Saturday, March 3, 2018

Afghan Ulema’s Fatwa Against Ashraf Ghani!

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani with his family

                 We are facing the flood of American allegations against Pakistan for supporting terrorists in Afghanistan for which America has no evidence to support her allegations. During visits to tribal areas of Pakistan, American Generals have acknowledged the success of Pakistan army and expressed astonishment over achievements of Pakistan army against the terrorists hiding in such narrow passes. Fighting against the terrorists hiding in the caves of these narrow mountains and jungles, sometimes seems to be impossible. American politicians may not understand the facts but soldiers who have served in such a terrain are well aware of the problems of such areas. American Generals have been fighting in such terrain of Afghanistan for last 16 years but except failures, they have got nothing. If Americans Generals had any information about the tribal areas of Pakistan and so-called hideouts of Afghan terrorists in Pakistani areas they would have expressed it. These Generals were not taken into these areas camouflaged or in the dark of the night but in the helicopters in the bright sunshine. These areas had been in the control of terrorists since the American invasion of Afghanistan in 2001.
Afghanistan's First Lady Rula Ghani
                Moreover, after the erection of barbed wire wall and imposing of border management to regularize the movement across the border through passport and visa system the allegation of Afghan govt. or Americans in Afghanistan for interference from Pakistan into Afghanistan are baseless. On 13 February 2018, while addressing the Chief of Defense Conference Pakistani Army Chief made this clear that we will not allow our land to be used against any country and we hope that they will not allow their land to be used against us. COAS General Qamar Javed Bajwa clearly expressed his concerns.
Afghan President Ashraf Ghani
                Perhaps Afghan govt. and American Army in Afghanistan is unable to perceive that their problems in Afghanistan are increasing with every passing day. The reason behind these increasing problems is not Pakistan but Indian interference in Afghan society and American attempts to modernize Afghanistan. Americans are dreaming that by making Afghan girls wear the tight pants and T-shirts and offering jobs to the Afghan youth into NGOs running with the investment of the Western countries they will be able to keep them away from resistance war against Americans or the use of latest bombs can prolong their stay in Afghanistan. The result of such daydreaming will not be different from the report of one of their own institutions disclosing that Taliban control 70% area of Afghanistan. Now the situation is that Afghan public has started discussing the family of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani as well. Although, this news was reported by American media to the Afghan Public that their First Woman Wife of Ashraf Ghani is a practicing Catholic Christian. She is actively working for preaching Christianity in Afghanistan with the full support of her American National son Tariq Ghani and daughter Mariam Ghani.
 Mariam Ghani, Daughter of Afghan President
                Mariam graduated from Hilton School of Arts and New York University. She joined journalism and remained busy in making documentaries of effects of 9/11 on Foreigner Muslims since 2004. She had the support of Chatra Ganesh, an Indian Brahman. Similarly, son of Ashraf Ghani who is working as a professor in a University of Washington DC is now seen as wearing Afghan traditional Turban and Shalwar Qameez in spite of Pant coat while participating political meetings. After disclosure of details of the family of Afghan President; on 29 December 2017, Afghan Islamic Clerics belonging to Northern provinces protested against Afghan President Ashraf Ghani for pushing Afghan public towards Christianity and Secularism and also issued a verdict (Fatwa) against him. Afghan govt. and secret agencies blamed Pakistan and Pakistani agencies for this Fatwa while Pakistan has nothing to do with it. Pakistan has never discussed the family of Afghan President. Pakistan has nothing to do with Afghanistan except peace in Afghanistan; Pakistan has never tried to interfere in Afghanistan. Although Pakistan has to face many problems and loss due to Indian control over Afghan govt. A recent example is the warning issued to the Afghan public in which they have been warned not to use eatables coming from Pakistan especially dairy products as allegedly ISI has poisoned these products. The problem is that Afghans prefer Pakistani eatables over the Indian products as they are considered to be Halal while Indian products are not gaining any market in Afghanistan.
Tariq Ghani
                On 11 November 2017, India sent hundreds of thousands of tons wheat to Afghanistan via Iranian seaport. India spent a huge budget on its propagation that India has sent wheat to Afghanistan bypassing Afghanistan and claimed it as a big milestone. Indian media reported that the wheat sent to Afghanistan was infected with the fungus which was to be dumped but India sent it to Afghanistan. The said wheat was not eatable even by the animals. Indian govt. staged the drama of removing the officers of Ministry of Food over this news report. Now India is trying to fuel hatred among Afghans through the propaganda of mixing of poison. The reality is that only India can do such cheap acts violating basic human rights. Poisoning the Pakistani food items so that demand for Pakistani products can be decreased in Afghanistan and Afghan Muslims are forced to eat substandard food from India. Pakistan can never think of poisoning food of Muslim brethren Afghans…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 22 February 2018.

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