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Hidden Designs of America about Afghanistan!

The actual story behind US attack over Afghanistan in 2001.
And now after 16 long years, President Trump announced to send more (only 4,000) troops to defeat Taliban, is just to create smokescreen for fulfilling hidden motives. As the matter of fact western media and analysts knew long time before the 2001 invasion, Afghanistan was a treasure trove. In current situation the debate over ongoing war in Afghanistan is just to keep dancing around the issue. Why don't we talk about Trillion Dollar Reservoir of Natural Resources, Oil, Gold, Iron ore, Copper, Lithium and other minerals, and Multi-Billion Dollar Heroin Trade, and UNOCAL pipeline project in Afghanistan? To grab Afghan natural wealth United States want to stay there with the narrative of "war against terrorism" and forcing Islamabad for peace in the mineral rich areas of Afghanistan and to accommodate India for Jindal group to lift iron ore blocks in Hajigak mines to India by road through Pakistan...

UNOCAL pipeline project  in Afghanistan
                As soon as Soviet Union contacted Pakistan for safe withdrawal from Afghanistan without declaring defeat. General Zia-ul-Haq conditioned the safe withdrawal of the Soviet Forces with the establishment of a transitional government consisting of the active groups of Afghan Mujahedeen so that after withdrawal of the Soviet Union, the expected civil war due to lack of the Afghan govt. may be stopped. No matter what differences one have with General Zia, blame him for whatever but one cannot reject the concerns of Gen Zia about Afghanistan just on the basis of his coming into power through martial law. Pakistani politicians support to American stance due to their biasedness against Zia and the civil war in Afghanistan as a result; Afghanistan is still facing this. America has been in power in Afghanistan for last 16 years. India has established uncountable training and control camps in Afghanistan for terrorism in Pakistan. This terror war imposed by India on Pakistan via Afghanistan has claimed more than 70,000 lives of Pakistanis. Alas! If the concerns of Zia has been considered and a transitional govt. has been established in Afghanistan, hundreds of thousands human beings would not have lost their lives in civil war and American invasion. One may think that why Soviet Union was in a haste to withdraw from Afghanistan. One may remember that after withdrawal of Soviet forces from Afghanistan, the petrol and gas reserves of central Asian states were hot topic for discussion. Moreover, during the govt. of Zahir Shah, world first time heard about the resources of Afghanistan by the American media that according to NASA, in a survey from the space the world’s best ore reserves of iron are present in 8 different places of Afghanistan. The reserves of other precious metals are separate from this. These resources may fulfill the needs of the world for next 120-180 years. However, America never expressed interests in the reserves of the Afghanistan. America’s whole interest was in the reserves of Central Asian states. After withdrawal of Soviet Forces, Afghanistan was engulfed by the civil war while on the other hand Soviet Union was disintegrated losing her control over the Central Asian states. When the Central Asian states got independence, world first time heard about the natural reserves of these states, although these reserves has been found but never explored due to easy access.
Afghanistan's remote mountains store trillions of dollars in mineral wealth. (U.S. Air Force)

                That was why Moscow attacked Afghanistan to get shorter excess to warm waters via Pakistan’s Gwadar and lost her control on Central Asian states. After disintegration of Afghanistan America planned to explore ore reserves in Afghanistan and procure rights of exploration of oil reserves in Afghanistan via Pakistan. However, the civil war in Afghanistan was the hurdle in the American plans. In order to fulfill her plans America started restoring peace in specific areas of Afghanistan, in this regard services of two Islamic clerics of Pakistan were utilized. These two clerics contacted the students of their Madaris located in the areas adjacent to the Afghanistan border in order to establish such a organization that may unarm the conflicting Afghan groups and establish an Islamic system to restore peace. Due to their link with Madaris they were given the name of “Taliban” (students). One may see the news published in the newspapers of 1993-94, one will realize that USA was behind the organizing and activating Taliban. USA was supported by Benazir Bhutto as Prime Minister of Pakistan. This was not the first attempt of America. Before this America has made two to three attempts to procure safe trade route but failed.
                First of all USA attempted to use General Rasheed Dostum, but he left Americans because as a “warlord” his personal interests were not similar to Americans. Second attempt was made using supporters of ex-king of Afghanistan Zahir Shah, from Qandahar to Herat, few moulvi’s and Muslim Militia groups of Communist General Asmat Ullah, but this attempt failed as well. In the third attempt, a group namely “Mazlumeen” was formed using ex-Afghan soldiers and communists. This attempt failed as well due to the mutual differences of the members of the organization. All these attempts were limited to those areas were limited to those areas that were in between Pakistan’s Balochistan to Central Asian states freed from Soviet Union. Taliban were the result of the fourth attempt; they had three slogans; 1) restoration of peace, 2) freedom from cruelty, and 3) imposition of Islamic law.
The brilliant blue stone  lapis lazuli, prized for millennia, is almost uniquely found in  Afghanistan.

