Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Political Chaos is Weakening State

Jammu & Kashmir: Indian army’s war against innocent Kashmiris started in Oct 1947 not ended till now.

Since I have been in my senses, I have seen the country engulfed in political chaos. As a result of this chaos, the country was divided into two parts. The army that has stopped the Indian army by laying their lives in 1965; has laid down in front of Indian tanks to ensure the defense, world appreciated the professionalism and fond of martyrdom for the defense of the motherland. How can such an army be responsible for losing half of the country in 1971? Was this merely due to the laying of weapons by the Pakistan army? No! From the day first India has been hatching conspiracies against Pakistan but in 1971, those elements within Pakistan who were against Two Nations Theory were also hired by the Indians. They were ready to go to any limits for giving KPK to Afghanistan resulting in Greater Pakhtunistan and took up weapons for the separation of Balochistan supported by India and the Soviet Union. In Sindh, Nationalists were also organized. It was not possible for civil administration to control all these powers. If this has been possible Quaid would have never ordered in 1948 Pakistan army to control those who wanted to separate Balochistan. This was the first operation of the Pakistan army. Most of the pro-Indian intellectuals do not mention this operation because it discloses their treason.
General Frank Messervy

The propaganda against the Pakistan army was started in October 1947, when India violated the rule of division of India, the Indian army attacked the State of Jammu and Kashmir; Quaid ordered English Commander-In-Chief Gen Frank Messervy to stop the Indian army but he did not obey the orders. Pakistani tribals along with soldiers of the Pakistan army not only stopped Indian advances in Kashmir but also freed 1/3rd Kashmir from India as well. In this war that was fought for a year, India was forced to beg to UNO. After the retirement of Gen Frank, Gen Douglas Gracey took over the command of the Pakistan army but he was not ready to take any action against India. Despite all this in the way the Pakistan army defeated the Indian army while having a shortage of ammunitions; pro-Indian intellectuals have not forgotten it. They believe that India is the flag bearer of humanity, the biggest democracy, and a secular country. This group of traitors also take the Pakistani army responsible for India-Pakistan disputes and the dispute of Indian Held Kashmir (IHK). They believe in whatever Indians say. They believe that the 1965 war was waged by the Pakistan army. They are of the view that the Pakistan army should not help Muslims living under Hindu occupation in IHK. The second military operation against Baloch terrorists was done in 1973 on the orders of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. In this operation, such notables were also arrested for fighting against Pakistan and Pakistan army who is now known as intellectuals, journalists, and anchorpersons. Their intellectual services are limited to inciting the public against Pakistan and Pak Army in the name of Freedom of Speech.
General Douglas Gracey

If we look at the first decade of Pakistan after independence, the Indian Prime Minister joked that I do not change so much Dhotis as the rulers of Pakistan are changing. Political Chaos, crossing all the limits for gaining power, dirty politics and even supporting India in conspiracies against Pakistan forced the country towards dictatorship. At that time looting the national treasury and filling up the coffers was not the need of the politicians but they wanted to have power which created hurdles in the flourishing of the democracy. They forgot that political chaos in the country supports Indian plans against Pakistan’s integrity. Now even after the passage of seven decades, politics in Pakistan is still in a similar place. The irony of the fate is that now democracy has become a lucrative business by looting the national treasury. Now politics is not used for respect and service of the public but for filling up the coffer by hook or crook. There is a shortage of moral values. Police Station shave been converted into torture cells. From justice to respect and prestige everything depends upon one’s wealth.
27 Oct 1947: Indian Army invaded Jammu & Kashmir

The white-collar word used as respect for the poor has become a symbol of insult. Indian conspiracies against Pakistan have been converted into terrorism. In 2002, in the way Indian attacked Pakistan through her trained suicide bombers and terrorists via Afghanistan, this was not a regular war. Pakistan's army sacrificed 10,000 lives while 70,000 civilians also lost their lives in this war waged by Indian terrorist agencies. The war waged against Pakistan has been declared as the most difficult war of history. The defeat of Indian terrorists in hard terrain like tribal areas of Pakistan adjacent to Afghanistan has been seen as impossible by the international military. In such a situation when we look at the situation within the country, since 2008, the elected elite has been in power.
Oct 1947: Pakistani Tribesmen from Waziristan ready to enter Jammu & Kashmir to fight against the Indian Army.

The propaganda against the Pakistan army for interference has become now a fashion and a cheap way to gain fame. The army that has never interfered in billions of non-productive projects, that have not interfered in the looting of national treasury and shifting of wealth abroad how that army can interfere in the election process? Pakistan steel mills, PICA, Pakistan Railways, etc. Were made a burden over the public, no one talks about them, however, the Defense budget that is inevitable for the integrity of the nation is criticized. In spite of resolving public problems, no stone is left unturned to protect the black money and criticizing the army to divert attention from political corruption. In such a situation any negative impact that hurts the integrity of Pakistan is the duty of the Pakistan army to negate it which is termed as interference by the Pakistan army to hide political corruption…

Written by Khalid Baig,

Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 15 March 2021.

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