Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Protection of Sikh Historical Places in Pakistan!

Book written by a Singapore based investment banker-turned author Amardeep Singh

                Under the leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, in the light of Two Nations Theory, when Muslims were about to get freedom from Britain Rule, Quaid-e-Azam attempted to convince Sikh leadership to join Pakistan or maintain the separate identity. Because Quaid has seen the future of Sikhs dark with Hindus. But Sikhs joined Hindus, choosing their fate as a minority. According to the history books, Hindus brainwashed Sikhs that religiously they are more like Hindus as compared to Muslims. In this regard, the examples of marriages and relations between Sikhs and Khatris of Hindus were presented. They were convinced that from Ambala to Peshawar there is not a single place where Sikhs are in majority where they may demand a separate state accept that of Patiala, Nabha and Fareed Kot like small states where Sikh Rajas were also in power. Mount Batten, representative of Hindus told Sikhs that their population in these 3 states is less than 30%. Moreover, if a separate state for Sikhs is accepted, on its one side will be Muslim state of Malir Kotla and on the other side between them will be small state of Christian Raja, Kapurthala. In this way, Sikhs were already convinced to stay away from the concept of separate state even before the division of sub-continent. When the division of Hindustan was to done, Sikhs had no other way except to join Pakistan or India. Jawaher Laal Nehru and Sardar Patel convinced Sikhs to join India on the basis of equality. Sikhs accepted Indian offer, this resulted in the worst massacre and displacement of persons. The situation faced by Muslims during this displacement is full of horrifying incidents.
Gurdwara Punja Sahib,  Hasan Abdal, Pakistan.

                After the division of India, in the way Hindus treated Sikhs, Sikhs soon realized that they have been betrayed. Leaving aside the equivalent rights, Hindus did not give rights of minorities for Sikhs. The doors of govt. jobs were closed for the Sikhs. Sikhs realized that ignoring the advice of Quaid as a big mistake. Sikhs started demanding the separate state for Sikhs i.e. Khalistan. They started struggle for Khalistan. This struggle was going on successfully; in June 1964, Indira Gandhi ordered attack over Golden temple, religious place of Sikhs. Sikhs did not except such action from Hindu govt. that their own army will attack their religious place with tanks and artillery guns.
 Inside the Gurudwara Complex, Nankana Sahib.

                As a result of attack over Golden Temple, Indira Gandhi was killed in the hand of her own Sikh Security Guards. Hindu Congress took revenge from Sikhs in the form of genocide of Sikhs all over the India, gang rape of Sikh women and burning their homes. Perhaps this was the first incident of the history in which voter lists and record of municipal committee, provision of state petrol and police was used for massacre of minorities. All this process of religious cleansing was done under the supervision of ministers of Hindu Congress in power. Yes, Congress! That made fake promises with Sikhs on the division of sub-continent in 1947 and claims to be the largest Secular Party. Today if Indian courts are hesitant to give verdicts against Hindu extremists, similarly, (in past) Indian courts have always termed Congress leaders and workers involved in Sikh genocide as innocents.
Gurudwara Complex, Nankana Sahib. Pakistan

                Not only this, Hindu rulers have always attempted to fuel hatred in the hearts of Sikhs against Pakistan because they are well aware that Sikhs cannot be kept away from Pakistan due to the presence of Sikh religious places in Pakistan. Hindus always try to stop Sikhs from visiting Pakistan, however, those Sikhs living in European countries visit Pakistan and see the steps taken by Pakistani govt. to save the Sikh Gurdwaras, they see affection and respect for themselves in the eyes of Pakistani people. This is the love of Pakistanis due to which a Sikh Banker Amar Deep Singh living in Singapore was forced to write a book on the steps taken by Pakistan for protection of Sikh religious places. In his book, “Lost Heritage: The Sikh Legacy in Pakistan” he has not only showed the importance of these places for Sikhs but also rights and respect of their religious places available to the members of other religions in Pakistan. This shows that terrorists attacking religious places in Pakistan without any differentiation of religion have nothing to do with Islam. The operation of Pak army and Security Agencies against these terrorists has the full support of the whole nation.
Author Amardeep Singh releases his book at the Khalsa College for Women in Amritsar,  India

                When the book of the Amar Deep was published in Malaysia on 20 January 2018, Sikhs held a seminar at in the Asia Pacific University of Kualalampur in which the Pakistani ambassador to Malaysia was invited as Chief Guest. Although the book of Amar Deep has all the details of the Sikh religious places and Gurdwaras in which three Gurdwaras of Lahore, and 13 others, their renovation has been included along with pictures and history. Pakistani Ambassador also highlighted Sikh history in Pakistan; Sikhs appreciated this with claps. This shows the love of Sikhs for Pakistan. Moreover, the Sikh pilgrims who succeed to visit Pakistan despite Indian bans and hurdles, they return back with the love of Pakistanis…
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.   Amardeep Singh presenting his book to The Pakistan High Commissioner Mr. Nafees Zakaria.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 01 February 2018.

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