Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Silence over the Massacre of the Kashmiris is Equivalent to Support!

A sister with sweets waiting to welcome his brother's funeral in Occupied Kashmir... 

As soon as the Rajdhani Express Train arrived the reached Indian Occupied Kashmir’s (IOC) station Pathankot, Indian army surrounded the Pathankot Railway Station. The train was 15 km away from the station, passengers and the crew of the train were worried that what was going to happen as there may be the report of the bomb over the tracks or a big terrorist attack. As soon as the train stopped over the platform, no one was allowed to offload from the train. The passengers over the platform were also ordered to stay away from the train. Indian soldiers entered into a bogie and came out with 6 youngsters whose faces were covered with the cloth. The whole station was frightened. When Indian soldiers came out of the station with the arrested youngsters, vehicles of the state police were also present outside. The reports of the presence of Indian army on the railway station reached the media and media representatives reached there as well; they were ordered to stay out of the station. The arrested youngsters were taken into a Police van.

                Media representatives were told that they are wanted by the State Police for attacks over the Indian army who were students of Delhi University. When the media representatives asked about the details of the cases registered against these youngsters and their identity, Indian army replied that they do not know. Media representatives questioned that they should have been arrested from where they boarded the train or New Delhi. Indian army has no answer to these questions. On the 2nd the newspapers reported that 6 Kashmiri youngsters have been arrested.
                IOC that is already facing the war and worst state terrorism, no one knows about the identity of the arrested youngsters. Who are they? Thousands of Kashmiri students are studying in the educational institutions of New Delhi who often come to visit their families living in the Indian Held Kashmir (IHK). Due to the closure of Internet and Mobile Phone Service, it is not possible for parents to know about their children studying in different universities of India. Indian govt. is not concerned about the pain that the parents of those arrested are going through. No one knows that whether they will be able to reach homes again or the torture cells of the Indian army and mass graves will be their final destination.
                From 22 November, within two weeks martyrdoms of 34 Kashmiris have been reported. Majority of them youngsters, who are killed by Indian army’s direct firing over the peaceful protests that were taken out to protest against the killings of the innocent Kashmiri youngsters. This massacre of unarmed Kashmiris falls under the category of war crimes against civilians but the irony of fate is that no one is ready to come ahead and raise voice against it due to which IHK has been converted to a practical hell.
In Occupied Kashmir, a 14-year teenage girl Muskan Jan daughter of Ghulam Nabi Wani injured in the firing of Indian army in Khudwani area of Kulgam district. She died in hospital within three days.

                United Nations issued a report on the war crimes of India in IHK in 2018, demanded India end the Black Laws in the name of laws against terrorism and announced to send an inquiry commission, however, now UNO is also silent once again. The UNO’s Rights Commission has not considered that day by day the war crimes of the Indian army increasing. Mutilating women in the name of the search of homes, arrest or murder of males for resistance against the crimes of the Indian soldier. If they do not protest than what else they should do. By using tear gas, firing live bullets, chemical weapons and pellet guns indifferently that target our children, elders, women or youngsters Indian soldiers think that Kashmiris will not protest. But protest has become the part of Kashmiris lives.
                A few days ago a tear gas shell fired by the Indian army hit a ten-year-old child in the area of Budgam, he fainted on the spot. Doctors at the hospital gave him the first aid to save his life and advised his parents to take him to the Sri Nagar hospital where he is still fighting against the death. Similarly, in the District Shopian, pellets fired by the shotgun of Indian army took the right eye of 18 months old infant baby girl. On this, a cartoon titled Barbarian Dolls was published by the International media. In the cartoon, a doll has been shown packed in a box holding a white stick and on the pack, it is written, “especially for Kashmiri Children”. In a similar incident in the area of District Kulgam, a bullet fired by the coward Indian soldiers took the life of the 14 years underage Muskan during the treatment. No one can understand the pain and grief of her parents. Her father decided to bury her in the Pakistani flag. When she was taken to the hospital, she was alive despite the bullet in her head. The X-ray shows that bullet has been entrapped in the back of her skull. The bullet was taken out through the operation but doctors failed to bring her back. In this way for remaining unconscious for three days, she succumbed to the injuries.
Muskan Jan's X-ray! Girl shot down by Indian army in Kulgam South Kashmir

A new story of state terrorism and barbarism is being written by Indian soldiers in the Indian Held Kashmir. These crimes and tortures are enough to give shivers to the reader. We Pakistani by just lending moral support or giving the lip service we think that we have done a great thing. There are some liberals who think that by protesting against the war crimes of India in IHK we are becoming a hurdle in the peace process between India and Pakistan. They are unable to realize that Kashmiris are embracing martyrdom showing their love for Pakistan, chanting slogans in the favor of freedom. They hoist the Pakistani flag even in the firing of live bullets. Why are they being killed?
Had Muskan any enmity against India or Idnain army? This is a clear cut massacre, which should be protested at all levels. Our private and state TV channels should not remain limited to the news reports only but also telecast detailed programs and talk shows so that every Pakistani may realize that Kashmiris are laying their lives fro Pakistan.
We will only realize that Kashmiris are fighting for Paksitan when only 50% dams being constructed over Paksitani rivers by India will be completed; by remaining silent over the massacre of Kashmiris in the hands of Indian terrorist army we have not only supported the massacre but also devastated our coming generations.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 06 December 2018.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Martyrdom of Brave Police Officer SP Tahir Dawar and the Role of PTM!

