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Army Chief Telling Lies is Ineligible for the Job

Press Conference by DGMO Lt Gen Ranbir Singh on surgical strike in Azad Kashmir, Sep 2016

In the whole world, the soldier is considered as a high standard citizen. In history, we see that soldiers and the army have been given such respect. Being brave and facing difficulties is not the only reason for this special treatment, not telling lies is also one of the reason. A brave soldier who enters into the battlefield risking his life, he is neither afraid of the arrows of the enemy nor the sword that may cut his throat; why he would tell lies, especially the Army Chief? An Army Chief on whose single order thousands of soldiers put their horses in the river, burn their boats, attack enemy bigger than itself without ever thinking what is the number and capability of the enemy, what are the weapons available with the enemy. He only knows one thing that their Army Chief is like their Father who cannot tell lie to his children, he will never repel them in the valley of death. However, Indian Army Chief Dilbeer Singh has violated the military history by telling lies for the political interests of extremists and remained steadfast on his lies despite being exposed and shown his professional incapability.
Indian army, 2016-: GOC-in-C Northern Command Lt Gen DS Hooda

In September 2016, General Dilbeer Singh Suhag ordered his DG Military Operations Lt. General Ranbheer Singh to tell the lie of the surgical strike in Azad Kashmir in the Press Conference, according to a report published in India Lt. General Ranbeer Singh denied telling such a big lie. Because neither Indian Army Aviation has the capability and technology to fly at night especially in the mountainous area full of forests nor Indian Commandoes had such equipment and training for night operation. In such a situation the claims of Indian Commandoes invading into Azad Kashmir across the Line of Control (LoC) would be only accepted by uneducated Hindu extremists, not the world. The Indian army was also unable to prove that it crossed the barbed wire fences, then crossed the Neelum river passing through extremely dangerous slopes in the dark of the night. According to the Indian claims killed hundreds of terrorists in the training camps in Azad Kashmir, and all the Indian commandoes returned back without any loss of life. During the whole operation, the Pakistani soldiers deployed to protect every Inch of the LoC were dead sleep, neither they heard the sound of the firing, nor anyone woke up or we may assume that Pakistan's army was not present on LoC.
Indian army soldiers killed in Uri attack in Sep 2016

The question was raised in India that why the GOC Northern Command General Depinder Singh was not present in the Press Conference who is the supervising all the activities in the IHK and Commander of Indian Army in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK). Indian Media was told that he is much depressed due to the killing of 30 soldiers in the attack over Uri Brigade Headquarters on 18 September 2016 and does not want to face the journalists. As Pakistan was blamed for the attack, Indian public was demanding revenge from Pakistan. In order to make the claims of the surgical strike, it was decided that the Press Conference would be held on 24 September 2016. However, after General Huda apologized from telling the fabricated story of Surgical Strike it was decided that DG Military Operations would give the Press Conference. Lt. General Ranbeer Singh first of all apologized, however, he was given an offer of being promoted as Indian Army Chief after the retirement of General Dilbeer Singh Suhag on 31 December 2016. He agreed to give the press conference on the condition that no one would be allowed to ask the questions and he will leave the hall after completing his statement. In any army the designation of DG Military Operations is very important and sensitive supervising the Military operations and activities. He is in contact with all the Services Chief and Formation Commanders. He has nothing to do with the politics or the press conferences. As a DG Military Operations, when the world saw him giving a press conference on the state private Indian TV Channels the first expression in the military establishments of the world was that something fatal has happened in the Indian army. A famous writer and columnists Shobha De after hearing the Press Conference rejected it as a bundle of lies and wrote a long article “Soldiers Do Not Lie, Politicians Do”, in which he declared the Surgical strike as a joke not only with the Indian public but the whole world as well. He started his article by expressing sympathy with the Indian soldiers in these words,
“Ever since the surgical strikes took place, the one person I have been feeling most sorry for is the beleaguered jawan”.
"Soldiers Don’t Lie. Politician Do" Shobhaa De
Obviously, what would be the feelings of soldiers who are ready to jump into the fire on the order of his General or Commander is telling the fabricated story that never occurred. Such a soldier would die of shame whose Commander is a lier. The fabricated story of General Ranbeer Singh was condemned by senior retired Indian Army officers and termed as the death of professionalism in the Indian army. BJP establishment exploiting the Indian army for their political interests did not give a shit to this. They only wanted to increase their vote bank. They did not realize that Indian Generals who are telling lies for the political interests of the BJP, what would happen when these Generals will tell lies for their personal interests, at that that what would be the position of India.
Sep 2016: Indian Army Chief Gen Dalbir Singh Suhag, the story writer of the surgical strike in Azad Kashmir

On 20 October 2019, Indian army targeted civilians living in the Jura Shah Kot and Noseri Sectors of LoC with the mortar guns and Bofor guns used during the war, in this unprovoked shelling one Pakistani soldiers and 5 civilians embraced martyrdom. This attack was either to incite Pakistan army to start a war or divert the attention of the world from the Curfew in IHK and atrocities being committed by Indian army their. Besides this the statement of General Bapan Rawat was astonishing in which he claimed that three camps in the Azad Kashmir responsible for lawlessness in IHK were destroyed which were to be used as launching pads for terrorism in IHK and India. The unprovoked shelling of Indian army was given a befitting reply by Pakistan army destroying Indian bunkers and killing 9 Indian soldiers while many were severely injured. The condition of the Indian army was that they were forced to hoist white flags in order to collect their dead bodies. The reports from the Indian sides disclosed that number of soldiers killed was more than 9. On the statement of General Bapan Rawat, DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor expressed hopelessness and invited Indian High Commission to visit the areas and show that which terrorist camps were present there that were targeted according to General Bapan Rawat.
Indian Army Chief Gen Bipin Rawat with his controversies over fake surgical strike stories and threats to Pakistan

On 22 October 2019, on the invitation of DG ISPR, representatives of local and international media, some ambassadors and military attach in these embassies visited the areas that were targeted by the Indian army. Indian High Commission was also invited but they remained dead silent. It was unbearable for the Indian High Commission to get the claims of General Rawat being rejected in front of the dozen of ambassadors. Such a lie was told by Indian Air Force on 26 February 2019 after bombarding deserted areas in Azad Kashmir. This resulted in the Indian jets being shot down by PAF fighters and their pilot being taken as POW, shooting down their own helicopter in the friendly fire carrying 6 pilots who were going to Sri Nagar Airbase from Pathankot airbase for participating in the activities against Pakistan. In the way Indian Generals are competing for one another in telling lies, they should themselves hold accountable as professional soldiers…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 31 October 2019.

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