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PTM Once Again Gets Active!

2008: Comrade Ali Wazir addressing the followers of Marxism.

                Just after 1 year of the American invasion of Afghanistan, international media has disclosed that on the recommendations of Northern Alliance America has agreed to grant an important role to Pakistan’s eternal enemy India in Afghanistan. After a few months, establishing of Indian consulates in the areas adjacent to Pakistan like Qandahar and Jalalabad proved that India is going to exploit Afghanistan as a second front for Pakistan. Afterwards, India established its consulate in three other provinces of Afghanistan. America had invaded Afghanistan to fight against the Afghan Mujahedeen speaking Pashto that was organized and named as Taliban by America herself. In this way, world was well aware of the name, establishment, and purpose of the Taliban. Before 9/11, the time period Taliban remained in power, Western Media kept us brainwashing that how the Taliban restored peace and harmony in Afghanistan. Although, Taliban were criticized for imposing the veil for women they were admired as well that how they imposed Islamic Sharia resulting in the abortion of the cultivation of opium and banning the public show of weapons as a tradition. People of Pakistan facing social evils like bribery, nepotism, extortion, black-marketing considered the Taliban like the system as the only savior. They wanted that just like the Taliban, a govt should be established in Pakistan as well that curbs all these social evils.
Kabul: links of PTM leaders with Afghanistan’s secret agencies have been revealed. The former director of Afghan secret agency National Directorate of Security (NDS) has asked the United States of America (USA) to help PTM leaders Mohsin Dawar and Ali Wazir. He has said the US should support the activists of PTM.
                India and other enemies of Pakistan were aware of this psychology of Pakistanis. Exploiting this psychology of Pakistanis they planned to establish a dummy Taliban terrorist organization in Pakistan; who despite waging terrorism in Pakistan to attack Pakistan army and Pakistan, seem to Pakistanis as Mujahedeen fighting for the imposition of Sharia or Islam. International media played a pivotal role in providing disguise to these Indians created Taliban; even Pakistani media claimed them as B-team of Pakistan army. Pakistan army also started calling them as terrorists. This raised disputes between Pakistan army and TTP (Tehreek Taliban Pakistan). Moreover, the way of correlating their terrorist activities as an attempt to impose Islam in Sawat, Malakand, and areas of FATA created chaos among the public of these areas. Muttahida Majlis Amal (MMA) a political union of religious parties of KPK were unable to threaten their belief and life by declaring TTP as a terrorist who was claiming to be struggling for the imposition of Islamic Laws. During this time TTP with the help of India and other allies in Afghanistan converted narrow mountain passes that hard to access into fortified cantonments and caches of latest weapons. The suicide bombings all over Pakistan were planned and executed from these strongholds. The central control of these suicide blasts was in the hands of Indian officers of RAW sitting across the border in Indian Consulates in Afghanistan. Astonishingly terrorists attacked important defense installations that were in the eyes of India, mosques, places of worship, churches, parks, hospitals, courts, funeral gatherings in which thousands of Pakistanis got martyrdom but many Pakistanis thought these as an effort to impose Islamic Law. However, the planners of TTP and terrorism in Pakistan had never thought even in their worst nightmares that the Pakistan army will defeat their manufactured terrorists in the narrow mountain passes where English Army did not dare to go despite capturing the whole sub-continent. The real strength was the unstopped reinforcement via Afghanistan.
The journey of PTM leadership from “Marxism” to “Pakhtun Tahafuz Movement”.

                Pakistan the army destroyed terrorist hideouts, captured the latest weapons. First in the form of Zarb-Az’b and afterward through Rad-ul-Fasad cleaned Pakistan from terrorists. This war was unwinnable without the sacrifices and cooperation of people of tribal areas. They left their homes, businesses and shifted into temporary shelters so that the Pakistan army may start operation against terrorists without any fear of civilian casualties was such a sacrifice of Tribals that can never be forgotten. Afterward, the rehabilitation of the tribal areas people, installation of barbed wire fence over Afghan border to check the infiltration of terrorists and establishing border management system were such acts of Pakistan that maddened the launchers of TTP. It became impossible for them to attempt suicide blasts in Pakistan from Afghanistan. Afghan National Army along with terrorists attacked Pakistan army soldiers busy in the installation of barbed wire fence various times. Enemies played the card of Greater Pakhtunkhuwa(a dead horse) to spread lawlessness in the country. Few so-called nationalists from within Pakistan tried to revive the dead horse by claiming KPK as the area of Afghans. Few Afghan Ministers gave the statements challenging the status of Pak-Afghan Border. An organization in the name of Pakhtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) was established which blamed the Pakistan army for capturing the resources of tribal area people. They not only objected to the check posts established for the restoration of peace in tribal areas, but they also claimed barbed wire fence as denying a basic right of the tribal area people. 
Manzoor Pashtin-MohsinDawar-Ali Wazir
Manzoor Pashtin-MohsinDawar-Ali Wazir
When people of the tribal area did not give them shit, PTM activists started propaganda against the Pakistan army abroad and different cities of Pakistan. In the meanwhile, not only tribal areas were merged in the Federation of Pakistan but they also got the right to elect their representatives in provincial and national assemblies. In the elections of National Assembly two activists of PTM Mohsin Dawar and Ali Wazir got elected as Independent Candidates where they took the oath to follow the Constitution of Pakistan and to remain loyal to Pakistan but their anti-Pakistan activities continued.
Swat. May 01, 2018. A man in red ⭕ raises Israeli Flag in PTM really with slogans: death to Pakistan, Long live Israel.

                Their attack on Pakistan army’s checkpoint on 26 May 2019 has become an old episode. Now once again Ali Wazir has used threatening tone against Pakistan army while addressing a gathering at Bannu which is unacceptable. According to a video viral on social media, Ali Wazir has said that he will unroot the barbed wire fence installed on the Afghan Border and it will be used to hang Pakistani soldiers. Few analysts are of the view that the statements of PTM are an attempt to divert the increasing protests and reaction against the Modi establishment’s disputed CAA law in India and continuous violations of Human Rights in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK). In order the divert the attention of the international community India exploited its pet Ali Wazir against the Pakistan army. Whatever the reasons may be the threats of Indian Amry Chief to Pakistan and statements of PTM cannot be ignored.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 23 January 2020.

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