                This is the 1st August 2018, more than 400 ISIS terrorists along with 2 high command local leaders are entrapped by Taliban. ISIS terrorists faced Taliban for 2 days, but in no time more than 40 ISIS terrorists were killed. ISIS leader Mufti Naimat contacted NDS Chief in Kabul for help. obviously, he would have contacted CIA in the Kabul otherwise NDS or Afghan National Army alone was not in the position to provide support to the ISIS terrorists. Kabul govt. and US army in the Kabul wanted to hide this information from media having concerns that Taliban may provide the report to the media about the American support to ISIS terrorists. along with the Afghan commandoes representatives of New York Times and two other foreign journalists were also sent to help ISIS terrorists. before commandoes reached the spot, Afghan Army Aviation and Air Force had made the Taliban flee from the area. More than 200 ISIS terrorists were rescued. Afghan Commandoes representative Major Ahmed Javed Saleem told the journalists that as ISIS terrorists have laid down their arms in the current operation thus ISIS has been eliminated from Northern Afghanistan.
Imtiaz Wazir

                The ISIS terrorists were happy that they have been saved from Taliban; afterward, they were sent to unknown destination into the vehicles of Afghan National Army. Foreign journalists also talked to the ISIS terrorists and made their pictures recording the whole story. Here this question is of grave importance that what was done to the 250 ISIS terrorists rescued from Taliban? Were any cases registered against them? To which prison were they sent? Why ISIS is still active in Northern Afghanistan? The most important thing is that while taking pictures of the ISIS terrorists few members of PTM (Pashtun Tahafuz Movement) were also captured by the cameras. One may ask that out of 250 ISIS terrorists how PTM members can be identified? They were identified by the specific caps worn by the PTM that were worn only by 3-4 people in the crowd of more than 250 ISIS terrorists. Other ISIS terrorists were wearing turbans.

                Moreover, the PTM's specific cap that is only manufactured in Afghanistan, similarly shaped tents were erected by the ISIS in the areas controlled by them in the Nangarhar province of Afghanistan. These tents show the links between PTM, Afghan govt., NDS, Hussein Haqqani, MQM's Altaf Hussein and ISIS of Afghanistan. Whether this is the Altaf Hussein, Hussein Haqqani or few NGOs fueling linguistic, sectarian and regional issues, their enmity against in Pakistan is not a secret anymore. Especially after the failure of armed terrorism in Pakistan now the fueling the hatred and chaos has been increased manifolds. PTM was launched after the defeat of foreign-sponsored terrorists in the tribal areas.
                Apparently, PTM came into being in January 2018 as a reaction to the murder of Naqeeb Ullah Mehsood belonging to the Southern Waziristan in a fake encounter in Karachi. Before this, more than 318 persons had been murdered in the encounters by Karachi Police. Naqeeb Ullah was also murdered declaring him as a terrorist. When the family of Naqeeb Ullah protested against it, the whole nation supported them. However, PTM and Manzor Pashteen attempted to portray the murder of Naqeeb Ullah for his nefarious designs fueling the regional bias supporting the Indian and Afghanistan's conspiracy of Greater Pakhtunkhawa consisting of the Afghan and Pakistani Pakhtuns. Gradually the murder of the Naqeeb Ullah was ignored, the presence of Pakistan army in the tribal areas and the construction of the fence over the Duran line became the target of PTM.
Pakistani National Imtiaz Wazir with Governor Ningerhar, Afghanistan 

                PTM started portraying Pakistan army as the cause of all the evils in the tribal areas and efforts of Pakistan army for the restoration of peace as the illegal occupation in its gatherings and protests, Mehmood Khan Achakzai from Baluchistan, NGOs and pro-Indian elements also came to support them. Few TV channels even telecasted the programs in the support of PTM under the Freedom of Speech.
Mohsin Dawar in Afghanistan with Afghan Army

                However, as soon as the nation came to know about the PTM's relations across the border and goals against Pakistan, PTM and Manzoor Pashteen lost support from the nation. Suddenly, a brave officer of Police belonging to Northern Waziristan was kidnapped from Islamabad and afterward murdered in Afghanistan. As a result of great sacrifices the terrorism has been controlled in Pakistan, despite internal and external opposition, tribal areas have been merged into Pakistan which is unacceptable for the perpetrators of conspiracies from last 71 years. In such a situation the kidnap of a Police officer from Islamabad and shifiting him to Nangarhar, ISIS controlled province is not possible for terrorists alone. In the past the Shehbaz Taseer or Ali Haider Gillani were kidnapped by terrorists and they demanded releasing of their terrorists and money. While SP Tahir Dawar was kidnapped to be murdered which is not the goal of terrorists alone. ISIS might be involved in the kidnapping of the SP Tahir Dawar however, involvment of NDS and Indian RAW cannot be denied.

                Moreover, the behavior of the Afghan govt. over handing over the dead body of martyred Tahir Dawar was not only agains the diplomatic values but also against the Islamic values. When the dead body was brought to the border, Pakistan's Ministers along with other officials were present there to receive the dead body they were forced to wait for hours. In the whole drama, the presence of Mohsin Dawar with Afghan officials and denial of Afghan officials to handover dead body to anyone except Manzoor Pashteen of PTM shows that SP Tahir Dawar was martyred to fuel hatred amongst tribal people against Pakistan so that PTM may get a new life. PTM has been raising the slogan of "Pashtun Watan" and wherever they chant this slogan tribal people and KPK people answer them with "Pak Watan". During the wait of 2.5 hours, Afghan govt. changed sides, attempted to hand over the dead body to anti-Pakistan Mohsin Dawar so that he may be made a hero in the eyes of the public.
                Martyred SP Tahir Dawar is the son of Pakistan. His murder in the Afghanistan, the presence of  PTM representatives with Afghan officials, activities of PTM in the Afghanistan, the role of PTM in the murder of SP Tahir Dawar, the reaction of  so-called nationalists should be investigated on the higher level.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 21 November 2018.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Hundreds of Malala’s are Killed daily in Mother of Democracy: India!

