are committing a grave mistake by ignoring the dispute between two nuclear powers who have already been at wars due to this dispute. Such like sentiments were expressed by him in his book “War At the Top of the World”.
                British newspaper ‘The Guardian’ in its edition of 8th November 2016, has explained torture over Kashmiri people by Indian Hindus from a different aspect in an attempt to awaken International community. In its editorial Guardian has strongly criticized the use of Pellet / shotgun due to which in the short period of 4 months 17,000 children and youngsters have lost their sight / eyes. Newspaper has especially mentioned an 11 year boy who was fired from zero point / near distance and hundreds of pellets were shot into his body. According to the newspaper, in a hospital of Indian Held Kashmir, daily 12 operations / surgeries are being done on average in order to remove pellets from eyes of the victims. These pellets are leaving victims completely or partially blind. One can imagine that what would be the situation in the rest of the hospitals.
                Guardian has mentioned that in 2011, during the protest against Egyptian dictator a police officer fired pellets on 5 protestors for which he was sentenced 3 years imprisonment. Newspaper has asked rulers, intellectuals and other elements of India that how Indian can claim to be the flag bearer of secularism and democracy while India is acting upon the policy of mass blinding Kashmiri people? Does any law, or democratic rule allow state to snatch the sight of the protestors? Does Indian law permit India to do what she is doing as State Terrorism in the IHK; does any civilized society allow this?
                Above mentioned long editorial is the first protest in writing from Western Media published in recent years of Indian state terrorism. The title of the editorial, “India’s Crackdown in Kashmir: Is this the world’s first mass blinding?” wants the answer from international community. Does not Hindu state terrorism in IHK make India a Rogue Nation where first time in the history, state policy of mass blinding the protestors have been implemented.
                Now, Hindu state terrorists have been allowed by terrorist Modi to use the sound blasting bombs in order to destroy the hearing of Kashmiri protestors. Due to the blast of these bombs people’s hearing would be destroyed forever. These bombs will badly affect women and children present in the homes. Such like bombs are used in war to destroy the hearing of enemy soldiers and make them stun…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 16 November, 2016.