Thursday, April 19, 2018

A New Face of Unrest in KPK/FATA; After Controlling Terrorism and Engineered Uprising by India-Afghan Nexus

Why Mazoor Pashtin is silent over females body search by American soldiers in Afghanistan?
Support from Afghan Govt to PTM is evident.

According to the defense analysts peace in Afghanistan is important despite the start of new Cold War between Russia and USA, expelling Russian ambassadors from Britain and increasing tussle between Europe and Russia. They are astonished by the decision of Trump to impose sanctions on Pakistan with the announcement of new Afghan Policy. According to these defense analysts, the pressure over Pakistan to pressurize Taliban for negotiations is not understandable because in past America herself have been sabotaging Pakistan’s efforts for negotiations with Afghan Taliban. Now Afghan Taliban have lost their trust over Pakistan. Moreover, resistant fighters have established their separate groups in Afghanistan who are being led by those youngsters who have never been in contact with Pakistan. These fighters have not only been part of Afghan National Army but also got training from Americans as well. The attack of Afghan Air Force over a Madrasa in Afghanistan where a gathering was arranged to distribute certificates among the 10-year-old children who have learned Quran by heat i.e. Hafiz Quran. In the attack of Afghan Air Force, 100 children were martyred. This was the worst tragedy since the American invasion of Afghanistan. However, Americans did not condemn it. While Afghan govt. Said that such incident did not happen. On the shameful statement of the Afghan govt. thousands of Afghans declared to take up weapons against Afghan govt. After this Afghan President Ashraf Ghani announced to start investigations of the tragic incident. 
Chief of Army Staff Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa meet with father of Naqeebullah Mahsood
Manzoor Pashtin meeting ANP members
People of Qunduz rejected the investigations of the Afghan govt. Saying that Afghan govt. is not serious in punishing the culprits because until now neither any arrest has been made nor any progress has been visible. In such situation when American policy of delaying the solution of problems and failed govt. machinery is fueling lawlessness in Afghanistan. The pressure on Pakistan shows that America wants to impose Indian supremacy and role of India in Afghanistan. However, this has nothing to do with the peace in Afghanistan. In order to make Pakistan accept nefarious American designs, such tactics are being used that directly hit the integrity of Pakistan.

Developmental projects completed by Army in FATA

On the lines of self-exiled Baloch separatists seminars in Europe, now a new foreign-funded organization “Pakhtoon Tahafuz Movement” (PTM) has been launched. Its rallies have been staged at different European cities like London, Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt and other Western cities. The statement of Altaf Hussain Founder of MQM has also surfaced. Playing recorded statements of Altaf Hussain in different rallies shows that after being defeated on various war front now enemies of Pakistan has decided to start a new battlefront. Allegations that were leveled for deprivation of Baloch people, capturing of Balochistan’s resources and Urdu speaking people in Karachi are now being represented in a new form deprivation of Pakhtoons. In fact, these allegations have no ground. With the start of the new policy against Pakistan, Indian intelligence agencies are utilizing tools of fourth and fifth generation war i.e. fueling linguistic, sectarian and regional disputes in order weaken the target state internally. This time enemy has chosen so-called Pashtun Nationalists to fuel regional disputes. In this regard, unknown personalities claiming to belong from Tribal areas are posting on different websites including social media especially Twitter and Facebook. In the propaganda started by these unknown accounts on the internet, allegations of capturing the land of Pakhtoon in the name of Operations against terrorists has been leveled against Pakistan army.

PTM leader Manzoor Pashtin with Mehmood Khan Achakzai

This propaganda campaign that started in the July 2016 is being run on the lines the propaganda on freedom of Balochistan was being done. The only difference is that word “Pakhtoon Tahafuz Movement”. The demands of the propaganda campaign and pro-Indian elements are that erection of barbed wire fence over Pak-Afghan border should be stopped, where the erection of the fence has been completed it should be removed allowing the free movement across the border. Afghanistan’s print and electronic media are claiming that PTM started in KPK and Tribal Areas is very good for Pashtuns and Manzur Pasheen is the spirit of the PTM. Pictures of meetings between Manzur Pasheen and Ashraf Ghani has been published in Afghan media. The name of Manzur Pasheen was highlighted in Pakistan when the Mehsud tribe protested against the illegal murder of tribal youngster Naqeeb Ullah Mehsud and staged sit-in till the arrest of the culprits. Politicians from all political parties participated in the sit-in and expressed solidarity with the legal heirs of the Naqeeb Ullah. Manzur Pasheen attempted to portray murder of Naqeeb as ethnic cleansing through his speeches. Parents of Naqeeb had to give the statement that they do not have any link with Manzur Pasheen. He continued his propaganda and fueling sectarianism. He started campaigns in the FATA and Tribal areas to fuel hatred amongst tribal youngsters against Pakistan. We can counter this propaganda and anti-Pakistan movement through punishing the murderers of Naqeeb Ullah as per law, reporting the successful military operation, reconstruction of the destroyed homes and markets, rehabilitation of displaced persons and provision of basic necessities to the public in tribal areas.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 12 April 2018.

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