Sunday, August 15, 2021

Future of Terrorist Opposing Pakistan in Kabul?

Afghanistan: Taliban winning in the battlefield and also war of the words.

Afghanistan is facing war internally. What is happening in those provinces and cities where the Afghan Taliban and Afghan National Army are fighting face to face, neither Western media nor State Media of Afghanistan is ready to report it. Afghan Taliban are struggling to complete their 20 years-long struggle. Afghan govt. daily tells in the Press release that so many Afghan Taliban were killed in the airstrike or the videos recorded by the Afghan National Army are handed over to the media in which Afghan soldiers are seen carrying automatic weapons and patrolling over the roads or patrolling the roads in APCs. However, no one is ready to question Afghans about the civil casualties during airstrikes against the Afghan Taliban. No doubt in the war-torn cities and areas Civilians will be facing difficulties. A specific group of Western Analysts, the Afghan Govt. and Indian media are alleging Pakistan for the difficulties of the Afghan citizens. American govt. is pressurizing Pakistan to pressurize Afghan Taliban to accept the peace offer of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani which simply means laying weapons in front of the Afghan President.

Americans are not so much stupid that they do not understand that the Afghan Taliban who faced the World’s Super Power and its allies for 20 years and in the end forcing America to retreat from Afghanistan in the dark of the night, will these Afghan Taliban be afraid of Afghan President or Army? Afghan President’s state army is not ready to fight against their own people of country i.e. Afghan Taliban are not fighting for their personal interests or transferring looted wealth from Afghanistan to American and British banks but fighting against foreign invaders for last 2 decades. In the light of these ground realities, Afghan soldiers prefer to lay down weapons in front of the Afghan Taliban in spite of fighting against them. Now Ashraf Ghani’s govt. is dependent on the weapons provided by India and Indian support to Afghan Air Force in the war against the Afghan Taliban. Not only this, terrorists that fled from Pakistan during operation Rad-ul-Fasad and Zarb-e-Azb to Afghanistan are now being used against the Afghan Taliban in the uniform of the Afghan National Army. These are those terrorists who were trained in Afghanistan by India for terrorism in Pakistan. There are also reports that most of the persons in the list of missing persons like Baloch terrorists and PTM workers are also being used against the Afghan Taliban. These terrorists of India, who fled from Pakistan can neither return to Pakistan because RAW and Afghan Intelligence cannot afford their terrorist activities to be disclosed nor these terrorists can deny to wear the uniform of the Afghan army and fight against the Afghan Taliban. How can they deny, India and Afghan Intelligence agencies trained them, provided them shelter, food and salary. After the successful operations of the Pakistan army against terrorism and implementation of Border Management and Security these terrorists became useless for India, but Afghan govt. provided them shelter and food; how can they deny to fight for the Afghan govt?

On 15 June 2021, in the district Spin Boldak adjacent to the Pakistan border, when the Afghan Taliban captured the Indian Consulate and two secret hideouts of RAW; a so-called Baloch freedom leader demanded UNO protect Baloch insurgents hiding in Afghanistan from Afghan Taliban. The basic reason for such absurd demand was the reports of deaths of large numbers of Indian trained Baloch terrorists while fighting against the Afghan Taliban; these terrorists are being shown as missing persons in Pakistan alleging the Pakistan army and ISI. These terrorists belong to BLA, BRA, BLF and other defunct terrorist organizations. 

Baloch terrorist organizations have been using Qandahar as their operational centre with the support of Aghan governments and India since 1970. At that time India was hosting these enemies of Pakistan and since 2002 to date, India has been hosting these terrorists in Afghanistan. The only difference is that in 1972 these terrorists were under the supervision of Moscow, Moscow was their financial supporter and God Father; in 1989 when Baloch terrorists got orphan after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, in 2002 they were adopted by America; in spite of Communism, Western Capitalism, Britain and Americans became their new God Fathers. The list of the missing persons was often discussed by Hamid Mir in his talk shows however, in 2011 according to Brahamdagh Bugti’s interview to Indian media more than 15000 Baloch were hiding in Afghanistan. This is not a small number; the Afghan govt. is responsible for these terrorists. On the other hand, the Afghan Taliban have stated on various occasions that Afghan land will not be used against any neighbouring country anymore. Although the Afghan Taliban have not mentioned Pakistan, they are aware that in the past American, Britain and Indian intelligence agencies have been using various names of terrorist organizations for terrorism in Pakistan martyring thousands of innocent children, men, women and the elderly through Afghanistan. Now when India who established all these terrorists is no more in Afghanistan, Baloch insurgents leaders living in Geneva are worried that if their agents in Aghanistan are killed, then the importance of these Baloch insurgents’ leaders will decrease in the eyes of anti-Pakistan forces and they may not procure support to live in Europe...

Urdu Copy

Written by Khalid Baig,

Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 09 August 2021.

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