Friday, June 16, 2017

Heinous Crimes of Terrorist Hindus against Muslims in Terrorist Hindu India!

Jewar Gang Rape Victims  Narrate Shocking Details of Highway Horror
                On 10 April 2017, in the area of Ghazi Abad Lucknow, two Hindu young men dug up the graves of a Muslim woman buried two days ago and raped the dead body while filming the whole crime. They left the dead body out of the grave. They not only shared their achievement via social media to other Hindus but also posted to their Hindu extremist leaders as a token of Achievement. On the basis of the video clips when Muslims contacted Hindu police to take action against the culprits, Hindu Police denied taking any action against the culprits saying that these inhuman crimes are not culpable by Indian Police. When the news reached media it was disclosed the in 2016 such crimes has been reported in which dead bodies of two Muslim women were mutilated including uncountable numbers of such incidents. Muslims do not complain or protest against such crimes due to the fear of extremist Hindus.
Last year in 2016 the  rape of mother and her daughter nearby the same road in Uttar Pradesh  sparked a storm of unrest
                On 12 September 2016, Mewat area of Haryana, Hindu extremists attacked a Muslim house and murdered the owner of the house along with his under the allegations of cooking cow meat. At the time of the attack, only the couple was present there. The relatives of the murdered contacted Indian Police for action against the culprits but police rejected to take any action against the culprits saying that Haryana is one of those districts of India where slaughtering cow or eating cow meat is prohibited. After 15 days, the extremist Hindu terrorists once again entered the house where they have murdered the couple and raped the 20-year-old daughter of the murdered and her 14-year-old cousin. They said that they are punishing them for eating cow meat. They threatened that if they ever ate cow meat they will come again.
Victim Muslim ladies escorted by police for the examination in Noida district hospital.
                Despite all this on the night of 25 May 2017, at about 1:30 am night, 4 women of Muslim family were gang raped by Hindu Extremists. Indian Media was unable to suppress the news because the family belonged to a rich businessman family and secondly a crowd gathered at the crime scene, who took the pictures of the crime scene and shared them through social media. International media also gave coverage to the incident as Online News. According to the news report, on the midnight of 24 and 25 May 2017, at about 12 am a family consisting of 8 members including 4 women left for the Buland Shehr in order to see an ill relative. When their minivan-like car reached Sabata village of Noida City at about 1:30 am night, their tire was blown up by the bullet. Although the car did not topple due to slow speed but turned away from the road. As soon as the car stopped, few Hindu terrorists armed with firearms, iron rods and knives attacked the car and dragged the women into nearby crop fields. These women were gang raped. On the cries of the women, the passing by cars stopped and people from the nearby village came as well thinking that some accident had happened. In order to keep people away, Hindu extremists fired bullets due to which no one dared to save the women from Hindu beasts. One of the men journeying along with the women tried to engage Hindu terrorists but was shot dead on the spot. 

Now Indian govt. and Police is trying to cover the terrorist incident by terming it as ROBBERY

As the women were being dragged from car to the nearby crop fields, someone called Police Station which was only a half kilometer away from the crime scene but Police did not arrive at the spot making lame excuses. Someone had the number of SSP Lov Kumar, he contacted the said SSP and told him that Police had not arrived despite three hours had passed while Hindu terrorists have shot down a man as well. When SSP reached on the crime scene along with his force he was told that Police did not respond while Hindu terrorists raped women for two hours, if Police had reached on time some of the culprits might have been arrested. In order to control the situation, SSP promised to take stern action against the culprits. The dead body of the murdered was sent for autopsy. Women were sent for the medical report to the hospital where the gang rape was proved. Hindu terrorists took away the mobile phones, jewelry, cash and other valuables of the passengers so that the whole crime may be termed as Dacoity / Robbery.
Noida district police is trying to convert this case into robbery incident.
                The member of assembly Dharinder Singh visited the hospital where women were admitted and claimed that the culprits will not be spared unpunished. It was turned down as a political statement by the relatives of the affected family. They were demanding inquiry of the Policemen who did not come despite being informed. They were terming this incident and the incidents of rapes of Muslim Women a part of the policy of Chief Minister Aditya Nath which he presented on his oath taking ceremony that  Muslim should be forced either to leave India or convert to Hindus. According to this policy, Hindus were incited to not only rape Muslim women but their dead bodies buried in the graves as well in order to teach a lesson to the Muslims.
Map of the site
                The gang rape of lower caste Hindu women or non-Hindu women under the garb of riots or some other lame excuses is nothing new. Hindu terrorist army in Indian Occupied  Kashmir is using gang rapes as a state policy to crush the freedom movement of Kashmiris. Now Hindu Terrorist Modi having the record of the genocide of Muslims has decided to impose this state policy of gang rapes of non-Hindu women across India. The statements of Hindu terrorist Chief Minister on Oath Taking Ceremony, the policy statement was about this policy. In his statement, he further said that sculptures of Mother Terresa in UP should be demolished and preaching her ideology was agaisn the Hindu law. New York Times condemned his statements which has no significance in India because these were the US rulers and media who not only ignored the Muslim genocide by Modi in Gujarat but now Modi is the best friend of USA because West especially Americans can sell lives, souls, and bodies of even Christians living in India for multi-billion dollar deals.
Car at the spot on the  Jewar-Bulandshahr Road where 4 Muslim women were gang-raped
                In order to save the living and dead women from Hindu Rapists, Pakistan and other similar minded countries would have to step ahead but Muslim countries are bowing in front of Trump under the leadership of KSA. Trump who sees Pakistan as a terrorist country not Hindu India…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Dated: 01 June 2017.

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