Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Peace in Afghanistan: American Responsibility!

Russia ISIS has over 10,000 troops in Afghanistan, more coming every day 

In a suicide bomb blast near Kabul University at the eve of Nauroz on 21 March 2018, at least 35 persons lost their lives on spot while 65 got injured. According to Afghan media the number of deaths may be higher. The responsibility for the said suicide bomb blast was claimed by ISIS. this shows that not only Afghan Taliban but ISIS has also established its foothold in Kabul. This also reinforces the Russian allegations that ISIS militants defeated in Syria and Iraq have been imported to Afghanistan. This is no more a secret that the civil war in Syria and Iraq is actually between the Americans and Russians. 
In August 2017, Russian Foreign Ministry blamed Americans for giving safe way to ISIS militants to flee out of Syria. On 1 September 2017, Russian media telecasted the pictures of ISIS militants along with weapons fleeing out of Syrian areas in a convoy of more than 100 vehicles and trucks where they were stranded. In this report it was claimed that ISIS militants are fleeing on the transport provided by Americans. What will be their next stronghold or safe haven, no one knows. After the leakage of the said pictures, American and Britain media criticized Washington, American govt. Denied the allegations of facilitating ISIS to flee out of Syria however, did not disclose that where would be the next stay of ISIS after Iraq and Syria. Will they stop their war against humanity or target some other state? 
March 21, 2018- At least 31 people have been killed and 65 wounded in a suspected suicide bomb attack in the Afghan capital Kabul 
Since 2014, Russia has been expressing concerns over increasing activities of ISIS in Afghanistan and alleged that Americans are planning to use ISIS against Russian integrity and terrorism in Middle Eastern States especially Chechnya. In the light of these concerns Russia established links with Afghan Taliban, providing them financial support as well as weapons. Russia also distanced itself from India as well. Because in the initial stages, it was India who guided and convinced ISIS to establish stronghold in Afghanistan. RAW successfully closed the deal with ISIS. 46 Indian nurses were taken as hostage in Iraq by ISIS however, ISIS released them on the offer of India for supporting ISIS to establish strong hold in Afghanistan. That is why the nurses that were taken as hostage after capturing different cities of Iraq were either sold or kept by themselves as booty. Whole world was astonished that ISIS did not even touch Indian nurses kept as hostage in their hospital with due respect and after successful deal with Indian govt. They were allowed to take their precious belongings along with them as well. After this incident, ISIS established its first center in Afghan province Nangarhar.
In April 2017, Americans dropped the MOAB on the so called strong hold of ISIS near Pakistan in the Afghan province Kunnar. In the said attack along with 20 Indian citizens more than 108 militants were killed. After this American Commander General John Nicholson in Afghanistan claimed, “backbone of ISIS in Afghanistan has been broken. Their strength has been limited to only three provinces which was 11 provinces only. Major part of their professionally trained manpower (approx. 3000) have been neutralized. Now ISIS has manpower approximately 700 but they will neutralized soon”. 
04 July, 2014- 46 Indian nurses were released by ISIS in Iraq
After defeating ISIS in Iraq, America announced to shift her army from Iraq to Afghanistan. In the new policy of Trump over Afghanistan, American Army has been given the worst powers to crush Afghan Taliban but this has not been mentioned that what will they do if they in case of their failure as in last 16 years. Will america continue this war with the local resisting militants for next 16 years?
The 2nd Part of the Trump’s policy was to exploit Pakistan for nefarious American designs by threatening and pressurizing Pakistan. Trump started this with the insulting tweets against Pakistan. The aid to Pakistan was stopped as well. Against American expectations, Pakistan rejected American threats and made this clear to America that Pakistan is only responsible for clearing its geographical areas from terrorists and wherever they will be present they will be dealt with. Pakistan has been cleaned from these terrorists and if some of them have disguised, they are being hunted down along with their facilitators. 

12 July 2014- Indian nurses from Tikrit, Iraq going back to home
Pakistani Chief of Army Staff, General Qamar Javed Bajwa in his statements given on during foreign visits or within Pakistan has made this clear to America, that now America should DO MORE to cleanse Afghan areas in her control from terrorists operating in Pakistan and leadership of Tehreek Taliban Pakistan in the safe havens of America-India in Afghanistan. 
After the clear stance of the Pakistan, American military leadership attempted to trap Pakistan by acknowledging the sacrifices of Pakistan in the war against terrorism and importance of Pakistan for peace in Afghanistan. However, they did not mention their policy to support ISIS for defeating Afghan Taliban. In contrast to american claims that they have weakened ISIS, the worst terrorist activities by the ISIS in Afghanistan have forced locals to favor Taliban. This has been recently acknowledged by Professor Max Abraham of North Eastern University in Boston that presence of ISIS in Afghanistan is favoring Afghan Taliban. He rejected pressure over Pakistan by Americans saying that Pakistan's influence over Taliban is the story of past. America wants to continue her pressure over Pakistan not for peace in Afghanistan but due to the challenges faced by American interests in the South Asia. 

October 5, 2017- According to the Russian Defense Ministry, ISIS has been attacking Syrian forces from a US-controlled area with the help of sophisticated intelligence. 
The book 26 February 2018 Directorates by Steve Kolson is also one of the series to increase pressure on Pakistan. The starts with the story of 9/11 terrorism and attack over Afghanistan. Overall book has been kept limited to role of American CIA and Pakistan’s ISI in Afghanistan war. Attempt has been to prove that Pakistan is continuing her interference in Afghanistan. This book earning fame in Britain and america has not included a word about the ISIS as well as RAW and India which has established strongholds in Afghan Defense and Foreign Ministry since 2004. 

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 29 March 2018.

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