Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Coward Indian Army Chopping Braids / Ponytails of Kashmiri Women

Mysterious hair  chopping continues in IOK
HAIR CHOPPING TERROR!  16 Year girl hair were chopped in IOK
                The Kashmir dispute is not a couple of years old. It started in 1947 with the division of subcontinent on the basis of Two Nations Theory. As the deal of the division of India, many independent states had to decide their fate to choose India or Pakistan. It was clear that states having Muslim majority would go for Pakistan. Especially those states that had the Muslim majority and geographically linked to those entries linked with Pakistan. One of these states was the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Hindu leadership having the stronghold in Hindustan with the support of English had accepted the independence of Pakistan unwillingly. They were aware that Kashmir having 95% Muslim majority will go for Pakistan. Hindu leadership was also aware of the fact that the areas included in Pakistan would mostly depend on agriculture economically and the rivers of the Kashmir provides the water for agriculture to these areas. In order to control Pakistan’s agro-based economy and control Pakistan despite freedom, India entered her forces in Jammu and Kashmir on 27th October 1947. Despite the shortage of weapons, Pakistan attempted to save Kashmir from invading Hindu army with the help of tribal area people. 

Forget Hitler and  Mussolini Indian Army tortured Kashmiri mother-son in Bandipora IOK
Injured by pellets  Kashmiri girls
Hindu leadership and Indian army equipped with heavy arms were expecting that due to the shortage of manpower and weapons Pakistan will not be able to offer any resistance and Indian army will capture the whole Kashmir. The movement of tribal area personnel changed the scenario and the 1/3rd of the Kashmir was saved from Indian invasion. Founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah decided to face the Indian aggression. This was the decision of Quaid which encouraged Pakistan army and tribal persons against Indian army and made them powerless. This war that continued for one year, two months and 10 days, made Hindu leadership and friends of India especially English realize that Kashmir is falling out of the hands of the Indian army. Pakistan army was building up pressure on Indian army. On the other hand on 27th October 1948, in such an organized way that Kashmiris abroad also took part in the protests against India. In New York, Kashmiris protested outside the UN Office. Kashmiris protested in Britain protested outside Indian High Commission’s office along with other European countries. The protests in Indian Held Kashmir became uncontrollable. Indian govt. allowed Indian army to shoot down unarmed protesters. With such orders the differences between Kashmiris and occupant Indians grew day by day. 

More than 40 cases of  braid-cutting in J&K reported in the last two weeks

27 October became a symbol of hatred against Indians and celebrated as “Black Day” by Kashmiris. Indian army was facing two types of threats; pressure from Pak army and protest of Kashmiris. On the request of India, UNO asked India and Pakistan for the ceasefire. On 5 January 1949, India acknowledged the UN resolution that Kashmiris will be given choice to decide their fate. The purpose of acknowledging the resolution was to lend time for Indian army and befool the world. On the other hand, the forces having influence over UNO like Britain are not in favor of executing the said resolution. Otherwise, it was not possible for India to acknowledge the resolution and then did not allow its execution.

IOK Girl students pelt stones at security personnel during clashes in Lal Chowk in Srinagar.
Kashmir's New Face Of  Protests
                Since then India has been busy in crushing the freedom movement of Kashmiris on the basis of tortures, straight-shooting unarmed protestors, kidnappings, mass murders and mass graves. When all this did not work the rape of Kashmiri women by Indian terrorist soldiers was adopted as state policy. Geneva Convention extends protection to the ambulances carrying those injured in the war, civilians, their houses and educational institutions. Even Prisoners of War or have human rights according to this. Is it silent on the rights of women and protection of their modesty? Uncivilized societies did not tolerate violence against women. How sexual abuse of women can be justified as a war strategy or weapon? In Congo, on the reports of sexual abuse of 154 women, UNO declared to send peace mission . while in Indian Held Kashmir according to the report of UN representatives, till 2011, the Indian army has raped more than 10,000 Kashmiri women. Now Indian army has adopted a new way of torture against Kashmiri women i.e. cutting their hair/braids. This decision was taken after the participation of female Kashmiri students in protests and pelting stones against Indian state terrorist. Astonishingly, International groups for protection of human rights are silent over sexual abuses and rapes of Kashmiri women was war strategy including the so-called torchbearers of Women Rights in Pakistan.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 26 October 2017.

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