Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Peace in Afghanistan at the cost of Pakistan is Impossible…

24th July 2017. 24 people  were killed and many people were seriously injured in a suicide blast  in Kabul

                On 24 July 2017, terrorists attacked a bus carrying government officials in which 24 persons were killed while 42 were injured.  Taliban claimed the responsibility of the attack that suicide bomber riding on the car targeted a bus that was carrying the officials of Afghan secret agency. According to Afghan Police, the bus was not carrying officials of the secret agency but the workers of Ministry of Petroleum. The painful aspect is that right after the blast, Afghan Presidential House and Foreign Ministry blamed Pakistan for the attack without considering that on the same day suicide bomber targeted a big gathering of Police at Lahore who was there to support the Municipal workers in their operation against encroachments. This bomb blast took the lives of 28 persons including 9 Policemen while 56 were injured. At the when both bomb attacks occurred, American Army’s Commander General Nicholson was present in Rawalpindi in order to discuss the situation in the region especially Pakistan’s cooperation in the restoration of Peace in Afghanistan and Border Management on Pak-Afghan border with COAS of Pakistan General Qamar Javed Bajwa. Pakistani Army Chief made this clear to Gen Nicholson that this usual that when Washington is reconsidering its policies about Pakistan, a special environment against Pakistan is being developed by laying blames over Pakistan. During the meeting, the American Ambassador to Pakistan David Bell was also present. Army Chief made this clear to Americans that Propaganda against Pakistan and allegations are creating hurdles for Pakistan for taking steps against terrorists and this is equivalent to rejecting the sacrifices made by the Pakistani nation against terrorism over Which Pakistanis have severe concerns.
Lahore suicide explosion  kills at least 29 people including 9 police men
                This is a bitter reality, that Pakistan is the only country who has to offer the greatest sacrifices in the American war against terrorism. Pakistan is the only country who has sacrificed thousands of lives in order to crush the foreign sponsored terrorists and their secret hideouts in Pakistan which are acknowledged by Western powers as well, however, they start blaming Pakistan due to their interests in the region.
                In 2001, when Americans attacked Afghanistan along with allied forces and lethal weapons they were dreaming that Afghans would get afraid of their fighter jets, missiles, and daisy cutter bombs capable of crushing the mountains and would hide under their blankets. Under the umbrella of the UNO whole world would accept Americans as Saviours and acknowledge them as the owner of the fate of the Afghans, whatever America would do there no one will question her. America forgot that according to American claims the Soviet Union was defeated in most insulting manners resulting in its dismemberment is once again back on its feet. Russian army is preparing to get out of the shock of defeat and once again face Americans. Whether it is America or Britain both are thousands of mile away from Afghanistan while Russia has adjacent borders. Not only this, since the era of Marxism. Moscow has strong relations with Kabul. China also has influence in Afghanistan via Wakhan.
Blast in Lahore on 24 of July 2017

                Americans stepped into Afghanistan after severe bombardment ignoring all the ground realities intoxicated by the military might she has. Americans declared the majority of Afghans i.e. Pashtuns as enemies and established puppet govt. riding on the shoulders of the Northern Alliance. They forgot that in such situation Pashtuns will have no way except to resist against Americans for their survival. As soon as Northern Alliance came into power they committed atrocities against Pashtuns violating the basic human rights which created a mess for the America.
                If Americans have not started all their operations against an ethnic group based on the hatred of Northern Alliance than situation might have been different for America. Americans committed another grave mischief on at the beck and call of Northern Alliance by giving them free hand against Afghans and allowing India to operate into Afghanistan. Puppets like Hamid Karzai in the power corridors built such mountains of corruption which have now become impossible for Americans to overcome. The Afghan bureaucracy and govt. having foundations on the corruption is so much powerless and untrusted by the Afghans that public prefers to take their case to Afghan Taliban for free and speedy justice in spite of going to the courts. In contrast to this Afghan police and other security agencies are suffering from lowest morale. On the one hand, they lack professional training Moreover they do not want to fight at all. They lack the chain of command. 30% Afghan army exists only in papers whose salaries amount to millions of dollars. The weapons issued in the name of these ghost soldiers also amounts to billions of dollars. The amount of salary is distributed among influential Generals and minister of Afghan defense. Some of the money is paid to Taliban as extortion money so that they do not attack those areas that are under the control of the Afghan forces.
U.S. Army Special Forces  with Hamid Karzai in Kandahar province, after United States invasion of  Afghanistan in 2001
      The joint operations of the Afghan and American army have lost their benefits due to the killing of more than 8 American soldiers in the hands of Afghan soldiers. On the one hand, Afghan soldiers are not ready to accept Americans as their commanders while on the other hand, Americans treat Afghan soldiers as third class workers. In the war against Guerilla warfare, secret information plays a vital role. In Afghanistan from soldier to Army Chief, all depend on the secret information provided by American secret agencies which Americans do not share with Afghan commanders and even if they share it with them they do not disclose full information on the suspicions as they are not ready to trust Afghan commanders.
2001 U.S. British  invasion of Afghanistan begins
                Moreover, the corruption is badly affecting the American Commanders in Afghanistan. The recent example is the purchase of new Uniform for Afghan army costing 28 million dollars. The environment, terrain of the land etc. are not new for Americans they knew it since 1980. They are well aware that there are no forests in Afghanistan, despite this Pentagon has prepared a new Forest Camouflage Uniform for Afghan army using such a cloth which is not suitable for any season in Afghanistan.
                American investigations on this scandal aside, these are few reasons due to which America cannot be successful in Afghanistan even in next 100 years. She wants to blame Pakistan for her defeat in Afghanistan in spite of taking care of her short comings. She wants that Pakistan army fights American war in Afghanistan and risk Pakistan's integrity in order to strengthen American presence in Afghanistan. America should now understand that peace in Afghanistan at the cost of Pakistan is not possible…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 03 August 2017.

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