 India is portrayed as a rapidly developing country and human rights are protected. Apparently, women are worshiped as goddesses and lower castes/minorities are treated as Brahmans. The bitter reality is that lower caste Hindus are 30% of the total Indian population but still, they are treated with the 3000 years old obsolete and inhuman Hindu laws of lower caste. They are punished inhumanly for being lower castes. According to the Brahmans killing a Dalit (lower caste) women are allowed because they are the cause of an increase in the population of Dalits. That is why Dalit girls are the special target of Hindu extremists/terrorists. Dalits are not allowed to enter the houses of Upper caste Hindus or temples. The few societies in New Delhi, Mumbai, and few bigger cities have been developed to deceive International community, however, Dalit children are not allowed to study in the schools of the upper-class Hindus.

 When Foreign journalists ask about the murders of Dalits, gang rapes, riots, burning of their houses, property etc. they are told that India has special laws for crimes against Dalits that were approved democratically by the Parliament. Not only Dalits, but Minorities are also the target of Hindu Barbarism especially women. 
 A few days ago more than 100 extremists of Bajrang Dal forced a Christian woman to be undressed and made her walk across the bazaar. Her only crime was that while passing through the market she resisted on being manhandled that was not acceptable for extremists of Upper-Class Hindus. While being walked naked into the bazaar, she was punched and shoed. When she fell down being tired she was forced to stand up dragging her from hair. Dozens of Hindus recorded the whole tragic incident with their cameras. Now, this video has been made viral but no one is that the world is ready to condemn India. Indian police play the role of bystander of the spectator. Even if at the protests of Human Rights organizations, a case is registered but no one is arrested and punished. No one is ready to bear the witness.

 On 02 November 2018, a 13-year-old Dalit girls head was cut up by upper-class Hindu. This tragic incident happened in the District Salim of Tamil Nadu. Her only crime was, again and again, coming in front of the upper caste Hindu and not giving the way. Indian Police and law are not ready to come into action on this murder. Although the case has been registered the murderer has not been arrested. 
 In the Roy Bareli area of Uttar Pradesh on 04 November 2018, a woman reached the gate of Police Station, took out the Petrol bottle, emptied it on her head, before this she set herself on fire, she was stopped by 4 police constables including 1 lady constable. Representatives of electronic and print media were present in the Police Station. When she was interrogated by the media representatives that why she wanted to suicide, she started crying that her younger brother was murdered by the Leader of BJP. Since then she has been struggling to get the FIR registered. Police did not register the case, however, her younger was murdered after gang rape by the murderer of her brother. Police took no action. The leader of BJP punished her by raping her along with his hooligans. She is now tired and thinks that she will be murdered like her brother and sister as well.

 She told about her parents that a few years ago her mother was also gang raped by BJP leader, on resistance by her father, they killed both of her parents. From last 15 days she daily visits the Police station along with her two daughters for registration of FIR of the murder of her brother and sister, she spends the night at the Civil Hospital. Whole day murderers remain in the Police Station and laugh at her. When they asked that who were the murderers she said disclosed that they are near relatives of Indian Interior Minister, Raj Nath. She knows that she will not be served with justice but will be murdered as well, in such a situation what should she do besides suicide. As long as media representatives were talking to her, Police constable was holding her, her clothes were wet with petrol which can be clearly seen in the clip. None of the Indian TV channels telecasted her interview because the woman belonged to the Dalit family. However, a media representative posted the clip over the social media disclosing the real face of Mother of Democracy, writ of law and justice in India.

However, if the case had been of the upper-class Hindu woman, that situation would have been different. On 02 November 2018, 400 recruits attacked Police Training Center and Police Headquarters of Patna and destroyed the furniture and the govt. vehicles. The only crime of the Patna Training Center administration was that they denied allowing leave to the Sabeeta Kumari (recruit) suffering from Typhoid and Dengue saying that she is being better looked after in the Police Lines Hospital but she died after remaining in the hospital for two weeks. Recruits beat the in-charge of the Training School that they had to run for their lives.

 Despite all this neither any inquiry has been held nor any case has been registered because an upper caste recruit was involved in the case. But in the same Mother of Democracy, thousands of infant girls are killed by foeticide and abortion and even if a girl is born she is killed or buried alive. The interest linked with India is the main reason that they are ignoring all these inhuman and war crimes of India but singing the chorus of development of India. The poor situation of morals in India is that such a situation has never been observed in any state. In order to hide the war crimes of extremists / terrorist upper caste Hindus, Indian rulers target Dalits or minorities or stage the drama of tension with neighboring countries in order deceive Indian public as well as whole world…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 15 November 2018.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Report of Indian Barbarism in IHK Presented in British Parliament

