Monday, May 21, 2018

Execution Centre of Kashmiris: District Shopian of Indian Occupied Kashmir!

Killing of Civilians in Shopian, Indian Occupied Kashmir

                Indian terrorist forces have broken their own records of atrocities committed in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK). In the way in the name of controlling the protests and search of houses, Kashmiris are being murdered, one can hardly find an example in the past. The extremes of terrorist acts is that within the 24 hours of 5 and 6 May 2018, including a Professor of the University, 17 Kashmiris were martyred. 4 Kashmiris were martyred as a result of the direct fire during the protest at Kot Chatabal. On the same night, Indian soldiers martyred three Kashmiris and told media that 3 Kashmiri Mujahedeen advancing to attack a military check post were killed. All three Kashmiris martyred by Indian terrorists have left their homes on a bike to meet their friend a half hour ago. The news of their martyrdom spread in the whole area by the morning. As soon as the sun rose, students of District Shopian took to the roads to protest against the killing of 3 innocents. In order to stop these protests, Indian state terrorists martyred 6 students while the number of injured is about 200. Out of the 6 protestors martyred by Indian state terrorists, one was identified as Assistant Professor Dr. Muhammad Rafique Butt of Kashmir University. In order to suppress the protests state terrorists started searching the houses of Kashmiri people. On entering the houses, few Kashmiri women resisted, they were beaten along with their children by state terrorists. On the reports of beating women, Kashmiri men started resisting the Indian state terrorists and were shot directly. In this way, uncountable Kashmiris were injured while 4 died on spot.
Thousands attend the funeral procession of a civilian in Shopian.

                On such a big number of murders of Indian state terrorists within 24 hours, even Indian media could not keep silent. There is not a single area of District Shopian where house search is not going on and the inhabitants are being beaten. This is a new strategy adopted by state terrorists of India to make Kashmiris afraid of themselves. The Kashmiris arrested by Indian state terrorists are tied up in semi-nude condition with the poles, trees or fences around the roads and tortured. Indian terrorists wear masks to hide their identity, when they get tired of torturing the innocent Kashmiris, they force the tied up Kashmiris to chant slogans in the favor of India and against Pakistan. The tortured people are ordered to crush the Pakistani flag under their feet. All these acts of state terrorism are recorded and shared on the social media. This is not the first incident of state murders and terrorism in District Shopian.
 Female students pelted stones at security personnel during clashes in Lal Chowk in Srinagar.

                State terrorism took to its extremes when armed persons attacked Sajjan Garrison at District Shopian on 12 February 2018. In this attack, thousands of Indian state terrorists took 30 hours to neutralize 4 armed persons or ghosts. This was the most shameful incident for Indian army because the checkpoint which these 4 so-called armed persons or ghosts crossed was heavily guarded by 50 armed soldiers round the clock and this was the only way to enter the cantonment. According to Indian media, there is only a single road leading to the Indian cantonment located at the Jalpura village, various check posts and hurdles have been established on this road for protection of the cantonment. Despite such protective measures, Indian army did not disclose that how these 4 men succeeded in crossing all these check-posts or they were just invisible ghosts or kidnapped Kashmiris whose dead bodies were later on planted on the site. The number of state terrorists killed in the 30 hours long encounter has not been disclosed as well. Indian state terrorist who took 30 hours to counter only 4 men armed with light weapons, started taking revenge from residents of District Shopian in the name of check posts and search. As a result, the protests started against the three cantonments in Shopian.
Students in Pulwama protesting against Indian security forces.
                On the other hand lack of professionalism of Indian army, Indian opposition criticized Modi establishment. Chief of Indian Army in spite of visiting the attacked site preferred to threatening Pakistan from New Delhi that he will take revenge of attack. On the protests of Kashmiris for being terrorized on the check posts, Indian state terrorists further increased their inhuman activities.
                On 5 March 2018, 6 Kashmiri people riding a vehicle had the harsh talk with Indian terrorists on a check post. Indian terrorists shot dead the 6 people on the spot. Due to the firing bullets at zero point 4 out of 6 died on the spot while 2 were severely injured. Due to the unprovoked firing over innocents dispute developed between the Indian soldiers, the injured were taken into the army jeep to be shifted to the hospital but they succumbed to the injuries on the way and their dead bodies were dumped into a slope. Indian army’s HQ was informed that 4 Mujahideen attacked the check post and were killed, similar reports were given to the media.
                The locals of Shopian had already got the report of a fake encounter; they started gathering over the check post including the heirs of the martyred persons. They told Indian state terrorists that they were 6 people, not 4 but Indians said that they were 4 persons out of which 2 were wanted by the Indian army. With the sunrise the protests got severe. In the noon the dead bodies dumped were recovered as well fueling the protests. The pressure over the Indian Army Chief was increasing because the three cantonments constructed between July to September 2017 were yet to be inaugurated.
                Why did India need to keep such a big number of soldiers in Shopian? This is a very important question. India has 700,000 soldiers or state terrorists in Kashmir. In contrast to such a big army in the Azad Kashmir, there is 10 Corpse of Pakistan Army. The manpower of 10th Corpse consisting of 3 Divisions is not more than 50,000. Despite of such a big difference, India is afraid of Paksitan and increasing number of soldiers in IOK. The goal of construction of 3 cantonements in SHopian is not to control the protests of locals but a part of the plan to attack Azad Kashmir and Pakistan. This plan was jolted by the attack of Sajjan Garrison.
A traders’ body, Kashmir Traders and Manufacturers Federation (KTMF), protesting at commercial hub Lal Chowk in Srinagar against the “killing spree” in Kashmir.

                Indian Army Chief secretly visited SHopian on 01 April 2018 but his visit could not be kept secret. When the locals of the District SHopian got the news of the visit of Army Chief, they took to the roads to protest towards the Garrison where Indian Army Chief was expected to be present. With the reports of protesting Kashmiris approaching the Garrison, Indian Army Chief was shifted to Sri Nagar via helicopter and with this Indian state terrorists started firing on the protestors. In no time 12 Kashmiris got martyrdom and till evening the number rose to the 16. This was also reported like other incidents of state terrorism but the intenratinal community kept silent like a dead body supporting India to increase her atrocities committed against unnamed Kashmiris.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 17 May 2018.

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