Thursday, June 27, 2019

India! Only State in the World Where there is Lawlessness in the Name of Law!

After the partition of India, when British rule came to its end, Army was the only department in India that was left intact according to the rules of India. Indian rulers claimed it as the only good work of the English. They boasted the professionalism, discipline and abiding by the rules by Indian soldiers. In 1948 during his address to Indian Military Academy at Dehradun in 1948, Jawahar Lal Nehru said that Indian army is better than rest of the society because they dislike lies and every soldier acknowledges his mistake without any hesitation, this feature of Indian army surpasses its bravery and zeal.

                On 26 September 2017, Major Leetul Goi of 53 Rashtriya Rifles tied a Kashmiri youngster Farooq Ahmad to his military jeep as a human shield against the stones of the protestors. When the videos of this incident got viral on the social media, criticism started all over the world against the Indian army. Indian journalist Karan Thapar wrote that Major Gogoi has ashamed the Indians by falsifying Nehru. Retired Indian officers were ashamed of their link with the Indian army while Indian Defense analysts demanded that Major Gogoi should be punished for destroying the credibility of the Indian army.

                As a result of the criticism from all over the world, Indian Defense Minister ordered to hold inquiry of the incident and assured that once the crime is proved, Major Gogoi will be punished according to the law. Commandant and Brigade Commander of 53 Rashtriya Rifles gave the statement that Farooq Ahmad Dar was himself pelting stones at the Indian army and inciting others to throw stones. Indian Print Media and Electronic Media in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) rejected the Indian Army’s claims. According to the report of Indian army Farooq Ahmad Dar was a tailor and returning to home after casting his vote despite a boycott from the majority of IHK, he was arrested by Major Gogoi and his soldiers. Whole India was astonished  when Indian Army Chief General Bapan Rawat announced to award Major Gogoi as an Indian hero. This act of General Rawat proves that Indian army has left the rules and discipline of the British army long ago and now their standard is below the Indian Police. The appreciation of General Rawat incited other Indian soldiers to use Kashmiris as human shields as a military strategy. They were not tied in front of the Indian military jeeps but on the sides and rear as well. Moreover, wherever the Indian army had threats of stone pelting they kept passengers as human shields while these passengers had no link with the protests.

                This strategy is now being adopted in all the other cities of IHK. These Kashmiris used as the human shields are not injured by the stones but by the butts of the Indian soldiers guns and batons. When these human shields cannot stand up due to injuries they are thrown on the road and other Kashmiris are taken as human shields. Social media is full of videos showing the bravery of the Hindu army against unarmed human shields. Daily 2-4 Kashmiris are being martyred. After re-election of Modi, the Indian army’s barbarism is crossing all the limits. The arrest of children aged between 7-10 years are being arrested in the name of spying under Public Safety Act (PSA). Amnesty International has prepared a comprehensive report on the misuse of PSA and demanded that Indian govt. should end this black law at once which allows Indian army and Police to arrest anyone and keep in custody for 2 years without any registration of crime. Neither courts have jurisdiction over this nor human rights are allowed to interfere in such detentions. Amnesty International arranged a seminar at Sri Nagar to get the attention of International Powers against the PSA. In this seminar, Amnesty International was going to present its report to the media and Indian govt.

                On 12 June 2019, the day fixed for the seminar when the local representatives of Amnesty International arrived Sri Nagar they were stopped from the seminar in the name of the critical situation  in Sri Nagar by the Indian army. Amnesty’s local representative protested against this and told media that Amnesty International has been protesting against PSA black law but now the situation has deteriorated to the limits and it can be termed as lawlessness. The report prepared by the Amnesty International was sent by e-mail to the international media which published in Washington  Post, New York Times and other western print media as the highlights. According to the report during the last two decades, the Indian army abducted more than 20,000 Kashmiris who are still missing. Their heirs have died while waiting for them those who are alive are unable to get any help against the state abductions. They keep watching the pictures of their loved ones hoping that they may return one day. Indian Hindus have selected RSS and its supporting parties converting India into a practical Hindu extremist state. Hindu extremists have given full unprecedented support to the Indian army to make Kashmir a part of India no matter at the corpses of Kashmiris.

                Those intellectuals and journalists who used to raise their voice against crimes of Hindu Army in IHK, are now silent since the re-election of the Modi. Either they have lost hopes or are worried about the lives of their loved ones. This is the duty of the Pakistan and Pakistanis to support Kashmiris in which Pakistani govt. has to play a vital role. In the start of the negotiations with India they do not want to make India violent by talking over the Kashmir issue; this is the policy of India that on one hand, it keeps killing Kashmiris while on the other hand keeps a cold attitude towards Pakistan in the negotiations so that Pakistan keeps on expressing solidarity with Kashmiris but could not openly support them…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 20 June 2019.

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