                Our love with Holy Prophet Muhammad is the base of our faith. Without this love our faith is incomplete. The unconditional love of Prophet Muhammad is the real power of Muslims, that is why we Muslims always remain ready to sacrifice everything for the respect and prestige of Prophet . Following the teachings of the Prophet and making him happy is the only wish of the Muslims so that on the day of judgment he may get the intercession of Prophet . The country has to pass through the lawlessness and violence due to the decision of the Supreme Court in the case of Asia Maseeh. During the whole situation in the way propaganda was done against the Pakistan army, this might please the enemies of Pakistan who are afraid for a direct attack on Pakistan but want to make Pakistan weak internally so that hatred against Pakistan army is fueled in the Pakistani nation. Pakistani nation considers army cause of the problems and gets ready to stand against the army. So that when enemies of Pakistan attack Pakistan, the army has no national support. The enemy has been busy in hatching such conspiracies, even during the terrorism waged in Pakistan but the Pakistani nation stood with the army that is why Pakistan army laid down its lives and faced the enemies of Pakistan defeating them. Although Pakistan has been cleared from terrorists, the enemy is present across the borders. In such a situation involving Pakistan army in the totally legal and judicial matter would create prblems.

            Let's come towards the today's topic; Indian barbarism in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) that is increasing day by day to continue Indian occupation in the Kashmir against the will of the Kashmiris. India is now using rocket launchers and other heavy weapons used in the war, against the unarmed Kashmiri protestors. In June 2018, the first time in last 71 years, UNO presented the report of Indian war crimes in the IHK in which concerns were expressed against India and it was decided that an investigation commission would be sent to Indian Held Kashmir. So that the war crimes of the Indian army in the IHK can be investigated. Because the news that has been reported might be giving a lesser violence than the reality. India is not ready to stop these war crimes.

            The next step has been taken by the British Parliament presenting the report of Indian Barbarism in IHK, this has created problems for India. Due to American interests in India and American control over UNO, India was sure that America will support her in UNO. But the notice of British Parliament will hurt Indian soft image in the International Community which Indian rulers cannot afford.

            In this regard, the report of All Parties Parliamentary Kashmir Group’s Chairman and Member of Parliament Chris Leslie, presented in the British parliament which was prepared by the All Parties Parliamentary Group is the biggest success of Kashmiris. In this regard a session as held in the Committee Room of British Parliament on 30 October 2018 which was attended by Members of British Parliament, Members of House of Lords, President of Azad Kashmir, Opposition Leader of Azad Kashmir, Chairman Hurriyat and other Kashmiris living abroad and first time Indian inhuman acts and war crimes against civilians were discussed in detail. All Parties Parliamentary Kashmir Group gathered information from Azad Kashmir, visits of Line of Control (LoC), from the Kashmiris across the LoC, was shared. Chris Leslie told the meeting that in the way India is violating human rights and involved in state terrorism, he is ready to fight the case of Kashmiris at any place. He was of the view that India is involved in the worst crimes against civilians in the history ever, the detail of these crimes has been submitted in the report of 16 pages to the British Parliament so that after the discussion the voice in favor of Kashmiris can be raised.

            This should be kept in Mind that the above-mentioned group was established 32 years ago in the 1980s decade which includes more than 100 members of British Parliament and House of Lords. The Chairman of the group is elected. After compiling the report of Indian atrocities against Kashmiris, the date of its submission to British Parliament was celebrated as a gathering in which President of Azad Kashmir Sardar Masood Khan, Opposition Leader Azad Kashmir Chaudhary Muhammad Yaseen was specially invited to represent the govt. and Parliament of Azad Kashmir. President of Azad Kashmir thanked Chris Leslie for the report. Opposition Leader of Azad Kashmir praised the role of members of British Parliament and House of Lords. India is concerned over the submission of the report. Indian High Commissioner tried diplomatically to stop Chris Leslie from presenting the report to British Parliament, upon failure it was requested that report should be postponed till the elections in India, however, Chris Leslie is not ready to accept any pressure.

            India knows that the British Parliament is the oldest democratic institution and it has its influence on the international community. Due to the discussion in the British Parliament, the world would know about the murders on a daily basis, rapes of Kashmiri women as a weapon of war to stop the Kashmiri Freedom Movement. This report in the British Parliament maybe a ray of hope but the Hindu India habitual of war crimes cannot be stopped easily. It is necessary that our private TV Channels should host talkshows about the daily murders of Kashmiris in the IHK so that international community can be informed. In this way, the nation may be united as well on such an important issue and India can be stopped from committing atrocities against the Kashmiris…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 08 November 2018.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Every Day of Indian Occupied Kashmir is “Black Day”

Shopian, Indian Occupied Kashmir. A house where Indian army used chemical weapons to martyr Dr. Rafi Bhat.

                After the failure of all the fascist and war criminal acts in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) Indian soldiers have started murdering killing the Kashmiri youngsters without any accountability. That is why every day one or more innocent Kashmiri youngsters are martyred. Despite all these war crimes India has failed to control the Freedom Movement. However, India is not ready to acknowledge her faults in the IHK and wants to continue the occupation of Kashmir against the wills of Kashmiris. This stubbornness of India has converted Kashmir into the Hell. The human tragedy is that now such a generation of Kashmiris is being cultivated whose every individual child’s father, brother, sister, uncle or any near one has been the target of Indian army’s war crimes. Each and every day of the Kashmiri child passes in sorrow on the martyrdom of someone. They have to face the search of their school bags so that any data transfer device such as multimedia cards or flash drives may be used to transfer the videos of Indian war crimes in IHK. Because despite the blackout of the Internet and mobile phone service such videos get leaked to the adjacent areas and afterward uploaded on the social media. All these videos are condemned by human rights organizations and cause problems for India.
Oct 24-2018, Srinagar. Ph.D. scholar Dr. Sabzar Sofi martyred by Indian Army in IOK

