Saturday, June 30, 2018

Genocide in Indian Occupied States!

Dozens of Naxals Killed in Bijapur Encounter, Chhattisgarh - TV5 News

                In the last two weeks, Indian soldiers martyred 27 Kashmiri youngsters in Indian Occupied (IOK) Kashmir, out of which 21 were those were termed as Pakistanis and shot dead. If we look at the Control Line (Line of Control LoC), India has constructed two parallel barbed wire fences having the height of 4 meters, while in between the area of these fence walls there are rings of barbed wire 5-6 feet high and 8 feet wide. These barbed wires have 440 volts current running in them all the times, even a wild bird or animal comes in contact with these wires, it is killed within seconds. On every hundred meters of this fence, there are such electric bulbs that make it possible to find a needle in their light. Not only this India has also installed highly sensitive sensor system that can detect movement of any living being from the distance of 30 feet. If anyone touches the barbed wire fence the alarms are automatically raised by this system. This wall has been constructed 0.5 km inside the LoC. In 1998 when the erection of the said barbed wire was completed, India claimed that she had closed all the ways of infiltration of Kashmiri Mujahideen. This claim was repeated for several years.

                On the night of 02 January 2016, when India blamed Pakistan for attacking the Pathankot airbase, Indian agencies rejected the possibility of Pakistani terrorists infiltrating the IOK on the basis of the arrangements made on the border, because has not only constructed the fence over LoC but on the entire border with Pakistan. This is another story that Pakistani rulers registered a case against unknown terrorists in order to please India and her terrorists in Pakistan. Indian Ministers for Interior, Defense, and Foreign Affairs kept blaming Pakistan rejecting the objections of Indian Investigation Departments. After the attack on Uri Brigade Headquarters, similar propaganda was repeated. The fabricated story of Surgical Strike in Azad Kashmir was also done on the similar claims that Indian army entered into Pakistani areas to kill Kashmiri Mujahideen that were ready to attack IOK.
                The strategy of killing Kashmiri youngsters active for freedom terming them as Pakistani infiltrators are adopted by Indian state terrorists. This is a double-edged sword used by Indians, on the one hand, Kashmiri youngsters are being eliminated while on the other hand Pakistan is being defamed for sending Mujahedeen.
Victim of Indian army in Chhattisgarh.

                Indian state terrorist killings are not limited to Kashmir only, but many other Indian occupied states as well that are actively fighting for freedom from India since the partition of India. The recent incident of killing 40 people terming them as Maoists, in the state of Chattisgarh on the night of 22-23 April 2018. In the IOK the state terrorism of Indian army is reported on the social media and other sources, however, so-called civilized Western countries remain silent due to their interests with India. But in India, there are various backward states in India that have no facilities of the internet or other facilities of communication, underdeveloped than African states. They neither have clothes to cover themselves nor food; these people are still forced to eat wild fruits and weeds. There are such stories of killings of unarmed persons which is enough to shock someone’s soul. But Indian print and electronic media never report these terrorist activities of Indian state forces.
India's Maoist tribespeople in support of rebels.

                On the night of 22-23 April 2018, dozens of innocents killed by Indian forces were reported by a local newspaper of Maharashtra on 06 June 2018. Afterward, Human Rights Organizations not only protested over the incident but a four-member team of Human Rights activists also visited the area of District Gadjeroli, Chattisgarh. After the publishing of the report in the local newspaper, the Newspapers of New Delhi also reported the said incident. Chattisgarh govt. and Indian govt. claimed that the 40 persons killed in Chattisgarh were killed during an encounter with Indian army that continued for two days. However, Indian govt. failed to provide evidence to support their claims. The four-member team of human rights activists demanded to visit the spot where the encounter took place. The question was raised that what type of encounter it was in which 40 Maoists were killed but not a single Indian soldier was injured.
                When the pressure increased, Chattisgarh Police presented the weapons that were claimed to be recovered from 40 Maoists during the encounter. As the weapons to be presented were arranged in the haste, the rusted weapons from the storage of Chattisgarh police were placed as well, that was not used for years but rusted as well, many rifles had the tags attached to them, that had reasons due to which they were collected and the date of collection in Police storage. After such a big mistake was pointed out, Indian army removed all the suspicious rifles, the weapons that remained were not enough to be distributed among 10 persons.
Chhattisgarh's Sukma district.

                When the members of Human Rights Activists and representatives of journalists met with the relatives of the killed Maoists, they started crying. There were families whose two or more members were killed by Indians. They were arrested by Indian soldiers from their homes and killed on the deserted places while there were families were unaware of their whereabouts. The family members were informed of their deaths, they reached on the spot when they saw their dead bodies they seemed to be killed three to four days ago. It was revealed that the persons were not killed in the same spot but they were taken to different places and murdered.
                Such a genocide is not a normal incident. The shameful aspect is that despite all the situation was reported by the Indian media but international community remained dead silent. Whether these are the genocide of minorities, the massacre of Muslims, burning of churches or mosques; Muslim countries, as well as Christian countries, remain silent. The international community remains dead silent over the killings of Kashmiris as well as the innocents in all over the Indian Occupied States…

Written by Khalid Baig,

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