Sunday, March 24, 2019

Need for the Increase in the Defense Budget!

                What has suddenly happened that Pak-India tense relations escalated from aerial skirmishes to nuclear war? The answer is simple, since Pakistan's independence in 1947, India is busy in conspiracies against the independence of Pakistan. Few years before the independence of Pakistan that massacre of Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir and just after ten weeks of independence Indian attack over Kashmir was the serious attack against the independence of Pakistan which was thwarted by the Pakistan army with the help of tribes of Waziristan and one third of the Kashmir was freed from Hindu army.
                For India and Britain, the success of Pakistan was not astonishing but shocking as well. Because against the formula of the division of assets Pakistan was deprived of the heavy weapons. Despite all this Pakistan army not only challenged the Hindu army but also forced them to withdraw. This not only shattered the Hindu dreams against newly born Pakistan but also the Indian plans to control South Asia. The war that continued for 1 year, India realized that soon Kashmir will slip out of her hands, so she begged to UNO. With the promises of giving Kashmiris the right to chose their future, India came back with the letter of ceasefire from Christian UNO.
                Since then Indian politicians, Military and Civil establishment, journalists and intellectuals have been targeting Pakistan army. Whether this was the war of 1965 or international conspiracy of 1971, neither Indian enmity against Pakistan end nor India fulfilled her promise of giving right to Kashmiris to decide their future nor acted upon the resolutions of the UNO. On the one hand Hindu rulers attempted to keep Muslims of Kashmir under control through torture, violence, massacre and gang rapes while on the other hand the propaganda war against Pakistan army continued considering it as the big blow against Pakistan's integrity. The fabricated stories of Pakistan army's atrocities against Bangladeshi's have been disclosed by Indian researchers and retired officers. In the book Dead Reckoning, Sharmila Bose has rejected all the fabricated stories against Pakistan army in her 11 years long research. According to her whatever has been told about Dhaka is just lie and an organized propaganda to cover the Indian conspiracies against Pakistan. This propaganda has been utilized as an effective weapon against Pakistan and Pakistan army. Sharmila Bose is the grand daughter of Sarat Chandar Bose, one of the two important Hindu leaders who started the campaign for the freedom of India. Even the Hindu Prime Minister has proudly confessed at Dhaka in 2015 that he remained a part of the Mukti Bahni conspiracy hatched to disintegrate Pakistan. Despite this, we have no shortage of such traitors who still preach the hatred against Pakistan army for atrocities in East Pakistan.
                This propaganda is sometimes observed as the only reason of economical instability of Pakistan and sometimes Defense budget is criticised. No one talks about the big plans of PIA, Steel Mill and other such projects going in the loss for which Pakistani nation has to pay the interest on the so called foreign investment in the form of loans. How corruption and looting of national assets became the part of the society and state laws has been rendered useless, no one talks about it.
                Modi's special advisor Ajeet Kumar Doval presents the war doctrine of Offensive Defence. This includes the weakening of the Pakistani economy as a war strategy. Obviously, the Army can only defend the nation when the economy is strong. The Pakistani army is facing two types of the enemy, open traditional enemy and other the unseen enemy present within the nation involved in remote control and suicide bomb blasts. These unseen enemies try to raise concerns in the public about the integrity of Pakistan, raise suspcion and hatred against the army within the public. This is known as the hybrid or 5th generation war.
                Pakistan is not only stead fast on both battle fields since 2002 but also reamined  victorious in the war on waged on Pak Afghan border as well. Enemies of Pakistan along with traditional enemy Indian worried over the victories of Pakistan army  first staged the Pulwama attack in order to provide a reason for the aggression over LoC and international borders. Indian fighter jets staged the drama of killing 350 terrorists of Jaish-e-Muhammad in the Azad Kashmir. Indian fighter jets dropped their bombs few kms within the Paksitani area and flew away to avoid any retaliation by Pakistan Air Force. As a reaction, Pakistani fighter jets enterned into the Indian controlled Kashmir and fired missiles near Indian Military installations as a warning to Indians that their installations may be bombarded as well. Indian fighter jets followed Pakistani fighter jets and were shot down.
                What else could be the shame for Indians on the international level that on the one hand Indian public, opposition and international community has rejected the Pulwama attack and bombarding of Jaish-e-Muhammad in Azad Kashmir. Moreover, alongwith the destruction of fighter jets, one MI helicopter of Indian Army Aviation was destroyed as well. One Indian pilot arrested by Pakistan was presented over the media. In such a situation India decided to launch missile attacks with the help of Israel over Bahawalpur, Karachi from Rajasthan border. After intervention from Pakistan's friends and international powers, the war between both countries was thwarted as they feared that Pakistan will give an unexpected reply with nuclear missiles. Although the war has been postponed but India busy in conspiracies against Pakistan  since the last 71 years will not stop her conspiracies.
                In such a situation Paksitan will have to remain more vigilant and invent new modern weapons for which present Defense Budget of Pakistan is insufficient. Pakistan army who has been sacrificing its soldiers and officers is ready for more martyrdoms. However, wars cannot be won through bravery only. Even Allah has ordered us to keep our horses ready. So in this situation increase in the defense budget is the need of the hour which is already suffering great pressure due to the decreased value of rupee against dollar.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Dated: 13 March 2019.

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