                These innocent children do not know that when they return from schools how long they will have to wait for the Indian Army’s search operation to end so that they may enter their homes and get something to eat or they will have to face the mourning going on the martyrdom of someone. These children of Kashmir know that whenever Indian soldiers enter the house in the name of search they misbehave with the women, males of the house are forced t resist, thus they are arrested in the name of being a supporter of Kashmiri Mujahideen. In case the quarrel gets intense, they kill the males on the spot claiming them to be the terrorist. When the inhabitants of the area protest against it, the result comes out in the form of more martyrdoms, injuries and lost of sights in the form of pellet guns.
                Such situation is forcing Kashmiri children to hate India and take up weapons against the state terrorists of India, this situation is neither realized by Indian terrorist Hindus nor by the external world that sub content is going towards the biggest disaster. These are not the youngsters like Burhan Wani who are ready to take up weapons against Indian army but the Ph.D. scholars are also preferring to die once over dying again and again due to the insult of Indian security agencies in the name of security.
May 06-2018. Professor of Kashmir University Dr. Rafi Bhat was martyred in Shopian by Indian occupied forces.

                This started on 06 May 2018, when during the protest at Shopian, Professor Muhammad Rafi Bhat of Psychology from Kashmir University along with his 4 colleagues was martyred by the Indian soldiers. With the martyrdom of Professor Rafi, the protest spread all over the District Shopian, when Indian army failed to control it they opened straight fire on the protesters. Resultantly, 5 Kashmiris were martyred while 30 were injured. The number of injured due to the fire of shotgun was more than 60. The persons who got injured as a result of the tear gas, a dangerous chemical developed by Israel are uncountable. According to the reports of Shopian hospital on this day hundreds of people were brought to the hospital. The medicine stock in the hospital ended. There was a shortage of ambulances to bring the injured to the hospital. People used to carry the injured to the hospitals. The university students were forced to leave the hostels and curfew was imposed. Despite this Kashmiris came out to protest and more than 4 were martyred and 19 were injured. All the newspapers of India condemned the Indian govt. and puppet govt. of IHK that due to the unchecked use of weapons on unarmed persons Kashmir is slipping out of the Indian hands.
Martyred Professor Dr. Rafi Bhat buried wrapped in Pakistani flag.

                In order to force Professor Rafi to lay down arms, Indian Army took his father with them, but Professor Rafi apologized that he does not want anything less than freedom of IHK and for this purpose, he is going to give up his weapon. Afterward, Dr. Manan Wani, a Ph.D. scholar preferred to lay down his life for the freedom of Kashmir. On 11 October 2018, when he got martyrdom, now every Kashmiri wants to get the death as a martyr. On 24 October 2018, in the Anant Nag area of Sri Nagar, Indian army martyred Professor Dr. Sabzar Sofi of New Delhi along with two of his colleagues; the protest was so much intense that Indian army failed to control it. So in order to control it Indian army once again open straight fire on the protestors martyring two more innocents. On 26 October 2018, the number of martyrdoms was more than 10.
                The daily martyrdoms of Kashmiris in the hands of Indian soldiers has made every day of IHK a black day but also raised an alarm for India. According to the records and reports of India from January 2018 to May 2018, more than 45 highly educated Kashmiri youngsters have joined Hizb-ul-Mujahedeen and this number is increasing. This is the part of the report prepared by the Indian Secret agencies in which the intensity of Kashmir Freedom Movement has been discussed.
SRINAGAR, 24 Oct 2018: Ten Kashmiris among them a Professor Dr. Sabzar were martyred by Indian Army during protest and clash.
                The statement of Indian Army Chief on 27th October 2018, as a reaction to the celebrations of Black Day not only in IHK but all over the world that “No Power can Snatch Kashmir from India”. This is the acceptance of the fact that India has failed to control Freedom Movement despite all her war crimes. Now, this is the duty of the International powers and community to raise the issue that is forcing Kashmiri youngsters to take weapons against Indian Terrorist Army.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 01 November 2018.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

From the Martyrdom of Burhan Wani to Dr Manan Basheer Wani!

Shining student Burhan Wani! Receiving Outstanding Student Award during his school days in boys higher secondary Dadasera Tral. He was martyred by Indian Army.
                Not a single day passes in Indian Occupied Kashmir, the news of the martyrdom of 2-4 Kashmiris and uncountable numbers of injured is reported. Harassing the students of School and College in the name of the body search, if any girl resists over the manhandling by Indian soldiers she is tortured. Looting the homes in the name of search, raping women during search operations, arresting the men without any FIR on the basis of mere doubt and afterward disappearing them, all such incidents are routine in Indian Held Kashmir.
PhD Scholar Dr Manan Wani! Oct 11 2018. He was martyred by Indian army in IOK
                On 11 October 2018, during the search operation in Hindwara area of District Kupwara, Dr. Manan Basheer Wani, Doctorate Degree Holder from Ali Garh University of India was martyred by the Indian army. His friend Ashiq Hussein was also martyred along with him. On the martyrdom of Dr. Wani, Hurriyat Leaders Syed Ali Gillani, Mir Waiz Umar Farooq, Yaseen Malik, and others gave the call for the strike, as a result, whole Indian Held Kashmir presented the scene of Curfew. Markets, Educational institutions and private offices were closed. Due to the strike of public transport the attendance in govt. offices were nominal. Due to the successful strike, the martyrdom of Dr. Manan was highlighted in the International and Indian media. Dr. Manan was allegedly killed in the result of Indian forces firing during the search operation. In other words, a Ph.D. Degree Holder Dr. who was known as the most honest, hardworking and well mannered, was martyred by Indian soldiers as a terrorist. The protest in the Ali Garh University was natural. Ali Garh University students wanted to offer funeral prayers of Dr. Manan Wani, Indian Interior Ministry ordered to stop the funeral, on such an order, Hindu students also joined hands with Muslim students to protest against the govt. Students of Central University Jamia Millia Islami of Delhi and Hyderabad University took out the protest rally to express solidarity with the students of Ali Garh University Students.
Dr Manan Waniś bedroom.

