Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Punishing PTM Members for Taking Part in Elections!

Abdul Wahid
Abdullah Nangyal
How would one justify Pashtoon Tahafuz Movement (PTM) punishing its 7 important members from a movement that was started to fuel Pashtun nationalism for taking part in the Elections? After merging tribal areas into KPK a ray of hope has been seen that the area that was known as "no-go area" for 70 years, after it becoming a formal part of Pakistan will not only get developed but the public will also enjoy a prosperous life. A life that was only accessible to the Sardars and the elite of the area. The common man will be allowed to take their cases to the higher courts of Pakistan for justice. In the hope of prosperity, suddenly a red and black cap PTM was imported and started fueling hatred in the name of Pashtuns rights which they overlooked during the terrorism in the tribal areas. In the way the public was being threatened and forced to pay to the terrorists for continuing their business, those who dared to reject their demands were killed and heads hung with the trees, many areas were made “No go Areas” for the elite as well as common man alike. Despite having the single leadership of Tehreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP) local commanders have established their own governments, who were free to grant the right of life to someone or kill. During this time neither Manzoor Pashteen came forward nor any PTM fought for the life of innocent Pashtuns. There was only TTP or the terrorism waged by them. The situation was so serious that Pashtun leaders threatening the integrity of Pakistan over the Kalabagh Dam and exploiting the slogan of rights of Pashtuns were hiding in Dubai. As soon as Pakistan army cleared the area from terrorists, they returned back and once again started the propaganda against Kalabagh dam for their damn political interests.
Ali Wazir

Jamal Malyar
How much natural beauty is found in the tribal areas of Pakistan, people living outside of tribal areas are unaware of that. After a long war against terrorists, when the area was cleaned from terrorists, tourists visited these areas and were stunned by the beauty of the area that how such beautiful area was hidden from the tourists. They not only recorded the scenes of these areas in their cameras but also shared on social media with their friends. When these recordings got viral in Pakistan, Pakistanis are also willing to visit these areas. Although the security arrangements in these areas are inadequate especially due to the attacks from Afghanistan, the mines laid by the terrorists are still present in these areas and it is not possible for Pakistan to allow tourists to visit all the areas of tribal areas. Despite this, wherever tourists can visit new chances of earning the livelihood has been created for the locals.
As a symbol of solidarity with Pashtuns in Pakistan, speaker of the Afghanistan Senate wears the famous PTM leader, Mazoor Pashteen's, like cap

Manzoor Pashteen

After ending terrorism, Manzoor Pashteen like youngsters should have come forward to demand govt. To complete development work rapidly and had supported the development departments, ending the chaos of the world that tribal areas are safe havens for terrorists, conveyed a message to their counterparts in Afghanistan that enough of the bloodshed had been witnessed, people of tribal areas will not allow any more bloodshed now. They should have supported the installation of the barbed wire fence over the Afghan border so that these areas can be made secure for visit of tourists from all over the world. However, in contrast to all this, they have started the movement to stop the efforts to safeguard the areas from Afghan terrorists. Few demands of the PTM were resolved as well. Despite this when the traitors like Achakzai attempted to prove KPK as part of Afghanistan, the anti-Pakistan powers also started supporting PTM.
 Manzoor Ahmad Mahsood (before using the name PASHTEEN)

Mohsin Dawar

In the meanwhile through an amendment in the constitution, tribal areas were merged into KPK Province. This was the historic decision that was appreciated in all the provinces except few pro-Indian nationalists. The decision of merger was taken at such a time when the elections were to be held, so it was decided that elections would be held in the tribal areas as well. At that time PTM was staging sit-ins and rallies. After the violent reaction of locals to PTMs gathering in Swat, PTM was forced to listen to the Jirga and resolve the issues through negotiations. PTM started participating in Jirga but without any serious attitude of resolving the issues. However, the process negotiation started and PTM announced not to stage any protests. When the nomination papers were being filed for election, important members of PTM core committee, Mohsin Dawar, Ali Wazir, Abdullah Nangiyal, Irshad Tony, Hamid Sherani, Abdul Wahid and Jamal Maliyar also filed their nomination papers as independent candidates, this was given a warm welcome all over the country. This was the sign of the patriotism that issues should be resolved through parliament. Alas! Manzoor Pashteen along with his unknown supporters exiled these members from the PTM making it clear that PTM does not accept the Parliament of Pakistan. Mohsin Dawar and Ali Wazir were important members of PTM who have been participating and representing PTM in the Jirgas. In such situation, if Manzoor Pashteen claims that their movement is not for taking part in the politics for rights of Pakhtoons than it is clear that PTM is not working to protect the rights of Pashtuns but controlled by foreign handlers...

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 12 July 2018

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