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Narrative of Pashtun Tahafuz Movement!

Manzoor Pashtin with Ameer Maqam
Indian channels had left no stone unturned during last two months to prove that Balochistan is going to be separated from Pakistan, founder of MQM declared independence of Pakistan as a historical mistake. Ex-Pakistani Ambassador to the USA, Hussein Haqqani had the phobia that Pakistan is a failed state. He is seen sometimes standing with the so-called Baloch insurgents and sometimes supporting Altaf Hussein. Astonishingly, now all these elements have suddenly started feeling the grievances of Pashtoons living in tribal areas of Pakistan. Altaf Hussein has issued a video recording statement to his followers that they should support Pakhtoon Tahaffuz Movement and anti-Pakistan army protests. Hussein Haqqani is also supporting PTM by giving statements that Pakistan army is coming atrocities against the public in tribal areas. An area that has been converted into the operational headquarters of terrorism, locals have been taken as the hostage, local tribal leaders were murdered by these Indian sponsored terrorists and no one was ready to stand in front of these terrorists. When the terrorism crossed all limits in Pakistan claiming at least lives of 65000 innocent Pakistanis along with 15000 soldiers and officers of the army, it was decided to start operation in these tribal areas against the hideouts of the terrorists. It was decided that locals would be shifted to the safe sites before the start of the operation. This was not an easy task; tribals agreed to leave their homes and businesses, this was a great sacrifice. Their sacrifice was for the Pakistan and Pakistanis. The biggest challenge was to stop the terrorists from fleeing these areas disguised as local people, however, tribal people provided full support in preparation of the lists of temporary migrants. On the basis of these lists, Watan Card was issued to the internally displaced persons so that they may meet their expenses while staying at the safe areas.

Swat: Why PTM activists are searching the people when their procession is to protest against searching the people in tribal areas where Pakistan army is fighting against terrorists 

Due to such acts, the majority of the terrorists went to Afghanistan. When the operation started, the world witnessed a full-scale war in which terrorists put full resistance with their automatic weapons but soldiers and officers of Pak army continued their advance. The newspapers daily reported the news of the martyrdom of soldiers of Pakistan army. Fighting with the terrorists hiding in the narrow passes of the tribal areas was not an easier task. For two years the operation continued in the tribal areas. On seeing their defeat, the leadership of terrorists took refuge in Afghanistan. The remaining terrorists before leaving the area converted the area into booby traps by installing dynamite and mines. Clearing the area from terrorists was a big achievement which was appreciated internationally.

Bahrain, Swat. Locals reacting against PTM and rejecting Manzoor Pashtin’s agenda in the name of PTM.

After clearing the tribal areas from terrorists, next challenge was the rehabilitation of the locals for which Federal govt. had to provide the funds but govt. created hurdles in the release of the funds. In such situation Pakistan army had to start rehabilitation work on its own; tribal people also played their part and started rehabilitating those buildings and houses that remained intact during the operation. The engineering wing of Pakistan army started construction of roads, hospitals, schools and business centers on the emergency basis. Most of these construction projects have been completed. In order to stop the infiltration of terrorists back to Pakistan, check posts and barbed wire was erected on the passes in narrow mountains. Tribal people are well aware of the fact that due to these check posts many terrorists were arrested. 

Despite this, suddenly a youngster named Manzoor Pashteen started a well organized Pakthoon Tahafuz Movement and within a short span of one month, it got the attention at international level. The basic reason is the support of American and Indians via Kabul. Moreover, few American funded NGOs working in KPK also supported PTM and anti-Army slogans. This is hurting for Pakistanis that how Pakistan army sacrificing 15000 lives can be behind the terrorism? 

Rehmat Mehsud he belongs to Tank. In Swat’s PTM procession where anti-Pakistan slogans were raised, he shouted loud in favor of Israel Army. 

However, Govt. decided to listen to the complaints of the Manzoor Pashtin and as per tribal tradition formed a Jirga for negotiations. The first meeting of the Jirga was held at Shahkas an area of Jamrood on 26 April 2018, on the residency of Member of National Assembly Shah jee Gull Afridi. The jirga was attended by all the tribal leaders, lawyers, political leaders, tribal parliamentarian Ghazi Gulab Jamal, Minister of the State Ghalib Khan, MNA Bismillah Jan, Dr. Ibad Ullah, Provincial Minister Shah Farman, Manzoor Pashtin of PTM along with Mohsin Dawar. After Jirga, a Committee was established in which two advisors from every tribal agency, tribal parliamentarians, provincial and federal representatives are present. The negotiations between the Committee and the Manzoor Pashteen continued for two hours after the Jirga. Manzoor Pashteen asked two days time for advice with his organization, the committee agreed to the suggestion. It was hoped that negotiations would continue which is a good gesture.
Pashtun elders Jirga for dialogue with Manzoor Pashtin and his team to discuss over PTM’s demands 
Every Pakistani would support that tension that was created by terrorists and the destruction caused by the war on terrorism should be made good. The affectees should be reinhabited in their homes and businesses with due respect. The establishment of Jirga is a good gesture. However, Manzoor Pashtin and his followers should also understand this that staging protests and taking out rallies is their right but they should not play in the hands of the enemies. This would be against the sacrifices of the Pashtoon people. The language adopted by the Manzoor Pashtin and his followers creates suspicions over the goals of the PTM that they are supporting the agenda of the enemy. This is the duty of the PTM to remove the allegations that they are working for the enemy which enemy failed to achieve through terrorism. This would be not only in favor of PTM but the whole region that lawlessness and terrorism should be kept away from Pakistan…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 03 May 2018.

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