                On the pressure of BJP Govt. Ali Garh University, registered the case of treason against 3 students while 9 others were given notices, spreading violence in the whole university. 1200 Kashmiri students studying in the university announced to leave university as a protest, all the students of Ali Garh University joined hands with them and threatened to leave university. On the other hand, the large number of people participating in the funeral of Dr. Manan Wani on 12 October 2018, was enough to give shivers to Indian security agencies. Indian army that was always seen busy in looting the Kashmiris on the check-posts, disappeared. The funeral of Dr. Manan was accompanied by thousands of people. The slogans in the favor Kashmir’s accession to Pakistan and Long Live Pakistan were chanted. They were bearing the Pakistani flags. In such a protest, the sight of Indian state agencies would have made people more violent.
Hafiz Muhammad Saeed

                If the Indian army had baton-charged, the result would have been bloodshed on large scale, the situation would have turned out of control for Indian army. Moreover, the protest of Ali Garh University students was also very violent. The number of Kashmiri students is more than 1200. When the students announced to offer funeral prayer of Dr. Manan Wani, BJP member of Parliament ordered University administration to stop the funeral prayers at all costs and ordered Police to take action against Kashmiri students announcing the funeral prayers; Indian police registered case of treason against three students and started raids to arrest them. University administration issued notices to 9 students. On such a situation students of Ali Garh Universtiy threatened to leave the university. In the meanwhile, within the ten days, Indian state terrorists had martyred 23 Kashmiris. One of the martyred women was pregnant killed in the firing of the Indian army. As a result of Indian army fire, including 8 women, 16 people were injured.

                On the 21st October 2018, Indian army blasted up a house through bombardment which shows the impatience of Indian army. Indian army has got tired of state terrorism. The continuous protests in Indian Held Kashmir is a nightmare for Indian army. In the past, Indian army and administration used to blame Hafiz Saeed, Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jamat u Dawa for infiltration and sending terrorists. In this regard, the international propaganda against Pakistan was also a good tool in the hands of New Delhi.
Manan Wani's house decorated by Pakistani flags.

                However, the martyrdom of Burhan Wani, 21 years old Kashmiri youngster by the Indian army negated the propaganda of India that Pakistan and ISI are behind the Freedom movement of Kashmiris.  World first time realized that Indian atrocities in Indian Held Kashmir and war crimes against Kashmiris especially Kashmiri women have forced youngsters to take up weapons. Every youngster of Kashmir is ready to give up his life for freedom. Burhan Wani’s magnificent Educational record and taking up weapons against atrocities of Indian army; made him a hero for Kashmiri youngsters. A hero which is termed as a god in the Indian legends. Every youngster of Kashmir wants to give up his life for freedom just like Burhan Wani; if scholars like Dr. Manan Bashir Wani has been forced to take up weapons against Indian forces, India should realize that it is impossible to continue their illegal occupation of IHK for long…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 25 October 2018.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

A Muslim Girl’s Cry for the Help from Indian City Jhansi!


                A video clip along with an audio message showing the murder of a young man in the hands of two murderers in the open public on the road in presence of hundreds of people has got viral on the social media. This crime of murder has been recorded in five different parts , showing a motorcyclists wearing helmet, stopped by few persons. One out of the person stopping the motorcyclists, attacks him with a small Axe. Motorcyclist attempts to save himself, in the meanwhile another person attacks him. The motorcyclist tries to run away but the attacking person does not let him runaway and keeps hitting him with the Axe. The motorcyclists fells down due to injuries, the attacking person easily kills him. Afterwards the attacker, throws the Axe on the murdered person,raises his arms to show his victory, shows punch  and calmly walks away from the scene. In the video, the traffic on the road is visible that is moving slowly, the pedestrians and all other person present on the spot does not bother to pay any attention to the death of a young man in the public, as this is a routine matter. The police vehicles are also moving on the road, bu they also do not pay an attention to the tragic scene showing that either this is a routine matter or they do not want to get themselves involved in any problem. 

                The video clip includes a message in the form of audio, she is telling while crying that she belongs to Barwasgar, Jhansi District of Indian Uttar Pradesh. After salam she tells that from last three days, Hindus are attacking Muslims. Hindu terrorists are attacking the Muslims moving on roads or streets. Muslim males are being murdered in their homes. She tells that few Hindu terrorists entered in their home by breaking the gate, they threatened all the family members to stay away and also threatened to murder her brother. She also tells that Hindu terrorists has raped Muslim women in their houses. She asking for help from all human beings who are listening to her. She is crying that in Jhansi, neither their lives, nor property is safe. She is crying that this message should be transmitted to the whole Muslims of the world so that someone may come to help them. According to her Jhansi Police is also supporting Hindu terrorists attacking Muslims.
                The video that got viral makes it clear the young man killed in the presence of public is a Muslim and he has been killed by the Hindus of Jhansi. The video clip or the audio message does not make it clear that at what place this murder actually happened. However, if we search over internet for Hindu attacks over Muslims in Jhansi, it is clear that these attacks started on 15th August 2018. Few Hindu extremists took out a protest rally against Kashmiris chanting slogans over the loudspeakers fixed on their vehicles against Kashmir, Muslims were warned either to convert to Hinduism or leave India.

