Thursday, October 7, 2021

Indian Propaganda against Pakistan Army at its Peak!

India has exploited Afghanistan for terrorism in Pakistan since the US invasion but after the fall of Kabuل in the hands of Taliban especially Panjsher is now suffering from trauma and hopelessness. Indian rulers through Indian media had hypnotized Ameria and NATO forces that Afghanistan is totally under the control of New Delhi. Indians were not wrong; they decided the promotions and posting in Afghan National Army. The so-called Afghan Intelligence Agency NDS was actually controlled by RAW and chalked out policies. Not only this all the provinces adjacent to Pakistan borders, their governors and Police chiefs were appointed and transferred by Indians. Whether it was the Culture, Sports, or Education; all were controlled by Indian Embassy. Afghan students were taken to Indian universities for higher education. India was also given the important task of training the Afghan Army’s soldiers and officers.  Afghan Media was banned from publishing the news of Hindu Terrorism in India against Muslims and other minorities. India had never dreamt that the Afghan Taliban will again take over Afghanistan. 

After mutual agreement of withdrawal of American and NATO forces between Trump and Afghan Taliban at Doha; according to Indian planning civil war was to engulf Afghanistan. While including Kabul Ashraf Ghani had to maintain control of all important cities. According to American CIA reports (perhaps they hired fiction writers of RAW), it was impossible for the Taliban to capture Kabul before February 2022. According to American and Indian planning even after the fall of Kabul to the Taliban; Americans supported war loords and their militia along with Afghan National Army had to engage the Taliban on different fronts in such a way that it would have been Taliban to maintain their integrity. As a result of the civil war, a big number of Afghans should have tried to flee to Pakistan; according to American-Indian plans Pakistan army would have been defamed through hired International Media in the name of human rights that Pakistan would have been pressurized to allow Afghan refugees resulting in the infiltration of Indian trained terrorists. 

Afghan Taliban took a unique strategy; first of all, they captured all the land routes towards the neighboring countries and within two months captured Kabul without firing a bullet. The situation was so embarrassing for India as she had been defeated in her captured territory. Since 15 August 2021, Indian media is mourning Indian defeat; the defeat of Indian intelligence plans, and reports that look like fairy tales. Daily dozens of talk shows on Indian Channels retired Indian army officers are called for analyses. These retired officers try to prove that the Afghan Taliban having old weapons cannot defeat well-trained (who trained them, India) and well-equipped Afghan National Army of 350,000 personnel and 200,000 militia of warlords without the strategy of the Pakistan army. When retired Indian officers tell the tales that the Pakistan army’s specific Brigades and Units had been fighting with Afghan National Army disguised as Taliban; the world is befooled by the Indian propaganda. Indian propaganda was so effective that CNN and BBC also telecasted analyses over the Pakistan army’s involvement sourcing their information from Indian media. Not only this; India brought her ally in Pakistan; Maryam Nawaz Sharif for a statement against the Pakistan army for interference in Afghanistan. 

Modi’s supporter, RSS spokesperson, notorious for blames against Pakistan army, TV Anchor Arnab Goswami broke the record of his own lies by claiming that a big number of Pakistan army’s officers are residing at 5th floor of a five-star hotel in Afghanistan who played the important role in fall of Panjsher which was Indian media portrayed as the stronghold of Indian trained Afghan army. Indian media did not feel any shame when it was highlighted that the hotel mentioned by Arnab Goswami consisted of 2 storeys only. 

Indian propaganda is not without any reason. Including America, the West, and India are hopeless over the shameful defeat in Afghanistan. Joe Biden establishment is facing criticism in America. American and Western media influenced by Indian propaganda and their think tanks are busy in propaganda that the Taliban have come into power to fulfill the agenda they left in 1996. America has nothing to say in defense of her defeat that is why despite repeated statements from the Taliban, the US is repeating demands for giving Afghan women representation in govt. And allowing women to continue education. On the other hand with the support of America, India is busy in proving the Pakistan army and ISI as the supervisor of Afghan Taliban so that on the one hand American defeat can be blamed on ISI, and secondly, Pak Army can be defamed as a religious extremist.

Such propaganda against Pakistan and the Pak army can be neutralized only by national unity. The irony of the fate is that few politicians are exploiting this situation to flourish their relations and businesses in India and political point-scoring. A fresh example is the return of the New Zealand team and the denial of the British cricket team in the name of security concerns. Such tactics to pressurize Pakistan in the issue of Afghanistan are not only shameful but useless. N-league is portraying it as the failure of govt. Despite being aware that the return of New Zealand’s cricket team is the result of Indian conspiracies for which India sent threatening emails from fake accounts to the New Zealand team claiming to be TTP. N-league should keep in mind while speaking the Indian statements that sports have been restored due to the Pakistan army’s successful operations against Indian terrorists of TTP, and sacrificing lives of soldiers of Pakistan...

Urdu Copy

Written by Khalid Baig,

Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 27-09-2021.

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