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Politicians’ Responsibility to SafeGuard State from the Political Tension!

Bilawal demands to issue production orders of MNAs Mohsin Dawar and Ali Wazir

                In January 1968 two trusted friends of Sheikh Mujeeb u Rehman i.e. Education Specialist Muhammad Ali Raza and another working as Steward in Pakistan Navy visited Agar Tala India. They finalized negotiations for the armed treason against Pakistan with Indian RAW. Leader of Awami League Sheikh Mujeeb of East Pakistan was in contact with Indian RAW since 1962 for separation of East Pakistan. ISI was observing the links between Sheikh Mujueeb and India. In the meeting at Agar Tala, the deal against Pakistan was finalized which included establishment, gorilla training, provision of weapons and funding of military wing of Awami League. Colonel Shams-ul-Alam of ISI belonging to Bengal was observing the whole situation since 1967. He was busy in arranging undeniable evidence of a conspiracy against Pakistan. In 1967, he faced an assassination attempt, he faced the assassins alone and arrested one of them alive. It was revealed that Rauf-u-Rehman of East Bengal Regiment was behind the assassination attempt on Colonel Shams. During the investigations 1500 person was arrested, however, these apprehensions were kept secret. However, after the meeting in the Agartala, Mujeeb along with 35 others was arrested and govt. unveiled the conspiracy against Pakistan. Arrested persons included a few govt. officials. While the few officers and soldiers of the army were already under arrest. Despite the assassination attempt Colonel Shams continued his mission to protect Pakistan for which he was awarded Sitara-e-Imtiaz Military.
The Round Table Conference convened by President Ayub Khan, Shaikh Mujibur Rehman is visible sitting there

                This was the time when political chaos was on the peak during the Ayub Khan’s regime. Most of the politicians who played a vital role against Ayub Khan afterward acknowledged that this was a golden era for development in the field of industrialization economic stability. When Ayub Khan was overpowered by the opposition parties for their struggle to restore democracy and wanted to negotiate with the opposition in the round table conference. United Opposition denied taking part in the negotiations without Mujeeb. All of them were agreed that Ayub Khan has fabricated the treason and Agar Tala conspiracy for political revenge against Mujeeb. In addition to the opposition all those so-called intellectuals who linked themselves with communism, they all termed arrest of Mujeeb as military revenge. As a result of the pressure from a united opposition, Ayub took back the allegations and released Mujeeb, however, the political chaos continued and the situation deteriorated day by day. Ayub Khan left power, in order to restore democracy elections were held in Pakistan. 
On combined West Pakistan political parties leadership’s demand, President Ayub Khan released Shaikh Mujib to attend RTC and welcomed him in the conference.

Mujeeb won the elections. However, those politicians who were in favor of the release of Mujeeb rejected his right to establish govt. As a result of this denial, armed riots spread in East Pakistan; as per plan Pakistan army was ordered to control the situation. Disguised as Mukti Bahni, Indian commandoes and Indian trained Bengali terrorists started attacking Pakistani soldiers that numbered 28000. Awami league was also involved in these attacks. Pakistan army that was already spread in the urban areas of East Pakistan to restore the peace was unable to defend the 4156 km long border with India. As per the plan, the Indian army attacked East Pakistan. India has already closed its aerospace for Pakistan under the staged hijacking of Indian Air Lines Ganga airplane. 250,000 Indian soldiers attacked Eastern Pakistan. 175000 trained Mukti Bahni terrorists were in addition to these Indian soldiers. This war that continued for 13 days resulted in the laying down of arms by Pakistan army on 16 December 1971. Pakistan was divided into two parts. Then the history witnessed that those from within Pakistan who supported the treason against Pakistan were awarded Bangladeshi awards by Haseena Wajid. Those who received awards included Shaukat Ali who remained Deputy Speaker of Bangladeshi Parliament from 2009-14. Shaukat Ali openly acknowledged that Agar Tala was real and demanded that this should be made the part of the Bangladeshi curriculum so that the new generation can be taught that Mujeeb disliked peaceful struggle for separation from Pakistan. He was in continuous link with India for armed struggle. When the conspiracy was unveiled it was denied for the time being. If politicians of Western Pakistan has not demanded the release of Mujeeb for their anger against Ayub and terming the arrest as political revenge, the conspiracy could not have been successful. When Shaukat Ali was arrested for being part of Agar Tala conspiracy, he was serving in Pakistan army as Captain.
In 2010, surviving conspirator and Deputy Speaker of the Bangladesh Parliament Shawkat Ali confessed to the parliament at a point of order that the charges read out to them about “Agartala Conspiracy Case” were accurate and based on facts.

                Now let's come towards the current political chaos in the country. Neither there is martial law nor any military commander is heading the country. All the politicians dying for democracy are all aware that how their parties' are practicing inheritance in the name of democracy. Despite all this, they are agreed that democracy should continue in the country. On 26 June 2019 after 9 hours long All Parties Conference that was held for changing the govt. resulted in the demand for the production order of Mohsin Ali Dawar and Ali Wazir belonging to the Tribal areas. These two members of Parliament are under arrest for attacking check post of Pakistan army that was established for the protection of the locals. In the way, these two persons incited the locals to attack check post, the videos recorded from different angles are on the record. In this attack, 5 soldiers were injured out of which embraced martyrdom.
MNAs Mohsin Dawar and Ali Wazir: arrested for attacking army check post in Boya, North Waziristan Tribal District.

 Leaving aside this attack, these two persons are notorious for their anti-Pakistan statements and conspiracies. They not only want the separation of the tribal districts but the separation of KPK. Their threats and statements of TTP terrorists have no difference. This has been disclosed by the ISPR that these two persons along with their leaders are in contact with agencies working against Pakistan. Despite all this one of the leaders of political parties said that Mohsin Dawar cannot be involved in such attack. Meaning he does not trust the Pakistan army and its statement? He is not ready to accept the videos recorded by the accomplices of the Mohsin Dawar. The demand for a production order is nothing more than the treason and conspiracies against Pakistan. They are members of parliament but this does not mean that they start firing on our soldiers and they cannot be arrested as well. Our politicians may continue their dirty politics but they should secure the state from the impact of their dirty power plays and conspiracies…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 04 July 2019.

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