                Here I would like to mention that Indian media portrays the Hindu attacks over Muslims as Hindu-Muslim riots in order to befool international community. How is it possible that only 6% Muslims of Jhansi take risk of riots with 90% Hindus? That is why whenever Indian Hindu terrorists start genocide of Muslims in India, world takes it as a riot between two groups despite of the massacre, gang rapes and looting of Muslim property.
                Leaving the world aside, Pakistanis have also shown no concern over the massacre of Muslim in India. How is it possible that genocide of Muslims is going on, Muslim women are being raped, the dead bodies of Muslim women are being raped after digging up their graves and our media is showing us the activities of the Indian actors?

                Whether these are the acts of genocide of Muslim, rapes of Muslim women etc. this does not happen itself, Hindu politicians and leaders especially order Hindu extremists for such barbaric acts. The Chief Minister  of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Aditya Nath who is considered as avatar of god, his idols has been placed on different places and being worshiped. During 1999 and 2007, he was arrested for inciting people to massacre Muslim and rape Muslim women. Now due to his hatred against Muslim he is being considered as the Modi of the future. When the person notorious for the massacre and rapes of Muslim women is the Chief Minister of Indian province, than how extremist Hindus can be restrained from crimes against Muslim minority.

                As long as the request and cries of Muslim girl of Jhansi is concerned she should keep in mind that this is not the era of the Muhammad Bin Qasim, the power of today’s Muslim rulers is not their belief in Allah but wealth of oil, greed to loot their country, palaces in the Western countries, construction of tall towers and buildings etc. how these Muslim rulers who cannot say anything on the massacre of Muslims and Kashmiris how will they help her...

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 18 October 2018.

Monday, October 15, 2018

“Indian Occupation of Kashmir” Worst Tragedy of the Modern Era!

Indian Army Barbarism & Human Rights Violations in occupied Kashmir...  Young Kashmiri lady Riffat died of cardiac attack when her brother was ruthlessly beaten by the brute Indian army at Aeshmuji, Kulgam

                A few days ago Riffat of Kulgam, Indian Held Kashmir lost her life while trying to free her brother, student of matric class. Her neighbors tried to help her, but these few women failed to free her brother from hundreds of armed Indian terrorists. Indian soldiers started beating the brother of Riffat on the road. Riffat got hysterical, other women also begged to Indian soldiers to let the young boy go. In order to hurt these women, Indian soldiers beat tortured the boy who has already fainted; Riffat could not bear all this, she fell on the ground and lost her life. Terrorist Indian soldiers were not concerned that who has died or who is crying. The crime of the Riffat’s brother was that he was involved in pelting the stones on Hindu soldiers along with other boys. A few moments ago a Kashmiri youngster was shot dead because he challenged Indian terrorists to shoot him. In order to control the protests due to the death of the youngster, Indian soldiers started aerial firing to spread the fear. Despite all this, Indian youngsters continued their protests and revolted to stone pelting. In such a street, Indian soldiers chased Kashmiri youngsters who aged in between 12-15, they caught Riffat’s brother, who in spite of running hid behind her elder sister. The whole action of snatching him from RIffat, torture on the youngster and death of Riffat all this was recorded in the mobile phone by a Kashmiri women standing on the roof of the nearby home.
Children in Indian occupied Kashmir are the biggest victims of Indian aggression. PelletVictims of 3 to 10 years age are suffering from a slew of mental disorders because of continuing Indian brutalities.

                Internet service is down in the Indian Held Kashmir. In order to stop the videos of Indian torture spreading/sharing over the social media, Indian army, Border Security Force, State Police, and secret agencies of India, search the mobile phone data of the Kashmiris that whether any videos of inhuman acts of Indian army and torture are not present. If any such clips are found in the mobile, he is arrested under allegations of being terrorist or facilitator of terrorists.
                According to Kashmir Media service, just in the month of September 2018, more than hundred Kashmiri youngsters were arrested for having videos of Indian army’s tortures. Even the school bags of children are searched. Despite all such strictness, the evidence of Indian tortures is leaked out of Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) in other cities of India. From there, these videos are shared over the social media.

                Such like violent tragedy happened on 17 September 2017, in Srinagar, where Indian soldiers killed an 11-year-old Nasir Ahmed Qazi was fired various cartridges of pellet guns. The killing of the child was recorded by a Kashmiri in his mobile, it was clear in the video that colleague of the Indian state terrorist is instigating him to fire on the child. When the dead body of Nasir reached his home, his body was full of pellets. The video of the murder of Nasir was leaked out after one year of his death, this made his parents, siblings, and neighbors sad again.
Indian Occupation Terrorizing Kashmiri kids and then asking why they hate Indian

                No torture has been left that has not been done in the IHK by the so-called professional terrorist army of India on the unarmed Kashmiris. Rape, for which Indian soldiers should have court-martialed is being utilized as a weapon by Indian soldiers against Kashmiris. This was disclosed by the Human Rights Commission in its June 2018 report that Indian army is using torture and violations of human rights as a weapon against Kashmiris. Especially, rapes and gang rapes of women are being used as a weapon to crush the freedom movement.
                During the meeting of Security Council of UNO, the representatives of UNO could not control their sentiments and started weeping when they presented the report that Indian State Terrorists has raped or gang raped more than 10000, Kashmiri women, and children, including child aging 7 years to 70 years elderly women. When the representative of UNO wept while representing the report, this was actually mourning over the dead silence of International Community which has closed its eyes and ears over Indian war crimes. Coward Indian soldiers have started raping Kashmiri male youngsters as well, they are taken to the jungle, raped and recorded, than freed saying that if he again took part in the freedom protest his video will be shared over the social media.
At least five rounds of funeral prayers Asif Nazir Dar who was shot dead by Indian forces in Naseem Bagh area of Srinagar. Thousands of people from nearby and far-off villages reached Panzgam to participate in the funeral prayers with AZADI slogans.

