Friday, August 25, 2017

New American Plan for Peace in Afghanistan!

Nisour Square (Iraq)   Massacre victims of Blackwater Contracters

                The Black Water (XE) was highlighted on 16 September 2007 for providing rented soldiers/assassins or mercenaries when approximately half a dozen of security guards accompanying American Ambassador to Iraq killed 17 innocent Iraqis by their automatic weapons in Al-Nasr Square of Bagdad. The unprovoked firing of guards of US ambassador generated criticism for the USA on the international level. American army which was being posed as the savior of Iraqis from Dictator Saddam Hussain was indulged in inhuman tortures, unjustified killings of Iraqis and much more. When the videos of these inhuman tortures and extrajudicial killings by Americans were leaked out, the role of the American army and their goals for attack over Iraq became suspicious. When American army was blamed for the murder of unarmed 17 Iraqis in the direct firing at Al-Nasr Square; US Army representative has to speak up that Black Water was responsible for the murder, not US army. These mercenaries have no link with American Army or any other American state agency. Above explanation forced Washington DC that American Foreign Ministry should clarify the situation because American puppet Prime Minister Nuri-al-Malaki of Iraq termed this incident as barbarism and demanded that responsible should be brought to justice. American Foreign Minister Condoleza Rice told journalists that American govt. has started investigations. She expressed sympathy with the families of murdered Iraqis, condemned the incident and claimed that if killed persons were proved to be innocent than responsible would be dealt accordingly.
Blackwater Contractors who killed 17 unarmed Iraqi civilians
                The mercenaries of Black Water claimed that persons standing in the Al-Nasr Square wanted to attack the convoy of US ambassador that is why they have to kill them. According to Iraqi police, out of 17 killed persons, 3 were children while two of them were women, none of them had any type of weapon or explosive. All the four Americans involved in the firing were arrested and shifted to the USA but this incident opened up a Pandora box. The world was astonished that in the presence of such big number of American army why there was the need for the mercenaries or assassins? Iraqi journalists started investigating the role of Black Water mercenaries; they found uncountable incidents of unaccounted killings and violations of human rights. These incidents included killings of innocents, rape of women during the search of the homes, killing of men on the resistance terming them as the supporter of Saddam or attempting to attack Americans; when these incidents were reported in the media, the dirty role of Black Water came to surface. American public started protesting against them. These were identified as contractors in America, the discussion over the usage of contractors as a substitute of US army was already underway. The negative role of the contractors reinforced the stand of Americans already criticizing contractors. Ruling Republican Party was of the view that American army should be used only for the war or big operations while there is no problem in using mercenaries for protection of military installations, American embassies abroad and other activities (assassinations).
Blackwater USA, founder, Erik Prince
                During the discussion, this was also revealed that the USA has been using contractors since Iraq Attack 2003 against Saddam’s army and his supporters. They have murdered thousands of Iraqis. Dick Cheney and Rumsfeld claimed that they are the reason behind victory of the American army on the Iraqi ground. There are also Americans who consider Black Water involved in the establishment of ISIS. There inhuman activities and violations of human rights resulted in the growth of ISIS. When Barack Obama came to power, ISIS spread across Syria under the supervision of Henry Clinton. Donald Trump has also blamed Henry for the establishment of ISIS. Henry also paved way for operation of Black Water in Pakistan through Pakistani ambassador to USA Hussein Haqqani and Asif Ali Zardari.
                Now according to the news reports from the Washington, US govt. is giving the contract of peace in Afghanistan to Black Water mercenaries or contractors for replacing 8500 US soldiers in Afghanistan gradually. Initially, 5500 contractors will be deployed in Afghanistan as replacement of American soldiers. All these contractors will wear the uniform of Afghan National Army and become a part of Afghan Army. US Air force will provide them 90 latest war jets including air ambulance, bombers, and fighters.
Soon Blackwater-Mercenaries will replace U.S.A. troops in Afghanistan
                USA is spending 40 billion US dollars annually over American army in Afghanistan; however, Black Water is contracting for 10 billion US dollars for operating in Afghanistan. Trump having business mind unsatisfied with the performance of US army is much impressed by the offer of Erick Prince, owner of Black Water. The USA will save 30 billion dollars annually, but contractors will be able to restore peace in Afghanistan where Americans and NATO forces are unable to achieve their targets.  

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 17 August 2017.

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