Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tripartite Conference for Peace in Afghanistan!

Pakistan, Russia and China   An Emerging Coalition

                Few years ago no one was in the position to imagine peace in Afghanistan without USA or any conference without USA for peace. All this has become now possible when other countries of the region realized that every peace attempt was sabotaged when it was about to bring peace in Afghanistan. It became clear that peace in Afghanistan has been conditioned with interests of India and USA. Everyone knows that lawlessness and terrorism in Afghanistan has resulted in worst devastation and terrorism in Pakistan. The basis of lawlessness and terrorism in Afghanistan was laid by USA as well. After withdrawal of Soviet Union in Afghanistan, the Afghan Mujahideen groups were pushed into civil war for ulterior motives of America.
Kabul voiced displeasure   over the planned trilateral meeting between China, Russia and Pakistan on   Afghanistan in Moscow

If we look at the history, the eviction of refugees from Afghanistan started after withdrawal of Soviet Military when Afghan Mujahideen started fighting with each other. In few months the number of Afghan migrants rose to more than 3 millions. With the arrival of Afghan Migrants, the path for war lords for smuggling of weapons and drugs became wide open. Smugglers entered into Pakistan without any hurdle or checking increasing the supply of drugs like heroine and Kalashnikovs. The heroine and Kalashnikov culture waged less destruction than the US supported Taliban’s coming into power in Kabul. USA brought Mujahideen from all over the Arab world, especially USA’s most favorite Osama Bin Laden and his influence in Taliban govt. The dispute between USA and Osama which according to some analysts was the design of CIA after which the 9/11 tragedy occurred which changed destiny of the whole world. America devastated Afghanistan as the only Super Power. After 2001, not only Afghanistan but Iraq, Libya also were devastated to ruins.
The Taliban have welcomed  Russia's growing role in the Afghan peace process but other actors take a  dim view of Moscow's activities and the Russia-Taliban honeymoon.

In this whole devastation or war against Muslims USA was supported by 2/3 world including Western countries. Exploiting the presence of Americans and Western allies, India also reached Kabul so that she can execute her nefarious designs against Pakistan. Exploiting the open Pak-Afghan border the terrorist started by India against Pakistan is no more a secret. In this whole situation Russia and China remained practically indifferent. Soviet Union was concentrating at achieving her last status before her disintegration while China wanted to strengthen her defense and economy remaining indifferent to the international disputes. In the ten years Russia became powerful enough to challenge USA once again and China gained economical status to prove her value in the international affairs. In this era Russia and China both emerged as big powers due to their mutual understanding over the international disputes.
Chinese, Pakistani and  Russian officials say they were driven to joint action by the efforts of ISIS  affiliates to establish a foothold in Afghanistan.

First on Ukraine and afterwards on Syria, Russia took stern stance against USA. But far more than this is the Conference of Russia, China and Pakistan for restoration of peace in Afghanistan, Western countries British, France and Germany etc. avoided to react over it however, non-state reaction displeasure from India and USA was reported. In the joint statement the two things were reinforced; 1) Afghan Taliban’s demand that USA wants them to start negotiations with them, stop resistant against foreign forces but USA is not ready to remove their name from the list given by UNO in which Taliban leaders have been declared as terrorists. America has been always avoiding revising the list. While the joint declaration issued from Moscow has laid emphasis that as permanent members of UNO Security Council they demand UNO to remove the name of Afghans included into the list of UNO so that they may play important role in the peace process in Afghanistan. 
Afghan police walk past  Islamic State militant flags on a wall, after an operation in the Kot  District of Jalalabad Province East of Kabul.
The second important aspect of Tripartite declaration is the presence of ISIS in Afghanistan. Neither USA nor India has any concerns over presence of ISIS however, China and Russia has expressed their concerns over the issue. Satisfying Muslims of Xianjing in China have been always a problem for China. Due to narrow mountainous area, it has been developed as rest of the China has been developed. However, due to the CPEC trade route Xinjiang will develop rapidly as well. During this process China does not want that ISIS to create any problems. Russia has been facing uprising in Chechnya since long. Pakistan has been facing worst terrorism since long as well; in such a situation peace in Afghanistan is the need of the hour for Pakistan, China and Russia not for USA and India…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 05 January 2017.

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