Monday, September 4, 2017

ISIS Recruitment Centers in Afghanistan and Trump!

                After 9/11, America attacked Afghanistan to take revenge of Americans killed in World Trade Center from the people of Afghanistan who were not linked to these attacks in any way. Until now, the USA has spent more than 100 billion dollars in Afghanistan in the name of war against terror and development of Afghan people. With such a big fund the 350 million might have been made richer than any developed state of USA, villages consisting of few houses might have been converted into modern buildings, wide roads and air conditioned shopping malls, parks and other entertainment facilities might have been constructed in cities. Educational institutions, latest medical facilities etc. might have been given to Afghans. All the towns and cities could be linked with the railway lines. Tourists would have preferred to visit Afghanistan over Switzerland or Dubai.
                Where did such a big amount go? Afghan youth is unemployed; they are forced to work in the opium fields, join personal militia of war lords dealing in drugs or work as security guards of influential Afghans. If they cannot get hired, they join Taliban on monthly salary to fulfill their duty of resistance against Americans and American puppet government.

                After the initial attacks, if the USA had spent the money on the well being of Afghan public in spite of giving these funds into the hands of Hamid Karzai and  Northern Alliance to kill Afghans without any reason and for taking revenge, the scenario in Afghanistan would have been different. The support of resisting Taliban would have decreased gradually among the public, they would have ousted the Taliban out of their areas seeing a better future for their children. Taliban would have been secluded, it would have been easier for Americans to force them to join Americans and in case of rejection, American army would have easily crushed them. In such situation, if Taliban would have attempted to seek safe havens in Pakistan; America would have talked to Pakistan as Trump warned Pakistan; neither China had warned the USA to remain within her limits and acknowledge the role of Pakistan against terrorism nor China and Russia would have been supporting Pakistan.
                Although the USA invaded Afghanistan through the power of her weapons and armies of allies. Before the invasion, USA destroyed all the inhabited areas of Afghanistan through B-52 bombers and daisy cutter bombs but after the invasion, USA did not plan how to pull out of Afghanistan and reconstruction of Afghanistan destroyed by her bombardment. America failed to chalk out a solid political structure for the Afghans who are habitual of the strong tribal system. America borrowed support from Northen Alliance and war lords supervising the cultivation and trade of opium. As a result, such a corrupt system was established which cannot offer any solution to the problems of Afghan Public. The astonishing stories of Hamid Karzai and his brother in drug smuggling were disclosed by the Western newspapers. It was even claimed that American Generals are also involved in the business of drugs. In such disappointing situation, we got the news of ISIS being established in Afghanistan and challenging Taliban.

                Russia reacted to the news, terming entry of ISIS in Afghanistan as a plan of CIA against Russian integrity and established links with Taliban. As a punishment of Taliban’s links with Russia, Americans killed Mullah Mansoor in Pakistan living in Iran along with his family when he was returning to Afghanistan for peace talks. After the reports that India is also supporting ISIS in Afghanistan, Russia decreased links with India and started supporting Pakistan’s stance over Afghanistan declaring that she will provide support to Taliban openly.
                In this situation, unemployed Afghans have nothing for them. In such a situation ISIS came ahead and announced that it will hire Afghans on 500 dollars per month salary. More than 300 Afghans have joined ISIS from various under developed areas of Afghanistan. This should be kept in mind that world’s best iron ore reserves are in the Bamiyan province of Afghanistan and other Afghan provinces adjacent to it. The rights of exploring these reserves are owned by Indian industrialist Sajan Jandal’s JSW Steel which is a subsidiary of Jandal Family’s JSW Group.
                Astonishingly, Moscow and Beijing both are working for restoring of peace in Afghanistan, terming presence of ISIS a threat to their integrity. They want to chalk out a practical plan for ending terrorism in Afghanistan with the help of Pakistan so that possible break out of civil war may be thwarted. India and USA severely damaged these efforts of China, Russia, and Pakistan in the last two years. Now American President Trump has invited India to increase her role in Afghanistan; India that is allegedly involved in the establishment of ISIS near the Pakistani borders. The evidence of Indian involvement in the deaths of dozens of Indians including 4 officials of Indian RAW as a result of  MOAB (Mother of All Bombs) dropped in the Tora Bora area of Afghanistan. 36 ISIS militants were killed in this bomb attack as well. America is planning a new war in Afghanistan to prolong her stay in Afghanistan in which the role of American ally will be played by Indian Army replacing NATO.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 31 August 2017.

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