Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Pakistan Army Chief’s Call for the Peace!

“However, we feel that it is time to bury the past and move forward, but for resumption of the peace process, or meaningful dialogue, our neighbor will have to create a conducive environment, particularly in Indian-occupied Kashmir.” Pakistan army chief Gen. Qamar Javed Bajwa addresses the Islamabad Security Dialogue conference on March 18, 2021.

on 18 March 2021, General Qamar Javed Bajwa, Army Chief Pakistan, emphasized the need for the resolution of the Kashmir dispute with India to end 7 decades-old tension between two nuclear states to promote development in the area, in his address to the National Security Dialogue Forum. Analyses to misinterpret the address are at their peak. American Print and Electronic Media have interpreted this as a change of Pakistani policy towards India as a result of the handwork of UAE and KSA. All those so-called intellectuals who spare no chance to criticize the Pakistan army are also celebrating it. Saying that the same thing when they used to say they were termed as friends of India and if now Army Chief is saying to start a new era of friendship with India that accept that India was right that as long as Pakistan does not stop terrorism as a policy in neighboring countries, peace negotiations are not possible with Pakistan. Opposition parties are repeating their blames on the ruling party to have sold out Kashmir. On the other hand, Indian media is getting crazy that Pakistan is begging for peace in front of India. A strong propaganda campaign has been launched on social media in which just sentences of their own interest out of the Army Chief are being quoted in order to mislead Pakistanis.
“It is time that we in South Asia create synergy through connectivity, peaceful co-existence, and resource sharing to fight hunger, illiteracy, and disease instead of fighting each other,” Gen Bajwa said.

In his previous address on 03 February 2021 to the Graduation Ceremony of Pakistan Air Force Academy, General Qamar Bajwa has said;

“We stand firmly committed to the ideal of mutual respect and peaceful co-existence. It is time to extend the hand of peace in all Directions. Pakistan and India must also resolve the long-standing issue of Jammu and Kashmir in a dignified and peaceful manner”.

Not only this, in all his previous speeches, General Qamar Javed Bajwa has always emphasized the need to resolve the Kashmir issue for peace in the region. He also said that Pakistani wishes for peace should not be taken as weakness. If we look in the past, all the Army Chiefs of Pakistan have been emphasizing the peaceful resolution of the Kashmir dispute according to the UNO resolutions. This is India who has always rejected Pakistan’s offer for peace and staged false flag terrorist attacks within India to get a lame excuse to thwart international pressure for peace talks. If we look at history, there is a huge list of arrests of Indians sent to Pakistan as terrorists who were sentenced by Pakistani courts but our rulers from the past released them in the name of restoration of peaceful relations with India. Indian State terrorist is Kulbhushan is still in the custody of Pakistan. In order to save her terrorist from the death sentence, India begged to International Court; Pakistan respected the verdict of the court to retrial the Indian terrorist in Civil Court but India is not ready to provide a lawyer to his own state terrorist and citizen.
Unrest in most of the Indian cities.

Through such tactics India cannot change the reality of Indian involvement in terrorism in Pakistan, murder of innocent Baloch in Balochistan through RAW trained BLA’s suicide bomb blasts. Sometimes Indian terrorists target people of Hazara to fuel sectarianism and sometimes laborers of Punjab and Sindh working in Balochistan. Indian Generals forget the professional values and threaten Pakistan just like pimps. Despite all this Pakistan's army leadership has never given up professional values and did not reply to Indian Generals in their pimp language. Pak Army leadership has always condemned Indian state terrorism in Indian Held Kashmir and War Crimes of the Indian Army, ensuring Kashmiris that Pakistan will continue their moral and political support.

Why now the speech of the Army Chief is being misinterpreted for Indian propaganda to mislead the nation? Extreme of propaganda is that the Army Chief’s statement to practically imposing the policy of eradicating facilitators of terrorism in Pakistan is being misinterpreted to support the propaganda of Dawn Leaks i.e. Pak Army was supporting terrorism while Nawaz Sharif was opposing it. Moreover, the Imran Khan Prime Minister of Pakistan getting Corona and writing a letter on 23 March 2021 to Modi is also being exploited for propaganda.
Indian farmers protesting for the last 8 months.

These propagandists are ignoring that since its independence on 15 August 1947, India is first time facing hard times internally as well as the foreign front. A few days ago Naxal Freedom Fighters killed  Indian soldiers in an ambush. Now India has imposed an undeclared curfew and arresting innocents. Indian Farmers are protesting against so-called Agriculture reforms for the last 8 months and the Indian state is unable to do anything. Indian decision regarding Indian Held Kashmir made on 05 August 2019, has been rejected worldwide; India has also failed to control freedom movement in IHK. India is just like a pressure cooker just to explode, due to the imposition of the black law of CAA targeting Muslims and Lower Caste Hindus. Increasing hold of Hindutva (Hindu Extremism) is also resulting in anger and agitation among educated Indian youth.
In mid-March 2021, five jawans of the Indian army were killed by Naxals in Chattisgarh.

Indian Army’s defeat in the hands of the Chinese Army on Ladakh has not subsided that EU DisInfo Lab disclosed the network of Indian Propaganda defrauding UNO and other such institutions for the last 15 years. Indian False Flag attack on Indian Army Convoy in February 2019, Indian Air Force’s bombing deserted areas of Azad Kashmir, Arnab Goswami’s leaks showing that Indian Army was exploited for BJP and Modi has also raised questions in India over the professional role of Indian army. In such a situation a de-escalation in relations with Pakistan is inevitable for India but the Pak army and civil leadership of Pakistan are very clear in this regard that relations with India are linked with the resolution of the Kashmir Dispute…

Written by Khalid Baig,

Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 29 March 2021.

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