Sunday, June 2, 2019

The Problems Faced by the Government and Threats to the State!

The increasing burden of foreign debt, decreasing the value of the rupee, increasing prices, black hoarding has made it impossible for the people to make both ends meet. On the eve of the Month of Fasting i.e. Ramazan, many hoarders, middlemen followed their old custom of creating an artificial shortage of fruits, vegetables, and other eatables in order to earn extra profit. This increased the problems for the govt. The opposition parties facing charges of corruption and booked under several cases have started exploiting the increasing chaos among the public for their political interests. Internally this situation started as soon as the govt. took oath in the Captial and Punjab. People already facing financial could not get the relief which they were expecting from elected govt. as Prime Minister and his team as announced in their addresses before the elections. The pressure over the Prime Minister increased and objections were also raised over his choice of Cabinet Ministers and important postings of bureaucracy. The changes made by the Prime Minister due to the pressure and criticism of opposition created unrest in the public. The opposition that has been alleging establishment for bringing Imran Khan into power, its exploited this situation. Especially the propaganda cells on the social media blamed Pakistan army for the problems of the public that while selecting Imran Khan for Prime Ministership army did not take into account that whether he is capable of running the govt. These enemies of Pakistan army exploited the situation over the remaining terrorism, target killing, extortion, chaos, etc. for their propaganda against Pakistan army.
Asif Ali Zardari announced to come on roads against the Imran Khan govt.

                If we look beyond the internal situation across the borders there is no hope as well. On the one hand, India is busy in the genocide of Kashmiris martyring Kashmiris on daily basis in order to change the demography of Indian Held Kashmir (IHK). Children are being blinded by pellet guns (shotguns). No one is ready on the Indian war crimes in IHK. India is violating ceasefire in order to pressurize Pakistan and please extremist Hindus. On a daily basis, the people living in the Azad Kashmir are targeted by the Indian army. Pakistan army has to respond to the unprovoked Indian shelling. In the proper words, Pakistan army is in the active war over Line of Control (LoC).
People of Pakistan worried for the utilities price hike

                Similar to the situation is over the Western border of the Pakistan where Enemies have established terrorist training camps for infiltration into Balochistan, KPK and tribal areas for terrorism. Soldiers and officers of the Pakistan army are busy in neutralizing these terrorists while sacrificing their lives. The fence is also being erected over the border. Enemies of Pakistan want to stop the erection of the fence so that their terrorists can easily enter into Pakistan. Whether this is the war against terrorism, erection of fences or skirmishes over LoC, the expenses over these activities is inevitable for the security of the Pakistanis. The decreasing value of Pakistani rupee has also laid pressure over the defense of Pakistan as well. The world financial institutions want Pakistan to decrease the defense budget so that weak Pakistan can be easily persuaded to make the decisions under their pressure.
US Navy sends USS Theodore Roosevelt toward Persian Gulf
                Obviously, Public going through the wrath of increasing prices does not realize the value of defense. Their main problem is employment and making both ends meet. If we sacrifice the security agencies for the food, what would be the results this is not difficult to predict. In such a situation our country cannot afford any type of chaos and unrest whether it is of the financial nature or political. This will pave way for the enemy to further its conspiracies against Pakistan and attack Pakistan. Many treacherous elements are attempting to hijack the protests against inflation into protests against the Pakistan army. Foreign Media has become active keeping in mind the internal economic problems of Pakistan. The notables are the Jewish lobby and Pro-Indian American Think-Tanks. In the past when the American contractors were present under the cover of Black Water and TTP, these lobbies pressurized America to take over the nuclear assets of Pakistan as they may fall into the hands of terrorists, so American Army should quickly make a decision. Now, once again Western media has started exploiting the situation to pressurize America.
PML-N protesting in the National Assembly

                In all the big political parties of Pakistan there are such experienced parliamentarians who have special respect not only in their own friends but in opposition as well. This is their duty that they should leave aside their political differences and chalk out a plan to take out Pakistan from the current economic crisis. There should be no concept of giving and take over the accountability of the corrupt. All the respect and prestige of our political elite class is due to Pakistan. If Pakistan is strong then they can enjoy this status.
Opposition Parties devise strategies against govt. in Bilawal's Iftar Party

                The hoarding and black-marketing can be also curbed by these politicians. Every year the hoarding of fruits, vegetables and other eatables and selling them on higher prices in Ramazan has become a routine of these greedy businessmen. All over the world, the businessmen sell their products below their cost in this Islamic month considering that by serving the fasting Muslims they are earing the real profit. Even in the non-Muslim countries businessmen community arranges special discounts for Muslims. However, in Pakistan, these greedy businessmen take Ramazan as an opportunity to earn extra profits. they are neither afraid of law nor of the day of judgment. All these artificially high prices take a toll from the public. No matter who is in power, opposition exploits this situation for the point scoring but no one takes serious steps to curb this situation. By establishing Ramzan Bazars, govt. issues license to those businessmen who do not become part of Ramzan Bazar to loot the public. This should be stopped here, proper laws should be made and implemented through planning. But who will do this? The political elite has no concerns over the economic crisis nor they feel the artificial inflation in the month of Ramazan. The devaluation of rupee is also due to the greediness present within the country which shows that problem is not the economic crisis but moral bankruptcy of the nation…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 23 May 2019.

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