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Sale and Smuggling of Hundreds of Kilograms of Enriched Uranium in India

Pakistan seeks probe into seizure of radioactive Uranium in India

On 16 June 1998, an important Indian Politician Mashewar SIngh was arrested by West Bengal Police at the border of Bihar-West Bengal due to presence of a suspicious packet in his vehicle. After analysis
the packet contained 100 kg Uranium. The recovery of 100 kg Uranium from a Congress party’s politician was a shocking news. He was shifted to Calcutta for further investigations where he confessed that he was the part of the big smuggling group which was arrested in 1994 while smuggling a big consignment of Uranium from the Meghalaya to Maldives via sea. The disclosure of Indian politician was jolting that his group was involved in smuggling Uranium into Pakistan from India. International media started propaganda war against Pakistan based upon his baseless allegation. Pakistan was already under pressure due to 6 nuclear tests after Indian tests. In spite of criticizing India for recovery of Nuclear material from Indian politician and failure of India to secure nuclear materials Western Media started propaganda against Pakistan; astonishingly Paksitani govt. and foreign ministry remained silent on such serious blames.
India: Uranium theft threatens not only India People, also the world population as well

In 2000, Mumbai Police recovered 30 Kg enriched Uranium from a closed school during vacations; Police was unable to arrest anyone as the persons present in school fled from the scene. In 2003, 225 grams of enriched Uranium was recovered by Bangladesh in a village adjacent to Indian border. The arrested person were claimed to be belonging to Jamaatul Mujahideen. During investigations it was revealed that they purchased Uranium from an Indian Officer who was supervising a Uranium mine. Initially India rejected the allegation and said that the recovered Uranium was not Indian but later on accepted that the selling officer was working in Jadugoda Uranium Mining Complex.

In 2008, son of a higher level officer of India’s Atomic Minerals Division was arrested while entering Bangladesh along with the big amount of Uranium. In the similar year, a group was arrested smuggling Uranium to Nepal.

In 2009, an official working in Madrass Nuclear Reactor killed dozens of his colleagues by poisoning them. Investigation revealed that they were involved in stealing enriched Uranium. How long hey were stealing it was never revealed and the investigation report was never made public.

However, in 2013, while diffusing a Crude Bomb installed by Naga Separatists, it went off; bomb carried amount of Uranium which resulted in huge lost of lives.
07 May 2021: Indian Police seized over 7 Kg (15.4 pounds) of natural Uranium and arrested 2 men in the Western Maharashtra state for "illegally possessing" the highly radioactive substance

American think tank observing the countries involved in nuclear research for weapons of technology development presented a detailed report to American govt. in 2014-15 for Indian security lapses in protecting nuclear material and technology. The report says that America turns a blind eye towards accidents and incidents of smuggling of Uranium in India due to India’s big deals of weapons but such incidents in India are a big hazard for not only Indians but on the international level as well.
"Uranium mines have ruined our lives. We know they won't rest till they bury us all in those pits." Villagers living near Uranium mines in different Indian states

Few days ago arrest of Uranium smugglers from Jharkhand and 1 month ago arrest of 2 persons attempting to sell Uranium in Maharashtra has highlighted serious loopholes and weaknesses in Indian security of Nuclear technology, weapons and nuclear material. American and British interests linked with India and American policies to use India against China does not mean that Indian should be allowed to play with the lives of people living in South Asia. India has been involved in propaganda war against Pakistan from 2005-2020 through its more than 100 fake media houses across the globe. Pakistan has to pay a huge cost due to Indian terrorism via Afghanistan. America and British has not only been silent over Indian conspiracies against Pakistan but also facilitated and supported India in its state terrorism. The silence of America and West over the misuse and smuggling of Nuclear material and technology is a criminal act against humanity. Indian people has been exposed nuclear radiation due to sale of Uranium in streets and in future a big nuclear tragedy cannot be ruled out. Pakistani Foreign Ministry has reacted against Indian nuclear accidents and smuggling but this is not enough. A strong campaign to educated international community regarding mishandling of nuclear and radioactive material by Indian should be launched. Pakistani political parties should unanimously pass a resolution against the increasing incidents of smuggling and sale of nuclear materials by India.
Tamil Nadu. Indians protesting against nuclear power plant with the fear of radioactive material leakage.

This issue should be raised in the UN General Assembly. India has a strong propaganda network; India may use such nuclear material anywhere or India herself may stage false flag bomb blast within India using its own stolen nuclear material; Indian will blame Paksitan for such an incident within a second. Pakistani media should also spare sometime from useless discussion of politics and give proper coverage to Indian involvement in smuggling and sale of nuclear and radioactive materials…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 09 June 2021.

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