Monday, October 11, 2021

Expected American Bans on Pakistan

This is common thinking that America is considering imposing bans against Pakistan for supporting the Afghan Taliban. The main reason behind this thinking is a bill presented in American Congress by few members of the Senate belonging to the Republican party. Most of these Senators are notorious for Indian lobbying in America. They have tried for bans in past as well against Pakistan in the light of Indian propaganda regarding Balochistan. The main reason behind the bill is the anger of these American Senators over the victory of the Taliban and capturing Kabul without firing a bullet on 15 August 2021. Neither American print and electronic media nor American rulers and military planners were ready for such a defeat. As long as the American public is concerned; they were never given access to the ground realities in Afghanistan. Since 2001, the American public was briefed that the world’s sole Super Power USA along with more than 50 allies had attacked Afghanistan with world support to end terrorism. So that world could be saved from the terrorism being cultivated in Afghanistan. The terrorists had given a message to the world by attacking the American building on 9/11 that no country is out of their reach.

Whatever Americans saw over TV and read in the newspapers according to it within few days US army has destroyed all the terrorist centers, imposed Hamdi Karzai govt. in Kabul and started the journey of the development of Afghanistan. Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda’s remaining leadership were declared as WANTED and it was claimed that they will be hunted down at any cost. In contrast to the claims made by the American govt. the dead bodies of American heroes packed in coffins started arriving in America as a result of the Afghan resistance. In order to support their lies as a result of American soldiers' dead bodies, Western media fabricated more lies that Haqqani Network and other Afghan resistance fighters were hiding in Pakistani tribal areas; they infiltrate into Afghanistan and target Americans and NATO forces. From this, the dirty role of India starts in Afghanistan; with the support of America and Britain, India waged a proxy war of terrorism against Pakistan supporting American lies. With the support of the USA and the UK, India started organized propaganda against Pakistan claiming that the Pakistan army supports and provides weapons to the terrorists and then sends these terrorists to neighboring countries like India, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. 

America ensured that anti-Pakistan, Indian propaganda is supported by Western Media hoping that Americans will not question the dead bodies of their heroes and billion dollars expenses each year. America was unable to realize that she has to face the Freedom Fighters of Afghanistan, not the terrorists. These freedom fighters were fighting for their motherland and nation. Thus American lethal weapons and carpet bombings killing innocents produced more and more freedom fighters who were not afraid of crusaders. American leaders forgot that attacking an independent country and imposing a puppet govt. they may befool the American public and the world but they cannot force their army to die in a purposeless war for long. American establishment fascinated by the Indian success in the terrorism against Pakistan was unable to realize that the corruption of their imposed puppet governments of Hamid Karzai and Ashraf Ghani has not corrupted the Afghan Army Generals, Civil leadership, and bureaucracy but the Americans responsible in Afghanistan as well; they wanted that America remains entangled in the war in Afghanistan so that they can embezzle the American taxpayers' money. The looters of American taxpayers' money included influential American Senators and representatives. They wanted to continue their earnings from weapons manufacturing factories and contracts in Afghanistan. The reason behind the failure of American imposed Afghan rulers was the detachment from the problems of the Afghan public, corruption, and bribery in Afghan officers; that is why the Afghan public trusted the Taliban more than the Afghan govt. officials. American CIA and Commanders in Afghanistan were well aware of this situation in Afghanistan. They also knew that the Afghan Taliban had links with the locals across Afghanistan; that is why whenever they wanted, captured any important city to show off their power, and before NATO and American air support arrived they vanished in the thin air. American media has been reporting since 2010 that Americans control only cities of Afghanistan while the rest of Afghanistan is controlled by the Taliban. In many cities, American soldiers took refuge in their cantonments with the fall of night.

In the way the Pakistan army defeated Indian terrorism with the support of America; one can hardly find an example in history. The strategy of the Pakistan army defeated the plans of India and allied enemies. Pakistan army sacrificed thousands of soldiers and officers in this war against Indian terrorism. In such a situation despite being a Non-NATO ally, America increased financial problems for Pakistan for damned American interests. The greatest example of the American war against Pakistan is the drone attacks in tribal areas of Pakistan and the secret activities of Black Water across Pakistan. The loss of lives in Pakistan was the result of American hypocrisy which is now being acknowledged by American defense analysts. Few American members of Congress have also confessed that America was defeated in Afghanistan due to the dirty role of India in Afghanistan, how Pakistan can be blamed for this defeat? Now the USA is blaming Pakistan on the basis of Indian propaganda that Pakistanis are happy over the victory of the Afghan Taliban. Whatever happened in Afghanistan, American conspiracies and strategies are responsible for that. Now when reality has been unveiled, American taxpayers want the accountability of 20 years-long war. Pakistan and Pakistanis are happy that Indian conspiracies and terrorism that were being hatched for the last 20 years through Afghanistan have come to an end on the Western border. If American Senators think that they will take revenge from Pakistan for this happiness by imposing financial bans they should remember that whenever America imposed bans against Pakistan; Pakistan became more powerful due to independence from American aid and self-reliance…

Urdu Copy

Written by Khalid Baig,

Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 11 October 2021.

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