Saturday, July 24, 2021

Indian Frustration After Retreat from Afghanistan!

India has pulled out all its diplomats and security personnel from its consulate in Kandahar in Afghanistan just at the midnight in a hurry, even the Afghan Taliban was surprised when they entered the consulate on Sunday 11th July 2021 and no one was there to resist.

From the last 2 to 3 weeks Indian media was posing as there were links and communication between Indian govt. And Afghan Taliban. News about the meeting of Indian representatives and Afghan Taliban were telecasted as well. ON 11 July 2021, the Afghan Taliban attacked the Indian consulate at Qandahar. The videos shared by the Taliban that got viral and the analyses of the recorded sounds shows that Indian officials abandoned the Consulate one night before the attack hastily. The belongings of Indian consulate officials were present on their work desks. It seemed they are gone on vacations. Beds were set in the residential area. Wet clothes were still hanging. Bedsheets on the beds showed that at the time the officials got the orders to evacuate the building, most of them were asleep. They were awoken and ordered to evacuate.

Afghan people witnessing how the Indians are leaving away their consulate in Kandahar at the midnight.

In the haste, Indians evacuated the building proves that Indians were informed that the Taliban are going to attack their complex. This point should be kept in mind that although the Taliban have attacked and taken control of different cities they have not taken control of any country’s consulates except Indian consulates in Mazar-e-Shareef and Qandahar. As long as the Qandahara Indian consulate is concerned it was known as the stronghold of Indian RAW. Since 2004, terrorist activities in Balochistan were being controlled by the Indian Consulate in Qandahar. Afghan province remained the stronghold of the Afghan Taliban since their establishment, however, after the American invasion in 2001, it was of grave importance for foreign invaders especially the Northern Alliance. Hundreds of Taliban and their supporters were martyred in cold blood. In order to take revenge from the Taliban, Abdul Razzaq Achakzai was deployed as Police CHief of Qandahar in 2002; he was pleased to be known as General and always wore the army uniform bearing badges of Lt. General. With the support of Abdul Razaq Achakzai, RAW established two training camps for training Baloch terrorists. In addition to this, RAW has also established two control centres in the sensitive area of Qandahar with the support of Achakzai. Terrorists from Pakistan were given shelter here. Such a stronghold of RAW was destroyed by the Afghan Taliban on 26 November 2018 through a bomb blast.

A number of people along with Aslam Baloch alias Achu a commander of proscribed BLA were killed in December 2018 as a result of the suicide attack on an Indian RA&W’s secret hideout building in Aino Mina Township Kandahar.

In the bomb blast, Baloch terrorist Aslam Achu along with Taju Murree, Raheem Murree, Nasir Baloch, Rustam Baloch and two others was killed along with RAW terrorists. At the time of the blast, few officers of RAW were also present in the building. Aslam Achu was the one who targets Quad’s residency in Ziarat in 2013. Abdul Razaq Achakzai has been notorious for inhuman tortures on arrested persons and murders. He supported RAW in many terrorist activities in Quetta. RAW supported terrorists along with Achakzai planned and executed the assassination of President Balochistan Bar Advocate Bilal Anwar Kaasi; when Bilal Anwar Kaasi was brought into the hospital in injured condition, the hospital was targeted through suicide bomb blast martyring more than 80 people while 150 were injured. The majority of martyrs and injured belonged to Balochistan lawyers. Not only in Balochistan but many terrorist activities in Karachi were also planned in Qandahar by the nexus of Achakzai and RAW. The revengeful and malafide attentions of NATO and the West can be imagined from the fact that they gave the licence to kill to an extremist Abdul Razzaq Achakzai with all the powers to exploit human rights at his will. 

In 1994, Abdul Razaq Achakzai’s father and uncle were killed by the Taliban. Achakzai and RAW had deep relations which were well-known to the Afghan Taliban. That is why as soon as India got the news that the Taliban have entered Qandahar, India ordered officials of Consulates, RAW officers and terrorists to abandon the building as soon as possible. India broke the news that 50 officials of the consulate were ordered to return back but did not disclose that why the strength of 500 Special Frontier Forces persons belonging to Tibetan refugees was deployed in the consulate and why they were only present in Qandahar?

Since the Afghan Taliban’s capture of the Indian terrorist camp at Qandahar, India is frustrated. Indian media is telling the stories of ISI and Taliban relations. Indian media is busy in propaganda to deceive the world that in the name of the Afghan Taliban, the Pakistan army’s soldiers are capturing Afghanistan. The presence of Pakistani soldiers in Afghanistan might threaten the peace of the whole region. Indian media did not disclose that members of Tehreek Taliban Pakistan, Baloch terrorists, Tehreek Al-Ahrar and Pakhtun Tahafuz movement etc. who were enjoying in the Indian shelters; what has happened to them? Have they been shifted to India or left there as Afghans? If they have been camouflage as Afghans, then these Indian terrorists may join the Afghan Taliban and sabotage the peace of Afghanistan defaming the Afghan Taliban. 

Aslam Achu mastermind of Chinese consulate terror attack In Karachi.

Pakistani viewers cannot watch Indian media, therefore, India is presenting her propaganda on social media to defame the Pakistan army and ISI. It is the need of the hour to disclose the real face of India and counter the Indian propaganda so that Indian terrorism that continued for more than 2 decades could be unveiled in front of the international community. This is the time that all private TV channels telecast the heinous faces of those terrorists who planned and executed terrorism in Pakistan while sitting in the strongholds of India in Afghanistan. The irony of the fate is that Pakistan private TV channels except to show the wrestling of the Pakistani politicians in their talk shows...

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 19 July 2021

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