Sunday, August 29, 2021

Brutality and Poor Strategy of America in Afghanistan!

Whatever happened in Afghanistan, was unbelievable and unimaginable for the whole world. No one had imagined the Afghan Taliban will capture Kabul peacefully as they were on a morning walk. Neither echoes of artillery guns, rifles, scenes of the massacre for which representatives of International media were desperate to record and report. They had never imagined that American and her allies entering Afghanistan under the shelling of daisy-cutter bombs, monsters of West who entered Afghanistan to eliminate human beings and massacred Afghans for 20 years will leave Afghanistan defeated, giving lectures of humanity as they came to Afghanistan not to destroy it but spend vacations. 

In the last 20 years, pro-American Afghans portrayed the Afghan Taliban as terrorists, the resistance of the Afghan Taliban against invaders was portrayed as terrorism; through propaganda hatred and fear against the Afghan Taliban was seeded in the international community. This propaganda was an attempt to hide the war crimes of the International Empirialistc forces in which they succeeded as well. NATO and American forces after testing their lethal weapons in Afghanistan martyring innocent Afghans; decided to retreat from Afghanistan. They were sure that the presence of 300 thousand trained Afghan National Army equipped with the latest weapons will face the Taliban resulting in the civil war which will be uncontrollable even for UN Peace Missions. In this way the majority of Afghans will take refuge in Pakistan; breaking the barbed wire fence over the Pak-Afghan border will not be difficult for thousands of humans, Pakistan army will try to stop the incoming refugees at any cost. This will be a golden chance for the international media to start propaganda against the Pakistan army. The traitors within Pakistan always spewing venom against the Pakistan army over Social media will also jump in the support of the Afghan refugees. In order to avoid the blames of being an enemy of humanity Pak Army will have to show a soft corner which will provide a golden chance for terrorists to enter into Pakistan who was forced to flee from Pakistan as the result of the operations of the Pakistan army sacrificing soldiers and officers. Afterwards, the erection of barbed wire fence made it impossible for the terrorists to infiltrate Pakistan for terrorism. However, with the civil war in Afghanistan, a new wave of terrorism in Pakistan will erupt destroying the CPEC project. 

The peaceful invasion of the Afghan Taliban into Kabul destroyed the plans of enemies of Pakistan including America, Britain and India. Before entering Kabul, the Afghan Taliban have repeatedly declared that they believe in peace thus do not want to capture Afghanistan through the fight. After, being defeated on all battlefronts, Afghan NDS and RAW agents spread rumours that the Taliban have reached Kabul and they will not spare anyone who served Foreign invaders for the last 2 decades. Rumours were spread that after capturing different provinces Taliban have murdered various pro-American Afghans. It was also said that the Taliban are forcefully marrying Afghan women after kidnapping them from their homes. In the last 20 years, the free sex elements which were promoted by American, British and Indian NGO’s also got concerned about their lives. When the news broke in Kabul that American jets have landed at Kabul airport to evacuate American soldiers, diplomats and pro-American Afghans; a huge number of Afghans took to the Kabul airport; where security has been already removed as planned. Pro-American locals ran towards the C-17A Cargo aircraft of America having a capacity of 160-200. Despite loading 680 persons, people were trying to climb up the loading ramp of the cargo gate which was already filled. When the pilot was ordered to fly, it was necessary for him to lift the cargo ramp. While the number of people was increasing second by second. In such a situation the American soldiers inside the plane started firing at the loyal Afghans. Due to straight fires, 5 Afghans died on the spot and a dozen were injured and fell to the ground. When the aeroplane arrived at the runway and got speed, people who were climbing with the landing gear slipped down and got injured. When the aeroplane got airborne, the cargo gate was open and dozens of people were sitting on the cargo ramp. This tragedy was seen by many that on achieving a specific height, people sitting on the loading ramp lost their balance and three of them fell to the ground.

All these incidents have now become part of history; human rights organizations all across the globe are protesting against poor American strategy and brutalities. American and NATO forces entered Afghanistan as death for the innocent people in 2001 and on 16 August 2021, these Americans once again became death for unarmed innocent Afghans. Whether it is Jobiden or Boris Johnson, they have once against started lectures of humanity; they are concerned about the Afghan people. They are of the view that acknowledging the govt. Of Afghan Taliban depends upon their attitude towards Afghans and policies. Strangely they do not believe in the statements of the Taliban about amnesty and peace. Meaning one should trust America and Britain who destroyed Iraq under the allegations of the Weapons of Mass Destruction, after murdering millions of Iraqis they apologized that the reports of the presence of such weapons were fabricated. Now America has taken a human-friendly step by freezing the 9.2 billion dollars of Afghan Nation.

MULTAN: Former prime minister and leader of the opposition in Senate, Yusuf Raza Gilani talking to the media in a procession on Ashura Day, he said a joint session of the parliament should be held about Afghanistan.

In the end, I would like to mention Pakistan’s ex-Prime Minister Yusaf Raza Gillani’s demand for a joint meeting of Parliament over the Afghanistan issue while talking to journalists on the eve of Ashura. At this time, Indian and pro-Indian Western Media are at the peak of their propaganda against Pakistan on the defeat of the West in Afghanistan; this is also a bitter reality that India, America and Britain along with other anti-Pakistan forces will not sit silently and will be hatching some new conspiracies. In this context the unity of the Pakistan nation is inevitable. The unity can be shown by a joint meeting of Parliament...

Urdu Copy

Written by Khalid Baig,

Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 23 August 2021. 

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