Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Every Day of Indian Occupied Kashmir is “Black Day”

Shopian, Indian Occupied Kashmir. A house where Indian army used chemical weapons to martyr Dr. Rafi Bhat.

                After the failure of all the fascist and war criminal acts in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) Indian soldiers have started murdering killing the Kashmiri youngsters without any accountability. That is why every day one or more innocent Kashmiri youngsters are martyred. Despite all these war crimes India has failed to control the Freedom Movement. However, India is not ready to acknowledge her faults in the IHK and wants to continue the occupation of Kashmir against the wills of Kashmiris. This stubbornness of India has converted Kashmir into the Hell. The human tragedy is that now such a generation of Kashmiris is being cultivated whose every individual child’s father, brother, sister, uncle or any near one has been the target of Indian army’s war crimes. Each and every day of the Kashmiri child passes in sorrow on the martyrdom of someone. They have to face the search of their school bags so that any data transfer device such as multimedia cards or flash drives may be used to transfer the videos of Indian war crimes in IHK. Because despite the blackout of the Internet and mobile phone service such videos get leaked to the adjacent areas and afterward uploaded on the social media. All these videos are condemned by human rights organizations and cause problems for India.
Oct 24-2018, Srinagar. Ph.D. scholar Dr. Sabzar Sofi martyred by Indian Army in IOK

                These innocent children do not know that when they return from schools how long they will have to wait for the Indian Army’s search operation to end so that they may enter their homes and get something to eat or they will have to face the mourning going on the martyrdom of someone. These children of Kashmir know that whenever Indian soldiers enter the house in the name of search they misbehave with the women, males of the house are forced t resist, thus they are arrested in the name of being a supporter of Kashmiri Mujahideen. In case the quarrel gets intense, they kill the males on the spot claiming them to be the terrorist. When the inhabitants of the area protest against it, the result comes out in the form of more martyrdoms, injuries and lost of sights in the form of pellet guns.
                Such situation is forcing Kashmiri children to hate India and take up weapons against the state terrorists of India, this situation is neither realized by Indian terrorist Hindus nor by the external world that sub content is going towards the biggest disaster. These are not the youngsters like Burhan Wani who are ready to take up weapons against Indian army but the Ph.D. scholars are also preferring to die once over dying again and again due to the insult of Indian security agencies in the name of security.
May 06-2018. Professor of Kashmir University Dr. Rafi Bhat was martyred in Shopian by Indian occupied forces.

                This started on 06 May 2018, when during the protest at Shopian, Professor Muhammad Rafi Bhat of Psychology from Kashmir University along with his 4 colleagues was martyred by the Indian soldiers. With the martyrdom of Professor Rafi, the protest spread all over the District Shopian, when Indian army failed to control it they opened straight fire on the protesters. Resultantly, 5 Kashmiris were martyred while 30 were injured. The number of injured due to the fire of shotgun was more than 60. The persons who got injured as a result of the tear gas, a dangerous chemical developed by Israel are uncountable. According to the reports of Shopian hospital on this day hundreds of people were brought to the hospital. The medicine stock in the hospital ended. There was a shortage of ambulances to bring the injured to the hospital. People used to carry the injured to the hospitals. The university students were forced to leave the hostels and curfew was imposed. Despite this Kashmiris came out to protest and more than 4 were martyred and 19 were injured. All the newspapers of India condemned the Indian govt. and puppet govt. of IHK that due to the unchecked use of weapons on unarmed persons Kashmir is slipping out of the Indian hands.
Martyred Professor Dr. Rafi Bhat buried wrapped in Pakistani flag.

                In order to force Professor Rafi to lay down arms, Indian Army took his father with them, but Professor Rafi apologized that he does not want anything less than freedom of IHK and for this purpose, he is going to give up his weapon. Afterward, Dr. Manan Wani, a Ph.D. scholar preferred to lay down his life for the freedom of Kashmir. On 11 October 2018, when he got martyrdom, now every Kashmiri wants to get the death as a martyr. On 24 October 2018, in the Anant Nag area of Sri Nagar, Indian army martyred Professor Dr. Sabzar Sofi of New Delhi along with two of his colleagues; the protest was so much intense that Indian army failed to control it. So in order to control it Indian army once again open straight fire on the protestors martyring two more innocents. On 26 October 2018, the number of martyrdoms was more than 10.
                The daily martyrdoms of Kashmiris in the hands of Indian soldiers has made every day of IHK a black day but also raised an alarm for India. According to the records and reports of India from January 2018 to May 2018, more than 45 highly educated Kashmiri youngsters have joined Hizb-ul-Mujahedeen and this number is increasing. This is the part of the report prepared by the Indian Secret agencies in which the intensity of Kashmir Freedom Movement has been discussed.
SRINAGAR, 24 Oct 2018: Ten Kashmiris among them a Professor Dr. Sabzar were martyred by Indian Army during protest and clash.
                The statement of Indian Army Chief on 27th October 2018, as a reaction to the celebrations of Black Day not only in IHK but all over the world that “No Power can Snatch Kashmir from India”. This is the acceptance of the fact that India has failed to control Freedom Movement despite all her war crimes. Now, this is the duty of the International powers and community to raise the issue that is forcing Kashmiri youngsters to take weapons against Indian Terrorist Army.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 01 November 2018.

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