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Pakistan Says "No More" to USA!

No More "Do More"

‘Absolutely Not’: PM Pakistan Imran Khan says US bases won’t be allowed.

If American President Jobiden had a little doubt that Pakistan will not allow America to use Pakistani soil for American interests in the region after the US retreat from Afghanistan he would have kept steadfast to his statement in April 2021 in which declared that withdrawal from Afghanistan is difficult. However, due to internal pressure and the Taliban’s increasing attacks, he had to change his mind and declared to withdraw American troops in September 2021. Afghan Taliban made this clear that after May 2021 they will not allow American troops even for a single day. So Americans who have tested all of their lethal weapons and inhuman tortures in Afghanistan but have to lick the dust declared to complete the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan from May 2021 to 30 September 2021. America demanded Pakistan to provide airbases located in KPK and Balochistan province. The world saw a different face of the Pakistan Army and Pakistan. America increased pressure; diplomats of different status were sent to Pakistan so that Pakistan accepts American demands. 
C. Christine FairAmerican political scientist.

No doubt Americans would have tried old tactics of threats and presented billions of dollars as compensation; details of American tactics will be disclosed after some time by American media. The most painful point was that when American CIA Director, William Burns himself met with Army Cheif General Bajwa and DG ISI Lt General Faiz Hameed requesting to shift Counter Terror Ops to Pakistan which was rejected. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan rejected the request of the CIA Director for a meeting saying that meeting with the Prime Minister was not within his scope. Americans also were stunned once again when American Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken called Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan but his call was politely rejected that PM will only talk to his counterpart i.e. American President; American Secretary may call Pakistani Foreign Minister. According to US media, the US Secretary of Defense also telephonically discussed the need for Pakistani airbases for America with Army Chief General Bajwa but the demand was once again clearly rejected. The question was raised in America as well that when Pakistan is diplomatically demanding that the American President should talk with PM then why US President is hesitating to talk to PM Imran Khan? American journalist himself replied to the question that during Obama’s reign Jobiden as Vice President neglected all the promises made with Pakistan and provide full support to India to exploit Afghanistan as a second battlefront against Pakistan. With American support, India painted Pakistani streets and markets with the blood of innocents through suicide bomb blasts. America not ignored but attacked Pakistan’s integrity just for her interests.

All the supplies for American and NATO troops in Afghanistan were being supplied through Pakistan without any charges. Now Jobiden should keep in mind that whether it is the political or military leadership of Pakistan, Pakistani interests are the top priority for them. In history the US has exploited Pakistan only for needs; in contrast, whenever Pakistan needed America, Americans always betrayed Pakistan, and the payments made for using Pakistani roads were posed as an aid to Pakistan and exploited to defame Pakistan. Pakistan army remained the target of India supported by the US and allies for more than 2 decades. India takes Pakistan army a hurdle in its imperialistic designs while the USA thinks Pakistan army as a hurdle in her targets against China; propaganda campaign in the name of Freedom of Expression was launched in Western Media while few traitors within Pakistan were hired as well. These included those so-called journalists who previously supported the Soviet Union in the name of Communism and always talked against Western capitalism. However, with the disintegration of the Soviet Union, they changed their fathers from Soviet communism to Western capitalism. Not only this, American universities held seminars in which Pakistan was blamed for American defeats (the bitter reality is that the American army has no history of victory) so that the Pakistan army may be brought under control. In such a seminar at George Town University, Christine Fair also linked with the Indian Institute of Defense Studies and Analyses said during a question,

For Pakistan state of collapse, it is basically Pakistan army which has to collapse for better or worst, I do not see that happening.
Antony BlinkenUnited States Secretary of State.

America is not happy with Pakistan, keep in mind that in today’s scenario it is not possible to attack any country traditionally. This is the time of propaganda war. Especially no one knows better than Pakistan army’s Sipahee to General have been in the state of war against Indian trained terrorists; this has converted Pakistan army into a hard trained military; our soldiers are always ready to lay their lives for the geographical and ideological boundaries of the country. The US is well aware that Pakistan's army is armed with nuclear weapons and ready to use them as a deterrent. This is the fear of nuclear weapons that stopped America from openly invading Pakistan since 2002, despite fierce resistance from the Afghan Taliban.

In contrast to this, India adopted the propaganda to defame Pakistan as a terrorist state so that no one pays any attention to Indian terrorism via Afghanistan especially when America is at the back of India. After the denial of Pakistan to the US, the US will never give up her conspiracies against China: Never!
William Joseph BurnsDirector of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

America will leave no stone unturned to create differences between the Pakistani public and Army like she did in Iraq and Syria. Suspicions will be created regarding the Pakistan army’s professionalism. Such a law and order situation will be created which political governments will not be able to control and will be forced to call an army. We have already seen the trailer in the form of the rally by supporters of Sindhu Desh of Jiye Sindh; they chanted slogans against the Pakistan army in their rally at Karachi. The letter being shared over social media against Corpse Commanded Gujranwala is also linked; political leaders who are not in power are at the forefront in spreading such hoaxes. This propaganda within Pakistan should be stopped against the army that has sacrificed its lives from Pakistan becoming Syria and Iraq and is ready to lay lives in the future as well...

Written by Khalid Baig, 
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 21 June 2021.

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