Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Election Campaign in Bangladesh Based on Hatred Against Pakistan!

Hasina Wajed continues to rule Dacca via Delhi

                The election campaign in Dhaka is at its peak. Haseena Wajid and her party are not facing any challenge from the opposition. The biggest competitor and famous leader in Bangladesh are imprisoned facing various diseases. Jamat-i-Islami of Bangladesh is unable to take part in the elections due to the hangings of its leaders under the blames of helping Pakistan army in 1971. So the contesting the elections of 2019 and coming into power is just symbolic for Haseena Wajid. Astonishingly despite all of the chances of winning, Haseena Wajid is fueling hatred against Pakistan in the name of the election campaign. In this regard, Indian engineers are working on the Liberation War Museum of Dhaka for last six months with the latest Bio-Chemistry Lab.  After the completion of the work, the visitors will be able to see the statues moving in front of hem and it will look like everything is happening in front of them. Viewers will be able to see the fabricated stories of Pakistan army’s violence against Mukti Bahni and Bangladeshi people as the 3-D movie. The foundation of the said Liberation War Museum was laid down in March 1996, the records of Mujeeb’s speeches, newspaper excerpts etc. were kept in it and the movement for the Bengali language was presented as the basis of freedom of Bangladesh. At that time the Museum was limited to the hall only. In 2009 when Sheikh Haseena Wajid came into power, the park adjacent to the museum was converted into the Theme park with the help of India. However, in 2013, the statues to defame Pakistan army was installed, so that it may be exploited for the election campaign.
Sculptures in the Liberation War Museum

                Haseena Wajid has filled up the hall of the museum with thousands of skulls and human bones in order to support alleged atrocities of Pakistan army against Bangalis. The fabricated stories of rapes of Bengali women and shooting Bengalis have been posed through different statues. How Haseena Wajid came into power in October 2013 elections? Why Bangladesh Awami Party, Jamat-i-Islami and 4 other parties were forced to boycott elections? Why America and Britain rejected the elections having the turnover of only 22%, claiming it as biased and afterward why did they silently accept Haseena Wajid as Prime Minister of Bangladesh? All these are bitter realities on which our liberal and modern intellectual remained silent on the boycott of elections while during her reign of 2009-13, Haseena Wajid did not go beyond limits.
Human remains of the liberation war in the museum.

                However, after finalizing the deal of long reign with Indian Secret agencies, in the way Haseena Wajid, created hurdles in the campaign of opposition parties, the reaction from the opposition was natural. In order to crush this protest, Indian sent special troops of Eastern Police and Border Security Forces in the uniform of Bangladeshi Police. The Indian Police crossed all limits of torturing the protestors. The notable opposition leaders were imprisoned under the allegation of threatening the peace.
                The Higher leadership of Jamat-i-Islami was imprisoned under the allegation of supporting Pakistan army in 1971 and murdering Bengalis. In these elections that were held without any opposition, the bomb blasts were also blamed upon opposition leaders and many others were arrested as well. The whole world rejected the results of rigged elections but India was the only country that not only accepted the results but assured unconditional support.
Liberation War Museum in Dhaka, Bangladesh

                After taking oath in 2014, Haseena Wajid has nothing else to except to do except support and acknowledge Indian propaganda and base her Foreign Policy on hatred against Pakistan. During her govt. Haseena Wajid gave a new form to the Liberation War Museum so that coming generations can be brainwashed to accept the fabricated stories against Pakistan which have been even rejected by the Indian and Bangladeshi historians. All these fabricated stories were the part of the Indian conspiracy to divide Pakistan into two parts. In the way, with the Indian support and investment, said the museum is being set up, on the one hand, this hatred against Pakistan would be exploited to get the votes in the election while on the other hand, Modi establishment will exploit it as the biggest success in upcoming elections.
No doubt in Bangladesh Khaleda Zia  always inclined towards Pakistan and particularly anti-India

                India wants to continue her business based upon the hatred against Pakistan through Bangladesh as well. Newly elected govt. of Pakistan is willing to establish peaceful relations with all the neighbors including India. A clear message has been given to India that Indian Held Kashmir dispute can be resolved through talks. How India will react to this offer, one can easily imagine from the hatred expressed by Indian extremists against Indian Cricket player Navjat Singh Sidhu on his return to India after attending the oath-taking ceremony of Imran Khan. This was just a trailer, Hindu extremism will be openly shown in the 2019 election campaigns in India.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 30 August 2018

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