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World Should Ensure the Safety of Kashmiri Women!

BJP Leader encourages rape of Muslim Women in India
Sunita Singh

                Whether these are the Hindu riots in India or strategy to crush the freedom movements; India has a history of sexual torture on women. If we look at the history we see that whether these are Indian army and security agencies, rulers of Congress claiming to be secular or Hindu extremists and their leaders, whenever they got the chance they crossed all the limitations of inhuman and immoral torture against the women of minorities and Muslim. The history of sexual abuse of women is as old as Hindu rule; however, its extreme can be seen right after the partition of India. Hindus exploited Sikhs of Eastern Punjab to punish Muslims and their women. Afterward, the so-called secular Party Congress divided Eastern Punjab into three parts in order to weaken Sikhs. This created confrontation between Sikhs and the Indian govt. which resulted in the attack and destruction of the Golden Temple in Amritsar. In this attack against a religious minority, the Indian army used tanks and Armoured Vehicles. From 1 to 7 June 1984, Indian army kidnapped uncountable numbers of Sikh women from Amritsar and the men accompanying these women were declared as terrorist and murdered. The women kidnapped during the operation have never been found. In order to take revenge for this attack on their religious 2 Sikh guards of Indira Gandhi  murdered her on 31st October 1984.  As a reaction of this murder, more than 18000 Sikh were killed in the hands of Hindu terrorists under the supervision of secular govt. Only in New Delhi, more than 8000 Sikh were killed in which the Cabinet Ministers of Indira Gandhi were directly involved. Police and Municipal Committees provided addresses and records of the houses of Sikhs, their businesses and vehicles under their use to Hindu extremists. In order to set fire to the homes and business of Sikhs Indian Police provided Petrol and kerosene oil to Hindu extremists.  Sikh women were dragged out of their homes in the crossovers where they were gang-raped and later on set on fire alive. Many Sikhs burnt the faces of their women with acid in order to save them from Hindu rapists while few Sikhs killed their own women in order to save them from the revenge of Hindus. Only In New Delhi, more than 50000 Sikh were forced to leave their homes. According to the registered cases more than 10000 Sikh women were gang-raped within a week and most of them were never found again.
Sikh women raped

                United Nations, UNHCR, International Organizations for protection of women remained confined to concerns and statements avoiding demand of any action against Indian State terrorism. So-called independent Media did not give any coverage to the genocide of Sikhs and covered the situation by giving reports about the funeral of Indira Gandhi. The issue was taken to the Indian Court, where inquiries were held and the case was prolonged for the years and at least buried on 2009 by expressing sadness and shame in spite of punishing the involved officials of the Police and govt. New Delhi High Court gave the verdict:
“Though we boast of being the world’s largest Democracy and the Delhi being it is National Capital, the sheer mention of the incident of 1984, Anti-Sikh riots in General and the role played by the Delhi Police and state machinery, in particular, makes our head hand in shame in the eyes of the world”.
Blood and dead bodies in The Golden Temple
It was appalling inside the Golden Temple with humans blood and dead bodies everywhere

Meaning the biggest punishment of the culprits of 1984 Sikh genocide is only that Delhi High Court has been ashamed in front of the world. All the so-called democratic countries should be ashamed who still claim that the system of Indian govt. is secular and India is the biggest democracy.
                If we look at the Indian Held Kashmir (IHK), Indian Army and BSF have been using rapes of Kashmiri women as a state policy to crush the freedom movement for the last 7 decades. These reports are not published within the Indian media but also challenge the advocates of democracy and justice. In 2009, 17-year-old girl Aasia Jaan of District Shopian was awarded Gold Medal in Secondary School and was waiting for the admission in College, she was kidnapped by Indian soldiers along with her sister in law; these both women were gang-raped by more than 50 Indian soldiers even after their death. Despite the presence of all the evidence, not a single Indian soldier was punished.
Sri Darbar Sahib (Golden Temple): after Indian army attack

                Anant Nag is considered as the most beautiful area of the IHK. On 18 May 1990, the marriage od the 25-year-old Mubeena of Mohri Pura was scheduled to be held upon on 18 May. On the same day, the Indian army imposed curfew and started searching in the houses. The groom Abdul Rasheed and his friends got special passes from the state administration for the marriage which was also countersigned by the Indian army commander. The procession arrived at the bride’s house before afternoon. Indian soldiers at the check posts allowed the procession to enter into Mohri Pura after checking the passes and permits. After Nikah and meals served, the bride entered into the procession bus to return to the home of the groom at about 8PM. Roads were deserted due to curfew. The bus has gone only 3 kilometers that two vehicles of Indian army stopped the bus. The internal lights and headlights were ordered to be switched off. The bus driver was ordered to get out of the bus, he tried to show the permit, groom and others protested but the bus driver was shot dead by Indian soldiers. The songs of happiness inside the bus were turned into screams. Indian soldiers opened fire on the bus, how many were killed or injured no one knows. Few Indian soldiers entered into the bus, grabbed the bride out of the bus and punished her for hours for being a Kashmiri. When she returned to her senses she was in a hospital where other women from the marriage procession were also admitted. Some of them were injured by the bullets of Indian state terrorists while others were raped by Indian soldiers.
                The list of war crimes of the Indian army against Kashmiri women is very long. The basic reason is the hatred against the non-Hindus present within India and reinforced by the Hindu caste system. The evidence can be observed by the post of Mahela Morcha (women leader) Sunita Singh, Member of Indian Parliament of BJP, on 26 June 2019 on facebook for Hindu extremists in which she writes despite herself being a woman;
                “There is only one solution for Muslims; Hindu brothers should make a group of 10 and gang rape their (Muslim) mothers and sisters openly on the streets and then hang them in the middle of the bazaar for others to see”.
The first responsibility was of the Facebook administration to block the account of Sunita Singh for such violent post. This never happened, her immoral message against women remained on the facebook, it was tweeted on twitter and its screenshots got viral on the WhatsApp. On such a violent and inciting message even Indian media(famous for fueling hatred against Muslim) reacted because according to Sunita Singh there was no other way to safeguard India but rape Muslim women. On the protest of Indian media the President of BJP’s women wing issued the press release that Sunita Singh has been relieved of her designation. Many Indian journalists are not ready to believe it. They claim that RSS believes on the agenda that was openly expressed by Sunita Singh. That is why whether it is India or IHK, Indian army, Police and Hindu Extremists sexually abused and gang raped non-Hindu women according to their philosophy of Hinduism. They are of the view that RSS gives respect to those workers who show practical acts based on the Hindu extremism.
Save Kashmiri women left on the mercy of the Hindu soldiers
“Save daughters of Kashmir”
                On 05 August 2019, after the removal of separate position of Indian Held Kashmir in the Indian constitution, the statements given by Hindu terrorists against the women  of Kashmir; the curtailing the communications in IHK by serial killer Narendra Modi no one knows that what is going on in Indian Held Kashmir. It is the duty of the United Nations, Human Rights Organizations and International Powers (who do not think the second time while attacking a Muslim country for merely fake allegations of inhuman acts) to protect the Kashmiri Women or declare that Muslims of India and Kashmir have no rights as human beings…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 12 September 2019.

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