Tuesday, July 21, 2020

PTM Exploits Corona Pandemic to Further Indian Agenda

4 Pakistan Army soldiers martyred in exchange of fire with terrorists near Afghan Border, Miranshah, North Waziristan

                There is not a single country that has not been affected by the Corona Pandemic. Many countries have gone bankrupt due to the economic crisis. Developed countries like America and Britain are unable to get out of the effects of Corona. Oil-producing Gulf countries are also facing financial crisis. Internationally many companies have been shut down or are on the verge of closure. Social and Economic experts say that a new world or are on the verge of closure. Social and Economic experts say that a new world will emerge at the end of the pandemic. The living standards and ways of living will change. Traditions would change. The angle of human thinking would be affected. Despite the destruction to the society by the pandemic for 5 months, experts are unable to give a final date of ending the pandemic. Despite of all the efforts, medical experts are unable to develop vaccines or medicine. Even if the vaccine is developed it will take the time of more than a year for testing the vaccine before launching it into the market. In such a situation more than 120 million people have been tested positive for COVID while the number of those who lost lives is more than 500 thousand.
Just only in the USA, the number of affected and deaths due to corona is more than 3.2 million and 1 hundred 33 thousand respectively. Pakistan is also one of the severely affected countries. Poverty has increased. Due to the closure of trade activities the unemployment has increased manifolds. The fear of corona and financial pressure has made people psychic. This is such a  disaster that has affected all classes of society. In such a situation enemies of Pakistan exploited the situation to attack the integrity of Pakistan. The attack on Karachi Stock Exchange by the Baloch Liberation Army Indian sponsored terrorists to capture KSE on 29 June 2020 and take hundreds of employees as hostages were also part of such activities. The aim was to destroy the peace of Pakistan and portray Pakistan as an unsafe country. The terrorists failed in their nefarious goals by the Police and KSE security forces sacrificed their lives. The modern weapons recovered from the terrorist killed in the encounter show the plans of the terrorists and their handlers abroad. The killed persons were those whose names were included in the list of missing persons prepared to defame Pakistani army and security agencies in the name of kidnapping Baloch people. Despite BLA in 2014 being blacklisted as a terrorist organization by the USA and other countries as well as UNO, the terrorist attack over KSE shows the support of India to BLA. India herself is facing pandemic but her priorities are not saving the lives of Indians. Rather India is spending her health budget over shelling Kashmiri civilians living over the LoC (Line of Control). India exploited TTP for terrorism in Pakistan. Indian sponsored BLA terrorist training camps in Afghanistan have been pointed out by International Media as well.
                BLA is the living example of Indian State Terrorism in Pakistan. BLA has been securing more funds and support from India as Indian sponsored TTP was crushed in KPK and tribal areas. BLA is the militant wing of Indian interference in Pakistan while the second part of Indian conspiracy is active in KPK and tribal areas as Pakthun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM). PTM was established by India in tribal areas and KPK as Indian sponsored TTP was crushed by the Pakistan army. TTP leadership fled to Afghanistan and continued its terrorism from Afghanistan. In order to check the terrorism from Afghanistan, Pakistan erected a barbed wire fence over the Durand line. The erection of fence and implementation of Border Management System according to the International Laws closed the doors of India-Afghan terrorism. Terrorists and their supporters in Afghanistan started propaganda against the Pakistan army’s successful operation and check posts. The propaganda defamed the Pakistan army for usurping the tribal resources and atrocities. This propaganda was aligned on the same lines that India has adopted to defame Pakistan since 1947 for Balochistan. Western Media has a special interest in this propaganda to defame Pakistan army. On the other hand, the so-called liberals and communists of the past are also seen in the front row to further this propaganda to secure their dollars from India.
                In January 2018, a Mehsud youngster was murdered in cold blood by Police in the fake encounter. PTM exploited this fake encounter to secure the support of the Pakhtuns to spread chaos in the tribal districts but failed badly. Their seminars and rallies in the USA and Britain were reported by the newspapers as headlines. During such a seminar in Britain, the presence of Indian agent over the stage with PTM leaders created trouble when a Pakhtun youngster objected over it  resulting in dispute which forced London Police to interfere. The shame that PTM has to face in her Indian sponsored rallies and seminars their activities abroad have been declined.
                Now PTM is trying to maintain her presence in Pakistan by continuing activities in Educational institutes of Pakistan for the last one year. The target of this Indian sponsored organization is such students having anti-Islamic and liberal views like “Mera Jism Meri Marzi”, “Jab Laal Laal Lehrayega” etc. Now PTM is inciting students against Semester fees in the universities especially of KPK. Universities fulfill most of their expenses from the student fees. Due to the pandemic students are being taught online rather than physical attendance in university. In such a chaotic financial situation students are reluctant to pay their dues. PTM is exploiting these situations to attract students and giving like-minded students slogans like “HEC Jawab Do”. These slogans are being promoted on social media especially twitter as a propaganda trend. PTM wants to exploit the fee issue for fueling ethnic and linguistic issues rather for furthering her anti-Pakistan propaganda rather than addressing the issue of payment of dues. This is a war that needs to be won by the students against the enemies and traitors of Pakistan at any cost.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 16 July 2020.

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