                Initially three types of the people became the part of Taliban; 1) professional afghan soldiers belonging to Al-Khalq party having communist ideology and expert in using the heavy weapons and military equipment including Najeeb, ex-Defense Minister Shahnawaz Magsi who had fled to Pakistan after failed coup against Najeeb on the advice of CIA and was in contact with Americans, 2) Common Mujahedeen who joined Taliban leaving their groups and 3) the group of students of Madaris who became the identity of Taliban. Initially, the fear of Taliban was established by destruction of opium fields, all this was done under the supervision of Pakistani Foreign Minister of that time Naseer Ullah Babar. He also visited Qandahar along with American diplomats. In September 1994, Naseer Ullah Babar completed the survey of Qandahar to Herat road. On 20 September 1994, he reached Qandahar along with American Ambassador John. Li Monjo and other 6 diplomats and got the briefing about the trade railway line from Balochistan to Ashkabad, Turkmenistan. Americans assured the financing of this project. In a secret meeting on 28 October 1994 between Benazir Bhutto and Afghan war lords General Rasheed Dostum and Ismail Khan the trade route between Pakistan and Turkmenistan was discussed. Afterwards, through Naseer Ullah Babar, a convey carrying relief goods carrying medicines and food from America was sent to Ashkhabad from Chaman via Qandahar and Heart. When this convoy reached Qandahar, the groups in power there stopped the convoy claiming that they need this aid more.
                On 03 November 1996, suddenly Taliban attacked those who had captured the convoy and freed it. Including Mansoor Achakzai other commanders were murdered and hanged, after this incidents no one resisted against Taliban. Taliban attacked Qandahar airport and captured it; this was the first time when world was introduced with Taliban, their suspicious power and professionalism. Afghans who were already tired of civil war, considered Taliban as aid from God. Wherever Taliban went, people gathered around it. Taliban started marching towards Heart, whatever town or city fell in their way, they sent their representatives to the elders of that city asking them either to laydown weapons or get ready for fight. They asked the people of the captured city to help them to restore peace and end tyranny. In this way Taliban kept advancing without any significant resistance. How Taliban took control of whole Afghanistan, this is a separate story; however, American analysts are agreed upon the fact that USA played vital role in the establishment of Taliban and their victory. American goal was to secure access to the Central Asian states.
The Islamic State group  releases photos of weapons and kit belonging to US soldiers discarded after  fighting in Afghanistan.

