Monday, October 26, 2020

Moral Depravity in India...

Uttar Pradesh, India: teen Dalit sisters were gang-raped and killed by 4 higher caste rapists and hung their bodies on a tree.

A few years ago no one has ever imagined that India would become a hell for its inhabitants and India would lose its respect internationally. Justice would become a tool of punishment in the hands of Extremist Hindu Brahmans. Since the independence of Pakistan in 1947, Indian rulers and the establishment ignored human values in the race to destroy Pakistan and became enemies to humanity on an international level. In their enmity against Pakistan, they forgot that although on the basis of conspiracies, terrorism they used to fight against each other changing each other's geography but they never have been such warriors who had dared to go beyond the boundaries of the sub-continent. Some of them who dared to implement Chanakiya’s conspiracies out of the Sub-continent or on the Western borders they had to pay a heavy price. These Hindus of higher castes divided into the caste system, and in the way they have been treating their fellow Hindus inhumanly, thousands of Hindu intellectuals feel ashamed. They are on the right to question that under what rules of humanity young women can be forced to be burnt alive along with the dead body of her husband and her sons are used to set the fire in the name of religion. In this way under the disguise of religion son is made the murderer of her mother. What else could be the insult of humanity that the birth of daughters was considered as an insult to one’s respect and was killed in infancy? Female foeticide is highest in India where female children are murdered even before their birth.
India: graphic mobile phone clips of gang rapes are being sold in shops cost 50 to 150 rupees each in the country has sparked protest and anger.

These were Muslims who introduced humanity to the Hindu subcontinent. They taught these extremists how to live like humans. Some Brahman extremist Hindu Intellectuals and our intellectuals suffering with the illness of proving themselves as liberals claim that Islam spread through sword. They forget that if the sword had been used then there have been only Muslims in India. They deny the services of the Muslim Sufis for Islam who propagated Islam across India and made Hindu men realize that the birth of daughters is not a curse but a blessing. They saved widows from burning alive. When biased Hindus say Islam spread on the power of sword they insult all their warriors and gods who are mentioned in fantasy stories of Hindus in their religious books who rode on the chariot for war and in spite of killing the enemy with swords or arrows they used to destroy their enemies by mere movements of their eyebrows. These Hindu warriors used to fly in the air on their 12 horse chariots and if such Mahabalis got afraid of Muslims’ swords than these Muslims are not responsible for this but the dirty mentality of Brahmans who want to implement the mythical religion of Caste even in today's developed era in their geographically controlled areas.
“Sati”.... Hindu called it religious custom.

A leader of Dalits had confessed that whether these are rulers of the so-called secular party Congress or extremists of RSS, or BJP, they have been using lower caste Hindus against the Muslim minority. He said that they were deceived by upper-caste Hindus in the name of taking revenge from Muslims for ruling Hindu India for a thousand years, they became the tools in the hands of higher caste Hindus. They forgot that these were the higher caste Hindus who not only supported Muslim warriors in order to take part as rulers. Now after 73 years under the disguise of Census they (Brahmins) want to push us back to the caste system under the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) in which lower caste Hindus can only become servants of higher caste Hindus without any basic human rights.
India: higher castes use to rape the women of the Dalits just as a matter of right.

Lower caste Hindus are constantly protesting, they know that if Higher Caste Hindus succeeded in their goals than their houses, businesses, women nothing will be safe. Daughters of lower caste Hindus who are already on the mercy of Brahmins will be raped on the roads. Despite so-called democracy, their underage girls are raped by higher-caste Hindus and they cannot do anything except protesting over it. India, about which Western Media was continuously posing it as the world’s rising economic and military power. This propaganda which started in 2005, many international investors got inclined towards India. The world considered India a country as posed by Mumbai Film Industry where girls dance over the mountains and there is peace and harmony everywhere. This praise on the international level made Indian rulers overconfidence that through propaganda they can hide whatever they want. They forgot that there are 12 separation movements currently active in India. Seven states are practically in the control of the freedom fighters. 60 percent of the Indian population has only 2 clothes to cover their bodies. 40% of people do not have homes and they do not have any human rights.
India: there are Hindu parents who choose to kill their daughters soon after they are born.

Under the overconfidence of their propaganda, on one hand, Hindu Extremist Rulers crossed all limits of war crimes in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) and on the other hand denied human rights to Dalits and lower-caste Hindus besides minorities. After extremist Hindus came into power in 2014, the world saw the dirty face of Hindu extremism and terrorism; India, where a woman is raped every 16 minutes. This was unveiled by Hindustan Times on 07 October 2020, that a woman is kidnapped every 4 hours in India, a woman is burnt with acid every two days. According to the newspaper just in New Delhi 12,902 cases of rape were registered in 2019. It was further disclosed that the actual number of women raped is much higher because many families cannot afford to report the rape of their women in a backward Hindu society.

All these ironic facts were disclosed after the rape of a 19-year-old Dalit girl in front of her mother by 4 upper caste Hindus while Indian Police denied registering the case despite the presence of witnesses and evidence. This inhuman incident took place on 11 September 2020. When Police disclosed that UP extremist Chief Minister Yogi Aditya Nath is trying to save Brahmin rapists, protests across India. Dalits took to the roads for their protection. It was revealed that Dalit women have no safe place in India…

Written by Khalid Baig
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 22 October, 2020.

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