                Indian army has martyred more than 100,000 Kashmiris. The tortures have reached its peak in the last two years. As the state terrorism is increasing, the freedom movement is also increasing in its momentum. The need of the hour is that we should stand by the Kashmiris and condemn Indian state terrorism. We should bring forward the atrocities commited by the Indian soldiers against kashmirs and Indian war crimes to the civilzed nations claiming to be torch bearers of human rights and democracy that kashmiris are demanding the right of freedom, the right to decide their own fate as guaranteed by the resolutions of UNO and accepted by India…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 11 October 2018.


Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Indian "GAO MAATA's" Roars in the UN Security Council!

While addressing the annual meeting of Securit Council of UNO, Indian Foreign Minister Sushmeeta Swaraj mentioning Pakistani politicians said that have they ever thought that Pakistan and India got freedom together. But India is now identified as IT superpower while Pakistan is identified as a terrorist group. The only reason is that despite facing Pakistani terrorism India never ignored her economy and internal problems as well. She said that during the 7 decades different parties came to power but they continued the process of development and safeguarding the public. India established institutes of IT and Management but what did Pakistan establish, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish Muhammad, Haqqani Network and Hizbul Mujahideen and safe havens for terrorists. India trained scientists, engineers, doctors but what did you train Pakistanis? You trained Jihadis, doctors save the lives of dying people while Jihadis kill the living persons. Your created terrorists are not killing the people of India but of Afghanistan and Bangladesh as well. The role of Pakistan in terrorism can be understood from this that Pakistan has to give clarifications to three countries. She said that she would like to say that the money that Pakistan is spending on terrorism should be spent on the people of Pakistan, in this way Pakistan will develop, World will get rid of terrorism and Pakistani politicians will get respect in the public.

                Indian Foreign Minister notorious for her hatred against Islam, Pakistan, and Muslim, exploited all the time given to India for expressing her hatred. While delivering speech in the Hindi she got so much emotional that BJP activists got worried that Sushmita Devi may claim that Mohin Bhagwat, Shankar Chariya Panday, Aseem Chir Jee, Sunil Doshi, Ramesh Opoy, Colonel Purohit, Sadhvi and other Hindu extremists involved in the terrorism and bomb blasts were all trained by Lashkar e Taiba; Hafiz Saeed had sent them to India after training them in the terrorist training camps for killing their own citizens in bomb blasts and terrorism so that Pakistan maybe proved a terrorist state.

                The persons involved in the burning for Samjhota Express to bomb blasts there was not a single common man involved but all were Indian Military Officers, the on-duty officer of Indian Military Intelligence, retired officers, leaders of extremist Hindu parties like Bajrang Dal and RSS. However, Sushmita Devi forgot about the Kulbhushan Yadav, state terrorist of India, living evidence of terrorism in the world arrested in Pakistan. The report issued by the UNO first time in the last years in June 2018 on the violations of Human Rights in Indian Held Kashmir was against the Pakistan army, which was mistakenly considered by the world against the Indian army. She should have said few sentences about the more than 150 deaths in few weeks and told the audience that what was the number of underage children and women killed as a result of firing by the occupying forces. What is the ratio of children out of 6000 who lost their eyesight due to the fire of pellet guns, the world would have easily understood that which is the terrorist country?

                She forgot that in 1947 when India came freedom from British rule in 1947, Pakistan was born as a new country based upon the Two Nations Theory. In the way Extremist Hindus have made lives of minorities miserable, many nations are now demanding freedom from India on the basis of Two Nations Theory; Sikhs have gone much far in this regard. However, the recently reported problem in UNO is the GAO MATA (HolyMother Cow), worshipped in India, these cows are often seen wandering over the busy roads in India causing thousands of severe accidents.

                An Indian NGO, created a video based on the clips of CCTV camera footages from District Administration and Police showing the attacks of  Gao Matas on motorcyclists, vehicles etc. and the number of deaths due to these accidents. This video was presented in the UNO meeting and distributed among the participating envoys, demanding that for the sake of protection of Indian Public cows should be kept in control and not allowed to wander freely. After BJP’s coming into power, extremist Hindus have left these cows uncontrollable; according to the new law no one can beat or stop these Holy Cows. At the time when Sushmita Swarajwas telling Pakistanis about the development of India; a mob of Hindu terrorist was beating two Muslim Brothers with iron rods on the open road. These two brothers were carrying their own cow in a minitruck to sell it in the market. One of the brothers succumbed to the torture of Hindu extremists and died on the spot. The video of torture a Muslim to death was proudly recorded by extremist Hindu scientists, doctors and engineers and uploaded over the social media as an evidence of the development of India. In this video, extremists can be easily identified but there is no one to arrest or stop these Hindu terrorists for killing a Muslim inferior to a cow…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 05 October 2018.