                Now let us analyze the whole situation from another angle. There is no doubt that collective memory of public is very limited. The ever changing situation overcomes the past in such a way that one forgets the details of the past tragedies. As soon as the Central Asian states got independence, under the supervision of White House, famous Oil exploration company UNOCAL (Union Oil Company of California) made the plans to construct pipe line for oil and gas from Turkmenistan to Pakistan which was to be extended to India afterwards. In order to execute the plan the peace in Afghanistan was inevitable for which Taliban were supported to take over Afghanistan. The ultimate goal was to pave way for implementation of UNOCAL’s pipeline plan. UNOCAL told Taliban that after completion of the pipeline construction Afghan govt. would get 400 million dollars as royalty for the passage of the pipeline. Taliban were in favor of the said plan. They wanted American investment in Afghanistan without any delay so that destroyed Afghan economy may be rebuilt. This was to be done by Americans and European powers who were supporting the UNOCAL’s plan. Northern Alliance in Afghanistan was not happy over the situation because they were totally ignored. The regional powers supporting were not in favor of the plan. Due to their interference the Herat province adjacent to Turkmenistan was badly hit by anti-Taliban activities resulting in the delay of the pipeline plan. Despite of business ties between Saudi Bin Laden group and American political parties the relations of Osama Bin Laden got tense with White House. The big reason was the increasing differences of Osama and Royal family of Saudi Arabia. When American govt. started supporting Saudi Royal Family, Osama started challenging America directly. The attacks over American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania by Osama, the relations between America and Osama grew so bad that there was no way to return. As a retaliation of attacks over American embassies in Africa, American President Bill Clinton ordered to target Osama’s hideouts with cruise missile in 1997, however, Osama survived in these attacks. The situation resulted in the terrorism of 9/11 after which it was inevitable for USA to attack Afghanistan. The Oil Pipe Line Project was ignored temporarily.
What's really going on in  Afghanistan since long
                Few days before American attacks in 2001, “Agency France Press” analyzed the American Foreign Policy in these words,
“Keen to see Afghanistan under strong central rule to allow a US led group to build multi-billion dollar oil and gas pipeline, Washington urged key allies Pakistan and Saudi Arabia to back the militia’s bid for power in 1996. Now say the end of the Islamic Militia (Taliban) could spell the start of more lucrative opportunities for Western Oil Companies”.
Actually, world was not ready to link the attack over Afghanistan with Osama Bin Laden. World was taking it as an attempt to implement the plan of UNOCAL pipeline. On 05 October 2001, Asia Times analyzed the UNO’s support for attack over Afghanistan and coalition in these words;
“Coalition against terrorism is the first opportunity that has any chance of making UNOCAL’s wish comes true”.
On 13 October 2001, The Hindu printed the detail of US President George W. Bush and Vice President Duck Cheney’s oil business and claimed that American attack over Afghanistan is not against terrorism but for the pipeline. On 14 October 2001, American newspaper The Washington Times published the interview of the representative of Afghan govt. in which he claimed that America is attacking Afghanistan for pipeline project. On 23 October 2001, British newspaper The Guardian published the stance of UNOCAL Company in which it was said that peace in Afghanistan is inevitable for the pipe line project. On the 2nd day it was claimed that American attack over Afghanistan is the need of the UNOCAL. However, interesting analysis was done by the US journalist Seth Stevenson in which he gave the details of establishment of Taliban, American support to Taliban for victory in Afghanistan and afterwards American bombardment over Taliban and American arguments for attack in his article “Pipe Dreams”;
We were supporting the Taliban so we can build a pipeline while we pretend we don’t care about their links to terrorism.
We are bombing the Taliban so we can build a pipeline while we pretend we care about their links to terrorism.
Trillion-Dollar treasure  hunt in Afghanistan

One may look into the American or Western media, the only purpose of US attack according to the media in 2001 was only for the pipeline, to purchase oil and gas from Central Asian states and sell it to the world via Afghanistan and Pakistan including mineral reserves of Afghanistan as well. Soviet Union came with these goals in her mind and was trapped into Afghanistan. Afterwards, USA got trapped as well as she ignored that despite being disintegrated, Russia is still a big power of the region that will not spare the chance to take revenge from USA. Iran and China would also like to trap USA into Afghanistan. USA was thinking that no one will resist against her control of Afghanistan and little resistance will be crushed with the support of the allies. USA took the support of Northern Alliance ignoring Pashtuns, termed them as terrorists and made life difficult for them. In this way by giving free hand to Northern Alliance, America paved way for her defeat. Northern Alliance took the support of India for controlling Afghanistan. The situation in the Afghanistan was totally changed after Indian interference. New Delhi exploited Afghanistan as a second battlefield against Pakistan. India started terrorism in Pakistan via Afghanistan via on the other hand she increased her support in Pakistan through he exchange of envoys in the name of “Aman Ki Asha”. These pro-Indian elements covered Indian involvement in terrorism in Pakistan as a reaction of Pakistan army and ISI’s Afghan policy and Afghan Mujahedeen.
                When terrorism crossed certain limits, Pakistan army decided to cleanse the area from terrorists. On the other hand the largest group of India, succeeded in procuring the rights to explore minerals especially iron from Afghanistan in 2012. When JSW group won the bid of exploring iron from mountains of Bamiyan, Afghanistan, world got aware that world’s finest iron ore is found in Afghanistan. Who is the owner of the JSW group and JSW Steel? The name of the owner was not known in Pakistan. PPP govt. in Pakistan planned to include India in the trade route from Afghanistan to India via Wahga border. Transportation of Indian items to Afghanistan might be explained but Pakistanis were not ready to allow using Pakistani roads but Pakistani govt. was prepared to allow India for trade route. However, Indian attempts failed due to public protest.
Farah, Afghanistan  Lithium deposit sites in Afghanistan

