Friday, August 27, 2021

Shocking Defeat of Afghan Army!

Taliban has captured Kabul and most of the Provincial Capitals. In the start, it took weeks to capture 4 provincial capitals. America is disappointed over the defeat of its established Afghan army. International are astonished that it takes time to capture open fields outside the cities than how is that possible that Afghan Taliban captured big cities and capitals as they were riding some fastest vehicles and there was no one to stop them. One month ago, the Afghan Taliban were not controlling any big city or provincial capital. These cities were protected by Americans and American trained Afghan National Army having the strength of 180,000 personnel. If we include personnel working in Afghan Air Force, Special troops, Afghan Police, and Intelligence agencies then the number rose to about 300 thousand. Afghan army had such advanced modern weaponry that is only used by the American army. Before leaving Afghanistan, the American army left Armored vehicles, small-bore artillery guns, small drones, night-vision goggles, etc. for the Afghan Army.

If we talk about the Afghan Air Force, they had 167 different fighter jets and helicopters. In contrast to such a modern and big army, the Taliban have only 55-85 thousand personnel. They depend upon AK-47, RPGs, Assault Rifles captured from Afghan and American soldiers, light and heavy machine guns, a little number of sniper rifles, and mortar guns. In the last 20 years, the Taliban used Remote Contol and Suicide Bomb attacks as an effective weapon against American and NATO armies. Americans used the latest missiles and B-52 bombers against the Taliban but in the End, the foreign invaders had to retreat. When Americans decided to leave Afghanistan, defence analysts having a keen eye over the Afghan war for the last 2 decades predicted that Afghan National Army and Ashraf Ghani's establishment will not be able to hold against the Taliban for long. Americans mercilessly used Air Force in order to stop slow down the advance of the Afghan Taliban, resulting in civilian casualties especially women and children. In these merciless attacks, whole families vanished, similar war crimes were done by American Army on 07 July 2021, at the request of the Afghan Govt. Americans attacked targets specified by the Afghan army in Kunduz killing innocent civilians in spite of the Taliban. The other day, civilians took their valuables and started marching towards Kabul. Despite the American carpet bombing, the Afghan Taliban captured Kunduz.

Refugees from Qunduz and other cities were given refuge in camps in Kabul, despite this, a large number of refugees are living on roads. These scenes were being exploited by media controlled by Afghan and Americans as a propaganda tool against Pakistan; claiming that Pakistan supported the Afghan Taliban. During such baseless propaganda, Ashraf Ghani and Americans forgot that the Taliban does not have a magical stick that helped them to capture Afghanistan. The bitter reality is that whichever City Afghan Taliban decided to capture, the inhabitants of the city had been already aware of the attack. This is either the failure of the American imposed puppet Afghan govt. Or the successful strategy of the Afghan Taliban that they were in contact with the public all across Afghanistan. In the last 2 decades, CIA, MI6, MOSSAD, RAW, and NDS were unaware of such a strong public network? The 2nd biggest failure of the intelligence agencies of invaders is that they failed to check the biodata of soldiers being inducted into the Afghan National Army; Afghan Taliban silently got their supporters inducted into Afghan National Army. Most of the officers of the Afghan National Army surrendered in front of the Afghan Taliban in spite of resisting them. Various such videos have surfaced in which we can see Afghan Soldiers hugging Afghan Taliban, chanting Allah o Akbar collectively before laying down weapons.

Whatever will be the future of Afghanistan, this is an open truth that America has badly failed in Afghanistan. American taxpayers want an audit of their 3 trillion dollars spent in Afghanistan. Americans were told that Afghan National Army is one of the best-trained armies in the world and fully capable to defend their country. Why did such a well-trained army surrender in front of the Afghan Taliban? Despite such big spending, people in Kabul and other Afghan cities suffered from a shortage of food and water and Afghan govt. was nowhere to help them. In the light of the corruption of American imposed Afghan govt. People preferred the Taliban…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 16 August 2021.

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