Monday, October 15, 2018

“Indian Occupation of Kashmir” Worst Tragedy of the Modern Era!

Indian Army Barbarism & Human Rights Violations in occupied Kashmir...  Young Kashmiri lady Riffat died of cardiac attack when her brother was ruthlessly beaten by the brute Indian army at Aeshmuji, Kulgam

                A few days ago Riffat of Kulgam, Indian Held Kashmir lost her life while trying to free her brother, student of matric class. Her neighbors tried to help her, but these few women failed to free her brother from hundreds of armed Indian terrorists. Indian soldiers started beating the brother of Riffat on the road. Riffat got hysterical, other women also begged to Indian soldiers to let the young boy go. In order to hurt these women, Indian soldiers beat tortured the boy who has already fainted; Riffat could not bear all this, she fell on the ground and lost her life. Terrorist Indian soldiers were not concerned that who has died or who is crying. The crime of the Riffat’s brother was that he was involved in pelting the stones on Hindu soldiers along with other boys. A few moments ago a Kashmiri youngster was shot dead because he challenged Indian terrorists to shoot him. In order to control the protests due to the death of the youngster, Indian soldiers started aerial firing to spread the fear. Despite all this, Indian youngsters continued their protests and revolted to stone pelting. In such a street, Indian soldiers chased Kashmiri youngsters who aged in between 12-15, they caught Riffat’s brother, who in spite of running hid behind her elder sister. The whole action of snatching him from RIffat, torture on the youngster and death of Riffat all this was recorded in the mobile phone by a Kashmiri women standing on the roof of the nearby home.
Children in Indian occupied Kashmir are the biggest victims of Indian aggression. PelletVictims of 3 to 10 years age are suffering from a slew of mental disorders because of continuing Indian brutalities.

                Internet service is down in the Indian Held Kashmir. In order to stop the videos of Indian torture spreading/sharing over the social media, Indian army, Border Security Force, State Police, and secret agencies of India, search the mobile phone data of the Kashmiris that whether any videos of inhuman acts of Indian army and torture are not present. If any such clips are found in the mobile, he is arrested under allegations of being terrorist or facilitator of terrorists.
                According to Kashmir Media service, just in the month of September 2018, more than hundred Kashmiri youngsters were arrested for having videos of Indian army’s tortures. Even the school bags of children are searched. Despite all such strictness, the evidence of Indian tortures is leaked out of Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) in other cities of India. From there, these videos are shared over the social media.

                Such like violent tragedy happened on 17 September 2017, in Srinagar, where Indian soldiers killed an 11-year-old Nasir Ahmed Qazi was fired various cartridges of pellet guns. The killing of the child was recorded by a Kashmiri in his mobile, it was clear in the video that colleague of the Indian state terrorist is instigating him to fire on the child. When the dead body of Nasir reached his home, his body was full of pellets. The video of the murder of Nasir was leaked out after one year of his death, this made his parents, siblings, and neighbors sad again.
Indian Occupation Terrorizing Kashmiri kids and then asking why they hate Indian

                No torture has been left that has not been done in the IHK by the so-called professional terrorist army of India on the unarmed Kashmiris. Rape, for which Indian soldiers should have court-martialed is being utilized as a weapon by Indian soldiers against Kashmiris. This was disclosed by the Human Rights Commission in its June 2018 report that Indian army is using torture and violations of human rights as a weapon against Kashmiris. Especially, rapes and gang rapes of women are being used as a weapon to crush the freedom movement.
                During the meeting of Security Council of UNO, the representatives of UNO could not control their sentiments and started weeping when they presented the report that Indian State Terrorists has raped or gang raped more than 10000, Kashmiri women, and children, including child aging 7 years to 70 years elderly women. When the representative of UNO wept while representing the report, this was actually mourning over the dead silence of International Community which has closed its eyes and ears over Indian war crimes. Coward Indian soldiers have started raping Kashmiri male youngsters as well, they are taken to the jungle, raped and recorded, than freed saying that if he again took part in the freedom protest his video will be shared over the social media.
At least five rounds of funeral prayers Asif Nazir Dar who was shot dead by Indian forces in Naseem Bagh area of Srinagar. Thousands of people from nearby and far-off villages reached Panzgam to participate in the funeral prayers with AZADI slogans.

                Indian army has martyred more than 100,000 Kashmiris. The tortures have reached its peak in the last two years. As the state terrorism is increasing, the freedom movement is also increasing in its momentum. The need of the hour is that we should stand by the Kashmiris and condemn Indian state terrorism. We should bring forward the atrocities commited by the Indian soldiers against kashmirs and Indian war crimes to the civilzed nations claiming to be torch bearers of human rights and democracy that kashmiris are demanding the right of freedom, the right to decide their own fate as guaranteed by the resolutions of UNO and accepted by India…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 11 October 2018.


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