Monday, June 21, 2021

Attempts to Create Differences between Pakistan Army and Public


1947- 1948 Pakistani Army in war with India to save Kashmir

                Communist Intellectuals and writers willing to create a free sex society started criticizing Pakistan army after the Indian invasion in Jammu and Kashmir was challenged by Pakistan army. Their criticism increased after inclusion of Balochistan in Pakistan and start of military operation on 27 March 1948 on the orders of Quaid Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah after a handful of Baloch tribal chiefs declined to accede to Pakistan and started armed resistance. Whether it was Jammu & Kashmir or Balochistan army of newly freed country did not have sufficient arms as well as Pakistan also did not have enough resources to run the machinery of the country. Despite shortage of arms a befitting reply was given to the Hindu invaders in Kashmir; such a reaction was not expected by India and her English handlers. The befitting reply of Pak army made Britain upset; on 13 January 1948, British magazine published propaganda against Quaid Azam, Two Nations Theory and Pakistan Army. British publication attempted to threaten Pakistanis for the consequences of clash with India; the whole post was based upon the Western statement against the integrity of Pakistan. This propaganda has now evolved into the ‘Hybrid War’ against Pakistan and Pakistan Army. Whether it was Pakistan army’s action to stop invasion of India in Kashmir or 1st Operation against Baloch militants both were executed on the orders of the Founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Afterwards, the operation and the success in the operation became the foundations of planned propaganda against Pakistan; Pakistan’s integrity was under attack and on Pak-Army was able to defend Pakistan. Moreover, the bitter reality that India wanted to capture Independent Pakistan based on the Two Nations Theory was buried under the propaganda as well. In order to fulfill her nefarious designs India was supported by Afghanistan, Soviet Union, Britain, Israel and those elements within Pakistan who were biased against Muhammad Ali Jinnah for his fame in the Muslim world and failure to stop accession of NWFP and Balochistan to Pakistan. This is such a failure that the wounds are being transferred from generation to generation and they are unable to give up their treachery against Pakistan.

Pakistan Army in war on terrorism

                2nd operation against Baloch terrorists started in 1973 on the orders of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto when a big cache of latest weapons was seized at Iraqi embassy in Islamabad. These weapons were to be supplied to Baloch terrorists; Bhutto toppled the provincial govt. blaming it for partnering the conspiracy.

                3rd Military operation against Baloch terrorists started during the reign of General Pervaiz Musharraf when the drama of rape of Dr Shazia Khalid on 02 January 2005 was staged at Dera Bugti. When General Pervaiz Musharaf announced to start inquiry in the incident, Dr Shazia Murree fled to London. Baloch terrorism started under the disguise of fight for rights of Baloch with the start of work over Gawadar port by China in 2002. Despite Indian support and propaganda Baloch terrorists could not win international acknowledgement. However, after the blame of Dr Shazia being raped by an army officer, international media created a propaganda war against Pakistan and Baloch terrorists attacks against Pakistan amry  increased manifolds as well. With the Indian funding a full fledged propaganda war was launched against Pakistan army. America and Britain also supported india in this war so that Pak Army can be pressurized to work for their imperialistic plans in Afghanistan. When Pakistan army denied to be exploited for American interests in Afghanistan; propaganda war was started to blame Pakistan army and ISI for terrorism in Afghanistan and neighboring countries so that Pakistan can be declared as a terrorist state. Our intellectuals and anchorpersons also supported the propaganda against Pak Army to mint dollars. While blaming Pakistan army for alleged atrocities committed in East Pakistan they purposedly ignored orders of Quaid Azam and Bhutto for military operations in Balochistan.

As the first phase of construction at Gwadar Port began in 2002, Baloch Nationalists started resistance to fail the project with the help of Pakistan enemies.

                Despite, all the attempts to defame Pakistan army and Pakistan, terrorism in Pakistan in the form of suicide bomb blasts America and her Western allies are forced to beg Pakistan for safe withdrawal from Afghanistan after a disgraceful defeat. Now they demand Pakistan to provide military air bases to America. After clear denial from Pakistan army; we witnessed the American and British frustration. Hamid Mir, was threatening Pakistan army and its Generals after an incident of torture over a blogger namely Assad Tur. In the way Hamid Mir challenged Pakistan army it seemed that the institution defending Pakistan since independence by sacrificing thousands of lives will not be spared. A TV anchor, a traitor awarded with the certificate and medal of treason by Bangladesh, who profoundly went to Bangladesh along with Modi to receive the award of traitorship for his father from Bangladesh; who demanded trial of Pakistani military officers cannot be violent over torture of an infamous blogger (no one can justify the torture of a blogger/anyone). This frustration was not for the torture, if so why Mr Mir did not lose temper for other citizens. Such a doggish behavior of Mr Mir was neither seen after attack over Absar Alam nor over the kidnapping of Matee Ullah Jaan. Then what fueled him that after disgraceful retreat of Western looters he alleged higher Command of Pakistan army for morally shallowness? The only goal was to create gulf between Pakistan army savior of the national integrity and public…


Urdu Copy


Written by Khalid Baig,

Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 13 June 2021.

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