                In 2014, Modi notorious as mass murderer of Muslims was elected as Indian Prime Minister. In Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, Prime minister of Pakistan, hurt the emotions of Pakistanis by announcing to participate in the oath taking ceremony of Modi claiming that nation gave him mandate for improving relations with India. What insult he has to face there, is a separate story. During his visit to India, Nawaz Sharif declined to meet the Kashmiri leadership but spent time with Sajjan Jindal and his family, a businessman linked with the business of steel. Suspicions were raised in Pakistan; however, Pakistanis remained unaware that Janddal is pressurizing Pakistan for signing a deal of trade route for India. Afterwards, during the SAARC conference, the secret meeting between Modi and Nawaz Sharif was leaked out by Indian female journalist which was rejected by Pakistan. According to Indian journalist the secret meeting of both Prime Ministers was planned by Sajjan Jindal’s brother Naveen Jindal. It was the same person who made Modi visit Pakistan while returning from Kabul in December 2015. Modi was accompanied by Ajeet Kumar Doval, ex-Chief of Indian secret agency who openly confesses that India is involved in terrorism in Pakistan. Sajjan Jindal suddenly reached Islamabad, few months ago and was taken to meet with Prime Minister in Murree with special protocol. Analysts linked his visit with the Kulbhushan Yadev, Indian state terrorist. Nawaz Sharif’s daughter tried to end the chaos by saying that this was a meeting between two old friends. This might be true.
Did Indian Iron-lord   Sajjan Jindal, buyer of Afghan-Iron-Ore terrain, met Nawaz for grant of   passage to India

                During Modi’s visit to USA in June 2017, Trump advised Pakistan to improve relations with India, ignoring the atrocities committed by Indian state terrorists in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK). In such a situation the Trump’s statement is nothing less than a joke. Of course, Trump cannot openly ask Pakistan to allow Jindal to explore Afghan iron and transport it to India. After Trump, announced his policy for Afghanistan on 24 August 2017, nothing is secret anymore. Trump wants India to play role in restoration of peace in Afghanistan. America army has no plans to withdraw from Afghanistan. Trump also threatened Pakistan that either Pakistan should end the safe heavens of those resisting in Afghanistan or American army will do it. These few points are pivotal points of Trump’s Afghan policy.
                Ground reality is that, Janndal’s company is about to start exploration of iron in Afghanistan. For mining in mountains, tunnels are being dug. India wants protection of thousands of Indian laborers and engineers working in Janndal’s company who will be exploring iron. All this work will be done in Afghan areas of Bamiyan, Haji kak, Siahdara, and Badakhshan those provinces that are controlled by Taliban. There are neither roads nor transportation system. American and NATO forces are not ready to provide protection to Indian workers while Afghan army is not capable to fight against Taliban in these narrow mountainous areas. America and Afghan govt. want India to send her troops for protection of her workers. India is afraid that how her army will face Taliban in unknown terrain, Taliban whom Soviet Union, NATO and American army cannot defeat. The pressure over Pakistan to provide road access to India by Indian industrialist has reached such a limit that if Indian troops are deployed in Afghanistan for protection of Indian workers, than Pakistan will have to protect Indian troops.
                Neither USA nor India can demand this openly that Pakistan should protect Indian troops that are to be deployed in Afghanistan. Our present and past rulers are ready to serve India but they know that Pakistanis will not allow them. Americans are not ready to leave Afghanistan because they have discovered huge reserves of Lithium in Afghanistan amounting to trillions of dollars. Moreover, the money Americans are minting from trading in drugs especially opium is another reason for their prolonging of stay in Afghanistan. Additionally the plan of UNOCAL for pipeline from Turkmenistan to is also present. Problem for Pakistan is that previously only America was present in Afghanistan to loot the mineral reserves now India has joined her and both are threatening Pakistan for their protection.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Family Magazine,
Date: 24 September 2017.

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