Tuesday, April 9, 2019

In the Internal Political Chaos do not Ignore Indian State Terrorism in Indian Held Kashmir

As soon as the date for the elections is announced in India, a siren for Hindu terrorism against Muslims is also raised in India. More than 2 billion Muslims have to concern about their lives, property, and prestige. There concerns are not baseless, in every election campaign the anti-Muslim riots result in the genocide of the Muslims. This is going on since 1947. In order to start the riots, they have just to spread the rumors sometimes the presence of the cows head in the Mandir or sometimes the teasing the Hindu girl by some Muslim boy after which Hindu terrorists attack the preselected Muslim majority areas. As soon as the attacks start, Police vanishes from the area or remains indifferent to the riots. Police only enter into the area when the Hindu terrorists have completed the task assigned to them by the Hindu politicians and intelligence planners. Hindu rulers and media have been tactfully terming these genocide attacks over Muslim as Hindu-Muslim riots in order to avoid criticism on the international level. In order to support their claims, they blame Muslims for attacking Hindus, arrested Muslims who resisted against Hindu attackers to save their women, property, etc. and this became their crime. This is still going on.

In 2002, CM of Gujarat Narendra Modi gave a new twist to the Muslim genocide. In this conspiracy first of all two bogies of Baramati Express coming from Ayudhiya carrying Hindu pilgrims were set on fire at Godhra Railway Station, in which 60 Hindu pilgrims were burnt alive. According to the plan, a Muslim running a tea cart on the Godhra Railway Station was blamed for setting the train on fire. As soon as the news of the burning of the train in the hands of a Muslim reached Gujarat, Hindu rioters started attacking Muslims of Gujarat in the vehicles of Police. Gujarat Police provided the petrol to set fire to the Muslim houses. Gujarat Cantonment was only a few miles away from the Muslim areas, however, the army was not allowed to interfere with the Hindu attacks over Muslims for three days. The lame excuse was that the Indian army does not have the conveyance to reach the affected areas.

On the 4th day when Indian army reached the Muslim areas, uncountable numbers of Muslim women, children and men were murdered. Hundreds of Muslim girls have been kidnapped. The number of women who were gang-raped was in thousands. The whole world broke silence over such state terrorism. Modi was declared as the most disliked person and banned his entry into several countries. However, world powers were not concerned about the massacre of Muslim at such a great level except point scoring.
In the USA after 9/11, the foundations of hatred against Muslims has been laid by the White racists. Hindu extremists were well aware of this development in the USA. That is why no international power demanded to bring Modi before the law for the massacre of Muslims. Modi was not only the planner of the Muslim genocide but he also supervised the process.

The result of the anti-Muslim riots was according to the wishes of Hindus. Hypocrite Congress claiming to be secular lost its popularity in India. Hatred against Pakistan and Muslims became the ladder to win the elections and be in power. This was the biggest success of Hindu extremists, RSS, Bajrang Dal, and BJP. They have laid the foundation of their struggle through the murder of Gandhi. Now the struggle has reached its destination. Now the problem is to strengthen and continue the achieved status. Hindu extremists have spread their roots into the Indian army, intelligence, beauracracy, and judiciary in order to control the Indian govt. The nexus between Hindutwa and Indian state departments was disclosed when not only the officers of the Indian army, Intelligence and Extremist Hindu establishments were found involved in the terrorism in India like Samjhota Express incidents but got busted as well. Afterward they were set free from the Indian courts. Another success of Hindu extremists was hiring the pro-Indian elements within Pakistan especially in the intellectuals and journalists. They were hired to support Indian propaganda against Pakistan, Pakistan army and ISI.
The great example of the support of these elements to Indian propaganda can be seen after the staged Mumbai drama on 26 November 2008; although Indian stance has been rejected on the international level few pro-Indian anchors still talk about the non-state actors and their supporters for involvement in this attack.

However, Hindu extremists planned to not only ensure the winning of elections through a single terrorist act but also success on various other battlefronts especially crushing the Freedom Movement in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) that is growing out of control, blaming Pakistan for terrorism and seclude Pakistan, uplift the morale of Indian army in the name of surgical strike in Azad Kashmir, create concerns over the professional capability of Pakistan army, make it clear to the word that Pakistani statements of defeating terrorists in Tribal areas are useless. Ironically the Indian plan to kill their own soldiers in the terrorist attack by the Hindu extremists proved to be useless. Not only the morale of the Indian army and Air Force has been badly destroyed but the ugly face of Hindutwa/extremist Hindus has been disclosed as well.

Educated Indians have the first time realized that Hindu extremists are exploiting Indian army to convert India into an Extremist Hindu State. The first time in the critics of Modi besides opposition leaders, retired Army Officers, and such personalities have been involved who have nothing to do with the politics. When the Indian army and Hindu extremists could not do anything over their defeats they started attacking unarmed Kashmiris in IHK and broke all the records of violations of Human Rights and torture. Every day two to 4 Kashmiris are being martyred. The checkposts and checking were going on since long now Indian soldiers torture people while checking. Kashmiri children are being arrested under the allegations of acting as messengers. Most of the Kashmiri girls have stopped going to schools due to the inhuman behavior of Hindu soldiers/terrorists as they are mutilated in the name of body search on the checkposts. Following the footprints of Israel, the Indian army is also blowing up the homes of Kashmiris. Despite all this Kashmiris raise the slogan of Long Live Pakistan. On the other hand, our political elite whether from ruling party or opposition both have ignored Kashmiris in their internal tensions and fight for power. Electronic and Print media can only report the news and they are doing so. This is the duty of the Govt. and opposition to show their solidarity with Kashmiris….

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 04 April 2019.

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