Monday, March 4, 2019

Threat of Further Suicide Attacks in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK)

After the suicide attack over Indian forces in Pulwama, Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK), the baseless allegations of the India and the Indian media has been questioned and objected. However, no one has discussed that if being forced by Indian massacre in last 71 years, a Kashmiri youngster has chosen to become a suicide bomber in order to take revenge of thousands of innocent Kashmiris martyred by Hindu Army; there would be someone else who would be thinking to follow the footprints of Adil Ahmad Dar. India herself has admitted that Adil Ahmad Dar used Indian manufactured dynamite for suicide bomb. No one asked that how Adil AHmad manufactured the dynamite while there is not a single dynamite manufacturing factory how did he get 350 Kgs of dynamite converting a mini-truck into a dangerous. A retired Indian army officer attempted to bury the issue by claiming that said dynamite was brought widen the Pulwama-Jammu link road. This raised further questions that why did not the company lodge the complaint regarding theft of 700 pounds of dynamite? Moreover, this has not been clarified that how much of dynamite was actually stolen or sold out or Indian RAW used it for attack over Indian Army’s convoy to defame Pakistan, sabotage Afghan Peace process or increasing importance of Pakistan and increasing investment in Pakistan.

In the way Indian govt. And media exploited Pulwama bomb blast to blame Pakistan, incite Hindu Extremists to attack Muslim properties in IOK under the supervision of State Police, burning vehicles, markets and forcing Kashmiri Students studying in Indian Universities to leave India, labelling them as Terrorists. The serious groups in the India has claimed this as the political stunt of Modi and BJP for the upcoming elections. However, this has been temporarily stopped but there are still threats.Does Indian extremist Hindu leaders and army thinks that in this way they will be able to pressurize Kashmiris to give up the right of freedom. They are daydreaming. Indian media showed the house of Adil Ahmad Dar in the narrow streets of Pulwama where not even a car can reach leaving aside the truck. It is also not possible that he has implanted the sensitive device in the truck in the open area; this can be done someone having the sound technical knowledge who has knowledge of the dynamite’s quality, designing the trigger switch etc. 

Indian intelligence agencies has used this expertise from Karachi to Peshawar in terrorism in Pakistan. Indian forces are hiding too much with respect to Pulwama attack. The mobile videos filmed by the Indian soldiers after the bomb blast which has voices of Indian soldiers captured as well which shows that Indian soldiers buses were fired upon as well; a soldier is showing to another the hole in the back of the bus that this was created due to the use of the hand grenade. 

Who will answer that who used Adil Ahmad Dar in the suicide bomb blast? Who allowed him to drive over the wrong side despite the movement of the convoy on one way road? Whether he hit his truck himself with the Indian soldiers bus or someone else blasted the bomb via remote control? How the video of Dar in which he is claiming that he blasted the truck can be an evidence that he was driving the truck? Why did India say that after blast the dead body or his remains could not be found?
Why did not India disclose that during an encounter in the September at Shopian, 2 out of 3 Kashmiri Mujahideen were martyred while one was arrested alive and he was Adil Dar. he has joined Hizbul Mujahideen three months ago. Why did India release him and on what conditions. He was not arrested on the basis of suspicion but after a long bloody encounter. Now suddenly his video has been disclosed and he has been linked to banned outfit in Pakistan Jaish-e-Muhammad. Indian Defense Ministry should have deleted record of his being arrested alive on 09 September 2017 before staging such a 3rd class drama. 

Here another aspect is worth mentioning. On 20 February 2019, a report about increasing suicides in Indian army, Air Force and Navy was presented in the Indian Parliament which has details of suicides from 2011 to 2018 in the Indian forces. The majority of suicides were from the Central Armed Police Force (CAPF) deployed in IOK and Assam Rifles deployed in Indian Occupied state of Assam. Now is this merely a coincidence that the convoy that was targeted in Pulwama was also from CAPF soldiers and except one of them all others were from Dalit class. This should be kept in mind that Assam is also fiercely fighting for freedom from India. The report also has the details of such suicide incidents in which suicider before killing himself shot down his commanders. Although, this report is much lengthy but one of its main points is that Indian soldiers have been found involved in selling the automatic weapons to the Kashmiri Mujahideen. According to the reports there are such soldiers who absconded from Indian army and joined Kashmiri Mujahideen to fight against Indian army. 

Why were they forced for treason against Indian army? This has been answered as well in the report. According to the report, out of various arrested Mujahideen two were Indian army’s absconders who left Indian army as they were forced to attack unarmed Kashmiris against the values of professional army. They were told that they have to control few insurgents who enter IOK from pakistan, and take out militant activities. Otherwise people of Kashmir love India. The ground reality is that from children to elderly every Kashmiri hates India. The hatred of Kashmiris is due to the unending war of Hindu soldiers. Indian soldiers are suffering with mental diseases, suicide and absconding from Indian army as they are forced to torture Kashmiris and kill them in cold blood; Majority of the Indian soldiers are ashamed over such inhuman acts.

In the light of the above report if we look at the Pulwama keeping in mind that such a big attack cannot be planned few persons independently. Even if we assume that this attack was planned by Kashmiri Youngsters the threats of further such attacks cannot be ruled out. If Indian agencies are involved in the attack (which has a greater probability) than India has failed to succeed against Kashmiris Freedom movement. India will attempt to carry out further suicide attacks in order to defame Kashmiris Freedom Movement and Pakistan. India should keep in mind that after Burhan Wani she has provided another role model and hero to the Kashmiri youngsters in the form of Adil Ahmad Dar. Every Kashmiri may wish to become a suicide bomber to take revenge from Indian State Terrorists...

Urdu Copy

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 01 March 2019.

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