Thursday, July 8, 2021

End of Indian Reign of Terrorism Against Pakistan via Afghanistan!

Chuck Hagel.... Former United States Secretary of Defense

American invaders are retreating from Afghanistan, increasing the chances of civil war. The reason is the absence of the govt. Representing the Afghan and American imposed Ashraf Ghani clinging to the power. Ashraf Ghani may not remain in power for long after the American withdrawal. The situation may be similar after the withdrawal of Soviet troops with the Dr. Najeeb Ullah govt; the clashes between Indo-American created ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and Afghan Taliban which may create a widespread civil war. Perhaps America also wants to keep Afghanistan entangled in bloodshed and lawlessness. Besides all this, Afghan land for India will become narrower. During the British and American reign, Indian agencies exploited Afghanistan against the integrity of Pakistan. Even American Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hegel disclosed in his speech at the Cameroon University of America in 2011. He claimed in front of dozens of members of Congress, international media representatives, defense analysts, and University Professors that due to the Indian presence in Afghanistan, Pakistan is reluctant to support the USA against the Afghan Taliban resulting in the difficulties of American and NATO troops. He said,

“India has been using Afghanistan as a second front against Pakistan. India has over the years financed problems for Pakistan on that side of the border, and you can carry that into many directions.”

One may imagine the interests of America and the West linked with India, that such an important statement of American Secretary of Defence was not given coverage by Western Media until February 2013. What happened to Chuck Hagel for disclosing Indian designs against Pakistan and terrorism via Afghanistan, this is a separate topic, however, his truth and realistic approach could not stop Indian terrorism via Afghanistan. Another serious conspiracy against Pakistan was disclosed after the murder of Indian Nuclear Scientist Ravi Mule. 

Ravi Mule. Indian Senior Nuclear Scientist

Ravi Mule was living in the fortified secure residential colony of the Indian Navy. In March 2009, he woke up early in the morning for a walk but never returned. Indian Media raised the hue and cry for gone missing of such an important nuclear scientist. On the 3rd day, Indian Navy divers searched his dead body from the Kali river and his death was declared an accident. His widow rejected the claims of the Indian Police and said that his death is the state murder by the Indian Terrorist Agency RAW. She disclosed that RAW agents were pressurizing her husband for some secret mission while Ravi rejected to play in the hands of RAW terrorists. Karnataka Police got rid of the issue by claiming that further investigations are underway. Indian Media raised the question that how a healthy person can himself fall in the river? 

Indian Kaiga Atomic Power Station

One may remember the False Flag terrorist attack of 26 November 2009; with the international propaganda, Pakistan was being seen as a country sponsoring terrorism. In such a situation the claims of the widow of an Indian Nuclear Scientist were creating suspicion in India. Indian famous journalist and historian Amresh Misra alleged that along with RAW Israeli MOSSAD was also involved in Indian Nuclear Scientist’s murder. According to his article published in Indian Newspapers, he claimed that RAW and MOSSAD were planning to conduct a dirty nuclear bomb attack on NATO installation in Afghanistan so that the world can be assured that the Afghan Taliban has got access to Pakistani nukes. RAW and MOSSAD agents were pressuring Ravi to design a small-scale nuclear device for a limited nuclear attack. Ravi did not agree, moreover, he required the help of other experts as well. RAW decided to get rid of Ravi. According to Amresh Misra, if RAW and MOSSAD succeeded in their mission, UNO would have been exploited to impose bans on Pakistan and take charge of Pakistani nukes. The dead body of Ravi’s colleague Mahalingam nuclear scientist was also found from the river passing through the Indian Navy’s Malapur Colony, he also went for a morning walk and after one week his dead body was also found from Kali river. Police filed the case by claiming it as suicide. Until now blind murders of these two nuclear scientists of Kaiga Atomic Power Station have not been solved. Their murder mystery can never be solved because they denied being part of RAW’s conspiracy. Ravi Mule’s brother said during a protest rally that murderers are so much strong that the Indian govt. And Police both are powerless in front of them. 

Lokanathan Mahalingam Nuclear Scientist working at the Kaiga Atomic Power Station

This is the dirty face of the Indian role in Afghanistan for which Pakistan is still paying the price. A remote control bomb blast on 23 June 2021, in Johar Town of Lahore shows the confusion of India after the American withdrawal from Afghanistan and the foreseeable Indian future in Afghanistan…

Urdu Copy

Written by Khalid Baig,

Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 28 June 2021. 

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