Thursday, September 30, 2021

America Concerns over the Women of Afghanistan!

On 15th August after the Taliban captured Kabul, International media telecasted the real face of America and her allies n Afghanistan that they have done nothing in the last 2 decades except violations of Human Rights. However, in order to cheat their public, these Crusaders hired few men and women western dresses through their NGOs that Afghanistan has been converted into a Western-like civilization working for democracy which will soon bring Afghanistan in the line of developed nations. Afghan Women Cricket Team, Football and other teams of females along with women linked with entertainment; their numbers do not show 1% of Afghan women. In the other words, the women killed by US drones and NATO Air Force outnumber these so-called modern Afghan women for whose rights America is worried about. 

Is this a conspiracy of the Afghan Taliban that since they took over the control neither any woman have been kidnapped nor raped? Anti-Afghan forces loyal to India and Weste have failed to bring any such incident against the Afghan Taliban as well. Before this incidents of rape and sexual harassment in the hands of Crusading soldiers was routine. Not only this, hundreds of such cases have been reported in America, in which American soldiers raped their female colleagues. RAW terrorist trainers working under the supervision of America were also involved in the rape of Afghan women. Hindu teachers and medical staff working in the fields of education and medicine showed that they have turned to Islam, married Afghan women and then left them. Similarly, RAW along with Human Smugglers kidnapped Afghan girls and sold them in India and Western brothel houses. Afghan girls smuggled to India for prostitution were recovered by an NGO working for women rights in New Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, Kerala and Western Bengal in 2014; these reports were published in Indian media and Western newspapers as well. These Afghan women denied returning to Afghanistan because no one will accept them; they were also afraid of being murdered although they were kidnapped and smuggled to India.

India! That is known as the most dangerous country of the world for women, wherein every 30 minutes a woman is raped ranging from an innocent female child to 80 years old granny; since 15 August 2021, all Indian newspapers published in English having readership across the globe are involved in propaganda against Afghan Taliban. They are publishing editorials like, ‘Future of women in Afghanistan, ‘After Return of Taliban woman has to chose between Burqa and death’, ‘Taliban started torture over women as they came to power, ‘WOmen working in education and hospitals etc have been forced to take shelter in homes’, America left Afghan women among wolves’, ‘Who will protect Afghan women’, and so the headings full of propaganda. Not only Indians, but Western paid writers are also busy in propaganda against the Afghan Taliban.

Astonishingly, under the effects of Indian propaganda American and British think tanks are also busy issuing statements over the safety of women in Afghanistan. However, no one will ever dare to tortures and violations of human rights in India against women especially women o minorities. It seems these Crusaders support the massacre of humanity in Indian Held Kashmir, use of gang rapes as a state policy. They will remain silent over the cut down of communication in Indian Held Kashmir. No one knows what is going on in Kashmir under the clutches of 0.9 million Hindu state terrorists. American and Britain both are aware of the situation of the Kashmiris but their criminal silence shows they are also the party to these war crimes of India. 

Americans are asking where three trillion dollars were spent? American Foreign Minister has nothing to say except revision of relations with Pakistan. It is asked that how weapons worth 85 billion fell into the hands of the Taliban, reply from American Establishment is that the US is observing the Taliban in Afghanistan. It is asked that why American prepared Afghan Army did not fight the Taliban and preferred to surrender; reply! America achieved what it wanted in Afghanistan. During the meeting of the American Congress’s Committee for Foreign Affairs American, Foreign Minister Anthony Balkans was asked that how the home that was targeted in the drone attack claiming to be the mastermind and important leader of ISIS for the suicide bomb blast at Kabul Airport resulted in the death of an Engineer and his innocent who used to work for America; reply s investigations are underway. After one week, the US apologized for the deaths of innocents claiming it to be a wrong report. 

This proves that the biggest threat to Human Rights is America and her interests; Only with the support of America, India and Israel are busy in the massacre of humanity in the Indian Held Kashmir and Palestine respectively.

Urdu Copy

Written by Khalid Baig,

Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 20 September 2021.

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