Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Contradiction in anti-Pakistan Statements and Continuing Terrorism!

Terrorists attacked a crowded Sufi  shrine in Sehwan Sharif, killing at least 90 people and wounding dozens  more in the deadliest of a wave of bombings

                Whether it is any International Forum or Indian Prime Minister is visiting any country, every sentence that comes out of his mouth is against Pakistan. Every Indian Prime Minister, speaks against Pakistan taking it as a part of his duties as Prime Minister. This is going on since freedom of Pakistan. Pakistan army has been essential target of Indian Propaganda and will remain a target. Initially Pakistan Army was alleged for capturing Kashmir and interference into Indian Held Kashmir (IHK). In 1979, when Russia invaded Afghanistan and Afghans resisted against Soviet invasion, India started alleging Pakistan for supporting for Afghans (they were identified as Mujahedeen much later). However, at this time Western Media and US govt. did not acknowledge Indian Propaganda. After defeat of Soviet forces when Afghanistan had to face worst Civil War, Indian blamed this on Pakistan as well.
On July 7, in 2005, 56  people were killed by the coordinated assault on London - the first ever  suicide attack in the UK.

                Afterwards when USA invaded Afghanistan to revenge 9/11, India was the only country who left no stone unturned to convince USA that it should attack Pakistan in spite of Afghanistan terming Pakistan as center of terrorism whose prepared terrorists are being used in neighboring countries as well. India offered USA to handover Indian airbases and Air Force which was turned down by USA but India continued her anti-Pakistan agenda. India established a Think Tank named as South Asia Analysis Group and fixed a huge sum from the budget for it. The sole purpose was to defame Pakistan as a terrorist state however, in order to deceive world it was given the name of study group about South Asia. Ex-Chief of Indian terrorist agency RAW, B. Ramin was appointed as the chief of this so called study group while retired officers from RAW were appointed as its analysts including S. Gopal, Dr. S. Chandar Shekran, C.S Kaporr Sormay, Dr Sibhash Gupella, Dr Rajesh Tambari, Colonel Areri Haran, Brig. B. Ramay and Brig Traupadhiye. In order to make their anti-Pakistan writings way into Western Media, Israel played a vital role. USA was severely criticized in their writings for not attacking Pakistan. Not only this when bomb blast near Madrid Railway Station of Spain took lives of 191 people in 2004, the Western newspapers of 12 March 2004, the analysts who blamed Pakistan for these attacks belonged to Indian SAAG think tank. Spanish govt. rejected this theory that those people of Al-Qaeda were involved in this attack who had lived sometime back in Pakistan’s tribal areas.
The 2004 Madrid train  bombings (also known in Spain as 11-M) were simultaneous, coordinated  Islamic bombings against the commuter train system of Madrid

                A similar attack was conducted on 07 July 2005 in the underground tube train of Britain taking lives of 52 people and injuring 700. Western media attempted to blame Pakistan for this attack as well. The purpose of above quoted examples was to make the anti-Pakistan role of India clear which has different aspects as follows:
1)      Attempt to link terrorist attack all over the world to Pakistan. Not only from India but from within Pakistan a group of traitors having enmity against Pakistan army was hired to portray that whether it is the resistance war in Afghanistan or Indian Held Kashmir or Islamic extremism anywhere in the world and the terrorist activities as its result all are handled by Pakistani military.
 February 13, 2017 - An  explosion near the Punjab Assembly in Lahore killed at least 13 people and  wounded dozens.
2)      India established a well-coordinated network of terrorists by hiring outlaws / criminals in tribal areas of Pakistan and gave them the task to conduct suicide bomb blasts under the garb of Islamic extremism. Indian media exploited there terrorist attacks in two ways: 1) Pakistan’s nuclear assets are unsafe which can fall in the hands of terrorists any time threatening the exisgtence of entire world. 2) The suicide bombers conducting terrorist activities have been trained and prepared by Pakistan itself which have now become a threat for Pakistan.
In 1987 a massive bomb  exploded in the busy Saddar area, Bohri Bazar Karachi , killing dozens of  people.
In this despite of thousands of lives lost in the terrorist attacks planned and executed by India no one realized that India might be behind this. Leaving the rest of the world aside, Pakistani political leaders also acted upon the policy of friendly relations with India. That is why a cracker attack in India makes whole world criticize Pakistan while a bomb blast claiming hundreds of Pakistani lives is ignored by the international community. India is still conducting terrorist attacks over innocent Pakistanis. In past when military courts were established for two years nation had high hopes that political leadership will be able to chalk out legal / constitutional amendments to tackle terrorism but alas nothing has been done in this regard. Nation has once again its eyes on the military courts but alas it is the acting upon the Nation Action Plan (NAP) in its true spirit that can curb terrorism not the military courts…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 02 March 2017.

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