Friday, September 17, 2021

Challenges for Afghan Taliban after American Retreat!

                After 20 years long struggle and resistance war Afghan Taliban have succeeded in freeing their motherland from Americans and their allies but challenges are yet to be faced. Just like any defeated army, Americans have left chaos, poverty, corruption, non-cooperation from state machinery, empty national treasury and mines that are a great challenge for the Taliban. The question arises that America defeated even after using the latest lethal weapons, daisy cutter bombs, cruise missiles and massacre of Afghans, will remain silent? The USA is facing criticism from allies and Americans. American taxpayers are asking questions about the trillions of dollars spent in Afghanistan in the name of reconstruction and establishment of the Afghan army to arm it with the latest weapons against the Afghan Taliban; where these dollars vanished? After 20 years, on 15 August 2021, Americans saw the Afghan Taliban capture Kabul; neither American raised Afghan National Army was capable to face Taliban nor there was any reconstruction in Kabul which may be considered as an effort to minimize poverty. The fleeing American army frightened of the Taliban exposed the American Army who trained the Afghan National army themselves forgot how to fight.

                In order to hide the failures, Western media started propaganda against the Taliban that the majority of the Afghans want to leave their country for America or any other European country, in the other words, Afghans love Americans. For the propaganda, American media representatives were present at the Kabul airport where those Afghans who supported and remained loyal to Americans since 2001 were present in a big number; they did whatever Americans wanted but Americans left them at the mercy of the Afghan Taliban and fleed in the dark of the night. Being afraid by such locals loyal to the enemy was a natural thing. Moreover, the 20 years-long American created poverty forced Afghan youth to leave Afghanistan. The crowd of the Afghans was used for propaganda against the Afghan Taliban who had taken control of Kabul just one day ago. Initially, Americans demanded the safe evacuation of their soldiers from the Afghan Taliban. When this demand was acknowledged, Americans demanded that those Afghans who were trying to leave Afghanistan by sitting on the wings or landing gears of American Cargo planes. The propaganda was so much strong that American President has to say in a press conference that civil evacuation is the most difficult operation in the history of America. However, after the evacuation of 150,000 Afghans, America and Western countries made a new demand that the Taliban should establish a govt. comprising of all fractions otherwise, they will not acknowledge as rulers of Afghanistan; the 10 billion dollars of Afghanistan present in American banks were frozen so that the Afghan Taliban cannot pay salaries to the govt. employees and meet other govt. expenditures.

                This strategy of holding assets of any nation to enslave it has been used by Americans from the beginning of their history against many countries. European countries along with Americans joined American imperialist designs whose punishment was given to the innocent public of the countries upon whom bans were imposed. Suddenly Americans and other Europeans got concerns about Afghan women and their rights. On the establishment of caretaker Afghan govt. American Foreign Minister objected that women were not part of it, while just like 1996 from 15 August 2021 to date no such incident has been reported that Afghan women have been tortured for not taking veil of moving alone. This is the first time that few Afghan women wearing European dresses protest in the front Pakistani embassy in Kabul. America wants the Taliban to take all those warlords like Hamid Karzai and others loyal to America who are involved in massacre and tortures, burning dead bodies of Afghans in the Afghan govt. again.

                The shameless Western Media in spite of demanding support for Taliban in reconstructing Afghanistan is busy on the agenda of failing the Taliban’s govt. Against the hopes and wishes of America, Britain and India; Afghanistan is still safe from internal lawlessness and civil war. According to the plans of defeated invaders, civil war in Afghanistan should have broken out as soon as the Afghan Taliban entered Kabul so that under cover of refugees, Indian trained terrorists could be infiltrated into Pakistan. Due to failure in their conspiracy, America and its allies are now trying to fuel anarchy and civil war through economical bans; this should have been the first priority of America along with her allies to reconstruct Afghanistan in order to make the 20 years long destruction and loot, good. America that failed to resolve the issues of poverty, health, education and basic needs of the Afghan public despite spending 3 trillion dollars, presence of 150,000 armed forces; now wants Taliban to resolve these issues within few days under financial bans from America.

 America is out of mind due to the defeat in Afghanistan. America a

nd its allies should realize that in spite of fueling chaos and civil war in Afghanistan to take revenge from innocent Afghans for their defeat; they should send emergency relief, especially medicine and food; then they should provide funds to reconstruct Afghanistan devastated in their 20 years long reign. These emergency relief measures will not only bring stability in Afghanistan but in the whole region as well; otherwise, Afghanistan once again may become the centre of enemies of peace under the supervision of India…


Urdu Copy


Written by Khalid Baig,

Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 13 September 2021.

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