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Increasing Differences Among Elites and Public VS Security of Pakistan!

Water shortage in  Karachi

Karachi City View

There was a time when prices were increased on the new financial budget and till the next budget, there was no increase in prices. In the meanwhile, if any businessman attempted to increase prices, the district govt. Price committee took the reciprocal action, there was no need for interference from Provincial or Federal govt. During the Ayub Khan regime, the attempt of the artificial shortage of sugar by “Sugar Mafia” was thwarted by the Governor Nawab Ameer Khan just by touching his mustaches. During the reign of Muhammad Khan Junejo, the increase in prices of eatables under the garb of new budget was reverted. This was possible just due to the Good Governance and feelings of the public in the hearts of rulers and the ruling class is aware of the problems of their subjects. Now the situation is that prices increase on daily basis. This is one of the aspects of the restlessness and chaos present in the public. The whole nation has been given in the hands of black marketers and hoarders giving them free hand in the way they want to treat them. There is no one stop them or check them.
Sindh is rich but what  about poor
The result of inactivity of the govt. Institutions are that whether it is education or health sector, prices are being set just like a trade commodity; due to the increased prices, both facilities are out of the reach of the general public. To further deteriorate the situation, the power games and struggle for being in power has produced an un-ending political chaos and uncertainty and insecurity among the public. A so-called Parliament is present but the legislation for the well being of the public is invisible. Even the courts are echoing with the cases linked with political disputes. What is going on with the public, what problems are being faced by the public; ruling party, opposition, national level politicians or elites, no one is concerned about it. They are also not concerned with the conspiracies hatched eternal enemy of Pakistan i.e. India. In the way Pakistan has faced, the long bloodshed in terrorism, the cleansing of terrorists sacrificing thousands of lives; the leaders of all political parties should have joined hands to chalk out a plan to protect public on the internal level and resolve their problems so that Pakistan army can focus its energies over its constitutional responsibilities of defending the country. This is a dream that seems to remain a dream.
Poverty is increasing in Pakistan

After 2002, the USA and her allies pushed the war against terrorism into Pakistan from Afghanistan, as an attempt to sabotage the stability of Pakistan, one may hardly find an example of such conspiracy in the history. There was not a single day when a bomb blast or terrorist activity has not been reported into Pakistan. Even the game of the cricket was targeted as well in order to destroy the credibility of Pakistan. After the attack on Sri Lankan Cricket team in March 2009, after trust of international on security in Pakistan is now restoring. Enemies of the motherland did not spare even hospitals, places of worship, state buildings, military installations and schools of primary level students. The situation is that even primary schools have been converted into security fortresses due to threats from terrorists. Including the soldiers and officers of Pakistan army, almost 80,000 Pakistanis have sacrificed their lives in the war against terrorism. The plan of the enemy was well organized. Pakistan has not only faced all this with courage but also sabotaged enemies conspiracies making Pakistan more powerful than before. These victories have been achieved at the cost of the blood of the Pakistan army’s soldiers and officers who lead their soldiers by remaining ahead in any operation. This is still going on. Although the military operation in the country has destroyed operational headquarters of terrorists in Pakistan killing the majority of the terrorists while rest of them have fled to Afghanistan, still there are such elements in the country who support terrorists ideologically. It is hoped that they will be cleansed as well very soon.
Libert Market Lahore
However, the need of the hour is that in future no chance should be given to terrorists to establish the foothold in Pakistan. A new propaganda plan has been launched in order to create hatred in the hearts of the public of Balochistan and KPK provinces of Pakistan; this propaganda is targeted on brainwashing the masses that Pakistan army is responsible for the public problems as it wants control over the govt. Many blogs, websites, social media pages etc. are spreading the propaganda that Pak army provides protection, training, and financial support to extremists. In addition to this, under the name of MISHAL RADIO, propaganda is being done through powerful broadcasting transmitters installed at Kuwait, Thailand, Abu Dhabi and Afghanistan. These radio stations were established in March 2003, after American attack over Iraq. they were aimed at decreasing impact of the million march by the public on the international community. These radio stations were also aimed at supporting the lies of the presence of weapons of mass destruction with Saddam Hussein. After 8 years, the hatcher of American attacks over Iraq, American Foreign Minister General Retired Colin Powell, disclosed that the presence of WMDs in Iraq was a fake report. Afterwards, Mishaal radio was given the task of fueling sectarianism and spreading western culture in Pakistan. These radio stations are broadcasting in different languages; the radio stations located in Afghanistan and Abu Dhabi are targeting people of Balochistan, KPK, and FATA. In the name of Sindhi Culture, Sindhi nationalism is being fueled. The news analysis broadcasted by these radio stations are spreading hatred among Afghans. Baloch people are being brainwashed to get separation from Pakistan for development while FATA and KPK are being targeted as part of Afghanistan. Such fabricated stories of the atrocities committed by Pakistan army are telecasted that have never been reported in Pakistan.
Expressway Islamabad
Astonishingly, Pakistan govt. Is silent over this propaganda. If Pakistan cannot stop transmission of Mishaal radio than Pakistan can at least install high power FM Radio transmitters in order to counter the propaganda. Whether these are Balochi, Pathan, Sindhi or people from FATA all love Pakistan. They are not only ready to sacrifice their lives for Pakistan but already sacrificing. But this cannot be understood by the Pakistan elite or ruling class whose living standard is different from 95% of the public of Pakistan. This is the gulf between the rulers and the people that are increasing day by day. If this could is not removed then it may prove more dangerous to Pakistan as compared to Mishaal Radio.

Urdu Copy

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 07 December 2017.

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