Sunday, July 28, 2019

Muslims Living in Old Delhi Alleged for Creation of New Pakistan!

Muslim residents served food at the procession outside Durga Mandir after decorating the Mandir with new Durga’s Idols.

                How much greatest blessing is Independent Pakistan for us, this can be imagined from the torture and attacks of Hindus on Muslims that started on 30th June 2019 at about 10 PM Indian time when a Muslim youngster named Aas Muhammad parked his motorcycle near the house of Hindus. Muslims are living in Old Delhi along with Hindus for centuries.  Muslims are in the minority as compared to Hindus. Muslims prefer to live in areas having Muslim majority so that in case of attacks from Hindus or any calamity they can face the situation. Like other old cities, Old Delhi also consists of narrow streets and markets selling from scrap to latest electronics. As Muslim are concentrated here, therefore, Hindus do not disturb them usually. However, with the passage of time, the situation has changed as old Hindu families shifted to other areas and a new one replaced them.
Police  Blocked Old Delhi locality from all sides.
                A similar incident took place on the night of 30 June 2019, a Muslim youngster Aas Muhammad parked his motorbike outside of the 45 year-old Hindu Gupta, he stopped Muhammad from the motorbike there and threatened him of grieve consequences. Aas Muhammad was not ready for such a reaction and looked towards Gupta that why he did not allow him to park his motorbike while there was neither the door nor window of the Gupta’s home. In the meanwhile, Gupta’s wife also came out and started threatening Muhammad. The passer-by Hindus misinterpreted Gupta’s wife as Muhammad has harassed her. Without investigating the reason they started beating Muhammad, other Hindus joined them as well. Few Hindus tried to diffuse the situation but they failed , Aas Muhammad as beaten badly and fainted. Hindus continued beating him with sticks even they considered him as dead. In the meanwhile relatives of Aas Muhammad and Indian Police reached on the spot. Gupta and his wife alleged that Aas Muhammad attacked them as well as their children and Gupta’s elderly mother. The CCTV camera fixed on the Gupta’s neighbor disclosed the lies of Gupta. This was the incident of the Hauth Qazi area. Police took both parties to the Police station for registration of FIR.
Central Reserve Police Force seen patrolling after the clashes broke out over parking issue, at the Lal Kuan Bazar in Old Delhi area.
                Still, the FIR was to be lodged, the mobile of the Police Station rang and he was informed that Muslim has started stoning two Hindu temples due to which the idols in the Durgah temple have been broken. The registration of the FIR was postponed and Police informed their higher-ups of this new development. The Muslim who had come to Police Station left Police Station worrying for their homes. In no time Muslims and Hindus took to the roads in the Old Delhi, Chandni Chowk, Jamia Masjid Chowk, Dariya Ganj, Pahar Ganj and Laal Kuwaan area. Muslims were denying stoning Hindu temples while few of the Hindus also supported Muslim stance. According to them the persons who pelted stones were 17-20 and were never seen before in the area. It was impossible to be decided whether they were Muslim or non-Muslim. Muslim notables were struggling to diffuse the situation through negotiations with Hindu notables. Police arrested many Muslims most of them children in order to decrease the anger of Hindus. The control of the whole area was handed over to Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF). They imposed an undeclared curfew. The Muslim and Hindus living in the area are mostly linked with trade. They disliked the spreading of riots in the area. However, the leadership of extremist Hindus in New Delhi wanted to exploit the situation to pressurize Muslims. The presence of troops of CRPF was the main problem for Hindu extremists in attacking Muslims. The video recording of CCTV cameras installed in Hindu temples also supported Muslim stance that Muslim was not involved in the stoning of the temples. Moreover, Muslim have always respected temples and never attacked them.
Muslims in the area had volunteered to pay for the new Durga Murtis for 100 years old Durga Mandir in Old Delhi.
                The Hindu journalists of India were of the view that stoning of temples in Old Delhi was the result of a well-planned conspiracy. Sanjiv Kumar who was involved in the disputed that started over the parking of the motorbike told India Today in an interview that few politicians wanted to exploit the attack over Durgah temple for their political needs. He is not ready to accept that Muslims attacked Hindu temples. Despite the passage of two weeks, the area is still in the control of CRPF. People are not allowed to go out of their homes. In order to diffuse the situation, the Muslims of the area have prepared the new idols of white stone for Durgah temple and fixed them in the Durgah temple in a large gathering. Perhaps this has happened first time in the history of the area that Muslims have installed idols, chanted slogans and sang Hindu religious Bhajan as a gesture of solidarity with Hindus. The Hindus of the area are satisfied over the role of Muslims and want an end to the dispute, however, leaders of Hindu extremists have rejected the gesture of solidarity of Muslims terming them as a fraud. They have demanded from BJP and Narendra Modi that Muslims should be exiled from the area of Old Delhi. They are fueling hatred against and violence against Muslims of these areas and areas outside Old Delhi. Hindus are supporting extremist Hindus on the basis that Muslims consider Old Delhi as Pakistan and now they are trying to establish this area as a new Pakistan. The Indian state has asked Indian media to totally blackout the situation in Old Delhi and not to publish any news.
                After being defeated in the elections, Congress is also silent over the situation. According to an Indian analyst, Sonia Gandhi is taking revenge for defeat in the elections through the violence of Hindus against Muslims. Pakistani media should inform the world about the threats to the lives of Muslims in Old Delhi. Our journalists paid from NGOs and India might consider this as interference in Indian Internal affairs; they should keep in mind that the safety of Muslims in India is more important than their love towards India…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 18 July 2019.

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