Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Public Cooperation is Need of the Hour for Success of Operation “Rad-ul-Fasad”

Now ISIS is emerging  in the various districts of Afghanistan

                This year the leadership of Economic Cooperation Committee has been transferred to Pakistan. In this regard the international meeting in Islamabad is a great breakthrough in which including heads of state of Turkey and Iran all notable countries of the region participated. This is also a response to Indian negative propaganda against Pakistan which Modi tried to fuel in the Heart of Asia Conference December 2016 in Amritsar India. Before this in the BRICS conference in October 2016 held at Goa India attempted to exploit the agenda of conference against Pakistan which was sternly rejected by China.
In 2001 Taliban were the  Biggest enemy US discovered in Afghanistan
                Not only India, USA is also restless over her decreasing / limited role in South Asia and increasing influence of China and Russia. That is why although USA avoided reacting over ECO summit in Pakistan and Joint Declaration but NATO Commander General John Nicholson from USA issued the statement that ISIS (DAESH), Uzbek and TTP (Tehreek Taliban Pakistan) have established a traditional coalition which is a great threat for the USA. Before this newly elected US President Trump had said that he will end ISIS from the entire world. In his address Trump said that terrorists are present on both sides of the Pak-Afghan border but he did not mention the 15 years long terrorism in Pakistan and Pakistan army’s operations against it. As a result of these operations 95% of tribal area has been cleansed from terrorists and the construction of infrastructure, roads, hospitals, schools in affected areas is going on rapidly.
Later on Al-Qaeda  replaced Taliban as a bigger threat

                Due to these successful operations, the higher command of terrorists had been forced to flee to Afghanistan from tribal areas of Pakistan, operating under the protection of Indian RAW and National Directorate of Security (NDS) Afghanistan for bomb blasts and terrorism in Pakistan. American officials are well aware of the terrorists operating from Afghanistan into Pakistan. They are aware that ex-Chief of NDS Rehmatullah Nabeel or Afghan President are more loyal to India than Afghanistan. The nexus between Rehmatullah Nabeel and Ajit Kumar Doval, special advisor to Indian Prime Minister resulted in the terrorism in Pakistan and ISIS getting foothold in Afghanistan.
                The attack over Army Public School December 2014, was conducted by similar nexus. It took a year to Afghan President to get resign from Rehmatullah Nabeel due to Pakistan’s protest against involvement of Afghanistan in these attacks. On 10 December 2015, on the eve of his resign, he delivered a speech full of hatred against Pakistan. US analysts were astonished over his anti-Pakistan address and were of the view that terrorists operating in Pakistan from Afghanistan will continue their activities as Indian Defense Department has deep roots in NDS.
 FOX News alert: ISIS  attacks military hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan

                Despite of all this, one day after Economic Cooperation Committee’s summit the US drone attack in Kurram Agency Pakistan shows that USA has started a new war with a new statement which was mentioned in Trump’s address. In 2001 when US attacked Afghanistan, Taliban were declared as grave threat for not only US public but Western countries as well. In 2005, Taliban were replaced by Al-Qaeda as a greatest threat. Afterwards, as long as Obama establishment was in power, Al-Qaeda was pushed back and ISIS appeared as a greatest threat to the world. This is the extremist ISIS whose creation was blamed on Obama Establishment especially Hillary Clinton by Donald Trump during his election campaigns. After coming into power, Trump declared to end ISIS and pointing out its presence across Pak-Afghan border shows that in the near future such like activities of ISIS would be conducted that will reinforce statements and concerns of US establishment and the terrorists accepting terrorists activities in Pakistan from Chennai India would be replaced by ISIS.
Afghan national army  investigate the aftermath of suicide attack at the military hospital in  Kabul

                Keeping in mind these threats, Pakistan army has decided to start Operation Rad-ul-Fasad, the search operations within the houses have been started but irony of the fate is that few politicians are busy in bargaining over the establishment of military courts while others are fueling provincial disputes. The operation in Punjab is being portrayed as operation against Pashtuns from KPK or tribal areas of Pakistan. In fact the search operations are being conducted to trace out the facilitators of terrorists that have moved into Pakistan under the garb of Afghan refugees. Portraying these search operations as operations against Pashtuns or citizens of Pakistan from any other area is a propaganda and conspiracy of enemy. In such situation it is the duty of every Pakistani to keep a vigilant eye over his surrounding and report any suspicious activity to the law enforcement agencies. Govt. should also take steps to restore the confidence of public in the Police so that everyone can report suspicious activities to Police without any hesitation that Police will threaten him instead.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 09 March 2017.

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