Saturday, June 16, 2018

Presence of Israeli Commandoes in Afghanistan!

Afghan Province Farah near Iran where Israel has established secret military base attacked by Taliban

                Despite 17 years long American control over Afghanistan, Afghanistan does not have diplomatic relations with Israel. Just like as many other Islamic states, due to nonrecognition of Israel, Afghani Passport is not valid for travel to Israel. Similarly Israeli’s cannot visit Afghanistan as well. America has not forced her puppet govt. in Afghanistan to acknowledge Israel. In 2001, when USA attacked Afghanistan, along with NATO forces, there were armies of 50 other countries as well. However, America kept Israeli forces away from Afghanistan. Just because they were aware that presence of Jewish army would create rage in the locals and Northern Alliance would also hesitate while supporting American forces against Taliban. Although the presence of Jewish in Afghanistan was reported, media was stopped from discussing the issue by claiming them as American citizens.

                On 27 May 2018, a military center located in the mid of the Farah city of Afghan province Farah was attacked by RPGs and Mortar shells. The attack was so sudden and WELL PLANNED that soldiers present in the center did not get any time. On the 2nd day of the attack, Russian newspaper Rossiyskayn Gazeta reported that the military center that came under attack belonged to Israel Defence Force Unit. In the attack, many Israeli soldiers were killed, many were injured while a helicopter was destroyed as well. Those Jewish soldiers who survived the attack fled to the American Airbase at Herat. The disclosures made by Russian newspapers were much painful for the Afghan public that Jewish Israeli soldiers were serving in Afghanistan since 2004, wearing American army’s uniform and using mono-grams etc. of the American army on their military vehicles and helicopters.
 Israli commandos will use American identity to establish themselves in US controlled areas in Afghanistan. Russian newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

                Voice of People Today (VOP), supported the Russian newspaper's claims about the presence of Israeli Jewish soldiers and made further disclosures that soon a contingent consisting of 90 Israeli commandoes is arriving in Afghanistan in order to participate in the exercises for face to face fights with Hezbollah supported by Syria and Lebanon. All Israeli Commandoes would be in the American Uniform and they will have full protection like American soldiers for whatever war crimes they may commit for which Trump has issued special instructions to the American Command for Central Asia (CENTCOM). The Special Forces unit of Israeli army known as “Sayeret Matkal, A unit of the Israeli Army” was established in 1960 as a Commando unit which played important role in the capturing of local Palestinians homes. Now the centers of these Israeli commandoes will be established in the Afghan areas near Pakistan, China, Iran, and Russia. These centers will be equipped with the latest communication and RADAR systems. The personnel deployed in these areas will be responsible for the creating security problems in Russia, China and especially Pakistan. In the other words, these centers will play the similar role that has been played by the Indian Consulates established in Afghanistan near Pakistan since 2001 for pumping terrorism in Pakistan. The only difference will be that India has been exploiting TTP for her goals while Jews will do the same in the name of DAESH (ISIS). ISIS militants are being shifted to different areas of Afghanistan after defeat in Iraq and Syria. According to the Russian reports, Israeli Commandoes would use Pakistani dresses in order to avoid being identified.
Special Israeli Commandos Forces (Matkal Unit).

                The attack on 27th May 2018, on Israeli Military setup was the first attack of Taliban against Israeli army which not only proved the presence of Israelis in Afghanistan but the heavy losses of Israelis in their stronghold, their fleeing from the center and taking refuge in American airbase created shameful situation for Afghan as well as Americans. Although, afterward the bombardment of American jets on the Israeli center and adjacent buildings, Taliban left the area. In order to divert the attention of the International media from the Isreali center, 2 fake reports were issued by Afghan govt. for propaganda against Pakistan. One report was that Pakistan Air Force along with Special Units of Pakistan army attacked ISIS hideouts, 30 kilometers inside Nangarhar Province of Afghanistan in which allegedly 2 Commanders of ISIS Qari Israr and Mullah Asghar along with 17 other terrorists were killed. The report tells that important mountain peaks and passes have been captured by Pakistan army. The 2nd news was about the captured TTP terrorists, it was said that ISI is negotiating with the TTP leadership for release TTP terrorists at the cost of Jihad in Indian Occupied Kashmir. The source of this report was reported as “India Today” by Afghan Media; according to the report of the India Today, ISI is busy in bargaining with terrorists who killed 163 innocent in Children in APS School Peshawar Attack i.e. if they start Jihad in IOK than all their terrorists would be released.
Special Israeli Commandos Forces (Matkal Unit).
                Although the propaganda against Pakistan is not new, the situation is growing graver in Afghanistan for fueling Syria-Iraq like chaos in the region knowing that there are not only one but 4 nuclear states. If America wants to use Israel as she used India against Pakistan and thinks that Russia and China will keep silent on new American development in the region than she should reevaluate her failures in Afghanistan for last 17 years. America should realize that attack and destruction of Israeli center in Afghanistan is the continuity of the American defeats which cannot be hidden in the propaganda and allegations against Pakistan!

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 07 June 2018. 

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