Sunday, December 3, 2017

Indian Plan to Sabotage CPEC

20 young men brutally  killed in Turbat have drawn attention to the persistent problem of human  trafficking
What would be the greater sacrifice for the protection of state and public that a police officer is martyred along with his family? A young officer of Pak army is martyred in an operation against terrorists in Dera Ismail Khan. Such sacrifices and martyrdoms have become the daily routine. If a day passes by we get the news of the loss of lives of Pak army while fighting with terrorists. Obviously, Pakistan is in the state of war. The only difference is that this war is not being fought on the borders by tanks and artillery but against the within hidden enemies of the country. This war is far more difficult and complicated than the traditional war that is fought over the borders. On the other hand, we have unending political chaos and power games that are not going to end. It seems that protection of country and government are two separate systems otherwise how is it possible that on the one hand there is fire and few people mind their own business in spite of helping to put the fire.

                On 15 November 2016, 15 persons belonging to Punjab were shot dead in the Kech District of Balochistan while they were trying to go to Europe via Iran with the help of the human smugglers. This is not the first report of unemployed Pakistanis risking their lives for going abroad. Someone is captured in Turkey for ransom, some’s corpses are seen floating in the sea near Italy or the Pakistanis who are arrested there for illegally entering the Europe. Some of them succeed in entering into Europe.  We have never heard of any reaction against these illegal human traffickers or taking any steps to stop pushing Pakistani youth into death.
The five young men, who were found dead in Turbat took selfie after they arrived at the Quetta bus station

                Although, this is a separate discussion, the killing of 15 people in Balochistan in a single event shows that human traffickers sold them to enemies of Pakistan who are facing difficult times for terrorism in spite of helping them to cross the border. On 18 November 2016, Levies force discovered the dead bodies of 5 persons belonging to District Gujrat in the Turbat District of Balochistan. Afterwards, Haider Ali who survived from the terrorists told media on 20 November 2017, that they were 15 people who had paid high amounts to agents for going to Europe, on reaching Quetta 15 more persons joined them as well. They were divided into two different vehicles for crossing the Pak-Afghan border. On their way their vehicle broke down, after fixing the fault, the driver had started the vehicle that they heard sounds of firing, he and his friend got afraid, jumped out of the vehicle and started running in an unknown direction. In this way, they saved their lives from terrorists. The dead bodies of 20 people killed by terrorists have been found, this means that rest of the persons are still in the hands of terrorists or their dead bodies have not been found. In both situations, it is necessary to find the remaining youngsters. Whether the drivers of the vehicles were also killed by the terrorists or not, this can be only verified by Haider Ali. If the drivers have not been killed, this means that they also were part of the plan of terrorists. In such situation Balochistan political government should keep an eye on the criminals who can do illegal activities for few bucks, will they hesitate to facilitate terrorists for the heavy amount? This is not necessary that human traffickers had the knowledge that to whom they have sold the persons wanted to kill them, despite this they are participants in their murder.
Younis Taukali, one of  the eight top commanders of the Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF), was  killed in an exchange of fire after the Frontier Corps (FC) cordoned off  the area

                Not only India, all the anti-Pakistan powers are well aware that Pak army has made it difficult for terrorists to work on their plan by operations against terrorists in Balochistan province, Karachi, and other tribal areas. Construction of metal wall in FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas), erection of the fence in Balochistan, digging to trench over the Afghanistan border, we have succeeded in stopping infiltration of terrorists from Afghanistan. But we cannot ignore the threats of Indian Prime Minister in 2016, to stop CPEC at any cost. The arrest of Indian state terrorist Kulbhushan Yadav working in Balochistan, the information gathered from him about the Indian terrorists working in Pakistan for RAW and many of them have been arrested but there are still such elements in Pakistan who can be used by RAW against Pakistan. India has established a special cell RAW against CPEC with the budget of 500 million dollars. The murder of innocent people, suicide bomb blasts, blasting up gas pipelines, sabotaging railroads, murdering pilgrims etc. all were being done by the Indian terrorists under the garb of Baloch Separatists. If they were really fighting for the rights of the Baloch people then they had first of all held Baloch tribal chiefs accountable. Leaving aside the past if we look at the funds provided for education, health, and other facilities in the last ten years, we will get disturbing facts.
Haider Ali... I  am  alive because our vehicle broke down, says Turbat massacre survivor

                In the way Baloch Chiefs getting votes in the name of underdevelopment of Balochistan and rights of Baloch, have misappropriated the funds for development of funds, transferring into their accounts abroad. This cannot be a reason to allow separation of Balochistan. Baloch people have nothing to do with the corruption of Baloch politicians. In order to remove the underdevelopment of Balochistan, the government has started the ten-year development plan for development, Khushhal Balochistan but the need of the hour is to start the work on development plan so that propaganda against underdevelopment of Balochistan can be shunned…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 30 November 2017.

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